Finally we did it....

I know her from long time ago, around 4 years. She is cute but not that sexy girl, i never felt that we could be together one day. few months ago i left my gf so we become to be more close to each other and talk a lot and share some problems. and i since that she liked me a lot and was waiting the moment when she can be with me. I can see her in her eyes when i am with her. but nothing happened just some parties together and nothing more. after some time we made a bet on a football game and if i won she could give me a long kiss. I was so lucky to win it and had one of the best kises i ever had i still feel the taste of her lips on mine.
that continued for around 10 months since January with only kisses and some flirt sometimes but nothing more but i got exited to taste more then her lips.

In october we had a scout camp together and i was so exited to be with her since the first moment but it was hard since we have to respect the rules and dont let anyone knows about what we are doing. at night we have gone to sl**p it was around 3AM i passed around 1hr my cell in my hand thinking to send her a msg telling her to meet me outside. suddenly my cell vibrate and i got a msg asking me: "hey i cant sl**p i wish u didnt slept yet" i replied directly " i cant sl**p too it has been one hour since im trying" she replied "and what can be the solution" i said "go outside" she replied "i want that but it is cold and i need someone to be with me" so i told her "me too i ll be there"
so she get out of her room with her pyjama and i followed her. we met in the conference room and we sit on the floor it was cold there so i was hugging her. she started kissing me and i felt that she needs more than that. so i got down to her neck kissing her and my hands start caressing her legs going up to her ass and she did nothing just enjoying that. my cock started growing under my pants and it was impossible to hide that it was hard like a rock. and she started feeling it on her so she slided her hand under my boxer and took it and started playing with it.she seemed to be very exited to get it. i took off my pant to let everything be easier. she get it out of the boxer and shake it with her hand before starting to lick it all from the balls to the head and sucked the head like a loli pop. after that i could wait to taste her juicy pussy i have gone directly to it and started licking it and fucking it with my tongue she got exited to the max. and wanted to feel the cock inside her so she layed on the floor and i standed in front and pushed my cock inside her tight pussy i can feel every part of it entering cz her pussy was so tight. i fucked her and we changed positions and had an unforgettable night. and finally tasted her pussy.
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