Made for each other

Sally sometimes thought that she had married too young. She was practically a c***d herself
when she had given birth to her son, Walter. She was still a young teen when she had him so she and her son had more or less, grown up together. She felt much
closer to Walter in her outlook on life and in so many other important things than with her much older,
husband. Her mother had died in c***dbirth so she had no woman to talk to about the feelings she had for her son. She didn't regret having Walter so young, but sometimes, she wished that she had been allowed the time to have more sexual
experiences, before she was married. Sally couldn't help but feel that she had missed out on all the sexual exploring a young woman normally would have done. Sally had always been a knockout. While she was still a c***d, sometimes when they didn't know she was listening, she would hear her father’s army buddies talking among themselves while drinking and playing cards. They would compare the different things they would like to do with her, "in a few years." Her dad decided before any of that stuff could happen, he would get her married. One of his slightly younger friends was willing so, Sally had been married off as a beautiful, still innocent virgin of f******n. Such an age was not that unusual in the rural area she was from. In truth, she still felt like she
was a virgin, given the extreme rarity and briefness of her marital relations. Her husband, a selfish man, was a
Major in the army, and had hardly ever even been around the house sometimes for years on end while Walter was growing up. The times he was home, satisfying the needs of his young wife seemed to be the last thing on his mind. Since she had no normal way to relieve the natural sexual needs of a young woman, Sally often caught herself daydreaming and fantasying about having sex with a younger man and then satisfying herself, as best she could with her fingers. Sally didn't really mind her situation that much though, because she did have her Walter. They had always been very close. They enjoyed many of the same activities. They often went on weekend campouts, hikes and other such outdoor entertainment. They both liked to keep in good physical shape, and both of them had terrific bodies.
Chapter one
Sally had begun to notice some differences lately though in her son's teenage body and on several occasions even had some of her sexiest, wildest mastabatory daydreams about Walter and herself, try as she would to keep from thinking about such crazy things as that. It was almost summer, and Sally was looking forward to the annual vacation at the cabin. She and Walter had always been able to openly share everything they were going through with each other, and a week of mother son bonding at the cabin, was just what they needed, she thought.
Sally was getting a little bit worried about Walter’s fantasy life too. It seemed to Sally that she wasn't the only one. Walter, just turned f******n, was always checking her out lately and it seemed to her that he was maturing so fast. She definitely didn't want them to start growing apart, but lately, Sally couldn't help but notice that whenever they were at home by themselves, her son just couldn't
stop looking at her legs, and her breasts, and to tell the truth, in the beginning, his staring had
made Sally a little bit nervous, and she'd tried to pull her dresses down so he couldn't peek, but
that didn't seem to do much good. Walter always made it a point to work on his homework or whatever he was doing
on the carpet right in front of wherever she was sitting, Walter was a genius in engineering, and had built prize-winning projects with his electronics set. It was cute, in a way, though, Sally
thought, that her son was already interested in sex, and a little flattering that he thought of her in that way, she thought, with a little smile, and gradually, after a while, she found that she was starting to
enjoy her boys open admiration. She missed that kind of special attention her husband had never really given her. The last time when they were alone together for the night, before
the evening was over, Sally was letting her skirt ride up, and crossing and
re-crossing her legs for him. She honestly didn't know why she would be doing that because there did seem to be something vaguely naughty about
teasing her young son like that and, and Walter never got anything built.
She knew her son wanted to get a good look up her dress and she was a little bit conflicted about that, yet still the next time that she knew her husband had new orders and
was leaving again, Sally felt herself getting very excited at the news for some reason and that night she wore one of her shortest skirts, and very high
heeled shoes that did wonders for her legs. Even the old Major, who hardly ever even bothered to
look at her anymore, studied her closely, she noticed, when he
followed her to the front door. Sally said goodbye and dutifully kissed him, but for some reason she didn't understand yet this time she was actually glad that he would be
away a several months on this deployment. Feeling a strange sort of anticipation Sally locked the door behind
him then turned and went back into the house to find her son waiting for her just as she had expected. Walter was all eyes when his pretty mom sat down in a chair in front of him and
crossed her long legs. Her skirt stopped almost a foot above her knees. Sally could tell that Walter was waiting for her next move.
She swung her top foot back and forth, slowly, making the calf swell and
fall seductively before the boy's intent eyes. Her face felt flush as she
teased her son. He tore his eyes away abruptly and left the room, returning
a minute later with a large flat cardboard box, which he laid on the floor in
front of her chair. He got to his knees in front of the box and opened it
carefully. Sally saw a jumble of colored cardboard pieces inside the box. So it's a
jigsaw puzzle, this time, she thought. Just as good as an electronics set any day,
for her son’s purposes, she smiled. His gaze kept returning, covertly, to her legs, while he lifted pieces out of the box.
Sally re-crossed her legs, slowly and with apparent carelessness, giving
her son a glimpse into the shadows between her upper thighs. Walter stared, and licked his lips.
“Do you like them, Walter?” she asked, feeling suddenly bold.
“What mom?”
“My legs, dear.”
He blushed. It looked like Walter thought there was something naughty, too, in his looking at his mother’s legs like that.
“Yes mom,” he said quietly. “They're beautiful.”
“Thank you son,” she said. “But you don't have to be embarrassed to look
at my legs. Nice legs are meant to be looked at by men.”
“But I'm not really a man yet, mom.”
“You're getting there, darling. Older boys are allowed to look too, she said matter of factly. With an invitation like that,
Walter stared openly, up at his mother’s shapely legs. Sally began to feel very excited under
her young sons intense gaze. She uncrossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together trying to stop the sudden wetness.
“Would you like to see more of them, baby?” Sally asked innocently, her voice quavering slightly, and closely
watching her son’s expression. “More of what, mom?”
“My legs silly.” She let her knees come just slightly apart. Her skirt was about as high on her thighs as it would go.
“I sure would mom.”
“Well, would you like to do more than just look?” For some reason she didn't understand she could
hardly contain her excitement at the thought of her son's hands on her. “What do you mean?”
“Would you like to touch my legs, darling? To feel them?”
Walters’s eyes widened. He swallowed hard.
“Yes, please” he said. He had trouble saying it. “Come here then baby.”
Awkwardly, Walter crawled up to her, then got to his
knees on the floor. He moved one hand up toward his mothers smooth,
swelling calf, then hesitated. He looked up into her blue eyes. She smiled at his shyness.
“Go ahead son,” she said. Sally was feeling very wicked now, but she didn't want to stop.
Tentatively, with the back of his fingers, Walter touched the velvety skin of his mothers
calf. His other hand came up, then, to palm the soft swell, and moved
toward her knee. Then both his hands were all over her lower legs, eagerly
caressing, squeezing, and kneading their pliant smoothness. One hand
found the wonderful softness of Sally's inner thigh above her bent knee,
and explored further. She was very excited now. Sally stood up suddenly.
“You said you'd like to see more, honey?”looking deep into her sons eyes.
“Yes mom,” he said, looking up at her. There was something almost
begging about the look in her son's eyes. He too was terribly excited, Sally could see.
She detected a huge bump in his pants, part way down one leg.
“I'll be right back baby,” she said. In the hallway outside the living room, she stopped. This is crazy, she thought, but she wasn't stopping for long. Sally raised her skirt, and stepped quickly out of her panties. Feeling excited and daring and also very naked and
exposed, she went back into the living room. That's when Sally had a
wonderful idea. She'd always wanted to do this, to all the boys who tried to look
under her skirt, ever since she was a little girl. Now she was a mother, and
she just had to do it for her son. Her eager, excited boy. Sally wanted to
watch Walter's face when she let him see her pussy. It was way too late to stop now.
Walter was watching his mother closely as she came back into the room.
“You said you wanted to see more of my legs,” she said, trembling a little in her excitement. “More of me.”
“Please mom he begged.” “Ok, lie down, Walter. On your back.”
Looking at her, wonderingly, Walter did as he was told. Sally walked over to
where he lay, on the carpet slowly, letting her hips sway, she stopped, then raised her tight skirt a
few inches to give her leg room for a long step, and then, deliberately, she
stepped over him, squarely above her sons face. Her pussy would open pinkly, if briefly, she knew, directly in his gaze.
After she'd stepped over him she turned and looked at his face. Walter looked
only confused, and then Sally realized that the only light in the room, from
floor lamps had left her upper thighs and her pussy particularly, in deep shadow.
But before she could say or do anything, Walter darted out of the room and came back carrying a flashlight. He
resumed his position.
“Do it again mom,” he said, and she had to laugh. Sally's nervousness had
left her, but not the excitement. She stepped over him again, slower this time,
and he beamed the flashlight upwards, between her opening thighs: she
stopped in mid-stride, and turned. She stood, her legs apart, straddling him
squarely, and looked down at her young sons face. Sally felt very tall, in
her high heels.
Walter was staring up under her skirt, his eyes bulging.
“Jeez, mom” he said lowly, “it's kind of hairy.”
Sally knew instantly, then, that her boy was not completely innocent. He'd
been playing doctor-and-nurse with girls in the neighborhood, and he
was comparing her pussy to their naked little slits. Also he very well could have seen the shaved pussys all over the internet. Just knowing that
Walter was a f******n-year-old of the world, made her even more excited. And bolder. She felt more sure now that
she was doing the right thing, sure that he was going to appreciate what she was doing for him.
“Would you like to do something beside look at it, son?” Sally asked him, holding
her position, standing tall, her legs apart, letting her boy look to
his little heart's content. The flashlight never wavered.
“Like what mom?” Walter asked, still staring.
“Like touch it dear?”
“Jeez mom. Would I.”
Sally stepped away from him and crossed the room, looking around. She
chose the arm of an easy chair as being just the right height, and sat
perched on it, facing him. Walter had followed his mom across the room, and
stood nervously in front of her.
Sally slowly raised the hem of her skirt part way to her hips, planting her
feet apart as she did so; then she stopped, teasing her son. She remembered
the doctor-and-nurse games from the time she was a little girl.
“I've showed you mine baby,” Sally said, looking up to her son's eyes. She even remembered the words. “But you haven't showed me yours.”
He didn't have to be coaxed. Apparently Walter was proud of his cock. He
unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, his under shorts with them, and
stepped out of them quickly, kicking them aside.
Walter stood up straight then and looked deep into her blue eyes. Sally
looked down, at her son’s stiff, palpitating prick. It seemed to be looking
back at her, poking toward her at an upward angle, as strong-looking as a
tree branch. It was long and thicker than his father's, the one other hard-on she'd
encountered. Its thickness made it look longer than it was.
Sally was very excited. She brought her thighs together, squeezing her hot, pussy tightly, attempting to stop the moisture, dripping, right before the innocent eyes of her young son. But it didn't do any good; Walter didn't know why his mom was now closing her legs up to him. He just prayed she hadn't changed her mind. He couldn't tell anything by the look on her face, which was one he'd never seen before. Walter would do anything to see his mom's private parts one more time. Sally hadn't changed her mind at all. She had finally stopped worrying about what a spectacle she presented to her son. Sally let her legs and pussy spread open once more to her son's delight. Her eyes were glued to Walter's big cock in her face.
“Hey mom,” Walter said, unable to stop staring at her wet hole.
“What baby?”
“I thought you were going to let me touch it mom. You can touch mine, If, if,
you want to. Walter was practically begging, Please mom, he implored, watching her hypnotized look as she stared at his hard-on. Please hold my cock for me, mom. I've been dreaming of this all my life.”
As he was saying this, Walter reached out, surprising Sally a little with his boldness, and took his mothers trembling
hand leading it up to his demanding
cock. Sally didn't resist but wrapped her long slim fingers excitedly around her
sons, thick rod. It poked upward even
further, with a sudden violent throb, at her touch, jerking and stabbing at the air. Holding it
tenderly now, beneath the head, between her thumb and forefinger, Sally moved
her hand up and down its length, feeling the soft glove of skin slide on the
hard shaft of muscle underneath. A drop of come surfaced on the tip. Her sons cock was absolutely beautiful, she thought excitedly, and she could hardly wait to feel it inside her body.
With her free hand, Sally pulled her skirt up to her hips and opened her legs as
wide as she could. Walter stared down, at the pink moist opening lips of his mothers
sensitive, suffering pussy.
“Jeez mom,” he said. It was his new favorite word. He reached out and with
his middle finger touched the tender swelling bud of her clitoris. Sally
jumped, and then squirmed on the arm of the big chair. He kept his finger where
it was, letting it slide across the quivering point of her torment. Then
he slid it part way up her slippery channel, between her tight inner cuntlips.
“Jeez,” Walter said lowly. “It's all wet mom.”
“Yes baby it is,” she croaked, and she knew exactly what she had to do
then. There was no choice at this point.
“Put it in me, Walter,” she begged. Please baby.
“What? are you sure?”looking deeply into his mothers eyes
“Put your cock in there. In my vagina son. Don't be afraid.”
“I'm not afraid mom,” he said. “Only I never did that before.”
“It's ok, I'll show you how she said. “Come on Walter. Now.” She inched
forward on the broad arm of the chair until her wet open slit was poised at
the edge. It was exactly on a level with the straining taut tip of her sons
throbbing thick shaft. She still held it between her fingers, and as he moved
toward her, trembling in his eagerness, she guided the point of his willing
young cock to her hungering cunt mouth. Sally rubbed her sons cock
head up and down the slippery length of her cunt, wetting it for it’s huge
entrance into her tight hole.
By instinct, Walter reached out and grasped his mother behind her hips,
pushing with his own hips at the same time. His big shaft slid into Sally's pussy like a hot knife in butter, right up to
the hilt. Walter gasped at the feeling of the burning hot clasp of his mother’s juicy cunt around his cock.
Sally squirmed in delight, and squealed softly as she wrapped her joyous
legs completely around her boy's pumping, trembling, slim hips.
Walter's face was contorted as his beautiful mother squeezed him closer
with her legs, trying to slow his frantic pumping motion, to hold him quiet
for a moment in the quivering mass of sensation between her thighs.
But Sally was too late. He was shuddering all over, in the tight soft grip of
her legs and she could feel the stiffness of her son’s young prick in
spasms inside her, spurting something hot and wet deep into his own mothers
body. Oh, God, what should she do now? She was almost crying in her
excitement. Sally needed to come very badly now. Well, it was up to her to teach
her baby right, she thought. At least now she was positive that she was doing the right
thing for Walter. She would make him twice the man his selfish, useless father was.
Walter's hips pressed backwards against her encircling legs. He was trying
to leave her, to take his wonderful young prick away from her.
“Stay there, son,” she said frantically. “Stay in there Walter dear.”
“But it's gone down mom,” he said a little sadly. “It's all soft.”
“Stay there, anyway baby,” she said, almost sobbing, grinding her cunt
close against his bony pelvis. “Just stay in there.”
Of course Walter would do anything she asked. “All right mom,” he said, and put his hands back where they'd been, behind
her churning hips.
“How long, mom” Walter gasped, holding his come coated, still very large cock pressed tightly
between the outer lips of his mother's soft, wet, wanting twat, “how long before it
gets hard again?”
“I don't know. Not too long, I think, baby.”
Sally had an idea, something her son was sure to respond to. She reached up behind her and
her bra, then brought her hand up in front pushing her sweater up
and freeing her beautiful creamy breasts to her sons gaze for the first time since he was a baby. Remember these Walter, she smiled?
The nipples, Sally noticed, were tightly-squeezed, pink, pointing
toward the ceiling. She almost laughed at his awestruck look. Do you like
them Walter? Walter had never seen anything he liked more.
Without being told, he reached up and squeezed one globe, then the
other. Sally watched her sons face as he ran a finger across the
responding, tensing tip of each nipple.
“Suck them, son she hissed. Suck on mommy's titties,” being careful to keep
him tightly between her legs. She could feel his cock coming back to life. “Lean forward and suck on my nipples darling.”
Walter didn't have to be told again, and as he sucked on his mothers breasts, she felt his prick start
to swell up large again, rapidly lifting itself and poking deeper and deeper into her quivering,
itching twat. Soon it was fully erect, just as hard as before and throbbing again.
His hips began their nervous, trembling, erratic pumping motion again, but
this time Sally was able to slow him down, with the pressure of her legs clamped around his hips. Now she could set the pace.
“Slowly, Walter, a little slower baby,” Sally instructed, meeting his every in stroke with a thrust of her own.
“I’ve never felt anything that felt this good before mom,” he said, looking
earnestly into his mothers blue eyes as he slid his cock rythemacly to a new peak of pleasure.
“Me, either son." It was true. Her Walter's big cock was taking her to previously
unknown heights of pleasure. Do you know what it is we're doing?”
“Having intercourse,” he said, dropping his eyes modestly but pounding
away uninhibitedly. At least, she thought, he's well-read.
“That's right dear. That's what the doctor books call it.”
“There's another word for it mom, he whispered.” He was looking into her eyes again. “What is that?” “Fucking.”
“Why, Walter!” her eyes flew wide at hearing such a word from her son. “ But mom that's what the k**s call it.”
He was pumping faster now, his thick stiff penis whipping his
mothers tender juicy pussy to a froth. The pressure of her legs couldn't
hold him to a slower stroke, but she really didn't care anymore. She was all on
fire inside, ready to burst herself, to explode, and she didn't care how fast or how furiously he fucked her.
“What was that word again, Walter?” “What word mom? Intercourse?”
“No darling.” Sally was having trouble getting words out. She unclenched
her legs from around his back and planted her feet on the floor, pasting her
cunt against his pounding bony pelvis. “The other word. The one the k**s use.” “Fucking,” Walter repeated.
“That's it.” She had her hands on her son’s hips, pulling him tight. She leaned
back along the broad arm of the chair, raising her legs high, giving her son clearer access to her open cunt-mouth.
“Fuck me, my baby ” she groaned. “Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast.”
Walter plunged his cock into and out of his mother's grasping twat-lips with
frenzied speed. He was snorting, and she saw that his nose was running a
little, but he didn't care, and she didn't care. Sally had never been so turned on in her life. So this was how sex could feel. She felt his rigid rod give one
last frantic tremor before coming. Burst after burst of scalding come shot into the depths of Sally's clutching hole, and then she, too, started to come simultaneously with her son, her climax
overwhelming her in a series of grinding spasms. She screamed, and
screamed again, even louder, scaring Walter at first. Seeing the look on his face,
she laughed to herself. That dog gone Walter must have said something, or done
something just right, to get her to want to do this tonight, or maybe he had just looked at her in some completely different way, only a mother could understand, Sally was certainly not unhappy it had happened, but
everything was different between them now. Sally looked at her son with totally new eyes, she couldn’t believe that, in the back of her mind, she was
already planning their next fuck. God, she was bad! She would now simply do anything for her son , she
realized. Well, it was decided then, Sally thought. She was going to be his teacher and his lover.
Nobody, she now knew could give him the special love he needed better than his
mother could. Sally started to sit up and Walter's cock slid halfway out.
They looked at each other with surprised expressions as if neither could
really believe what they had just done.“It's only the beginning mom. Walter
paused, unsure, if that's what you want, that is” he said. “At least I hope it's
only the beginning.”
“I hope so, too son, brushing back his hair. It was some beginning, she
laughed. For me, anyway.”
“For me, too mom." They got up and made their way unsteadily over to the living room couch, Sally
pulled off her sweater and bra and helped Walter out of his shirt.
Walter sat on the couch next to Sally and reached out to gently touch the
white curve of his mother’s belly where it sloped down toward her damp
matted blond bush. You're a truly wonderful mother, you know.” Their
bodies were glowing
“You're an even more wonderful son. she replied "I've never had such a terrific
fucking.” Sally caressed her boy's come covered cock lazily. It stirred a little
when he heard his mother talking dirty.
“Careful mom,” Walter said, grinning proudly. “It might sit up and beg for more.”
“I want it to,” she grinned. “Any time it's ready dear. And it doesn't have to beg.” “You know something mom?”
“What's that dear?” Sally was now eyeing her son's big cock, laying across his leg, hungrily, licking her lips. Incredibly,
as she was watching it, the warm pink flesh began to swell and lift again.
“You're doing a world of good for sex education mom.” Walter was watching her, and the way his mother was now
bending over and looking so closely at his cock made Walter start to wonder. Oh, please God, would she? Did he even
dare to hope? Oh God, Yes! She really was going to do it! A little moan escaped Walter's lips as his pretty
mother took his now completely hard cock in her soft grip and lifted it slowly to her red lips. Sally looked up in time to see the stunned, hopeful look on her son's face. She almost laughed out loud.
“Oh, shut up,” she laughed, and leaning over took the whole head of
her sons prick into her mouth. The touch of his own mother's mouth on his cockhead was electric, and Walter moaned again. Sally
smiled up at him, brows raised and with her pretty red lips now stretched around his big cock. Sally would never do this for her husband, even when he tried to order her to. She wondered what
the semen would taste like.She guessed that it would be sweet, like her Walter.
They stared deeply into each other’s eyes as she suckled down her sons renewed dick, it felt so good to have it in her mouth. Sally kept it up for quite a while, sucking licking, just worshiping his cock, until Walter could stand it no longer and he had to let everything go into his
mothers eager gulping mouth. Even after the two previous orgasms, Walter shot jet after jet of his hot jism into her mouth and Sally dutifully swallowed all of it, except for a strand
that ran down her chin, a drop swinging from the end of it. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and
laughed again at the expression on his face. That ought to hold him awhile she
smiled to herself with satisfaction. Sally had never had so much fun in her life, nor had she ever felt so fulfilled. For some time, then they played kissy face there on the living room couch, making out like the newly mated lovers they were, wondrously, slowly, exploring each other’s nude
bodies. Finally their exhaustion made them feel it was time to go up to bed.
Walter started to turn to go into his room, at the top of the stairs when Sally
caught him by the hand, and pulling his arm around her bare waist and holding
it, against her stomach, they walked side by side into the master bedroom. they stood facing each other, mother and son, This is our bedroom now Walter
dear, she said, looking into his eyes. Your father won’t be coming back to my bed any more. I'm
with you now baby. Walter smiled at this wonderful news and kissed his
mothers soft lips gently before they went to sl**p. "I love you mom." I love
you too son." Sally went to sl**p still thinking about him, about her eager young sons cock.
Chapter II
Sally, after talking to her lawyer, e-mailed her husband asking for a divorce. He had quickly agreed, almost too quickly. Sally
had always suspected that he had someone else maybe even another wife and f****y somewhere. His lawyer wrote her an e-mail that
said he would be
sending for his things and that the divorce would not be contested.
Nothing could have made her and Walter happier. For the past week Sally had been
in seventh heaven. Since that amazing night last weekend, when she had, finally,
discovered the hard, throbbing, realities of motherhood, she and Walter had done just about
everything that a boy and his mother could more or
less legitimately do with each other. They made love in every room of the house, in every position they could think of and, sex addict that she now seemed to be, Sally just couldn't get enough
of her young son's hard body. She was falling in love with her own son. She was also becoming quite obssed with it,
Walter was just home from school and was now waiting for her on
the couch, as she had asked him to. She loved that he was such a good obedient boy. Walter had a genius iq and was in all the advanced classes. He had skipped grades, and would be graduating next year. Sally knew how hard he worked, she appreciated it, and she showed it.
Sally had gone into the bathroom to get herself ready for their daily after school
interlude together. Home play they called it, because it certainly wasn’t work. That was just one of their private jokes.
She prefered to look sexy for her special boy, after his hard day at school. In the bathroom, she
stripped off her clothes excitedly and dropped them in the
hamper. She sat down on the edge of the tub, pulled off her shoes, and looked
around into the full length mirror. The stiffened nipples crowning the white bulbs of her firm, young mother breasts pouted pinkly up at her, as if in some kind of disapproval for what she was about to do with her own son. Sally went to the mirror and fixed up her make up. She took a tube of strawberry flavored lipstick and re-did her lips then she applied a little of the lipstick to her pussy lips. She figured the youngster might like the strawberry flavor. She rubbed a little on each nipple, and she was ready.
The only garment in the room beside the high-heeled shoes she stepped into was the short, almost transparent white nightie, hanging from a hook on the
bathroom door. She slipped it on drawing it close in front and tying the slim cord around her waist. .
The garment concealed nothing. Her blond body seemed to gleam through
it with extraordinary whiteness. She pirouetted in front of the mirror. God,
Walter was really going to like this one she thought, her nipples suddenly a
bright contrasting crimson. Her soft pink pussy-lips peeped out from their
blond frame. Sally could almost see her moist cunt quivering through the
nightie. Walter would see it, soon enough she knew. She also knew he would want to
lick it. They were both very oral it turned out. From the very first time she tried it, Sally really enjoyed the feel of Walters cock in her mouth, and she told him so. While they were eating a late breakfast the morning after their first night together She had had looked up from her plate and casually told him, I want you to know, Walter, that I'll be happy to suck that big dick of yours any time you'd like me to, any time at all. They had been been making small talk about what they were going to do that day, when she had come out with it just like it was a normal part of the conversation and she had to laugh when Walter about chocked on his toast. Sally loved to say dirty things like that to her boy just to watch his face light up.
She opened the bathroom door and stepped into the living room where she paused for a moment to show off her fine body, and sexy outfit to her son then she walked slowly, hips swaying, across to where Walter was sitting and stood in front of him, her legs apart slightly, her open cunt
beckoning through the white nylon. To be kissed. To be licked. To be sucked. Yes, to be fucked.
Walter's mouth dropped when Sally came in the room and he was all eyes as he watched his mom walk toward him. He looked up at his mother’s pretty face smiling lovingly down at him and thought for the hunderdth time what a lucky dog he was and all
at once, his natural shyness that his mom's lewd behavior was causing him disappeared, his stiffness seemed to evaporate. But only from his manner. It reappeared in
the pulsing ridge of muscle down his left pants leg. He swallowed and looked into her eyes "Wow mom, you look
great dressed like that." his eyes kept traveling from her big blue eyes
down her nearly naked body to the hairy slot of her blond cunt which he could just barely make out. His
cock was throbbing fiercely and his eyes were burning when he looked at his
mothers beautiful pussy. She smiled knowingly. She knew she was pretty
and she thought that her flimsy little nightie only added a little bit of mystery,
not that her son couldn't see everything she had. "Why thank you darling
she smiled broadly." she had to keep reminding herself that he was still a very young boy, and yet that fact only seemed to make her feel naughtier.
Sally stood still, waiting for her son to move, her hand perched on one cocked hip, the warm, image of the willing wanton mother. But she was not really laughing at
the thought of the picture she presented. She wanted her lover, her son more
intensely, more immediately, than she'd ever wanted him all that
week. More than she'd wanted anything in her life, she wanted that
hard-on finding its way into the dark quivering cavern of her cunt. She had been thinking about it all day.
Feeling the moment was right, Walter put his hands
behind her hips, gently pulling her forward then dropping them a little to reverently hold the beautiful white globes of his mother's buttocks.under the short hem of the nightie. Walter could swear he smelled strayberries.
He pressed his face closer, and his nose
found the parting of her nightie. The wispy nylon opened and her sons tongue
tickled its way upward on the soft curve of her belly, and then the stiffened tip
found its way to her navel. When she looked down, the contrast of his
smooth forehead against the snowflake texture of her belly sent a shiver of ecstatic excitement through her.
" Oh Walter” she moaned, and touched him softly on the cheek with her fingertips.
“What mom?” he said, looking upward at her, his tongue still busy exploring the inner ridges of her navel.
“Please get out of those clothes baby,” she begged. “Mommy wants to do things to you."
“All right mom,” he said, and stood up, his hands busy with buttons and zippers.
She sat down on the couch and watched in admiration as her sons young man's
body came gradually into view. His shoulders were narrow his stomach flat
and completely hairless. The muscles on his arms and upper body were
long and smooth, not bunchy or knotty, but as her son dropped his pants
and under shorts he turned his back, smiling a shy grin at her quickly
over his shoulder as he stepped out of them and stood looking away from her for a moment, completely nude.
Her eyes traveled up from the floor, tasting the sight of his swelling calves,
his thighs, and the high nervous bunching of his taut concave buttocks. He
turned toward his mother then, slowly, and she took a deep suck of air. His rigid cock throbbed upward, the swollen purple head winking a challenge at her with its single eye. Her mouth dropped open involuntarily, and she closed it with a conscious effort and smiled up at her son.
“Come over here,” she said, “please baby.” She smiled, but it was an effort.
She didn't feel like smiling. She felt like screaming out loud, in sheer joy.
He smiled, too, but it looked like an effort on his part too. She was glad to see
that she wasn't alone in being serious about this thing. After all who could
love him more than his own mother? After he'd stepped toward her she sat
still for a long moment, staring in delighted wonder at her young sons shaft
aimed so accurately at her face, at the core of her. Behind and below the tightly stretched, gleaming skin of his hard prick-head, the
long, thick shaft seemed to diminish in the distance, like straight railroad
tracks. It was roughly the thickness of her wrist and long as her forearm. She touched it with her fingertips, then held it between
both hands reverently.
Walters’s voice de-railed her train of thought.
"What are you thinking about mom?" She seemed lost in a daydream.
“I love your cock Walter,” she said, giving the hard limb an
affectionate squeeze with her hands. I love to feel in my mouth and in my cunt. She could have thrown her arms
around it. “I just can't take my eyes off it, sometimes.”
“You're going to have to take your eyes off it mom, if it's going to do anybody any good.”
“You're so right baby,” she said, and bent forward and kissed the shaft, licking the underside with her tongue, then taking the soft
folds of skin below the shaft neck between
her lips, moistening the unresisting sensitive mass with tiny soft sucking kisses.
“Enough mom,” he said, his hands on her ears. She untied the cord and
shrugged off the nightie, then sat back up on the couch opening her knees. Her taut nipples peered pinkly up at him.
Walter dropped to his knees beside the couch and pushed his mother gently
back. He crawled up over her and his mouth found her own sweet mouth's warm wet welcome, and his
tongue slipped in and began a sliding dance with hers. He loved all the making out and
cuddling. The love play he and his mother had was almost as much fun as the sex, almost. Mother and
son lay together there on the couch kissing and petting. His hands were all over her soft
body, squeezing, stroking, pinching at her inflamed nipples. She
felt her sons finger sliding deeply into the slime of her quaking cunt, Walter
was learning fast just what she liked and he always gave it to her eagerly. They
were spooning now with Walter behind. Sally felt oddly comforted by the feel of her son's hefty cock nestled between her soft ass cheeks. It seemed to Walter that this might be a good time for intimacies. Is this
wrong mom? Walter whispered in her ear as his hands lazily roamed up and down her slim torso. Is what wrong baby? But she knew what he meant. She had often wondered when this question would come up. You know, mom, what we are doing. Is it wrong?
Sally turned around in his arms so she could look deep into his eyes, while she gathered her thoughts. She was concerned about her young son, like any good mother would be. Well, do you think it's wrong, Walter? I don't know, mom. The k**s at school talk about stuff, and oh hell I don't know. It doesn’t feel wrong when we're like this. Sally felt her son just needed a little reassurance. Well, I don't think it is wrong, Walter. She was using a very reasonable tone. You do love me don't you? Sure, of course I love you mom. I love you more than anything in the world! And I love you just the same baby,
and you know that sex is the greatest possible expression of love between a man and woman isn't it? She saw the expression of relief on his face and smiled.
That argument seemed to satisfy Walter completely. What his mother said was true and made perfect sense. He smiled broadly, looking totally happy again. Walter drew Sally against him for a long, tender kiss. They Frenched deeply for awhile.
They did really love each other though, as only a mother and son could and maybe even more.
She pulled her mouth away, and lay back on the couch with an in-sucking
breath, opening up her legs for her baby boy, spreading her thighs for her sons
gaze in a wide, wanton welcome. Let him look at it. After all, Sally thought excitedly, she
didn't have anything her son hadn't seen already anyway.
“No mom,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. He seemed to be smiling,
faintly. My God, she thought, what a time to make jokes.
“No, what?” Sally's cunt was squirming, drooling moisture under her sons hot gaze. “No. Not here.” “Not here, she croaked?”
“Not on the couch. On the floor mom. There's more room.”
Thank God, she thought, sliding swiftly down to the rug.
Walter wasn't crazy at all. Far from it. There was more room on the floor.
He arched over her, bracing himself on his elbows, and she flung her legs
joyously around her sons lean boyish hips, hooking her heels behind him.
His face, smiling gently at his mother, was directly over hers, his eyes
looking steadily into her own. She reached down and brought his heavy
cock toward her, rubbing the hard clenched fist of the head against the hot
swollen outer lips of her silently screaming cunt.
He eased the stabbing shaft forward an inch, two inches, until part of the
head was engulfed in his mother’s wet quivering twat-opening. Then he stopped, holding his hips immobilized.
“Oh, please, baby,” she almost sobbed, between her squeezed-shut teeth, please. “Please. Put it in.”
“All of it mom?” He was smiling broadly now. Oh, my God, she thought. I'll never be a tease again.
“All of it son. Every long, lovely, thick, hard fucking inch of it.” It was almost a prayer, the way she said it.
He began to slide the long velvet log into her cunt then, slowly, an inch at a
time. Sally unhooked her heels from behind him and let her legs lie wide
apart, spreading the red carpet of her cunt for her sons royal entrance, but
as the thick rigid plunger approached the end of its first trip into the depths of her gasping cavern, his mothers knees jerked up spasmodically, and her legs began to flail around behind his back.
When the great shaft was fully imbedded, to the hilt, his pelvis grinding
hard against her sucking cunt-mouth, she hooked her heels behind him
again and raised her hips, pushing herself tighter against her boy. Walters
hands came up behind her, holding her shoulders, as he drew the shaft
slowly outward, then plunged it in again. It seemed to reach even deeper as
the walls of Sally's cunt opened wider to accommodate the length and width of her son’s gigantic surging prick.
“That's it son,” she urged. “Deep. Deeper.”
He began to fuck her, deeply, with long, slow, driving strokes, his balls
would swing gracefully, up against his mothers beautiful ass on the in stroke with a
gentle pat as her hips rose and fell, rose and fell, in perfect time with his
own slow rhythm, her cunt lips clutching and sucking and holding the
slippery shaft as if reluctant to let go on every out-stroke, squeezing and
embracing every deepening plunge to her inner depths. Sally's eyes were
squeezed shut, and she could hear only the sound of Walters deep
breathing, mingled with her own panting moans. Then, slowly, she became
aware of the sound her own hips and buttocks were making, pounding on
the floor, and knew that the rhythm had increased. She heard a slapping,
sucking sound, too, and knew it came from the wild pounding of her sons
heavy balls in the sweaty crack between her buttocks.
Sally's own moans were louder now, becoming gasping little screams, and
she knew her fingernails were raking the smooth skin of her boys back. But
she couldn't help herself, couldn't stop, couldn't stop anything she was
doing. The pounding of her hips sounded as frantic as the frenzied
struggles of an impaled moth. Then her climax was on her,
pounding, choking her in a crescendo of sensation.
“Now,” she screamed, “oh, God son, now.”
Walter drove his pulsing prick deep into his mom's body in a pounding fury of
lightning strokes, and as she shuddered and jerked convulsively Sally felt
his hot juices spurting into her, gushing deep, flooding her quivering
cave. She put her arms and legs tight around her son,
and just hung on, as he kept the hard core of her ecstasy buried deep
inside her, letting the diminishing waves of her passion wash over it.
It was a long time before the spasms subsided enough for Sally to let go of
him. She lay back limply on the carpet looking up at her only boy, as he finally
drew his slackening organ out of the tender clutch of her cunt and got to his feet.
Walter looked down in utter awe at the mindboggling sight of his pretty young mother, lying stretched
out naked on the floor. Her legs akimbo, and Walter could also see Sally's blond cunt was oozing his come.
Oh God, my mom looks just like an angel he thought, with her blond hair laying about her head like a halo. It was true. Walter and Sally were in love, and neither wanted it to ever change.
Walter was still all eyes, as Sally finally started to get herself together and sit up. Mom, now that we're on our own this summer, why don't we go up to the cabin alone this year, just the two of us? I bet we could still have a lot of fun.
Sitting up on the floor, Sally looked up at her son standing there with a drop of his come still trying to drip
from his cock. God, she loved this boy she thought, as she got to her knees and carefully licked the drop of come from the head of his cock. She would do anything
he wanted, and if he wanted her up at the cabin, then so be it. We can go up
day after tomorrow if you want to dear. she smiled. Gee mom that would be
great. After school tomorrow he thought he would show his mom how
much he appreciated all the things she was doing for him. ..
It was the last school week before vacation. Sally really wished her son could
be there to fuck all day, but she knew he needed to get his other
education at school. Every morning Sally would get up and make breakfast
for them. Usually all they had time for was a little blowjob, sometimes she sucked him off under the table while he ate his breakfast. She just
loved her sons cock, she mused, she loved to feel it deep inside her.
After he left for school she would keep herself busy with housework
and errands during the days, while she waited for her dear baby to come
home from school. When he did get home she would welcome him
with a very unmotherly kiss and then help to take off his backpack and school clothes
and then fuck his brains out. She was so utterly bad now she hardly knew herself. She just knew she didn't want it to stop.
It was Friday and by the time he got home from school, Sally had been
thinking about her sweet young son and all the things they were
going to do together this afternoon. She was also thinking of them together up in the secluded cabin they owned in upstate New York. She felt that they were doing the right thing, enjoying this somewhat unusual relationship. but
was still worried that she had moved things along a little too fast for such a young boy. She had gone shopping for some new sexy costumes to wear for Walter at Victoria's Secret earlier. She had seen one of Walter's friend's mom shopping there too but the woman hadn't seen her so she just paid for her stuff and left. It made her feel a little wierd seeing the other mother considering who Sally was buying her sexy cloths for.
She was still thinking about this when Walter came in the door and noticed her tense, nervous, expression. Sally had donned the new pair of red crochless panties and a new half bra she had picked up when she got home, but over these she was wearing a skirt and a white blouse. The material of the top was thin and Walter could just barely see the red half bra with his mom's nipples peeking through. She was hoping to somehow ease any fears he might be having by discussing their relationship. Let's talk Walter, she said patting the couch next to her for him to sit. He looked
worried by the expression on her face. He really only had one big fear. Walter still felt sometimes that this thing they had was too good to be true, and that his mother was bound to end it, someday. When he saw that his mom wasn’t dressed up like a sex doll as she usually was and then when she said she wanted to talk Walter thought Oh my God no! That's it then! Just talk? Something was really
wrong. In a very concerned voice he asked, what's going on mom? He was terrified that she was going to say that she didn't want to make
love to him anymore. Walter could think of nothing worse than losing his mothers love. He lived for their time together. He really didn't need to worry about that, though, since Sally now needed him as much as he needed her. Walter sat down beside her and waited nervously
while Sally tried to put her fears into words. This whole thing was so damn
confusing, she thought. The only thing she knew for sure, she was positive of was that she
was deeply in love with her own son. She wished she had the words to let Walter know that this wasn't his fault. The subject of i****t was one she wasn't comfortable discussing with her son, her lover. Maybe when he was a little older.
“There's so much I wish I could talk to you about baby,” Sally said, in a tiny,
broken voice that didn't sound like her own. “So much, and I just can't talk to
you about it, now, yet, I, I mean I shouldn't. But I have got to do something.” This wasn't going so good, she thought.
Now she had made Walter really scared, from the look on his face.
“Wait ! Walter broke in firmly, you really don't have anything to explain to me mom,” he said
emphatically as he reached out with his left arm and put it around her shoulders to draw her closer, so he could look into her eyes as he made his case. He laid his right hand respectfully on her knee but then he slowly started to slide it up her soft inner thigh and under her skirt until he reached the new crochless panties. He had to smile at his mom's sluttiness, he loved her so much. Sally was a little surprised by her son’s new assertiveness. It was actually turning her on, when Walter took control. Her pussy started to drool profusely as her son continued to comfort her in a reasonable, confidant tone. When Sally first felt Walter's hand going up under her dress she knew that she should probably stop him, but she just didn't have the heart anymore. Walter looked down into his mothers eyes, as his middle finger slid evenly in and out of her slippery vagina.
"There's going to be plenty of time for us to talk anyhow, mom, charming her with a smile now. All the time in the world. I'm not going anywhere.”
Walter could always find just the right thing to say. He was such a good, loving son.
Sally suddenly smiled brightly as his words sank in, he was so right. “All right,” she
said, more relaxed and acutely aware of the juice now running down her leg. She knew then just exactly
what she wanted to do for Walter. “Let's do something darling. Let's not talk, then. Let's just do something.” “Do what, mom?”
“Don't you know “she asked with her brow arched? Sally was now k**ding her
little boy again playfully, as he continued to finger bang her, it looked to Walter that things were going to get back to normal now.
“Yes, I do know mother dear. That's the best offer I've heard all day .”
The tension was finally gone and Walter was very relieved that they were still together. He had also noticed how his mother got all hot and bothered when he took control. He would have to remember that. It's a wise c***d who knows his own mother. Walter had heard that, and now he was starting to understand it.
“Just get undressed baby,” she said softly. “Mommy'll be right back.”
She went straight to the bathroom. The first thing she got out was her
toothbrush she couldn't wait to have his tongue in her mouth. She put on
fresh makeup and let down her blond hair. She perfumed herself for her
son. She started to put on a filmy black negligee but then just tossed it aside, she removed the sopping crochless panties.
She wanted to show her pretty body to her special boy.
When she came back out into the big room Sally was wearing nothing but a smile.
Walter had pulled out the couch, making it into a wide bed, and he lay in
the middle of it, on his back like the king. He too was wearing nothing. His magnificent
cock seemed to reach halfway to the ceiling. She moved soundlessly
across the room, bent over from the waist, and kissed her sons cock, on the very tip, where a drop of precome had surfaced. It
tasted like nectar. She'd never tasted nectar, but she knew that's the way nectar had to taste.
Walter sat up, and touched his mother, gently.
“Never mind that mom,” he said. “Lie down here.”
“No baby,” she said. “You lie down.” She put a hand against his chest and
pushed. “Just the way you were. I want to do this mommy's way. Just this time.”
“It's important to me you know, he said, that you have to come too mom.”
“You can be important from the bottom up,” she said with a mischievous
smile, kissing him on the lips. His tongue slipped deep into her mouth, and she wanted to swallow it.
She swept her leg over him slowly, straddling her boy, as his tongue teased her taut,
pink nipples. Then he was sucking them, like a thirsty man with an orange. Sally let her cunt slide evenly up and down the full length of his cock four or five times then she rose to her knees and grabbed hold of the huge shaft. She worked the head back and forth between her dripping pussy lips. Then it was time.
Sally let herself down slowly until the tip of her sons straining stiff cock was firmly
between the wet, opening lips of her quivering cunt. She was shaking all
over, but she kept herself under tight control as she eased the desperate,
hungry mouth of her wet twat down slowly until it engulfed the whole
shiny, apple-hard, dark red head and about half the length of his shaft.
Then she lost control, and let herself plummet down the whole
deliriously agonizing length of his shaft, until it was deep up inside her,
reaming her out, cleansing her of everything that had ever been there before.
“Oh, my God, son,” she said. “It's in my throat.”
“It's where it belongs now mom,” he said, arching up to meet her. “It's where it's
always belonged.” His hips arched up to meet her, as he pumped his
glorious shaft higher and higher into her, meeting each downward plunge with a thrust of his own.
She came, quickly, to an ecstatic, bursting, exploding, skyrocketing
orgasm, and her boy was coming with her, but she made no move to get up and just
let his magnificent a****l of a cock rest after its labors. She held it, tightly
engulfed in her hungry cunt-mouth, squeezed in a gentle grip by the
clutching inner lips, until she felt it stirring again. It wasn't a long wait, at all.
“Let's just stay this way forever Walter,” she said, starting to move, slowly
up and down his cock, on another silky elevator ride to heaven.
“Forever mom,” he said, looking into her eyes his hips arching up again. “Except for one small interruption.” “What's that mom?”
“Our plane ride, to New York, tomorrow. Do they have cabins?” “Not for a one hour trip.”
She slid up and down, up and down on her boys cock a little faster, airborne already.
“Oh, well,” she said, happily, “we'll think of something.”
Chapter III
the next day as usual in public they had to constantly fight their desire to
touch each other in ways a mother and her son are just not supposed to
do. When they were seated on the plane Sally did get them a blanket from
the attendant that would cover both their laps She pushed the armrest between
them back up, so that her son could feel up her smooth silky legs and her
bare cunt underneath the blanket if he was careful not to get noticed. There were few people on the flight so she wasn't too worried. Sally had recently all but given up on
wearing panties. She had found that she could make herself available to her
Walter more quickly without them. Besides even as a girl it had always made her feel naughty
when she wore a dress and no underwear. They were talking quietly about
all the perverted things they would do together when they got to the cabin, They were
getting each other so excited that soon Sally thought they had to stop the talk or she would come all over the seat. At her request Walter stopped fingering her reluctantly
so that she could collect herself before the landing. It was a short flight and soon they were over New York.
Walter was just glad his dad had finally left
for good and the divorce was all but final. At this point he didn't want to share his
mother with anyone anymore, he wanted her to be his lover only. He was crazy about her.
This was going to be the best vacation at the f****y cabin
ever, Walter thought happily. He kept picturing his mom up there, and he could never think of her without picturing her naked. God, he had the best mother in the world!
Sally was in love with her son too by now and knew she
couldn't ever go back to an "ordinary" relationship. Not after experiencing the deep sexual love only a mother and son can share.
After their landing in Buffalo, Sally rented a car, and she Walter started
the drive up to the cabin. She thought she would give him a little treat
and let him drive there. He was excited like the young boy he was by this, and Sally smiled
to herself at what her son would say about the other treats she had in store
for him if he only knew. He got behind the wheel and started to drive. Sally sat close to him like his girlfriend. He
was a good driver she thought, proud of her son. After driving for a while,
Walter, noticing his mothers short dress riding way up her beautiful long legs,
reached his hand over to feel them up a little. Sally glanced up at her son and
smiled. He always did need something to do on long trips she remembered
still smiling. She let her legs open a little, her short skirt riding up further, just so her
young son could have easier access to her smooth legs and the pretty curls around her blond
pussy. Walter could just barely see it peeking out when he glanced over at
her. She smiled over to him knowingly. His mom, it seemed, had stopped
wearing underwear altogether he thought with a smile. His fingertips ran
up and down his mothers legs and up to her pink wet slit. She moaned softly when he touched it.
Every time his fingers brushed her clitoris she squealed with delight. She should stop him, she knew but didn't have the heart.
Oh dear, she thought wryly, What's a poor mother to do? God, here I am carrying on so, like a teenager and
in front of her own son! Ok darling, she said reluctantly after a while you have to stop fingering me for a while. Mommy's going to come all over the rental car seat.
Ok mom, he laughed. There is still quite a ways to go though...
They were on a clear stretch of road now, out in the country, with little
traffic coming toward them, going toward the city, and none at all in their
direction. She had an idea. Her boy was going to love this she thought, with a smile.
“Pull over to the right lane dear,” Sally said, “and drive slowly.”
Like a good son he always did as he was told, without looking at her.
“Now slide your seat back baby. All the way back honey.”
Again Walter did as he was told.
Sally faced around forward and leaned over toward her son, letting her
hand drop into his lap. She felt the panting pulse of his raging erection
against the back of her fingers. His cock was rock-hard, rigid, straining upward against his left trouser leg.
“My sonny boy,” she said, smiling up at him. “Isn't it eager today?”
He glanced down at his pretty sexy mother briefly, questioningly.
“It had a taste of you last night mom,” he said. “I think it's going to get that
way every time I think of you, the rest of my life. At least until I'm a hundred or so.
Sally turned her hand over in his lap and lightly caressed her sons
throbbing shaft through the imprisoning fabric. With her free hand, she
reached for and found the tab at the top of his fly, and slowly, tantalizingly,
zipped it down. With both hands, then, she freed the proud prisoner. It
pointed straight out toward the bottom of the steering wheel, its apple hard, shiny head a deepening purple.
Without another word, Sally leaned forward and took it tenderly into her
mouth, teasing the soft under shawl of wrinkles beneath the head with the top of her tongue.
“Oh, God mom,” Walter croaked, sounding unbearably tense, “they never
gave driving instructions about how to cope with this emergency.”
Sally took her mouth away from the tip of his straining prick.
“Relax darling,” she said. “Just keep your eyes on the road.”
Sally went back to work, licking and sucking carefully, deliberately,
tenderly. She felt no answering stir of passion, no unquenchable
moistening urge at the telltale lips of her pussy; only a sort of gentle
satisfaction, a pleasant feeling of doing nice something for her boy, something,
she knew, that was giving him pleasure. And something
completely out of the curriculum. She would have smiled at the thought, except that her mouth was otherwise occupied.
She felt his hips pumping as Walter strained to get his demanding cock
deeper into his mothers mouth, and she sucked it in deeply, licking the head for
while. And when he came, at last, in deep gushing spurts up into the back
of her mouth and throat, she felt herself swallowing instinctively, gathering in the jetting stream.
When the spurting had subsided, Sally sucked and licked the tip of her
sons cock clean, holding the slackening shaft upright with one hand. When she was finished,
Walter took one hand from the wheel to re-install his now relaxed cock in his pants
and zip up his fly. Then he looked at his mom wonderingly, without saying
anything. God he loved that she was such a sexy babe. She smiled at him innocently, and stuck out the moist pink tip of her tongue. “Feel better dear?” she asked with a little smile.
Walter nodded his head to her, with a grin. He looked at his mother much differently these days,
but said nothing. He reached down and slid his seat forward, looked ahead
at the road, and speeded up, toward their f****y cabin.
Sally's pussy was starting to get wet again as she thought about all the things they
were going to do once they got there. Hurry up honey, mommy wants your
cock inside her now. He did speed up and soon they were at the cabin.
Walter unloaded the luggage while Sally went up to take a bath and get ready for her son.
Now that they were alone in the familiar cabin and she had taken her bath Sally
began to finally relax. She came down the stairs from the bath slowly
knowing that the light behind her was allowing her young son to see everything
she had, but really, what did she care. After all, she was his own mother who
loved him unconditionally. She gave a new meaning to that, she smiled to
herself. Young Walter was already taking off his clothes in anticipation. She
smiled at her son’s eagerness, and sat down on the bed.
“What's your hurry honey?” she asked, smiling sexily at him, leaning back
on her elbows on the bed. Her robe opened enough for Walter to glimpse her nipple. Sally felt very relaxed now, still excited and
itching and wanting it, but some of the urgency had disappeared with the
bath. She raised one knee, slowly, lifting it high and then to the side, giving her boy a
long leisurely look at the furry crevice between her thighs, and a glimpse of pink. and then crossed it over her other knee.
Walter was staring at his mothers dewy thighs, his mouth slightly agape. His
Adam's apple rode up and down like an elevator.
“What's my hurry?” he said. “When we were driving here you said it was
urgent mom. Now it's urgent for me, too.” He finished unbuttoning his shirt
and threw it toward the chair. It slid off the to the floor, but Her young son
didn't notice and didn't care. He was busy stepping out of his pants. His
foot caught in one leg and he almost fell. She smiled.
“But there's no hurry now baby,” Sally said, swinging her foot. He was a little too
eager, she knew. Once he got that big cock inside her he wouldn't last a
minute. She could see its throbbing under the poked-out leg of his shorts.
She uncrossed her legs for her son and let her knees drift slightly apart.
The hem of her short sheer robe had slid up around her hips. She was
wearing no panties as usual, Walter stared down at the dewy fur above his
mothers pussy, partly concealed between the soft walls of her upper
thighs. Nice he thought.
“Do you like what you see dear?” Sally smiled sweetly. She couldn't help teasing the boy. Just plain couldn't help it.
“Like it mom? I love it. I wanted to climb up and kiss it when you were
coming down those stairs.”
“Why don't you then?”
“Why don't I what?”
“Kiss it baby.”She just loved to talking dirty to him.
She opened her legs a little wider, suggestively. Walters Adam's apple took an upward leap and disappeared.
“Jeez mom,” he said, as his eyes kept looking from her eyes to her cunt
“You suggested it. You said when I was coming down the stairs ...”she continued to tease him.
“I know. But that was like—like, a figure of speech mom.”
“Speech comes from the tongue darling.”
“The what?”
“The tongue, Walter. The tongue.” She was very excited, now. Walter
dropped slowly to his knees before his mother, staring closely at her seeping cunt, and she lay back and opened her legs wide.
“Remember, you're a man of the world now, son,” she said to the ceiling.
“You're sure not a baby any more, but you're still my baby.”
She watched her boy with burning eyes as his head moved slowly forward.
His mouth was open, and he stopped his forward progress to kiss the
velvety skin above the inside of one knee. The tip of his tongue traced its
way wetly upwards, slowly and his mouth made soft sucking sounds against the
yielding warmth of his mother’s inner thighs. Walter couldn't believe how
silky her thigh skin was. She wanted to scream.
He sure wasn't a baby, after all. Sally's skin was tingling at the touch of her
son’s mouth. His fingers touched the swelling soft furred lips of her pussy,
and she felt the gentle pressure of her boy’s fingertips parting them,
exposing the silently gaping mass of pink sensitivity at the entrance of her wet, sensation-starved twat.
Sally felt the tip of his tongue tentatively touching the taut bud of her
clitoris, and she groaned happily and embraced his head with her warm thighs. “That's it, sweetheart,” she said. She'd never called him “sweetheart” before, but he was her sweetheart now. “Lick mommy's pussyhole.”
Walter began licking the squirming opening between his mother’s cunt-lips with long, slow, deliberate strokes of his extended tongue, putting pressure
at the end of each stroke, with the constricted tip of his tongue, on the squirming worm-head of her clitoris.
Sally began to moan, deep in her throat, but she knew he couldn't hear her.
Her all-enveloping young thighs covered her son’s ears, clutching his head
in their frenzied tight embrace. She felt the licking stop, as his stiffened
tongue probed deeply up between the channels of her private ecstasy.
She reached down between the wide V of her upraised legs and took the back of his head in her hands.
“I love it, my baby,” she said, gasping, opening her thighs momentarily,
releasing her grasp on his ears so he could hear. “You're the best son. Lick it deep, darling. Suck it and eat my pussy good!”
Sally felt her hips pumping up, involuntarily, to meet every deepening
thrust of his probing tongue. Her in-sides were a wet squirming mass of
deepening desire. Her cunt a delirium of tortured delight. A live one, she'd
wanted, she thought inanely, and she had a live one, all right. Her own sons live tongue.
As her frenzy mounted toward a peak, with Walters eager mouth making
sucking sounds now in the wet morass of his mothers quivering cunt, she
knew she was going to come, and come soon, but she didn't want to come
that way. She wanted Walters long hard probing prick pounding up inside
her, fulfilling her, sliding deep, soothing the oven-hot itch of her insides.
She felt the spasms starting, and her hips jumped spasmodically.
“Put it in me, son,” she hissed frantically, through her gritted teeth. “I want
your cock inside me. Now. Quick. Oh, please, darling.”
Walter drew his head away from the bubbling spring of sensation between
his mother’s legs, and she saw his wet mouth smiling at her as she hitched
herself back and lay across the wide bed, her eager thighs wide apart as
her son mounted her. She reached out to guide the knot-hard head of his
long, broom-handle stiff stick of a shaft to the lip-smacking wet mouth of
her hungry, thirsting twat, but Walter's pecker showed signs of an
education. It found its own way, and slipped through his mothers portals
easily, casually, without knocking. She felt her cunt gulping in the whole
length of her sons pulsing thick cock, as if it were a living thing she had,
living between her legs, now quivering alive, a being all its own, with its
own capacity to feel, to experience ecstasy, to feed that distillation of
sensation to every inch of the rest of her body. Sally was going crazy from the feelings she was experiencing.
She was trembling inside, shuddering outside, as her hips pumped and
thrashed. Walters's tongue had brought his mother to the brink of orgasm,
now his pounding prick was driving her over that brink.
“Deep, my baby, deep,” she gasped, as she hooked her heels together
behind his back and drove her hot melting mound against the bone
foundation of her sons cock. He pounded it in to the hilt, driving it in faster
and seemingly deeper with each successive stroke, and she came in a delirium of pleasure.
“Walter,” she heard herself groaning, as she splashed through the waves
and swells of her orgasm, and she changed the groan in her throat. “Baby, baby. Walter, darling.”
But he hadn't heard his mom, the first time. He was busy coming, himself,
spurting hotly again and again deep inside her body.
Sally relaxed, slowly, letting her legs fall from around her boys back,
feeling the waves of her pleasure diminish, subside, shrink to wavelets,
receding on the sands of sensation, leaving them smooth, and moist. God, what wonderful daydreams she had nowadays Walter just lay there for a while feeling so very
lucky he had the kind of mom who would do just about anything at all to make her c***d happy.
Sally slept, that night dreaming of her son and their secret love as usual.
Walter was still asl**p, on his back, smiling a smile of utter serenity. Her
son ought to smile, Sally thought. And he ought to sl**p. For about a year,
he ought to sl**p. During the night, her young son must have expended as
much energy as all the members of every Olympic team. And he hadn't had
the rarified atmosphere to hamper him. Come to think of it, he'd rarely
come up for air. Sally rubbed her thighs together, in blissful remembrance,
and looked down to where Walters long limp cock lay sl**ping against the
firm muscular pillows of his inner thighs. It was smiling, too; she would swear it was smiling.
Sally reached down and hooked her forefinger under the head of her sons
long limp log of a prick, and lifted it, laying it on its back up along his flat
lower belly. Even in its soft state, the tip reached almost to his navel. She
raised herself on her elbows, swung around on the bed, and leaned over
the passive resting weapon that had pounded so much joy into her during
the night Curiously, Sally leaned down and touched the soft underside with
the tip of her tongue, then began to lick it, with tender, gentle laps of her
tongue, from the base up to the gathering of defenseless skin under the tip.
Walters big cock began to swell, and Sally opened her mouth and took it in,
sucking upward on its stirring, awakening soft hardness. She knew he was
awake, then. Her sons hands were pushing her thighs gently apart, and as
she moved up over him, obeying the pressures of his hands, she knew he
liked to come in her mouth in the mornings, she felt his head burrowing
upward between her thighs, his tongue penetrating the willing opening of
his mother’s twat-lips, sliding in, his mouth sucking deeply, hungrily, in her warm, wet cunt.
Mother and son pleasured each other there in the sixty nine position for a very
long while, this morning. When she felt herself reaching orgasm, she increased the
urgency of her sucking, and milking. Walter responded by reaching an orgasm of
his own. She found that there was very little of him in her mouth to
swallow. It had been quite a night, she thought. She'd never known such a night.
Afterwards, Sally got up and padded to the bathroom. They still hadn't
spoken. There was no need to.
When she came back into the room after her shower,
Walter was already sitting on the made-up couch in his shorts.
“Good morning mom,” he said smiling. Good morning Walter.
“What would you like to do today mom?” he asked her.
“I know what I want to wind up doing darling.”
“Me, too. “he smiled.
“You think it's possible for you sweetheart, after last night?”
“Not just possible. It's a certainty.”
Sally thought of a game she had been dying to try that Walter might really enjoy. She knew how much he liked her in slutty clothes. Walter dear,she asked quietly, how would you like to pick out which clothes I wear around the house all day while we're up here? Where did all these nasty ideas come from she wondered.
Wow! really? I sure would like that mom. Whoa, this is going to be the most fun vacation ever, he thought, grinning from ear to ear. His mom was always coming up with these fantastic things he probably never would have thought of himself. Sally casually shrugged off her shower robe and stood there nude while she waited for Walter to go find something he would like to see her in.
Sally thought he would go directly to the suitcase full of the sexy langerie and slutty costumes she had brought along, but Walter surprised her by going to a kitchen drawer and bringing her a short red checkered apron that went with a strap over her head and tied with belts around the waist. Walter used to love watching her cook wearing that apron when he was younger. Sally put on the apron and tied it in front. the gingham material rubbed good on her nipples. She stood there a few seconds hands on hips then turned around for Walter's inspection. Walter could easily see the sides of her beautiful boobs and his mom's entire backside was open to view. Her ass is perfect he thought. Sally looked over her shoulder to see the effect. So Walter is an ass man I see. Good to know. She felt his eyes on her as she went into the kitchen. Walter followed her and sat at the table, watching Sally make their breakfast. They talked about the things to do today as the ate. At some point they would have to get dressed and go into town for supplies. Some things never change. Walter still loved to see his mom cooking in that apron. He stayed at the table talking with Sally and watching as she washed the dishes and put them away. This new dress up game of his mother's might be one of her best ideas yet. When she finished Walter asked her sheepishly if she would wear something else he'd always wanted to see her in. Mom that apron really looks cute on you but would you please put these on? He handed her a pair of knee high socks and a white neck scarf. Of course I will darling, I did say that you get to pick out what I wear while we're here. She was glad to see that Walter was so enthused about her new game. Sally removed the apron and sat to pull up the knee highs. She tied the scarf around her neck and then stood up. Sally took the shoes Walter handed her and stepped into them. God this is so cool mom, Walter said looking her up and down excitedly. It's like I have my own real live Barbie doll to dress up. Sally didnt really mind the comparison, she had heard it before. She did wonder what other things he might be into. Dressed in only shoes and stockings and the scarf, she went and got out a scrabble set from the closet and they tried to play, but the way his hot mom was dressed made it impossible for Walter to concentrate. He gave up and they ended up making out on the couch. After a while of this they dressed and went to town do do the shopping.
Chapter IV
Later that evening, after a good dinner, Walter had Sally wearing a nice little shift nightey he liked as they sat on the couch kissing from time to time like teenagers while they tried to watch TV,
Walter thought of something else they could do for fun and for some good exercise too. "Mom," he asked," as they lay down on the couch and he spooned up behind her, his arms crossed, her
slim belly with one hand on each beautiful breast "can we go up to the lake
on a hike tomorrow, and camp for a few days up there, like we always used to do?" The thought of
his gorgeous mother, naked, out in the forest now caught fire in his imagination suddenly. He sounded like an eager little k** again. Sally
thought about it a second. "Why not?" she said softly, feeling her sons big
cock slowly moving in the crack of her ass, as he kneaded her soft breasts gently. Sally had always enjoyed roughing it. When he was younger, she had shared her sl**ping bag with him on their campouts. Sally was glad that now she could share everything with her son. She
smiled to herself, wondering just what kind of fantasies a young boy
might have about his mom all alone in the woods with him. Well, it looked like she
was certainly going to find out, she thought. "We'll hike up first thing in the morning
dear, she cooed as she wiggled back against his hard young body" Great
mom" he hugged her close. They slept in each other’s arms.
Next morning they got up at daylight, so they could make it to the secluded
lake by late afternoon. There was no time for sex this morning, Sally
thought but she smiled mischievously at the thought that they could stop
somewhere along the trail, and she could give her Walter some nice motherly head or something.
She grinned to herself at the thought. She just loved to surprise him with things like that.
The hike up to the lake was uneventful, except for the lunch stop where
Sally had gotten down on her knees in front of her son, like she was his slave, or something and asked him to hold her head in his hands while he fucked her in the mouth. She left her hands hanging at her sides but kept her lips clamped tightly on his big dick and watched him just use her mouth like a sex toy. Walter thought this certainly was good fun, to control things so completely and when he finally started coming Sally struggled to catch and swallow every drop. He kept shoving it deep into her throat. Once again he was reminded how it turned his mom on when he took control.
Arriving at the lake, they started setting up their little love nest. No one ever came up
to this lake so they felt free to be themselves here. That meant they could practically be nudists. The weather was perfect, so it was decided on the way up, clothing would be optional. Walter erected the tent.
While Sally watched her son working, she removed her tank top. He was getting to be quite the able young
man, strong and well muscled, she thought. Walter looked over at his mother, taking in the
afternoon sun with her top now off, her shapely breasts, white in the sun. He smiled and admired her beautiful body.
He loved her so much. Feeling her sons gaze upon her Sally unzipped
her hiking shorts and let them slip to the ground. She stepped out of them,
then turned her back to Walter and bent over to pick them up, wearing only
her hiking boots. She knew she was exposing herself to her
young son. She smiled because the knowledge that he could see
everything she had made her feel like a naughty little girl. She straightened and
smiling broadly at her son’s intent expression, leaned back against a rock. She
looks like a goddess Walter thought with the sun glinting off the blond
hair on her head and around her pussy. Let him look, she smiled with
satisfaction. She knew she must look good in this light and just hoped her
son appreciated the view. Walter appreciated it alright. He could hardly finish
setting up camp he was so excited to be up here with her. God, this is like a
dream come true, he thought as his mother walked over to where he was
working, and still naked as a jaybird but for the boots, squatted down across from him and
began to help her son set up the lantern and the stove. Walter couldn't help but
steal furtive glances at his moms beautiful blond pussy winking at him. Why don't you get
comfortable too baby, sally asked. wanting very badly now to see her sons young strong
body. Walter had taken off his shirt on the way up. it was such a warm day. Now he
slipped off his hiking shorts silently. Walter was a little self-conscious at
first about walking around naked outdoors in front of his pretty mother, but soon
they both got used to their nudity and the occasional inevitable brushing
together of their bodies as they got dinner ready. This looked like it was going to be
the best campout ever Sally thought happily, on her knees helping her son to roll out their
big sl**ping bag that they would soon be fucking like crazy on. They sat by
the fire making out for a while, then tired out from the hike, they kissed goodnight and
crawled into the tent. They spent a wonderful night in each other’s arms.
The next morning Sally got up before her son. She didn't want to wake him,
he needed his sl**p like any other young boy. Walter woke a little later and
was pretty disappointed to find his mother wasn't there to suck his cock.
She knew how much he enjoyed it in the morning. Well he would show her, now she would have to work for it he smiled.
Sally made her way to the rock by the lake.
This was her traditional daily pilgrimage it had become the highlight of her
day over the years they had been coming up here. Somehow, the water
remained both crystal clear and
perfectly still. She spent time there every morning
preening and pampering her body.
Sally dived in, swam for a while then stood knee deep
washing herself. After another swim to rinse off the soap, she wanted to be beautiful and clean for her son. she
sat at the edge of the lake on a rock shaving her under arms, legs and bikini line; not
that she had any use for her bikini any more. Suddenly, she
laughed, "Why not?" and began shaving her vulva.
Sally was deep in concentration, making sure not to nick
the sensitive skin, when she heard a movement behind her. Walter! She was not
frightened. She sort of knew Walter had been spying. She also suspected that he could have
watched her every day they camped up here before, when he was growing up
while she bathed. Sally had somehow felt his eyes on her. It never bothered her
though, she knew her son was just curious and she kind of enjoyed posing for
him, although he didn't realize she was doing it on purpose.
After completing her cosmetic routine it had been Sally's
habit to take another dip then sun herself on a particularly
smooth and comfortable boulder. She would stretch out,
soaking up the dappled sunlight, staring into the blue sky, her
senses swaying with the forest canopy, floating with the
fluffy clouds. Since her husband had never accompanied them on their campouts, Sally was so frustrated sexually that the ritual invariably ended with her beautiful thighs
spread wide and her own long fingers slipping
deep inside her cunt while her other fingers pleasured her clitoris. Sally's climax always exploded before an audience of
butterflies, birds, and also, possibly ever since he had become a curious teenager, young
Walter too. She had started to think of him somewhat differently when he became a teen
but she did not stop her exhibitionism. After all what could he really see anyway, hiding way back in the bushes.
So there he was this morning too, hiding out of sight, as was his old custom. At
first this angered Sally a just little. She wanted her Walter's fingers or cock in there
now, but even so this was better than nothing. Thinking it through this way
though, knowing her teenage son and that he was watching her play with
herself and was probably masturbating too, the thought actually began to increase Sally's excitement.
If her son wanted to waste his come, let him! and if he wanted a
show, Sally would gladly give him one he would never forget. She turned so
that her open legs faced the direction from which she heard the rustle in the
bushes. Sally kept changing from one position to another,
giving Walter a sensual view from every angle: on hands and knees, squatting, kneeling, and lying.
Sally would spread her thighs that much wider, push her fingers that much
deeper, pull her nipples that much harder, to turn Walter on.
She would imagine her sons hand fiercely pumping, his fingers clamped
around the erect shaft, the head huge and purple; then, as his
sperm shot into the air and rained down around him, Sally moaned and gasped and bucked as she came, and came, and came again.
Surely, Walter couldn't stand it for much longer. Soon now
he'd leap out of the undergrowth and plunge his big cock into
her. Now that they were truly lovers.
Today, it seemed, her wish would come true. Walter came up from behind her.
He slipped her floral bandanna that she had on down over his mothers eyes and
tightened it. Neither mother or son spoke. Sally's heart raced. He pulled
her back so that she lay in the grass with her feet dangling in the water.
Walters’s hard dick brushed her cheek. Throwing back her
head, Sally snatched the silky tip into her mouth. Her son let her
suck it for a while then moved around between her legs. Sally
spread them wide for him.
He took all of his mothers aching shaved vulva into his mouth and sucked
and licked her to a marvelous climax, but Sally wanted more
and told him so. "Come on, Walter give me your big
cock. Fuck your mommy baby!"
Any second, Sally expected to feel it sliding into her cunt, warm
and hard. Instead, she felt the cold razor gliding over her
engorged pubes. Now was when her son would get even for Sally leaving
early this morning without blowing him first. He smiled at her surprise.
"Walter, not now!" The razor tickled.
His mother’s giggles were ignored. In between shaving and rinsing
Walter lapped and sucked her pussy. Then, for a few moments nothing but
fresh air touched Sally's bare skin. Was her son finished already? She felt
more naked than naked with her shaved pussy showing. There was no
sound. Had he gone? Sally couldn't see with the blindfold.
No. She smiled, a very big smile. Her vagina was slowly
spreading and her sons warm, smooth cock was sliding home.
Walter remained silent, concentrating but his mother laughed and panted,
pushing up to meet her son’s long thrusts. When their spasms had
subsided Sally clamped her ankles around his waist to savor
the feeling of his hot come melting inside, but only for a moment
before he withdrew. Then she heard the bushes rustling
behind her. He had never said a word. So, this was the game!
Her son liked to pretend this wasn't happening, but it
was happening. From now on Sally knew everything would be all right between her and Walter.
Sally looked at her naked pubic skin. Not bad. Walter had
left some hair: a disc of blond fur with her clitoral hood
looking like the single spoke of a wheel, or better still, a pink
wedge in a pie chart. Her cunt was a pie chart! That made Sally giggle.
She angled her little camping mirror for a better view -- and to see
Walters come trickling out. She dipped in a finger and slowly licked it. Sally did not wash again. She wanted to relish the slick,
sticky feeling of her sons come for as long as possible, especially while she walked.
Emerging from the woods, she found Walter sitting
beneath the tree next to their tent with a lunch of
sandwitches neatly laid out on the piknick blanket. His eyes went straight to Sally's crotch.
"Very nice mom, if I do say so myself, he joked. That's a real work of art." Sally winked at her son. "The work of a master."
Later, Walter surprised her again. The night was calm and
black. Sally was masturbating as she thought about her son sl**ping there
with her. then, because it felt comforting, left the fingers inside. She woke to find
her darling Walter removing them and replacing them with his own. Sally
smiled in the dark. Everything was going to be all right. They had their first fight and Walter had
quickly gotten over his snit. He was no longer miffed that she left him this morning without a blowjob.
When she woke in the morning her Walter was gone. Her floral
bandanna was gone too. He probably took it, she thought, as a
memento she thought with a smile. For breakfast Sally
prepared a feast of fruits and carried it to where her son waited for her. While they ate, Walter smiled at her knowingly. "You
seem particularly happy this morning mother dear. Sweet dreams?" You’re going to need this. Walter then
got busy applying sunscreen to his mother’s whole entire body, since she had nothing on. He cared about her so.
"Wonderful son, thanks to the star performer." Walter seemed pleased by that.
After breakfast Sally gave her son a suggestive grin. Now, she was ready to give him the fuck that only a mother could. She got up, then,
wearing nothing but a pink bandanna and a huge smile,
hurried off along the trail. Already fully aroused, she could hardly
wait to get to the lake.
She swam, washed, shaved and reclined on the rock. Her
fingers stroked slowly, smoothing the slippery secretions over
her sex lips and clitoris while she waited. And waited for her son. And waited. The waiting only increased her excitement. This was just the best game they had invented, Sally thought wickedly.
Finally, Sally sat up and looked around. Her son was there;
she could sense him! Smiling, she climbed down from the rock and
tied the bandanna over her eyes. Blindfolded, she fell onto her
hands and knees in the grass, then called out in a teasing tone
while spreading her legs and wiggling her buttocks lewdly and
"I know you're there, baby she cooed. Come and get it. Come get mommy's little
pussy she called." She wiggled it obscenely. I'll bet Walter really likes this
game too, she thought about the sight she must present to her young son.
And again Sally waited. There was the sound of the
birds, the breeze but no
rustling of bushes, no movement of undergrowth, had she been mistaken? Please Walter. Please come.
The anticipation made Sally tremble her pussy was starting to seep, and juice trailed down her pretty legs as she kneeled.
Walter, I want you. Your mother wants you, her mind was screaming.
More of her liquid excitement trickled down her thighs and the breeze cooled her cunt.
I want your big cock. Please son. Please. Please -- YES!
Hard, smooth, hot, her sons cock plunged all the way in with one
thrust. Her knees were lifted off the ground by the f***e of it.
Sally almost fainted and almost came at once. He had made no sound coming up to her!
Chapter V
The beautiful lovemaking continued daily at the lake and
every night in their tent. They both never wanted it to end. Sally almost always blindfolded herself and
waited for her son. It was their new camping tradition, one they both loved. The waiting was so delicious to Sally.
Walter hardly ever spoke to her during their lovemaking, except to give her
directions. Naturally she would do anything he wanted immediately. She was
beginning to really love her new role of sex slave to her son. Actually Sally
thought with a wry grin maybe it wasn't a role she was playing at all. She was his slave since she
really would do anything for Walter and gladly. Sometimes though Sally
wondered if there was anything more she could do to show Walter just how
much he meant to her. One morning, while they were lying on the sl**ping bag slowly stroking each other, which was something they never tired of doing, Walter accidently stuck his little finger into
Sally's asshole as he was languidly, almost absentmindedly finger fucking her cunt. He saw his
mother’s eyes fly wide open as she jumped a little bit and then squirmed
down on it. So far neither of them had seemed inclined toward anal sex, but
when Walter saw her reaction, he quickly asked, Do you like that mom? He
left his finger there halfway up her hole. Sally didn't know what to answer.
She had never had sex that way before but now with Walter, everything
they did was fun. They were looking deeply into each other’s eyes Walter's
finger was in her butt. Finally she said lowly, Yes, son, it feels kind of good. You can try
going in a little further. They were both a little surprised that they could still
find new ways to give each other pleasure. Sally's ass was so tight, he
could barely get his little finger in all the way. Walter saw his mother’s eyes
widen in surprise as he wiggled it a little. He loved her expression of discovery. Finally there was something they could learn about together.
"Walter", she said squirming down again, "this is great but I think if you put
your cock up there it would kill mommy". Maybe if we go very slowly mom
and use Vaseline or something. Walter now wanted to feel his mothers tight
asshole wrapped around his hard cock. Sally made up her mind right then.
She would do it. She would give her virgin asshole to her son. That would
show him how much she loved him. This new idea was catching fire in her
mind as well as Walters. Ok baby when we get back to the cabin we'll get
out the Vaseline and mommy will give you a fuck you won’t ever forget. Her
ass was so tight she was sure Walter would love it. God mom, you're the
best. He kissed her, so grateful to have such a mother. All the sexy talk had gotten
them both so excited Walter couldn't get his throbbing cock into his mother's cunt
fast enough. Next morning Walter woke first. He looked down lovingly at his mothers
sl**ping face. She had a smile on her pretty lips, and he noticed a ring of
shiny crust around them where his escaping cream from the night before had dried.
Feeling his gaze on her Sally opened her eyes and smiled sweetly up to her dear
son she saw looking her all over. She yawned. Good morning Walter darling.
How would you like for your mommy to suck your beautiful dick this morning? I
promise I'll try to swallow it all this time, she said, grinning about the crust she could still
feel on her lips. Walter leaned over to kiss her lips, they continued to kiss
until her lips were clean. Morning mom, I sure would like that, but she was
already sucking his warm pink flesh into her wet mouth. Sally was beginning to look
forward to the morning oral sex as much as Walter. It was a better wake up than coffee,
His jism was more like a protein shake she giggled around his cock at the joke. Walter
always had a lot of come in the morning, so it wasn't easy to keep her
promise and swallow it all. Sally licked him clean then started out of the tent to fix
breakfast. What a mom Walter thought shaking his head as he stared lovingly at her beautiful
asshole and shiny cuntlips as she crawled out of the tent in front of him. If she only knew how
much he loved her! After breakfast, they started the hike back to the cabin. Half way back they
donned the clothes they had had no use for at their secret campsite. The
hike back was easier and they got to the cabin in the early afternoon. They
showered and rested then made dinner. After dinner they sat on the couch
and talked about all the great things they had done up at the lake. I told you mom
we could still have fun with just the two of us. Sally had to agree, their time
in the woods together was wonderful. Soo, mom, Walter asked a little
sheepishly, do you remember what you promised? What was that darling?
She was teasing. she knew what he meant. In fact she had a surprise for
him that she had arranged while he showered. Well, he said shyly, you said
I could stick it up your ass mom. That's a crude way to say it darling. Greek
style, sounds much nicer. No, I did not forget, I have everything ready
upstairs. Walter smiled at this news, she took his hand and they made their
way to the upstairs bedroom. When he went in the door Walter was
surprised to see what his mother had done. Sally had changed the light
bulbs in the lamps for green and red ones. The effect was to turn their
bedroom into a sex room. Do you like it baby she asked as they stripped? Smiling wickedly at his
excited expression, Sally took a jar of Vaseline off the dresser and opened
it. Let mommy get this slippery stuff all over your big cock Walter, that way
it can slide up in there easier. Sally got a big gob on her fingers and then
started applying it to her sons throbbing cock. It's so big and hard dear, I
hope we can get it all in mommy's tight little asshole. His cock twitched at her
mention of what they were about to do. Sally stared up soulfully into
Walters eyes as she coated his hard on. Then Sally took another big gob
and applied it to her ass as she crawled up onto the middle of the bed on
her hands and knees. she planted her knees far apart and looked back grinning to her son who was staring, wide eyed at his mother's lewd display of her private parts.
Come on Walter honey, Sally moaned, get up here behind me and stick your
big cock up your mother’s ass. Trembling, Walter did as he was told
and soon he was kneeling behind his mother with his slick cock in his hand
aimed straight at her asshole. Ok put it in, but slowly dear, she begged. Walter
responded with a little shove that planted his hard cock halfway up her ass
channel. Sally bit her lip to keep from screaming, Oh God, It felt sooo big.
Soon though she was ready again and indicated that Walter should stick it
in further. Walter was enjoying the best feeling his cock had ever felt. His
mother’s ass was so tight he just loved it. He slowly sank his cock in to the
hilt. Now his pubic hair was tickling her ass as his balls nestled up against her pussy. They rested from the effort for awhile.
Finally neither could wait any more and he started to fuck her with long
even strokes. Sally was transported. God she never thought she could
feel so good. Her own son was fucking her way up the ass and she just
loved it. Finally all the friction started to get to Walter and he moaned in her
ear. I'm going to come mom, which is just what he started to do as jet after
jet of hot come shot up her ass and leaked out around his dick. Sally barely
heard him as she was in the throes of the most powerful orgasm she had
ever experienced. When Walters’s balls were finally empty, They collapsed
together on the bed in a tangle of limbs, both completely satiated. There
was no need for words any more they held each other until they fell asl**p.
Next morning Sally woke before Walter. She lay there and let her memories
take her back. What a night! After that outrageous fucking in the ass last
night, Sally felt remarkably clear headed. From the very first she never
doubted that they were doing the right thing. Anything that brought a
couple of people who already loved each other deeply, so much joy had to
be right. She hadn't spent much time thinking about their future either
since almost all of her time now was spent fucking Walter. Sally started to
frame a plan. They would spend the rest of the summer here. They had
everything they needed, and nobody around to wonder. Besides their sexual experiences were bliss and she didn't that to stop, especially with
some of the exciting new games and things they were trying. She felt like a
teenager again and everything she did with her son was like a completely
new experience. After summer, they would go back to the house. They would have to be
careful to conceal the true nature of their relationship until Walter
graduated next year. After that the future was theirs. They could move
away, change their names and live somewhere as man and wife. Sally saw
Walters long thick cock meat begin to swell and knew he must be awake
too. She reached down and took his hardening cock in her hand rubbing it
gently. Are you all rested now Walter dear, all rested and ready for a nice
hot fuck? Walter stared into his beautiful smiling mothers blue eyes
and nodded. I certainly am mom. She knew then that they would be just
fine. The future would take care of itself.
Five years had passed since that wonderful Summer vacation at the cabin. Walter
had graduated and they had moved to the city, where they got a nice
condo. The alimony was enough to support them well. Sally was looking
younger every day. She had let her blond hair grow long, wearing it straight
with bangs adding to the young look. Walter was looking more like a grown man now, and the people
they knew from there thought them a couple. Sally spent her
days with community projects, shopping and housekeeping. Walter was in a top college,
soon to graduate. Sally knew that college was very difficult work. She also knew
that the comforting love of his mother's body was one thing helping to
get him through it. They were a good team, she supported Walter and gave
him everything he needed, just like any good mother would. Walter had called
from school today to let her know he had aced an important exam. Sally
smiled at his excitement, and she could hardly wait for him to come home so she
could share in it. Sally had habitually began to wear sexy little outfits, stockings and
garters, teddies and such, some years ago when she and Walter had begun to understand that it was even
hotter and more exciting for them when she would dress in something real
sexy than to simply be undressed when they were at home and alone. Sally always got a kick out of thinking about what the salesgirl at the adult boutique would say if she knew that Sally was actually buying all the slutty outfits for the pleasure of her own son. She would freak-out. As it was, she was already a very good customer. Sally liked to keep their love life spicy. Not that the fact of their improper and secret relationship wasn't a huge turn on for them both already, though neither ever mentioned it. Walter would typically
come home to find his mother in a see through blouse and short mini skirt for
example. These were the type of clothes she normally wore around the house when Walter was there, distracting though it was. Of
course, Sally, in order to keep herself more available, had almost completely stopped wearing panties during that first two weeks they were
together. Now when she wore panties, they would be a part of some outfit that would be coming off anyway. Lucky Walter would do his homework while watching his mother as she prepared dinner or
cleaned house, dusting and vacuuming, wearing only stockings, garter belt, and a half bra, and of course always high heels. They would talk about the events of the day, their plans for the weekend ect. He loved that she enjoyed dressing up slutty for him. It was a big turn on for them both, and
always led to great lovemaking. Today, Sally was waiting for her son at the door in a tiny little floral spandex
teddy that clung to her shapely blond body like a second skin. For a goof, she had also donned a
black bowler hat which set off her long straight hair very nicely. When she heard
him outside, she opened the door for him with a raincoat wrapped around
her, so that the neighbors wouldn't get an eyeful. Sally pulled him inside and
smiled at his expression of approval when he saw what she had on today. He never got tired
of his moms little games! Once inside Walter sat back on the daybed that she had made up with extra pillows
and waited for the show he knew was coming. Sally was smiling broadly at Walter who was loving her up with his eyes, as she stood there. She looked at him and said, This one
is all for you baby, because you are such a wonderful son and such a hardworking student. Sally peeled the straps off her
shoulders, grinning ear to ear. Her beautiful white globes came into view an inch at a
time. When the danskin was around her waist, Sally turned her back to Walter
and peeled the garment down her shapely legs. It fell in a pool on the floor and she kicked it aside. Bending over slowly from
the waist she gave Walter a good long look at her nice ass and her pink pussy and blond
pussyhair. She turned back to face her son, now wearing only the black hat. She just loved the look of
rapture on Walters face as she held her big breasts with their pink nipples in her hands and
jiggled them for him. Her hands almost involuntarily stroked down her body and snaked between her legs to feel her moistening slit. She could see that Walter could take no more. He needed her. Walter
undressed quickly and was lying back on the pillows when his mother
came to the side of the bed and climbed up. Sally got on the bed kneeling
over her son. He could feel her long blond hair brush across his chest as she leaned over
to kiss his face. Sally continued kissing and sucking his neck then his
chest running her hands all over him all the while. Her breasts were dragging down his body. She looked up and
stared deeply into Walters eyes as she bent to suck on his nipples she
knew this drove him crazy. she continued her kissing journey down her son’s body, glancing up now and
then to enjoy his expression. She kissed down his hard belly then stopped
one more time to look into his eyes before gingerly lifting her son's big
cock gingerly a giving the head a gentle lick. Sally kissed and nibbled and
sucked lightly on the tip while her hands stroked his stomach. Finally they
couldn't wait anymore and she enveloped the whole head of his big cock with her
suckling lips and plunged down the shaft as far as she could. Walter held
her arm and look deeply into his mother’s eyes as she lavishly sucked his
dick. Ohh, he groaned as she sucked. He was caressing her arm and
shoulder, then he reached down to heft the whole weight of his mothers
big breast in his hand squeezing gently and rolling the nipple between his
fingers. Sally had his cock in both hands now and was trying to swallow it.
She got this dreamy look in her eyes and clamped onto the side of her
son's dick with her mouth nibbling it with her teeth and sucking and licking
all up and down its great length. Walter had to moan again and close his
eyes. His gorgeous mothers sucking mouth was the best feeling in the
world, he was sure. He continued to watch his mom suck and lick him. She
was trying to smile at him but she had a huge cock in her mouth. His
mother was getting carried away again Walter thought as he watched her
suck and suck. Sally moved up a little closer so she could rub her sons
cock against her tits. She rubbed the head of Walters cock with her nipple
and almost came right then. Then she started rubbing it all over herself,
loving the hard feel of it. Every once in a while she would lean down and
suck it some more. Sally didn't want him to come yet though. She sat up
and letting go of Walter's cock kneeled next to him. Sally straightened up
and swung one leg over him, straddling her boy. Slowly she let her cunt
slide up and down Walter's hard cock evenly. Finally she rose up and
aimed his cockhead up into her cuntlips gently pushing them apart and
helping him to enter her. Then Sally sat down and slowly impaled herself
on her sons rampant cock. She continued the endless journey down until
she could feel his pubic hair tickling her cuntlips. Leaning forward, her big
breasts hanging straight down, the nipples brushing his chest he began to
work his cock in and out of his mother’s hole. Walters hand were on her
waist as Sally leaned down and started Frenching with her son. They
kissed while Walters big cock rode in and out, pulling her cuntal walls out
with it on the out stroke. They fucked and fucked, whispering
encouragement and love talk to each other. Now Walter was clutching her to
him their bodies glued together with sweat. Sally sat up and Walter caught
one of her breasts in his mouth sucking it. Then he sucked the other one.
Sally was in heaven with her sons huge cock plunging deep inside her and
her nipples in his mouth. Walters’s hands came down to his mothers hips
and held them as he tried to get even deeper inside her. This went on for
what seemed like a very long time both mother and son trying to give each
other as much pleasure as possible, kissing and sucking and fucking the
way they loved to do. Finally Sally slowly pulled herself off his wet cock
and let it slide out slowly so they could try another position, They smiled
and laughed together as Sally got to her knees at the foot of the bed and
bent over it lewdly. Walter loved the view, and he loved his mother and
kissed her back and ass before inserting his cock into her tight pussy
again. Sally was leaning on the foot board of the bed for support as Walter
kneeled behind her and began fucking again. Walter was shoving it way up
her cunt from behind and Sally wondered if he would have her in the
asshole too. Of course, he knew that he could if he wanted to, there was
absolutely nothing Sally would refuse her son. Walter was happy fucking her
slippery cunt now though and reached forward to take hold of his moms
big tits which were swaying as they fucked. He rubbed her shoulders and back for her then and
she thought, how nice of him to want her to feel good. A backrub in the
middle of a hot fuck. Oh well, It did feel really good. Walter started moving
faster and Sally thought he was going to come from the sounds he made.
She glanced back at Walter and smiled encouragement. He got such a look
of concentration when he was ready to come. Walter gasped, Oh mom
through gritted teeth and Sally could feel the spurting streams of his come
starting. The first jolt shot way up her pussy. Then Walter pulled it out and
made a puddle of his come on her back. He liked to slide his cock all over
her back and up and down the crack of her ass. Sally didn't mind at all, she
liked the feel of hot come on her skin, if it was her Walters. Sally straightened up and Walter moved up behind her to hug her close and give her a kiss. Then Walter laid back down on his back with a huge smile. Sally
was smiling too as she moved up into her sons arms and began kissing
and caressing in the afterglow, as was their habit. Why they were like an
old married couple already, with their regular habits Sally thought happily.
After a while Walter dozed off. Sally got up to make dinner while her son
napped. When everything was ready to take out to the table, Sally went
upstairs to clean off. Walters come was starting to crust on her beautiful
white ass. She showered and dried off. She had a silly thought, there was
that other thing Walter liked. She could play "the French Maid" for him tonight.
First she made up and applied the bright red lipstick she knew would end up smeared all
over Walters big cock. She found a pair of thigh high black stockings and a
pair of frilly garters and put them on. She slipped on some red high heels
and stood up, Sally tied a tiny frilly apron, which just hid her blond bush,
around her waist. This just about completed her outfit. Sally pirouetted in
front of the mirror. Walter was going to love this she thought as she
admired the lewd costume. Her white body with her big breasts and their
pinkening nipples and blond hair, and cunt was a terrific contrast to the
black stockings and red shoes. She tied a black choker with a white cameo
around her neck and smiled. Perfect. Sally just loved wearing all these
naughty little costumes for her son. They made her feel kind of sexy all the
time, and she wore them all the time. She knew that Walter was a young
man with strong hard sexual needs, so Sally liked to keep herself semi
aroused constantly. That way she would always be wearing something
appropriate for giving herself to Walter any time and in any way he wanted.
Sally was so wet thinking about the things they would soon be doing, come
was running down her leg. Get a grip Sally thought this is going to be a
long hard night. She called down to Walter who she could hear stirring.
Sit down for dinner darling, she called down the stairs. She went downstairs and into the kitchen to
get their dinner. Sally picked up the tray she had prepared earlier and
started into the dining room. Walter was sitting at the table by then, bleary
eyed from his nap. Bleary for only a second because when he saw his mom
come in carrying a tray, wearing only a frilly apron and high heels and
stockings, her beautiful white breasts with their darkening nipples swaying
seductively as she walked, his eyes flew wide open and his jaw dropped.
Jeez mom, nice he whispered. So what do you think of your mother as a
French maid she asked innocently, her brow arching at his expression?
Sally turned around slowly so her son could admire her body from every
angle. Ha, he laughed. More like a French whore he said joking, but you
look absolutely terrific mom. Sally laughed and untied the tiny little apron
and removed it and stood there a few seconds so her son could love her up
with his eyes. Walter was all eyes, and hands as his beautiful mother sat
down next to him wearing only the red shoes and stockings. Dinner was
good as usual. Sally was a good cook who like to make sure her Walter ate
right. They ate and joked and laughed. Walter, of course, couldn't keep his
hands to himself. Sally smiled at his eagerness when Walter slid a hand up
her stockinged leg and over her creamy thigh and then inserted a finger
into her sopping pussyhole under the table. If you stop fingering me for a
second dear, Sally whispered into his ear, almost beside herself from what he
was doing, Mommy can get your dessert. Her son withdrew his finger
reluctantly. He just loved to turn his mom on like that and watch her
beautiful face and see her eyes roll back when she started to come. And he did make
her come, all of the time, because he loved his mother and he wanted to
satisfy her. Walter had come to realize over time that he and mother were
far more highly sexed than average. He also knew that he and his mother
were hopelessly addicted to the almost constant sexual tension. Walter
also loved that his mom would never refuse him sex, quite the opposite, she
always seemed to encourage his urges. Sally got up and cleared the table.
She came back out with their desserts but just set them down next to Walter.
Smiling, Sally then gracefully swung one leg over his head and sat
down on the table right in front of him. Sally leaned back and spread her
glistening twat lips open with her fingers. She liked her son's surprised look, She
wanted to always be a surprise to him. Sally looked deeply into Walter's
eyes and asked, are you ready for a hot dessert? Walter smiled back
returning her burning look of lust. Yes mother dear he said. Walter looked at his mother’s sensitive glistening cunt lips, reverently as he leaned forward and kissed the bud of her clitoris. Walter let his toung glide lovingly, lavishly up and down her
cuntlips and then sticking his tongue in it. Every time Walter got to the top
he would suck her clitoris and swirl his tongue on it, which made Sally
wiggle and squeal with delight. It wasn't too long before she was creaming
all over the place. Walter just loved the show, with his naked blond mother
lying spread eagled, in front of him, stockinged legs flopping around, and big white breasts
bouncing all over as her beautiful pussy gushed and gushed. Sally knew
she was putting on quite a show for her son but she didn't care. As long as
Walter was happy he could watch her freak as much as he liked. Finally
Sally settled down and with legs still shaking a little from the orgasm,
climbed down from the table. She bent over to give Walter a long loving
kiss. Sally could taste her come on his tongue as she French kissed with
her son. They moved down one seat and ate their dessert. They often had
to move after making love on the table. Just like mad hatter's tea party she
joked one time. Sally and Walter got up and went into the living room. Sally
knew that they would make love again before sl**p. Especially with her
dressed as she still was, in nothing but stockings and garters, she smiled
at Walter who was intently watching her every movement as she got the
day bed made up from their earlier escapade. She knew that she must be
getting him hard already, almost everything she did turned him on, and wondered what he would feel like doing to her
tonight. She knew that her role as a sexual subservient sounded
demeaning, but she also knew that Walter respected her and loved her. If
they were happiest with Walter giving the directions and her instantly
obeying, who was anyone to judge. In their experimenting with sex they had
found that once in a while her son enjoyed tieing Sally up with soft cloths
or belts. It was only for fun since neither had any sadomasochistic
tendencies. Actually it was quite the opposite with them, with both of them
trying their best to make the other feel good. They had even picked up soft
padded cuffs, from an online sex toy supplier, sometimes he just blindfold
her to add to her excitement. That way Walter could go right ahead and do
whatever he wanted to his mom and surprise her. Sally wanted to do
something special for Walter tonight to reward him for his high grade on
the test today. Sally went to the upstairs closet to get a couple belts from
her robes. She came downstairs and saw that Walter was sitting on the
couch, with the remote. Sally, still dressed only in her shoes and stockings
came over and stood right in front of her son her blond bush level with his face. Do you want to watch some TV
mom he asked looking up at her? Later Walter, she said slipping him the
belts. Walter looked surprised. Take the belts son, Sally said lowly, glancing at her son with half lidded eyes, and tie me
up. Now Walter was smiling from ear to ear as he looked at his gorgeous
naked mom standing there in a sexy pose one hand on her hip. How should I tie you up mom?
He looked at her uncertainly. Sally grinned and sat down on the soft carpet
and pulled her feet way up so her legs were bent at the knees. She held her
wrists out next to her ankles, as she looked up expectantly at Walter
and his big hardening cock. Walter smiled and got down with her on the
carpet and slipped a belt around each stockinged ankle and wrist, tieing
them together snugly. Sally tested the knots by tugging on them. The natural effect
of this was to spread her legs slightly, exposing herself. She couldn't get
them unloose, but they were comfortable. Sally pulled on the bindings again
and Walter saw his mother’s pussy open pinkly as she tested the bonds.
This was going to be fun he thought . Ok Walter darling. Looking deeply
into her son's eyes Sally said, Now I want you to do anything you ever
thought you wanted to do son, and I want you to do it to me. Sally loved the
excited look her son was giving her. Sally laied back on the floor. This
splayed her legs wider yet, as her arms came down to her sides. She could
see Walter drinking in the view of his trussed up naked mother knees in the air squirming
wantonly before him. He rested his chin on her knee and stared with
burning eyes at Sally’s drooling pussyhole. Can I lick it mom? Sally moaned
feeling very exposed under her sons hot stare. She tried to spread her legs
more. Walter took that as a yes. He started kissing her stockinged knee.
Then he slowly worked his way down his mother’s dewy inner thigh with
little kisses. Sally jumped when he started lapping up and down
the slick folds of her cunt. When he reached the clit he would suck and lick
it, loving that he had his hot mother bouncing around and coming all
over. Sally looked at her son through clenched eyes and croaked, Don't you
want something too Walter? Taking the hint, Walter got on his knees and
moved around until his long cock was hanging right over his pretty
mothers face and touching her lips. Sally didn't hesitate but clamped her
soft moist lips around her sons big cock and began suckling it. Walter
watched his mom suck on his dick awhile then he bent over and began
lapping and licking her cunt again It wasn't long before Walter could take no more and
he let everything go into his mother’s mouth Sally swallowed and sucked
having a climax of her own, fully as powerful as his, along with her son. After his mother finished
cleaning him up, using only her mouth and tongue since her hands were still
tied. Walter sat up and looked her over, God she was beautiful, all tied up
and helpless as she was he thought. Sally was getting a little crampy from
the bonds and wondered why he didn't untie her. That was wonderful son.
Sally was looking at her son who was starting to get excited again looking
at his slutty tied up mother. Don't you want to untie me Walter she
suggested hopefully? Walter wasn't hearing that. You said I could do
anything I want didn't you mom. Walter was staring at his beautiful mother,
trussed up like a turkey in her black stockings. Incredibly his cock was already half hard. Sally did say that and now
she certainly wouldn't complain about a little soreness if it made her Walter
happy. Walter crawled around to his tied up, naked mother's side and excitedly but carefully
began to roll her over. He even fixed up some pillows for her head, so she would be more comfortable,
and the next thing Sally knew she was on her knees looking back up through her wide
spread thighs at Walter's smiling face. Walter was studying the lascivious
sight with delight. There was his lovely mother spread out like a whore for
his taking. Which hole would it be? Sally watched Walter shuffle up behind
her and felt his big hard cock being rubbed up and down and all over her cunt.
Please she sobbed. She couldn't wait. Walter surprised her then by shoving
his cock up her ass! Sally's asshole had stretched out some from
Walters frequent penetrations, since that first time and now she didn't need
Vaseline anymore. She was still extremely tight back there though. She could tell how
much Walter liked it by the sounds he made. Walter gloriously fucked his
beautiful mother in her asshole until he felt ready to burst. He started
coming, shooting the first hot jolts up her ass. Then he quickly pulled his
big cock out and inserted it into her creaming pussyhole. When he was
finally empty at last, Walter fell forward onto his mothers back and held her close. What
a mom she was he marveled. Was there nothing she wouldn't do? He
withdrew his cock then and helped Sally out of her bonds. Sally
stretched luxuriously getting the circulation started in her lovely legs, and arms. The tops of her stockings were soaked with their mingled juices. She looked up at her exhausted but happy son. Sally smiled and held out her arms to him and
Walter lay down with his satisfied mother on the floor and they kissed each other’s mouth and face, making out like young lovers,
in the afterglow, stroking each other languidly. Well now that was an appropriate reward for her son's
good work at school, Sally thought. She wondered what she could come up
next time Walter deserved something special. Whatever it was Sally knew
her son would love it. Walter was graduating after this semester, and she
and Walter were looking forward to going up to the cabin. Sally recently
won it in her divorce settlement. They had not been there since that
unforgettable summer when they first mated. Sally was really glad that their life
together was working out perfectly. It was as if they had been made for each other.

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