Role play

I use to date this very innocent looking woman but innocent she wasn't. That woman had a wild streak. She dressed very conserved, business suit that never showed off her body. But once that front door closed and she was wild. 
She loved to role play mostly the hooker/John role. So here is one of those times.
I come home from work and do my usual, snack on something and take a shower. But as I come out of the shower I see a note on the mirror telling me to dry off and go to the basement.
Towel wrapped around my waist I cruise on over to the basement and this is what I find; 
There is one over head light shining down on a large oval coffee table. In front of the table is an armless chair, a smaller table with a stereo on top and drinks mixes underneath. Leaning up on the stereo is a note reading; 
Welcome to foxxies, tonight your private dancer tonight will be Beth. Help yourself to a drink, hit play, sit back and enjoy yourself.
I hit play and make myself a drink. With-in a few minute my lady "Beth" comes walking in from a side room. All she has on are black thigh high boots, a black thong, matching black bra, a tight fitting fish net dress, hair pulled back with one tie and her hair flowing. She walks around the table talking to me, role playing a stripper, asking me what I was wanting and what I was willing to pay. I tell her I have money and would pay for whatever it takes to have her tonight. 
She is walking around the chair, dragging her fingers across my body and stops infront of me, places her hands on the back of the chair, leans over and says; but first we must go over the rules. 
Again she starts walking around the chair, dragging her fingers on my body and says;
Rule number 1, NO touching. You must place your hands under your thighs.
Rule number 2, NO touching yourself. No matter how tempting no touching or our session is over. 
Rule number 3 NO, kissing unless I initiates it.
She walks over, changes the music and starts dancing around infrornt of me, squeezing her titties and bending over showing me her ass. Every so often she would lean over and lightly lick my nipples and run her hand across the front of  the towel and rubbing my cock thru the towel.
After the first song ended and she gets on the table and start moving around it on her hands and knees making sure I get a full view of her titties hanging and the deep cleavege. She turns and show me her ass and bounces back and forth doggie as if getting fucked. I hear her moaning and tell me;
How good it would feel if I was inside her now, my cock jumped when she said that. She spins around, on her knees on the table and sits up. 
Her hands are sliding up and down her body as she moans softly. She cups her tits, starts caressing them and pinching at her nipples thru her bra. She tells me how hard her nipples are getting and seeing my cock throbbing is making her pussy wet. 
One of her hand slides down and starts rubbing her pussy as she starts bouncing up and down. She starts breathing heavier as she moans and saying, mmmmmmm, your cock look so nice and hard. I hope you have enough money so that cock doesn't go to waste. 
My cock throbbing and I can feel precum coating the head of my cock. OMG here is my lady acting like a total stripper, masturbating infront of me and I cant do anything.
She is starting to breath heavier and moaning deeper as she pinch and pulls her nipples. She is bounce up and down, simulating that she is riding a cock as rubs her pussy thru her thong. 
Her moaning gets louder and she grinding her pussy against her hand and I knew what was next as her breathing quickens and she let out a loud moan, telling me she is gonna cum. 
Her body tighten up as her hand grinds down on her pussy. She starts bucking as she takes herself thru an orgasm. 
When she stops, she looks at me and tells me sorry she was to excite and needed a quickie. 
She sits up off the table and dances around again, bending over infront of me, showing off her ass and deep cleavage. 
After a couple songs she sit on the edge of the table before me, leaning in giving me a nice view of her deep cleavage. She starts rubbing my legs and slowly opens the towel exposing my now rock hard cock throbbing. 
She leans back licks her lips and in a sexy soft voice says; mmmmmm that cock is making my pussy very wet. She slide the thong to one side and shows me how wet she really is. Making sure I get a good view, one hand spreads her lips open, the other is slowly running two fingers up and down her pussy. She slides those two fingers in, letting out a soft moan as she works her fingers in and out. Pushing her fingers deep, she slowly pulls them out and shows me how wet her fingers are. She slips those fingers in her mouth and moans as her lips wrap around her fingers and slide them out. She moans out; Mmmmmm, my pussy taste so good.
Sliding her thong back over, she stands and dances around before stopping before me. Holding the hem of her dress she twist her body side to side slipping the dress up and off .  
When the next song was a slow one and she stood before me slowly running her hands up and down her body. Her steps closer, before turns and sits on my lap. 
Ever so slowly she grinds her ass against my cock. She reaches around with one of her hands and takes a grip on my cock, moaning and says;
Mmmmmm, precum.
She uses my precum as lube, slowly stroking my cock in tempo with her hips. Releasing my cock she tells me to undo her bra. When my hands touched her back she twitches letting out a moan. I unhook her bra, she stands and spins around cupping her bra. 
She drops her hands letting the bra drop. Cupping her tits she caress them and slowly pushes one up to her mouth and suck her nipple into her mouth.  
Standing close, she places her hands on the back of the chair and leans over, placing her titties inches from my mouth.  Cupping one, she tells me to open my mouth, feeding me her nipples and tells me to suck it, and suck it hard. As I do, she pulls the other. 
In that sex voice she tells me; 
Suck it hard, hold my nipple as long as you can in your mouth. She leans back, pulling her nipple, till it pops out of my mouth. She cups her other tit and put her other nipple in my mouth.
I suck and flick my tongue all around till I feel her lean back again but this time I bite her nipple as I suck it making her lean back farther. She let's out a deep moan, telling me how good it feel and not to let go. But her nipple pops out and when it does she lets out a loud moan telling me how good that feels. We keep doing this till her nipples are hard, stretched and bright red from my biting. 
She stands and turn sitting back making sure my cock slips in the cleft of her ass. She leans forward, holding the table she pulls it closer. Spinning around she sit on the coffee table. 
Reaching out she makes a ring with her thumb and index finger grips rhe base of my cock. Sliding up, she collects all my precum and tightening the ring around the head collecting all my precum. 
Cupping one of her tits, she coats her nipples with my cum. She stands and leans over me again and tells me to lick her nipples clean of my cum, which I do gladly.
She stands, walks over to the back of the table, reaches under and pulls out  a black bag. She walks back around, sits on the edge of the table, place her feet on my chair and push herself back on the table. She reaches behind her, grabs the black bag and pulls out a tiny clit vibrator.
Lifting her hips, she slips her thong down and off. Spreading her knees wide, she slips a hands down, one is spreading her lips open and the other pinches and rubs her clit. 
Placing the vibrator on her clit she starts rubbing it quickly moaning loud and breathing heavy.
She pumps two fingers in her pussy as the vibrator grinds down on her clit. 
Suddenly she stops, leans up, placing her hands in my thighs and in a soft sexy voice says; 
For an extra fee I have a special show for you. Are you willing to pay it?
I moan out yes if she let's me lick my pre-cum from her tits again. 
I can do you one better, she says. 
Then she drops down taking my cock in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down quickly. Then she pops up and grabbing the back of my neck and kisses me sharing my precum. 
Leaning back on the table, she grabs the bag and pulls out this big dildo. 
It's clear, with a sucsion cup at the base, vainy, 8" long and very thick.
First she ran the head of the dildo up and down her pussy, grinding the vibrator on her clit, giving herself several little orgasms.
Sitting up on the table, she placed the dildo in the center and making it stick. Sliding up to it, squatting over it, holds it by the base, she slowly lower herself, take the dildo more and more till she is sitting on the table. Slowly her body rises and lowers fucking the dildo as her hands cup and massgae her titties. Every so often she pushes a nipple up to her mouth sucking and biting her nipple. She starts to bounce faster, fucking herself. I can see the dildo coated with her cum.
She sits down hard taking most of the dildo and rubs her clit hard and fast taking herself thru an orgasm. 
Slowly she starts bouncing, working that dildo in and out. It covered in her cum and even a large pool of cum surrounds the dildo.
She sits back, spreads her legs wide, pull the dildo up from the table and quickly insert it deep in her pussy. 
She moan for me to stand close to the table and jerk my cock off. 
My cock is throbbing hard and already to cum. I stand, jerking my cock as I watch my lady working that dildo in and out of her pussy, pleasing herself and taking herself close to cumming again. 
I moan I can't hold it much longer. My lady slides to the end of the table telling me to cum all over her body. A few more strokes and I grab the base of my cock and erupt. I shoot cum from her stomach to her neck. 
She starts breathing short deep breaths and moaning out. 
I stroke my cock a couple times and again hold the base of my cock shooting a second and third load of cum on her chest and neck. 
Her body starts twitching and she moans out; here I cum!!!!
She erupts in a hale of, omg, I'm cumming, oh shit and mmmmmmm's. 
Quickly she pulls that dildo out of her pussy. She slides off the table and gets on the ground on her hands and knee. Looking over her should she tells me; I can't take it any longer, I needs to feel your cock in my pussy. 
I get right behind her, holding my cock at the base and stuffing the head in her pussy. 
As soon as I enter she is pushing back forcing my cock deep. 
Again looking over her shoulder and in a dirty voice she says; now fuck me like a whore. 
I took over from there. 
I grabbed her shoulder pulling them back as I bury my cock in her pussy. She moans out; YES
I slide back, then slam back forward. I quickly pick up a steady pace of fucking her hard and deep. 
She is moaning; oh yes, that's it, fuck this whore deep, make me yours. 
I grab a hand full of her hair, pulling her head back as one of my hands slams down on her ass, leaving an echoing sound of a slap ringing thru the air. 
The room is filled with her and I moaning and talking dirty. 
She suddenly tightens up she takes a deep breath and holds it. 
I grab her hips and starts pumping my cock deep. 
She is moaning when she let's out a deep groan and I feel a gush of her cum rush out of her pussy as she releases a huge orgasm. Her body collapses on the bed, bucking. My cock slips out but I lay right on top of her and my cock slides between her legs and into her pussy. 
She pushes her ass up giving better access as I pump my cock as fast as I can. I'm so close to cumming. 
When my lady starts moaning; cum for me baby, cum in me deep, fill this whore up with your cum. 
That took me over the edge and buried my cock deep. My lady starts clenching her ass and releasing as if milking my cock telling me; now give this whore your cum, cum baby, cum. 
I explode in her and she slowly milks my cock to a stop. 

I love role playing. It got even better when she found out I was bi. 

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