Naughty text messages

I love when my lady is naughty. 
At lunch I checked my phone for messages, to find one this one from my lady;
I can't stop thinking about you and I crave you. Meet me at %#*€ hotel, room 1245 at 6pm. Make sure to wear your cock ring. 
Attached was a picture of her licking her nipple. 
My cock got instantly hard. It was difficult to focus on work while my cock stayed stiff. 
After work I rushed home took a quick shower, "trimmed up down there" and yes slipped my cockring on.
Driving to the hotel my cock kept pulsing and staying stiff. I could feel coating the head. 
I pull into the parking lot, spot my lady's vehicle and park. 
Knocking on the door, my lady answers, wearing a thong and a tight camisole. 
She grabs my hand and pulls me in. As soon as the the door closes, my lady has me pinned up against the door, one hand sliding up and down my legs. The other has a firm grip on the back of my neck kissing me passionately, open mouth french kissing and biting my lower lip. 
Her mouth slips down to my neck, lightly biting and kissing. She slips up to my ear, in her sex voice says, I'm so horny, all day, all I could think of was you and your thick cock. 
She bites down hard on my neck, then lightly suck my neck and kisses her way back to my ear. 
Saying, I want to make wild passionate dirty love. 
I grab a hand full of her hair, jerking her head back and start making out with her. 
She pulling at my pants, opening my pants, reaching into my underwear stroking my cock.
I slip her thong to one side and slip a finger inside. Damn her pussy is dripping wet. I rub her clit, she has me pinned to the door, stroking my cock as we are making out. 
She place both hands on my chest and push away, telling me. Let's get more comfortable on the bed. 
She slips off her thong and slides her camisole off. She lays on the bed, on her side, one leg d****d over the other and twist her torso back. Cupping her tittie, asking me to get naked and join her.  
I'm getting undressed quickly.
I lay next to her and we start kissing again fondling each other. I have one hand on her big tittie, caress and teasing her nipple. 
While making out, she has a firm grip on my cock, stroking my cock. 
I have one hand between her legs, rubbing her clit and slipping a finger in her dripping wet pussy. 
Kissing my neck, she moans softly in my ear, baby please go down on me, I have been craving your talented tongue. 
With that, I slowly kiss my way down her neck, chest, only pausing for a moment to suck and tease her nipples. I slide my body between her legs and I could see how wet she was. I lean down with one hand I spread her lips open as I place my mouth over the top of her pussy. She moans out softly as my tongue dances around till I feel the tip of my tongue brush across her clit. My tongue repeatedly dances across her clit, causing my lady to start breathing heavy and moan softly telling me how good that feels. I draw her clit into my mouth, sucking her clit as if I was sucking a nipple. Her clit grows in my mouth, I pull back to see her clit exposed, popping out from it hood. Again I take her pussy into my mouth, licking up and down her pussy, slipping my tongue in and out before sliding back up to her clit. I look up to see my lady cupping, caressing and teasing her nipples. I starts dancing my tongue across her clit and lips. I lay my tongue flat on her clit shaking my head. She starts moaning louder, one hand playing with my hair as she starts telling me to stop teasing me, I need to cum. 
Quickly I start dancing my tongue all over her clit, sucking it into my mouth, nibbling on her clit and lips. Her hips start drawing up, grinding her pussy into my face. 
I grab her hips pulling her hips down, she places both her hands on my head as she slowly rotates her hips in small circle. She is panting, moaning and talking dirty. 
Oh god I love your tongue, flick my clit, oh god you have me so close. 
I start flicking my tongue faster on her clit, my lady breathing heavy and she moans out, oh god here I cum. 
She tries to lift her hips up but I have my arms hooked under legs holding her hips down, grinding my tongue down in her clit. 
Here I cum, here I cum, her hands are gripping the sheet as she starts cumming. 
I can feel her juices dripping down my chin. I keep flicking her clit but Im holding it between my teeth as the tips of my tongue dances all over it. 
As her body bucks, she us moaning telling me how hard she came.
Her body starts to relax and lightly twitching as I run my tongue up and down between her lips. 
I dance my tongue across her ass, as I slip a finger in her pussy. She place her feet on the bed lifting her hips off the bed. I sit up and slip a second finger in and slowly start fucking her pussy. Pumping my fingers, her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Juices are dripping down, landing on the bed. I slip a third finger and my lady moans out, yes! I pump my fingers and lean down and flick my tongue across her clit. 
I sitting up, still fingering her pussy, as I watch her caress her titties.
She reaches down, grabs my cock with one hand, the other pulling my fingers out of her pussy, as she places my cock across her pussy, rubbing the head across her clit. 
I moan out how good that feels, I can feel her hard swollen clit rubbing across the head of my cock. 
Quickly she starts masturbating, using the head of my cock on her clit. She is moaning loud telling me how good the head feels on her clit. 
The feeling it so intense, I grab her leg tight and she moans,
Oh, you are close to cumming, I just shake my head yes. 
My lady starts talking dirty. Telling me how good I ate her pussy, how good my cock feels in her hand and how she wants to suck my cock. 
Suddenly she pushes me back, releasing my cock and telling me to lay back. Sitting up and back on her heels, she caress her big titties with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. 
She leans down taking the head of my cock in her mouth, dancing her tongue all around the head as she slowly twist her hand up and down my cock. 
Her mouth slowly starts slipping down my cock, little by little the head of my cock slides farther in her mouth. She slides up and off my cock, spitting all over my cock and quickly jerking my cock before taking my cock again quickly take more than half of my cock. Her head is bobbing up and down sucking my cock like a porn star. 
I can feel her titties on my legs and her hard nipples dragging across my thigh. 
I moan out here is cum, placing my hand on the back of my lady's head, holding her mouth down on my cock. 
She strokes my cock hard and fast, holding the head of my cock and about 
an inch of my cock in her mouth as her tongue dances across the head. I hold her head with both hand as I explode in her mouth. She is moaning all around my cock as I fill her mouth with cum. She pulls off my cock licking her lips and what cum slipped from her mouth, looking up at me, telling me how good it taste. She slowly strokes my cock looking at my cock, as she flicks her tongue across the head keeping my cock hard. 
She sits up and starts crawling over my body till she is straddling me and hold the base of my cock as she rubs the head across her wet lips. 
Sitting back, she lets out in a soft moan as she sits back on my cock. 
Placing both her hands on my chest she slowly starts rocking her hips. She sits up taking my cock deep as she caress her titties. 
She is moaning how good it feels with my cock deep in her. I grab her hips hold her down forcing as much of my cock in her. 
Pumping her hips forward then back she starts fucking my cock quicker. She  leans down as she starts fucking my cock faster and harder she moans out softly she gonna have a little orgasm, I start pumping my hips, she sit ups slightly giving me better access to slide my cock in and out. Quickly a hand slips down and starts rubbing her clit, taking her over the edge as she cums all over my cock. Her body is slightly bucking as she rides me thru the rest of her orgasm. 
As she comes down from her orgasm she tells me that she needed that and is now ready for me to fuck her more. 
I start rolling her on her side as I sit up and straddle one legs. I slip my cock in her, she moans out softly,
I have been craving that thick cock,
Your cock feels so good, 
Ooooh that cock is filling me up. 
I balance myself by leaning into her with both my hands on her hip as I slowly pump my cock forcing more in. Her pussy feels so tight as I start sliding my cock in and out of her. 
She is moaning,
Yes that's it, fuck that pussy,
Your cock feels so good. 
I start pumping harder telling her, 
That pussy feels so good,
That pussy feels so tight around my cock. 
I'm pumping harder, feeling my balls bouncing off her ass with each thrust. 
My lady is pulling at her nipples and caressing her titties. 
Harder, harder, harder, my lady starts moaning. I hold her hips tight as I slam my cock in and out of her. 
The room is filled with our moans, heavy breathing and the sound of bodies slapping together. 
I pump a few more thrust, before burying my cock deep with 
my final thrust. Holding still with my cock deep, my lady tells me in a slutty voice, 
Mmmmm, that was so nice feeling that thick cock, my pussy is so wet and is throbbing. 
I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock. 
I slide out and roll her onto her chest. She starts moaning and sliding her knees under, position herself in the doggie position. 
She looks over her shoulder and tells me,
I have been craving feeling your cock fucking me doggie. I want to feel that thick cock fucking me hard and deep. 
Reaching between her legs I can see her fingers spreading her lips open, them says,
Now come fuck this pussy, fuck me like a whore. 
I slide up, grip her hips TIGHT, position my cock at the opening of her pussy and tell her, 
I'm gonna fuck you like the dirty little slut you are.  
With that I push forward not stopping till my cock is balls deep. 
She let's out a loud moan, I slide my cock back and slam forward, fucking her with steady f***eful thrust. 
My lady starts grabbing at the sheet, steading herself as I start FUCKing her hard. 
I'm sliding my back till just the head of my cock is in her, them slamming forward. 
She is moaning,
Yes, fuck that pussy, fuck this dirty slut. Ooooo that cock feels so thick in my pussy. Oh god, fuck my pussy deep. 
Her starts taking deep breaths, holding it, then letting it out with a moan. 
I lean up on her, balancing myself on her hips, pulling out about halfway, then slamming forward with everything I have. 
Soon I can feel her hand between her legs rubbing her clit madly. 
Suddenly the room is fill with the echo of my hand slapping down on her ass. 
She moans out,
Oh god yes.
I grab a hand full of hair, pulling her head back as I pump my cock deep in her pussy. 
I'm breathing heavy, telling her over and over, how good her pussy feels. 
She is moaning and saying,
That it, fuck that pussy. You are so deep. Yes, yes, I'm about to cum. 
Again I slap her ass, telling her,
Cum bitch, cum all over my cock. 
Again I slap her ass. 
Grabbing her shoulders I pump my cock deep, slamming my hips into her ass. 
She groans deep, gripping at the sheet as I pump my hips. 
She moans out, here I cum, here I cum. Bucking back to me as she starts cumming. Her pussy is gripping down so tight around my cock. I just hold my cock deep, pumping my hips taking her thru her orgasm. 
She slowly starts leaning forward laying flat as I lay on top of her. I push forward entering her pussy again. 
My lady moans softly, telling me to push my cock in deep and hold still. 
Slowly she starts clinching her ass, causing her hips to rock forward sliding her pussy up my cock. Then release as her pussy slides back down my cock. Slowly she starts working my cock by clinching her ass over and over fucking my cock. 
I can feel her fingers rubbing her clit in tempo with her hips.  
She is moaning deep, telling me she is gonna cum again. Rotating her hips in small circles grinding her clit into fingers making herself cum again. 
Mmmmm she moan out as she holds still, lightly clinching and releasing her ass muscles, milking my cock. 
I'm leaning down on her, kissing her back and neck. Softly she ask me,
how do you want to fuck me next. 
I roll off and lay back next to her. She rolls onto her side, gripping my cock, slowly stroking my cock, kiss and lightly biting my neck and chest. 
She kisses her way down lower, telling me she is gonna suck my cock till I decide how I want to cum next. 
She gets between my legs on her knee and slowly starts kissing her way up my legs. 
She place her hands under my legs, hooking them behind my knees, lifting them up and to my chest. As she push forward my hips roll, I feel her mouth on my ass and her tongue dancing around my ass. 
I reach down, stroking my cock as she eats my ass out. Her tongue is dancing all around my ass, the feeling was so intense. She reaches up taking a hold of my cock, rubbing precum all around the head of my cock and slowly starts stroking my cock using my precum as lube. 
Slowly her mouth slides up, licking, nibbling her way up till she takes a ball in her mouth. She holds them gently in her mouth as her tongue dances around. Release one taking the other as she strokes my cock, coating my cock with precum. 
Releasing my balls, telling me she need to taste my precum coated cock. 
Stroking my cock, twisting up and down as she pops the head of my cock in and out if her mouth. Holding her mouth just over the head, she let a big drop of saliva drip down on my cock, quickly her hand collects it up by stroking up and down. Again she bobs her mouth, popping the head in and out of her mouth, firmly stroking my cock.
Again she holds her mouth over my cock, dripping saliva on my cock. Jerking my cock hard and fast she starts talking dirty telling me she wants me to cum. She wants me to cum in her mouth. Taking my cock in her mouth, she bobs her head up and down sucking my cock and stroking my cock like a porn star, moaning as she sucks my cock. 
Pulling off, she spits all over my cock. In a sexy voice asking me to cum for her. 
Again she takes my cock, bobbing her head taking over half my cock awhile stoking my cock. 
I can feel my cum building up and I moan out I'm close. 
She slips off my cock, telling me to cum, please cum in my mouth, I need to taste your cum. 
Taking my cock again she quickly bobs her head sucking my cock. Her hand is a blur stroking my cock. I hold her shoulder as I push my hips up, her mouth slides, working just the head of my cock, stroking my cock slow and steady. 
I moan out here I cum, she just hold the head in her mouth, stroking my cock as I start pumping cum in her mouth. She is moans around my cock, as her tongue teases the head. 
Her mouth slowly starts to slide up and down my cock, finishing off my orgasm. 
My lady slides up my body, taking a hold of my head and starts kissing me, opening her mouth sharing my cum with me ..............

That was just the beginning of our wild weekend. We had the room all weekend and plenty of fun. 
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