Our lovers first gloryhole

My lady and I have been swinging for awhile now, we are both bi so you could image the wild times. Soon enough we had a female lover or I should say she has a female lover and she shares her with me, lol. 
One weekend my lady and her lover Kat got together and wanted me to take pictures of them playing. After a hot photo session and a wild 3way, we sit at the computer and down load the pictures. Suddenly pictures pop up from our prior weekend (and the ones we took) My lady quickly tries to close them but Kat grabs my lady's hand stopping her. I'm standing there shocked, on the screen were pictures of my lady and I playing at a local adult store's gloryhole. 
Kat started looking thru them, asking questions about it. 
Before long my lady is showing Kat online pictures and videos of gloryholes. Kat started getting excited and before long, we are going at it again. 
Later that week my lady and I talked about gloryholes and how much Kat got turned on by it. She has joined us and a few bi men, having ourselves a few wild bi 4somes. Kat being open minded, we started making plans on taking her to a gloryhole.  
We have been to several different adult stores with gloryholes and knew there was one that had a couple bigger booths. It was an hour away but is a town great to visit for the weekend. 
So we start making arrangements, book a hotel and invite Kat to join us BUT we don't tell her about going to the adult store. 
Kat eagerly excepted our invitation to join us for the weekend. 
Two weeks later, the 3 of us are heading to the next town over and our fun filled weekend. 
We arrive mid-morning, have a late breakfast and shop the local outlet mall. Late in the afternoon we head towards the hotel and check in. The ladies give me a hot girl/girl show before letting me join in. After a little nap, my lady and I get the ball rolling for our naughty evening. While Kat was showering, my lady lays out several different dildos, vibrators and a strap-on. When Kat came out, we tell her after dinner and drinks this is waiting for us. 
After having dinner, we head to a hip pool hall, shoot a couple games and start having a few drinks. 
After a few drinks, the ladies get a little frisky, both openly caressing each other and taking turns kissing on me. I do have to say I felt like a stub with two women kissing up on me. 
Soon Kat is getting horny and starts talks about seeing if we could find a guy to maybe join us. 
I'm sitting on a barstool and Kat tucks herself between my legs and lightly starts kissing my neck. My lady gets behind her, pressing her up against me. I start kissing her neck as my lady caress her and whispers in her ear; we have something better planned for you.
Leaving the pool hall, I could feel everyone watching us and they knew we were having a wild night. 
Driving, Kat kept asking us where we were going. But all we would tell her, is somewhere fun and naughty. 
Pulling into the adult store, Kat ask are we stopping for supplies? 
I tell her, something like that. 
Once inside the ladies start going thru the toys as I sneak off and grab several dollars worth of tokens. 
When I rejoin them, that is when my lady and I let Kat know of our attentions. 
Really now? Is all Kat kept saying as we lead her to the video arcade area. Just as we are about to enter the arcade area my lady stops and ask Kat, are you ready for this?
HELL YES, I can stop masturbating and fantasizing about it. 
We cruise thru till we find a larger booth and get in. Locking the door, the booth is dark, I load a few tokens and the screen lights up as a porn starts playing. With light we can see a gloryhole off to one side, next to the bench in the booth. Soon enough we notice the hole light up on the other side and can hear a porn playing. Kat is just sitting staring at the hole when my lady runs her finger around the hole once. 
Kat starts to ask now what, but before she could finish. A cock slides thru the hole. My lady grips it and slowly jerks the guy off before leaning over and starts sucking the guy. I squat behind my lady massaging her big tits as I slowly unbutton her shirt and pull her titties out from her bra. 
I look over at Kat and she has her skirt up around her waist, panties pulled to one side rubbing her pussy furiously. I turn and bury my face in her pussy.  We can hear the guy on the other side moaning and saying he's gonna cum. I feel Kat's body stiffen as she starts cumming. I keep licking her pussy thru her orgasm but then look over to my lady, seeing the guy cock pulsing, rest between my lady's cum cover titties. 
As the guy slips his cock out if the hole, Kat starts massaging my lady's titties rubbing in the cum.  
Now both lady's  are sitting on the bench rubbing each other pussy as my lady sucks my cock. 
We hear the someone new enter the booth next door and this time Kat sits next to the hole and runs her finger around the hole. Quickly a cock slide thru the hole. Kat squats before the hole and starts jerking the guys cock. She look nervous about sucking the guys cock so I sit next to her and start kissing the guys cock soon we are both kissing up and down this hard cock. I sit back as I watch Kat opens her mouth and start sucking the guy. my lady take my cock, stroking it and rubbing her own pussy as I slowly pull Kats shirt off exposing her bare titties. She pulls off the guys cock every once in awhile and rubs the guys precum all over her nipples. 
Kat is getting real turned on sucking this strangers cock. She is massaging her small titties and rubbing her pussy. Her moans are muffled by the guy's cock now deep down her throat. 
Suddenly she pulls her head back as I stream of cum shoots out landing on her face and neck. Jerking the guys cock an other load comes squirting out again landing all over her chest as the rest just oozes out as she rubs the head all around her nipples. Quickly she stand, bends over, holding the wall and tells me she needs a cock in her pussy, NOW !
I stand and bury my cock in her pussy and quickly starts fucking her hard and deep. It doesn't take her long and she is cumming again. Before we even finish an other cock slips thru the hole. My lady is stroking it, when she tells me it was my turn. My cock still hanging out I squat and slowly start suck the guys cock. My lady is sitting on the bench close to me watching closely and talking dirty telling me how much she enjoys watching me please an other man. Kat squat before my lady and starts licking her pussy. I give her a hot show licking, kissing and sucking the guy's cock. I'm so turned on, I start working his cock deep down my throat. But suddenly the guy pulls his cock back and out of my mouth. Then I could see his mouth on the other side. I stand quickly and slip my cock thru the hole. Now both women are seated on the bench playing with each others titties and pussy's. I can't take much more this guy was deep throating my cock and fucking his mouth with my cock. I moan out I'm gonna cum and the guy just holds my cock deep as I fill his mouth with cum. I'm jerking and bucking as I cum deep down this guys throat. Before I could even slip my cock out of the hole we hear the guy leave the booth next door. 
Im leaning against the wall, jerking my still swollen cock as I watch the woman make out and fondle each other. I hear someone enter the room next door and start watching porn. Then a cock slips thru the hole. There hung the blackest cock I have ever seen. Both lady's  just stare at the cock as both of them squat before the hole. Both of them start kissing up and down this black cock. It gets hard and soon it throbbing. It wasn't a very thick cock but long. Then the lady's start taking turn suck the guy. 
Im just standing back jerking off as I watch them please this black cock. The guy is pumping his hips fuck both their mouths. My lady pulls me down with them. My lady tells the guy to push every inch of his cock thru the hole. This cock had to be atleast 10" long if not more. Then the lady's start running their lips up and down the guys cock. When my lady grabs my head and pushes me forward making me take the guy head in my mouth. I dance my tongue all over the guys cock as the lady's kiss and flick their tongue all over the guys shaft. 
We can hear the guy moaning, oh shit oh shit there are three of you. His cock seemed to get harder and thicker when he realized there was three of us pleasing his cock. I step back and sit as I watch the lady's now takes turns sucking the guy. When suddenly Kat pulls back and tells my lady to hold the guy cock. She quickly stands, lifts her skirt up, bends over and as my lady guide this black cock into Kat's pussy. Kat pushes back resting her ass on the wall as the guy starts fucking her thru the gloryhole. Kat is bouncing off the wall moaning softly. Between moans she start telling us, she this her first black cock. My lady quickly stand and sits back on my cock, grinds down as we watch Kat get fucked with her first black cock. Kat is bracing herself on my lady as they kiss. 
We can tell from Kats bouncing the guy is taking deeper shallow pumps. Kat erupts into an orgasm grunting and moaning as this guy fucks her thru her orgasm. 
We can hear the guy moaning, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum when Kat pulls off the guys cock. 
My lady quickly slips off my cock and down around the gloryhole, wrapping her big tits around the guys cock, bouncing her tits up and down she tittie fucks this guy's cock. 
Kat is now sucking my cock as I watch my lady tittie fucking this black cock. Suddenly a fountain of cum gushes from the guys cock covering my lady's cleavage. 
See his cum coating my lady deep cleavage I can't hold back and hold Kat's head as I fill her mouth with cum. 
The guys limp cock slips back out the hole as we hear him tell us that was the hottest gloryhole time he's had. Then we hear him leave the booth. My lady quickly pops up and tells Kat and I she is ready to go and go fuck each other back at the hotel room. 
The lady's straighten up, as do I, exit the booth and head to our car. 
Both lady's jump in the back seat as I start the car. Quickly the two are kissing and making out. In-between kisses Kat tells us that was one of the wildest thing she has done and loved every minute of it. 

Well needless to say but I will, we got back to the hotel room and fuck each other all night. 

We haven't taken Kat to the gloryhole again but plan to soon.  
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1 year ago
like the story, that would be fun
2 years ago
That was VERY hot!
2 years ago
that was an awesome story , loved it !
2 years ago
What an incredibly HOT story! One of my favs :)
3 years ago
Incredibly hot story! Hope it's true!
3 years ago
Oh man that was HOT!