Big titties

All day, all I could think of was my lady big tits. Early in the morning I was watching her get ready. First she was putting on her make up topless, then a sexy bra.
I couldn't stay focused at work thinking and craving her big titties. So at lunch, I sent her a text;
I couldn't stop staring at your beautifully big tits this morning, now I crave and want them.
Her reply;
I know, it was making my pussy wet.
I text back;
Let's get naughty tonight!!!
Her reply;
I can't wait!!!

I get home before she does, I quickly make dinner and get the basement ready for play time and take a shower.
When she gets home, she goes about her normal rutile , damn it, she forgot.
After dinner, my lady tells me she had a rough day and is gonna take a shower. Bummed I clean up and kick back.
After a while I hear my lady walking around in the kitchen, when she calls me into the kitchen. I find her hair wet and wrapped in her bathrobe. After some small talk, she tell me to come to her. When I'm standing infront of her, her voice turns to her sex voice and says, I bet you thought I forgot about our text at lunch. She leans back on the counter opening up her rode exposing her big titties and a freshly shaved pussy.
Cupping her titties she slowly starts massaging them and again starts talking dirty telling me her pussy has been wet all day, soaking her panties. Quickly her hand slides down and two fingers bury deep in her pussy. She quickly pumps in and out, pulling them out and tells me to taste her juices. I suck on her fingers as her other hand slides in my short gripping my cock.
DAMN, her pussy taste so good.
I cupped one of her tits and lean down sucking her nipple till it slips from my mouth rock hard. She pushes me away, pulling her robe off and leads me to the basement, naked except a thong framing her ass and hips.  
I just stare at her ass as she walks in front of me. Stopping at the doorway she bends over pushing her ass out at me, her hand raises and slaps down hard on her ass. Then tells me to take my shorts off. Out pops my raging hard cock. Again she slaps her ass, then slowly stand and spin facing me.
Cupping her big titties, she say, I know you are craving my big tits but I have been craving feeling your cock deep in my ass. But first I want to please your craving for my titties.
Leading me down to the basement, where it is dimly lit, with the exception of a light hanging down above a futon.
She crawls onto the futon and in the center of the futon getting on her hands and knees. She starts posing show off her hot ass and hips. Calling me to the bed and she has me lay on my stomach. Straddling my body she leans down and I can feel her heavy titties resting on my back. She starts kissing my neck and shoulder. Slowly she drags her heavy tits all over my back, then across my ass as she kisses and nibbles her way down my back. One her tits slides down the inside of my legs, making my cock pulse. She squeezes her knees between my legs spreading my legs as she kisses her way back up. Focusing on feeling her heavy titties dragging up my legs, I jump when I feel her tongue dive deep between my ass cheeks, then her hand spreading my ass open as she slowly teases my ass with her tongue. Soon she has me pumping my hips into the bed as she reams my ass out. I'm moaning, begging to feel her mouth on my cock.
Pulling back, she sits up and tells me to stand at the end of the futon. When I do she sit on the edge of the futon cupping and playing with her tits, making sure I watch her doing so. Pushing one nipple up to her mouth she sucks it, before letting go and grabbing the other and suck the nipple into her mouth.
I'm stroking my cock slow as I watch her tease me by sucking and playing with her titties. Every so often she leans down, licking the precum from my cock. The next time, I grab her head, push my hips forward as my lady opens her mouth taking my cock. I pump my hips for a few minutes before my lady grips my cock and takes over. Her lips wrap around my cock, sliding up and down as her hand twist following her mouth. I reach down and start squeezing and playing with her big titties. One of her hands is rubbing her pussy and she moans around my cock as she sucks my cock. She senses I'm getting close and starts kisses down my cock before taking one of my balls in her mouth, then the other. Pushing my cock up she gets lower and takes one of my balls in her mouth. Slowly her hand take my other ball and works it over to her mouth. She opens her mouth wider and pops my other ball in. Now she is sucking both my balls, dancing her tongue all over them. Slowly she pulls back stretching my sack, suddenly one ball pops out then the other.
She takes my cock in her mouth again, bobbing her head quickly taking my cock deep.
Sliding off my cock, she sits up and wraps her big beautiful titties around my cock. Pushing her tits up and down she slowly starts tittie fucking my cock. Her big tits feel so soft on my cock. Every so often she lowers her head slipping my cock in and out of her mouth when the head pop out from between her tits. She sits closer, I reach down, cupping her titties as I start pumping my hips, fucking her big tits harder and faster.
Not ready to cum, I let go of her titties, my lady cups one of her tits and rubbing my precum all over her nipple, then takes that nipple sucking my cum from it.  
She sits back telling me her sex voice how much she loves feeling my cock sliding between her titties, so much her pussy is dripping wet.
Grabbing my arm she drags me down onto the bed and laying me on my back. She straddles my body and leans down resting her hand on either side of my body. Her tits hanging look so huge, they are making my cock throb.
Talking sexy she ask me if I love her big titties. I tell her yes.
Then she ask, was I turned on all day? I tell her, yes and that I even wore my cockring all day, making my cock stiff all day. I even had to go to the bathroom and jerk off.
She say; Mmmm you have been a dirty man.
She places my cock between her hanging titties and I push them together, pumping my hips, fucking her huge tits.
She is moaning out, god your cock feels so good between my titties, you are making my pussy so wet. That's when she sit up and I can see her cum dripping of her lips.
She slides down her hand and starts rubbing her clit and finger her pussy while her other hand is squeeze and pulling her nipples. I can't keep my eyes off her big hanging titties and my lady knows it giving me a hot masturbation show. Ever so often she would dip her fingers deep in her pussy, then pulling them out and putting her fingers in my mouth.
Her pussy taste so good. I reach up and start play and kneading her big heavy titties. She has one hand spreading her lips open and the other is a blur working her clit. She is moaning loud now and breathing heavy. Over and over she keeps saying, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, when suddenly she starts bucking on top of me as I knew she was cumming hard. I look down and her fingers are making slow circles teasing her clit as I see cum flowing out of her pussy.
She leans down and I slowly suck one nipple then the other. As she talks dirty to me, telling me she couldn't concentrate at work, all she could think about was my cock and how long it has been since she has felt my cock in her ass. But first I need that cock in my pussy.
She slides back and I can feel the head of my cock pressing on her very wet pussy lips.
She says are you ready, not really caring if I was or not, she sits up causing my cock to slip in her pussy. Sitting up all the way, she buries my cock deep in her, moaning out, yes, that's my cock filling up this wet pussy. Slowly she starts rocking her hips, telling me to look at her big tits. I look down at her pussy watching my cock skip in her, when she grabs my face, telling me to watch her big tits bounce on her chest. Still holding my face she ask me if I love her big tits, her pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock all I could do was nod my head yes. Suddenly I felt her hand slap my face, grabbing my chin and tells me; I want to hear you say it.
I moan out, oh baby I love your big beautiful titties. Please let me suck those nipples.
Cupping one of her tits she feeds me her tittie and nipple, telling how hard to suck them. Slowly she starts leaning back, telling me to suck harder and to hold her nipple as long as I could. Farther back she pulls, till her nipples slips from my mouth and I watch her big tits slap back to her chest.
Again she see leans down, now cupping the other tittie and feeds me her nipple. Again I suck hard on her nipple and again she pulls back. Once again her nipple slips out.
My GOD that makes my pussy twitch when you do that, suddenly she start grinding her pussy and fucking my cock. Rolling her hips up, grinding down HARD on my cock she feed a nipple again. I latch down on that nipple sucking hard. She leans back stretching that tittie and nipple, her breath quickens, moaning softy. Then her nipples pops out, she let's out a loud groan, quickly fucking my cock, then slows down.
Again she feeds me the other nipple and again I suck down so hard. I even hold her nipple between my teeth and flicking my tongue all over it. When it pops out of my mouth. She moans out loud, telling me she can't take it and starts rocking her hips fast.  I grab her hips, pushing up to meet her downward thrust.
Now we are both moaning and breathing heavy. I can't take much more, as I push up, moaning out here I cum. She just keeps fucking my cock harder and faster. I hold still exploding deep in her. She is moaning, I can feel your cock pulsing and I can feel your hot cum too. Then she grind down one last time, pumping her hips as she starts cumming herself. I just hold her hips pumping my cock fucking her thru her orgasm.
Relaxing, she let's out a heavy breath, telling me, god I love your cock. I love how hard you stay even after cumming.
I love cockrings, especially the one that go around my balls and the base of my cock. When I cum, I cum hard! But my cock will stay about 90% hard and get fully hard quick.
I reach up, lightly teasing my lady's nipples as I cup her big titties, I love feeling the weight of them in my hands.
She is rolling her hips up, slowly fucking my cock.
She moans out, yes, I can feel your cock getting harder. A few more rolls of her hips and she rolls down, taking my cock deep and starts moaning, I can feel the head of your cock pulsing. I feel her legs starting to shaking as she rolls her hips up so slowly. Then she stops, try's to hold still but her legs as shaking. Softy half moaning and half talking starts talking but as if to herself. Legs shaking she say; oh, there it is, that's it, oh it's hitting it right. Digging her nails into my chest, her tits shaking cause of her legs. Looking down at me saying. The head of your cock is right on my g-spot, don't move. Again talking to herself she say, yeah that it, omg it's hitting it right. Her whole body starts shaking, she is take short deep breaths moaning softly, oh, I'm cumming, that's is so intense. She rides my cock a minute or so making herself cum.
Her body relaxes as she tells me that was an intense orgasm. I knew that already, she came so hard she must have squirted because I could feel a huge wet spot under me.
She leans over me, grabbing some lube and a condom. Sliding down my body, her mouth engulfs my cock. she bobs her head quickly but pops up, slipping a condom on. I quickly slip out from under her. She gets up on her knees, laying her chest on the bed, pushing her ass up and her hips wide. I grab the base of my cock and place the head of my cock at the opening of her ass. Pouring lube on her ass and my cock. Pushing forward, watching the head of my cock slip into her ass. Gripping her hips, I pull them into me, as my cock slides in her ass. Quickly she reaches back placing a hand on my hip, guiding me when to slow down or slide back. I slide my cock back, till her ass grips the head of my cock and I push back in till her hand stops me. Over and over I push my cock in her tight ass. Soon her hand slips away and both hands reach out infront of her gripping the futon cover bracing herself. Where she starts off softly moaning harder, harder. Holding her hips, I start pumping my hips. The harder I start fucking her the louder she gets telling me to fuck her harder. Soon my hips are slapping into her ass.  
She is moaning deep, yes, fuck my ass hard and deep.
I slow to steady pumps, her hand slips between her legs rubbing her clit. I steady myself on her hips as I stand up on my feet. I grab her shoulder, pulling her up.
Balancing myself on my lady's back, I start pumping my hips quick and hard. I soon pick up a pace where I'm pounding her ass as fast and hard as I could give it.
My lady is moaning out of control. She breaths in deep and let it out slow and steady.
I can feel her hand rubbing her clit and knew she was building up to an orgasm. Suddenly her back arches as she let's out a moan, I hold on and pump my cock, fucking her thru her orgasm.
Slipping out from under me, she rolls over, telling me to pull that condom off, jerk my cock off and cum all over these big titties. She cups them on either side, pushing them together. I kneel over her beating my cock. My hand is a blur as she talks dirty, telling me to cum all over these titties, cum on your big tittie whore, get it babe, get it babe, cum all over me.
Gripping the base of my cock, I aim my cock squirting cum all over her tits, neck and face.
I just stand there after cumming watching my lady moan softly as she pools up my cum and licks her fingers clean, telling me how good my cum taste.

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2 years ago
Wow. By far one of the best I've read!
2 years ago
Great story had to cum in my panties twice going to change now

3 years ago
Damn, now to have a great wank
3 years ago
what a story. so horny
3 years ago