Feeling kinky and naughty, I had a craving to watch my lady use different toys on herself. So when I get home I got everything ready. Setting out a couple dildos, one about the size of my cock, next one bigger, then a very thick, veiny, 8" which had a large head on it. 
When my lady arrives home after work, I tell her about my craving. Her reply,  mmmmm that sound perfect. Buy first she needed to take care of some things but afterwards she was game. I take a shower and chill out till she was done. 
Later that night I hear the shower going so I knew my lady was getting ready. Going to our play room, I set up everything, when my lady walks in wrapped in a towel and starts kissing me slowly rubbing my cock thru my shorts. Then she pulls away and opening the towel, letting it drop to the floor, slowly turn and showing me her hot body. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she tells me that she has been feeling naughty at work today and has been craving to feel my cock in her mouth. That's when she tells me to take my shorts off so she could see my cock. 
Sliding my shorts down and off, I stand close to my lady as her hand is lightly caressing up and down my cock. Then she leans in and takes my cock in her mouth sucking up and down my cock. My hands are down caressing and fondling her big titties. Everytime I pinch her nipples, she moans with my cock in her mouth. Quickly she is bobbing her head back and forth working my cock. I try pushing her shoulders back to slow her down but she kept pushing my hands away. I moan out telling her I'm to damn horny and gonna cum quickly. Pulling off my cock, she stares at my cock  stroking my cock, teasing the head, kneading my balls and tells me that all she could think about today was taking my cock in her mouth and tasting my cum as I fill her mouth. 
Taking my cock again in her mouth, she works my cock. I'm doing what I can to hold off, but seeing her naked, fondling her big titties and her talented mouth I was to close to cumming. Again pulling off my cock she takes my balls in her mouth, sucking them while her hand teasing the head of my cock. Taking my cock again in her mouth, she quickly starts deep throating my cock. With in a few more minutes, I'm gripping her shoulder, bracing for my orgasm, when she hold the head of my cock in her mouth and I feel her tongue dancing all over the head. I can't hold it any longer, exploding in her mouth. She is moaning as she is finishing off my orgasm, drinking down my cum. 
Sitting back, my lady continues moaning softly, now rubbing her pussy, telling me that my cum tasted good and that she has needed feeling my cock in her mouth and filling it with cum. 
"Now what are you craving" my lady ask me. That's when I tell her I have been wanting to watch her masturbate while using different toys. First starting off with small toys and building up to the thickest one we own. 
Helping her up, I guide her over to a love seat, where she sits and I finish undressing and sit across from her. My lady sits back, props her feet up on the love seat, spreading her legs as a hand spreads her lips open as the other hand teases her clit. She tells me, see my clit popping out, that's from just sucking your cock. Quickly she inserts two fingers in pumping them quickly but pulls them out and up to her lips. Licking her fingers she tells me, that her pussy taste good. 
Next to the love seat I placed a table with different dildos. She reaches out, grabbing a medium thick sized dildo. Holding the head against her lips and rubs the head up and down her lips getting the dildo wet. Rubbing her clit she looks at me and ask if I'm ready. I nod my head yes as I watch her push the dildo in, taking the head and several inches. She moans out, YES, holding the dildo in her, she rubs her clit fast. 
Slowly pumping the didlos in and slowly, I could see her juices glistening all over the dildo. Now she is spreading her lips open with two fingers, exposing her clit while one finger just rubs the top of her clit. 
She moans out for me to stroke my cock for her. I stand before her and as I slowly stroke my cock. Her eyes are fixated on my hand and cock as I stroke. Pumping the dildo faster, her other hand slides up, cupping one of her big titties, pulling and pinching her nipple. Cupping the other tittie she pushes it up to her mouth and sucks her nipple in, sucking it and flicks her tongue all over her nipple. 
I'm stroking my cock hard and fast now, when I hear my lady she wants to suck my cock again as she makes herself cum. As soon as my cock slid in her mouth she starts moaning and her hand holding the dildo starts pumping the dildo. When I reached out to tease her nipple she moans out deep as I look down seeing one hand pumping the dildo in and out as the other is a blur on her clit. My cock slips from her mouth as she moans and groan as she makes herself cum. 
Sitting back, I watch my lady slow her hand down as she comes down from her orgasm. Pulling the dildo out she takes it in her mouth licking her juices from the toy. 
Placing that one on the table, she tells me, she has a secret. Standing up she walks over to her dresser and pulls out something wrapped in a towel. Coming back to the love seat and starts telling me that she knows how much I love watching her use big toys and saw this online one day and bought it, not just for her pleasure and but my viewing pleasure too. 
That's when she unwraps a monster of a dildo. It was 12", 6" around, veiny, large thick head, a larger set of balls and at the base there was a suction cup. 
I'm stroking my cock slow and steady as I watch my lady handling this monster dildo. She places it on the table, suction cup down. standing straight up, my lady is pouring lube and stroking it. Leaning towards the dildo her big beautiful tits are just hanging perfectly as if she was ready to tittie fuck a cock. That's when in a dirty sexy voice, she tells me when it first came in she couldn't believe how big it was but that day, she had to try it. She said the first time she couldn't even fit it in. But she kept trying, wanting to take it so when she showed me, she was ready to take it. 
Stroking my cock faster, I ask her if she has taken it yet. 
That's when she pulls it off the table, leaning back on the love seat, saying,  "let me show you". With that she spreads her legs and places the head of this huge dildo against her pussy. Slowly she rub the head up and down her lips with one hand and the other lubing up the shaft. Gripping the dildo with both hands she starts working the head in. I can see her lips spreading and wrapping around the head. But she couldn't get it in. Again she pushes the head against her lips. Gripping the dildo farther down she pushes harder. I could see the dildo flexing up as she f***es the dildo in. With a loud moan, the head of the dildo pops in. Pushing in an other inch or so in she starts rubbing her clit while her other hand starts pumping the dildo trying to work in more. 
My cock was rock hard, seeing my lady taking this monster. She is moaning and breathing heavy, her fingers on her clit are moving at a steady pace and I can tell she is rubbing her clit hard and aggressively. 
She begins telling me her pussy feel so damn full and that it feels like it's ripping her apart. But she keep working that dildo in farther. Now she has atleast 4 or 5 inches in, holding it in, she starts rubbing her clit and giving herself a quick orgasm.
Gripping the dildo with both hands, she starts f***e in an other inch, but moans out, "I cant take anymore". Slowly she starts sliding the dildo back out. I can can see her lips stretching outward, as she pull that dildo out and stops. The dildo is glistening with her juices. She moans out, telling me, the her pussy is so tight, the crown on the head of dildo won't slide back out.
Slowly she pushes it back in, bottoming out the dildo in her pussy, as she moans out, she is so full. 
Slowly she starts sliding the dildo back out where she starts a steady rhythm working that massive dildo in and out. She is moaning with a deeply and breathing heavy. Every so often she bottoms out the dildo, pumping the dildo trying to f***e more in. Then she slowly slides it back out and starting up a steady rhythm again. 
Im stroking my cock fast and furiously, watching my lady pumping this massive dildo in and out if her. 
Now she has her fingers interlaced, griped around the base of the dildo, pumping the rest in her. With a hard downward thrust, she bottoms out her pussy taking well over 2/3 of the dildo. Pulling the dildo out an inch and slamming it back in. She moans out, telling me to come sit next to her and rub her clit. 
With her feet on the edge of the love seat, both her hand gripping the dildo, causes her upper arms to squeeze her big tits together. She looked so hot, it makes me wanting to cum, I straddling her body, standing over her, jerking my cock, aiming my cock and cumming all over her tits.  
Quickly I drop down on the love seat, position myself where I can rub her clit as I lean down and licking up my cum while sucking on her nipples. 
The moment my lips wrapped around her nipple she moans out louder. My fingers are a blur on her clit as she is now pumping that monster dildo in and out. Her cum is dripping from her pussy. Suddenly she is moaning, telling me how to tease her clit. Quickly I have her breathing so heavy, she can't even talk. 
Curiously I slowly slide a hand past her pussy, lightly teasing her ass with my finger tip. Her juices started pooling around her ass as if tempting me to push my finger in. My lady let's out a deep moan, as my finger slides in her ass.
That when my lady starts moaning out, "that is taking me over the edge", "here I cum", "I want you to fuck my ass after I cum". 
With that my lady has the dildo bottomed out, sliding back a few inches and slamming it back in. My fingers are making large circles around her clit as I'm pumping half my finger in and out of her ass. 
Holding the dildo deep, she gives it one last push down, only to let go, one hand pull my hand off her clit while the other replace it and rubs her own clit. Slowly the dildo starts sliding out. The more it does the louder her moans out. Then all of a sudden she starts moaning out f***efully, telling me she can't push the head out. It was as if the crown around the head was stopping it from coming out. That when she started rocking her hips up. Squeezing her pussy, when all of a sudden the dildo pops out as she let's out a moan, as if releaved it was out but pleased her pussy was so full. With one thrust upward of her hips and her hand rubbing her clit, a little stream of cum squirts from her pussy as a gush of her cum rushes out, coating her lips and outer pussy. Bucking and shaking as she slowly starts coming down from her orgasm.
My cock is throbbing, as I lean down, lightly teasing her rock hard nipples. When I feel her hand gripping my cock and slowly starts stroking it. Talking to me in a sexy voice, tells me she wants to feel my cock deep in her ass now. 
Still holding my cock, she slowly starts rolling onto her knees and leans on the back of the love seat. 
I really didn't think she was serious about fucking her ass but her she was on her knees, damn near begging me to fuck her ass. 
I stand up and grip her hips. First pushing my cock in her pussy, my cock easily slip in deep but I can feel her pussy slowly gripping down on my cock. I give her pussy a few slow pumps when she tells me to stop teasing her. 
That's when I grip the base of my cock and hold the head right on the opening of her ass. I can feel her hand is slowly rubbing her clit, telling me to go easy, as I push my cock into her ass. Once I felt her ass slip around the crown of my cock, I held still letting her ass get use to my cock. But quickly, I felt her pushing back, forcing my cock deeper in her ass. When she couldn't take any more she holds still. That's when I pull back till I feel the ring of her ass gripping around the crown of my cock. And again she pushes back, forcing my cock deeper in her ass, again I pull back when she stops. This keeps going till I can't take it and take over. 
Gripping her hips tight, I slowly start working my hips back and forth but quickly I picking up the pace. 
My lady is breathing heavy and talking between breaths. Telling me how good my cock feels in her ass, moaning, telling me she loved giving me that hot show. 
Her ass feel so tight around my cock, I push my cock deep and hold it there as I pump my hips. I felt my lady grip my balls and lightly knead them, telling me she wants me to cum deep in her ass. Pulling my cock back, I pull my balls from my lady's grip, she goes back to rubbing her clit. I quickly pick up my pace but this time my thrust are more f***e full. My lady starts moaning, telling me she's close to cumming, moaning to start fucking her harder, and harder. 
I reach down, grab her shoulders, pulling them back as I thrust forward f***efully. Quicker and harder I start pumping my cock in her ass. But the harder i fuck her ass, the louder my lady starts moaning, telling me to fuck her harder. My balls are bouncing off her hand, rubbing her clit. 
I moan out loud when I could feel my balls swelling up ready to cum. 
I most have slowed down because my lady was now gripping the back of the love seat, matching my pace by pushing back, making my hips bounce off her ass. I could see my cock slamming all the way in her ass. Just the sight of that, takes me over the edge. Gripping her hips tight, I push my cock, balls deep in her ass. 
I could feel the head of my cock pulsing, when a flood of cum gushes from my cock filling her ass. I can feel my lady rubbing her clit hard, as her hips buck and she is moaning out, "oh yes I can feel your hot cum" "OMG I'm cumming" "cum in my ass"
Her hips slow down as we both just hold still coming down from both our orgasms. 


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