GLoRYhole plus

It started out a few days earlier when in bed I kept telling my lady how I have been craving some hot bi fun.
Now here I am with my lady driving to our local adult store. We knew there are a few booths with gloryholes. At first we just look around before getting a hand full of tokens. Heading into the video booth area we noticed there was no one around. We cruise thru, we can hear a few booths with porn playing. We look into a few booths till we find one with a gloryhole.
My lady loads a few tokens as I'm pulls my pants down. Sitting on the bench side by side she takes my cock and starts stroking it, while her other hand slides down and pulls up her skirt. She isn't wearing any underwear revealing a freshly shaven pussy. I quickly start rubbing her pussy. Her pussy is already dripping wet.
A few minutes into the video, we hear the door of the booth next to us open and close quickly. In no time we could hear a video going. Going thru the channels my lady finds the same video the guy is watching. We noticed the guy looking thru the gloryhole watching us. My lady stands across from the gloryhole, spreads her legs, with two fingers spreads her lips and rubs her clit giving the guy a little show. In a few minute his cock slide thru. It a little on the small side. But my lady quickly squats before the hole and takes his cock in her mouth. I'm just sitting there watching my lady squatting as she sucks this guy. Quickly we hear the guy moaning. When my lady pulls off this guys cock. A load of cum squirt from his cock. Quickly he pulls his cock back and we hear him exit the booth. We both laugh quietly because he came and exited the booth so quickly.
I stand, as my lady sits, taking my cock in her mouth. She is taking my cock deep, when I notice a finger reaming the gloryhole. I point it out to my lady, she pulls off my cock and motions me over to the hole. I push my cock thru and into a warm mouth. Quickly I feel his mouth bobbing up and down my cock. My lady is playing with my balls and I have my hand down the front of her shirt playing with her big titties. This guy is good  but Im here to play with cock so I pulled my cock back. Craving a cock to suck, I squat before the gloryhole and run my finger around the hole letting the guy know I want to suck his cock now.
Both of us were taken back when this thick, veiny, large mushroom headed cock pops thru. It had to be atleast 8" long. We were both just starring at it. I take it in my mouth and quickly start bobbing my head, working his cock good. I can hear my lady moaning. She is masturbating watching me try to take this cock.
I stop and lightly push the guys cock back thru the hole. Getting close to the hole, I tell the guy to come over to our booth.  My lady gives me that look, like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? !  Quickly we hear his booth open and a light knock on ours. I open the door and he steps in.
He was 5'10", looked half white and black. He was chubby and later we found out 40. My lady was being shy as I ask him if he would want to get out of here and get alittle more personal.
That when he tell us he is in town on business and has a hotel room close.
Everyone straighten up as we all exit the booth and we follow him out to the parking lot.
Getting into our vehicle, my lady asked what's up? Thats when I ask her, if she isn't ok with this we can just leave. She looks at me and hits me, saying. If I was crazy that was a hot looking cock. And that she hopes he is very bi because she wants a hot guy/guy show.
We follow the guy to a hotel, my lady quickly lifts her skirt up and rubs her clit fast and hard. Moaning she tell me she is gonna cum. She shaking in the seat for a moment before calming down and stopping. Pushing her skirt down she tells me she needed a quick orgasm.
Parking next to the guy, we follow him to his room. Once inside the introduction go around the room when he offers us a drinks and small chat starts. But the conversation quickly turns to sex and bi sex. He let's us know that he has only been with a few guys and never a couple. But we are fulling a fantasy.
Unable to wait, I ask the guy if i could see that big cock again and if he knew what size was it. He tells us it measures out 8" long by 5.5" around.
That's when he suggest we all get naked. Slowly everyone disrobes, my lady and I just stare at his semi hard big thick cock pulsing as it get harder. The guy keeps going back and forth between my lady big hanging tits and my already hard cock. Once I was standing naked he steps in close reaches out and caress my cock running his fingers around my cock ring. I quickly reach out and grip his big cock. He steps in close running one hand up and down my back and the other caressing my cock, as I hold and caress his cock and balls. Damn his cock was big. Slowly he starts kissing my neck as my other hand starts caressing his back.
I can hear my lady moaning and asking us to kiss and make out for her. The guy kisses up my neck till I feel his lips on my mine and I start kissing him back. Stroking each others cock, my lady is rubbing her clit. The more she moan out how hot it is watching us make out, the more the guy and I get into it. Before I know it our tongues are dancing together, our hand are caressing each other and playing with each others cock.
I can't take it just touching that big cock, pulsing in my hand that I had to have it in my mouth. Kneeling down, I take his cock in my hand and stroke it, before opening my mouth wide taking his large mushroom head in. Bobbing my head slowly I get the head in and a few inches. Slipping his cock out, I guide him back, getting him to sit on the edge of the bed. Again I take his cock and quickly work more than half in. He's moaning so I knew I was pleasing him. Working his cock down more and more, the head of his cock is hitting the back of my throat. He pulls my head up telling me he isn't ready to cum yet.
Pulling me up he guides me onto the bed and lays me back and takes my cock in his mouth. Quickly he has my cock down his throat, popping the head in and out of his throat. I'm wiggling around till we are in the 69 position. When he gets me close to cumming, I pull out of his mouth and take his cock in mouth. Back and forth we suck each others cocks. When I tell him I can't hold it much longer. He spins around, gets between my legs on his knees and takes my cock deep. Next thing I see and felt is his lips around the base of my cock. I hold his head and pump my hips and fuck his mouth. He is gagging and moaning as he takes my cock. I'm moaning and breathing heavy, when I pump up and hold still forcing all of my cock in his mouth as cum shot down his throat. Letting go, I relax as he slowly works my cock as I come down from my orgasm.
That when I hear my lady saying over and over, OMG that was hot! I damn near forgot she was there. I look over at her, she is sitting in a chair, one leg d****d over an arm, pumping two fingers in her pussy and a hand is a blur on her clit.
The guy lays back on the bed, telling me that was hot. His cock it throbbing. I lay him flat, getting between his legs, I get up on my knees and leaning down, work his fat head in my mouth. After several minutes I have half his cock in my mouth. Then I slide down forcing as much of his cock down my throat. He places a hand in the back of my head. When the head hits the back of my mouth he pushes down forcing that monster down my throat. His head is to big but I take a lot if his cock. The guy is moaning as I bob my head on his cock, gagging repeatedly. Pulling up to catch my breath but dropping back down gagging again. That when he tells me he is gonna cum. He say it over and over as if letting me know I should pull off. But I keep bobbing up and down his cock. That's when he moans out, OMG you are gonna swallow it, OMG yes take it, then he tighten up and he fills my mouth with cum fast and I drink it down just as fast as he fills it. WOW he came A LOT.
My lady is coming down from an orgasm. She keep telling me I took so much of his big cock. The guy said the same and I was the first to swallow his load.
He and I lay on the bed stroking each others cock when he motions for my lady to join us. She crawls onto the bed and we have the guy between us.
That's when my lady ask if we could make out again. She said watching us make out turned her on.
Slowly the guys and I start lightly kissing each other. My lady sits up and gets on her knees down by my legs, grips both our cock and slowly strokes our cock as the guy and I get into making out again. Before I know it the guy is moaning into my mouth. I look down to see that my lady is now sucking his cock. I begin to kiss his neck and work my way down. Before I know my lady and I are share this guys big cock. But then I sit off to one side and watch my lady work this big cock. She is trying to get as much in but like me she is having difficulty. The guy is laid out flat as my lady is on her knees right on the edge of the bed. I stand and get behind her and slide my cock in her pussy. So there we are, my lady sucking a big cock as I fuck her doggie.
All you could hear was my lady moans muffled by the guys cock. When my lady pulls off his cock and look back at me asking me if she could feel his big cock in her pussy. I tell her hell yes, she quickly lays back on the bed as the guy gets between her legs and pushing her legs to her chest. He grips the base of his cock and pushed the head in. My lady starts moaning right away. As I watch the guy push more of his cock in. Quickly he picks up the pace and starts fucking my lady with deep, steady strokes. Both are moaning loudly and she is breathing heavy too.
She keeps moaning how full her pussy is. Steady deep thrust is how the guy is fucking my lady. I can see is cock stretching my lady's pussy wide open. In no time my lady is moaning louder and louder. Telling us she is close to cumming. The guy sits up and pushes forward burying his cock balls deep. Then with short, deep thrust he fucks my lady deep. She is moaning and groaning, when all of a sudden. She wraps her legs around the guy digging her heels into the small of his back. As she moans, I cumming, omg I'm cumming hard. A few more powerful thrust he buried his cock and hold still as my lady convulse under him, having a huge orgasm.
He rolls off of her and I quickly lean down and take his cock in my mouth. Tasting my lady juices all over his big cock. He pushes me on my side and he get where we start 69ing, sucking each others cocks. He rolls on top of me as we keep sucking each other. Then my lady get down and buries her face in his ass, reaming his ass with her tongue. He pulls off my cock, moaning, groaning and talking dirty telling us how hot it is getting his cock sucked and his ass rimmed. This goes on for a while before my lady sits up and has the guy stand at the edge of the bed. She guides me to the edge of the bed, hanging my head off the edge.
Quickly the guy stands before me and guides his cock in my mouth. With my head hanging off the edge my throat is wide open. That when my lady get down next to my head and starts talking dirty, telling me she wants to see me deep throat his cock and knows I can take it. The guy is slowly pumping his hips, work his cock deep but still I couldn't take it. I push his hips back and quickly sit up and pull him on to the bed. Laying him back, I get up on my knees between his legs and take his cock again. Now I'm stroking his cock with one hand as I take his cock in and out of my mouth.
Sliding my mouth down his cock, I push down till the head it at the back of my mouth and start pushing down. The head of his cock is huge and I could feel it pulsing. I start bobbing my head forcing his cock down. Everytime his cock hits the back of my throat I gag but I keep going. the only time I pull off his cock is to catch my breath. And every time I do I see my lady masturbating, rubbing her clit and pumping two fingers in her pussy.
Again I take his cock. Quickly bobbing my head till his head hits the back of my throat. Where I hold it there and f***e his cock farther down my throat. I can feel his head working farther down my throat. Again I pull off his cock catch my breath. But quickly I drop back down and take his cock. I can hear my lady moaning and telling me, how hot it seeing me take his big thick cock. Again to take his cock, bobbing my head, stroking his cock at the same time. Slowly I start forcing more and more in, stopping only to f***e more in and again gagging. But now instead of pulling off his cock I push down harder. Forcing his cock down my throat, when I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing down forcing me to take his cock. All of a sudden, he holds my head pushing his hips up forcing his cock in, that's when my throat opens up and I feel my lips around the base of his cock. He just holds my head pumping his hips, popping the head in and out of my throat. Quickly I pop up, take a breath and drop me head and mouth on his cock. He held my head again and f***ed his cock down my throat. He holds my head and starts pumping his hips fucking my mouth. I can hear my lady saying, "yeah baby deep throat that cock".
When he let's go of my head I quickly bob my head popping that big head in and out of my throat. I can also hear the guy moaning, saying how good it feels fucking my throat. When all of a sudden he pulls up on my shoulders popping his cock out of my mouth.
My lady pushes me off to one side as she crawls up his body squatting over his cock. Then I see her sit back as the big head pushes spreading her lips wide. She moans out loud when the head pops in. She is pumping back taking his cock when he tells me to come around so he could suck my cock. He is sucking my cock as I fondle my lady's big titties.  Her breath is becoming heavy and her moans louder.
That when I pull out of the guys mouth and get behind my lady. At first she tells me she can't take both in her. The guy pulls out and tells me to slide my cock in her pussy to get it lubed up. Pumping my lady a few times getting my cock wet. I pull out and place the head of my cock right on the opening of her ass. With a slow push forward, surprisingly my cock slides in with ease. I pull out as my lady sits back and take the guys big cock. Holding her hips still I slide my cock back in. Then the guy and I push together, both pushing our cocks in. My lady is moaning and groaning and telling us, it's to much, it's to much but she take it. We start slowly pumping our hips after several thrust, my lady tells us to hold still. When we do, my lady starts rocking her hips now fucking both our cock. I can feel feels the guy cock head thru my lady pussy. My lady keep rocking back and forth breather heavy and moan loud. I grip her hips tight and start pumping my hips. Quickly the guy starts matching my thrust. Holding my lady's hips still as the guy and I pump our hips working our cocks in and out of her. Her body starts shaking and I know she is having an orgasm. The guy and I slow down our pumping when my lady moans out, "don't stop, don't stop, I'm gonna cum hard. Myself I'm close, I start working my cock faster and faster till I feel cum building up. My lady must of sensed it because she starts telling me, get it babe, get it, cum in my ass. Pushing my cock deep and holding still, I can feel the guys big cock sliding in and out of my ladies pussy taking me over the edge. I moan out, here I cum as cum pumps from my cock. I can hear the guy say he could feel my cock pulsing. I slide my cock out and fall back on the bed.
My lady sit up and slides her legs up and place her feet on either side of the guys chest. Then she leans over, gripping the headboard. Holding the headboard she sits up on her feet and starts bouncing her ass off the guys hip. Quickly she starts moaning louder and louder and as if begging the guy to cum. The guy moans out he's gonna cum, when my lady tells the guy let her know when as she keeps bouncing when all of a sudden the guy moan out now. My lady slides up releasing his cock as cum shoots out from the guys cock spraying and coating her pussy. Then my lady drops back down on his cock, taking it all and grinds down finishing off the guy as she builds up to her orgasm.
Suddenly my lady groans out and starts shaking as she starts cumming herself. A few more pumps of her hips she grinds out her orgasm. Sliding her feet back she lays off to one side of the guy.
The guys big cock was covered with his cum and my lady's cum and still throbbing.
Why I don't know but I lean down and take the guys cock in my mouth, tasting both their cum. Then I feel the guys hand on my head guiding my head up and down his cock. Quickly I take his cock down and pop the head in and out of my throat when I hear the guy moan out, OMG here I cum again. Holding his monster head in my mouth I feel my mouth  filling up with cum.
As i pull back I lean back and my lady kisses me tasting his cum.
After laying about for a bit my lady and I get dressed and exchange numbers with the guy and head home.

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1 year ago
that was hot
1 year ago
hot story
2 years ago
Great story, I love bi threesomes
2 years ago
2 years ago
that was smoking hott..mmmmm
2 years ago
this a great story made me cum ribbons
3 years ago
Thank you just so very erotic thanks
3 years ago
That was simply an amazing story. Keep sharing the "love" it has many cocks rock hard and many pussies dripping wet, out here reading it.
3 years ago
So fucking hot love to have a wife that like glory holes!