Fun weekend

So there I am, laying in bed after some hot, naughty sex. I can hear music and here comes my lady walking in, naked and carrying drinks. She climbs in bed and we lay together talking and drinking. Before long we are kissing and fondling each other. She pushes me on my back, lays on her side while she is kissing my neck, a hand sliding down my chest, then down my leg. When she bites my shoulder her nails drag up between my legs and resting on my balls. Now kissing my chest she works over to my nipples, when her mouth takes my nipple, her hand slides up and takes a firm grip around my cock. Working over to my other nipple she strokes my cock slowly. Her fingers and hand are softly running up and down my cock while she rest her on my chest looking at my cock as her hand teases me. She talks dirty all the while stroking my cock. 
I roll her onto her back and lay next to her. She still has a firm grip on my cock as I lean in kissing her and playing with her big titties. Kissing her neck, I pinch her nipples and squeeze her big titties. As my lips start working down her neck, I straddle her body and start kissing her chest. She cups her breast, pushing them together and tells me to suck her nipples. I first take one nipple then the other as she kneads her own titties. She grips her big titties, pushes them together, making her nipples be next to each other and I suck them both into my mouth, sucking them together. When she moans out, releasing her grip on her titties, pull her nipples from my mouth. I kiss her chest, kissing & nibbling my way down her chest and stomach till I was just above her pussy. 
Getting between her legs, I running my hands up and down her legs making sure I get as close as I can to her pussy without touch. She is cupping her titties now massaging them and I first kissing the insides of her legs, working my way down. Just as I reached her pussy, she is breathing heavy and moans out; "Please eat my pussy", "I've been craving it all week". Teasing her a bit, I kiss and nibble around her pussy. I slide my arms under her legs and hold her hips down. I place my tongue on her pussy and wiggle it around till my tongue slips between her lips. She moans "YES" as my tongue is flicking around her lips spread her pussy open as I bury my face farther between her legs. Quickly my tongue finds the opening and I start tongue fucking her pussy. She grabs her legs, pulling them to her chest, rolling her hips up, forcing my tongue deep in her pussy. 
I slowly spread her lips apart exposing her clit, holding my mouth over her clit, I slowly flick just the tip of my tongue across her clit. After several minutes, she moans out loud, releasing her legs, places her feet on the bed and pushing her hips up forcing her pussy into my mouth. I reach under her legs, grabbing her hips and pull her back down onto the bed, sucking, flicking and nibbling her clit. She is breathing heavily, moan loudly and talking dirty. One hand trying to hold her hips down, the other is spreading her lips open, exposing her her now swollen clit. I can see it popping out from it's hood. I flick my tongue all around and across her clit. Every so often I would place my mouth over her clit, nibbling and sucking it as if I was sucking her nipples. She moans out, "here I cum", pushing her hips up, placing a hand on my head as she grinds her pussy into my mouth as she cums. 
Her body relax as her hips drop back to the bed. I lick the insides of her legs and again lick her pussy and start tongue fucking her. She starts moaning softly, my hands drift up her body and massaging her titties. Again, my tongue finds it's way back up and begin to tease her clit again. First just lick her clit, using the tip of my tongue, I start dancing my tongue all around. Her hips are lightly pumping upward, grinding against my tongue. Sitting up on my knees, i use one hand to spreads her lips as i slide a finger in and then an other finger. She moans out, "YES" rolling her hips up. I start pumping my fingers in and out, my other hand is a blur, rubbing her clit as fast as I can. Quickly she moans out, "Im having a small orgasms". I replace my mouth on her clit and start flicking my tongue all around. She is moaning loudly and talking dirty, telling me, "how good I'm pleasing her", "how she has been craving this" and "she can't wait for my cock". I suck her clit into my mouth as my fingers start making upward scooping motion. She quickly starts breathing heavily, telling me to work my fingers higher. 
Then she jumps and moans out "that's  the spot". I begin to pumping my fingers in and scoop them upward hitting her "spot". Flicking my tongue quickly on her clit, she gripping the sheets, moaning, "I'm cumming", and "I'm cumming hard". Flicking her clit faster and pumping my fingers hitting her "spot" quicker, she tightens up, holds her breath and quickly pumps her hips. Suddenly she pushes her hips into the bed and moans out loudly, she cums all over my fingers. Holding my fingers deep, I wiggling them on her spot as I flick her clit, take her thru her orgasm. When her body relaxes I suck her clit in and out of my mouth and pumping my fingers keeping her moaning. She keep moaning "oh my god", "don't stop" and "you are going to make me cum hard, AGAIN". Placing her hands on my head, she pumps her hips, I keep sucking her clit  and wiggle my fingers on her spot. She pushes my mouth into her clit, body tightens up, her pussy grips down so tight, forcing my fingers out as she cums. I keep sucking her clit till she pushes me away telling me she needs to feel my cock in her.
I quickly pop up on my knees, sliding my hands behind her knees, I push her legs to her chest and position myself so my cock is resting on her pussy. Holding one legs, I grip the base of my cock and start rubbing the head around her clit. She moans out, "please slide that cock in my pussy". I can see her cum dripping from her pussy. Still hold my cock at the base, I run the head up and down between her lips, making the head wet. Pushing forward, my cock slides in easily but yet still has a FIRM grip. Holding her legs, I start pumping my hips, pushing forward quickly but pull back easily till just the head is in. 
Both of us are breathing heavy and I can't stop moaning how good her pussy feel. She grabs my hips pulling, forcing my cock deeper. I release her legs, placing my hands on the bed and start pumping my hips faster. She digs her heels into my ass, pushing down matching my downward thrust but releasing once I pull back. 
The room is filled with moaning and body slapping together. I can't stop starring at her big titties bouncing all her chest. She notices, cups one up, pushes it up to her mouth and sucks her nipple. I moan out, pumping my hips harder, then she sucks the other nipples. I'm pumping so hard, I can feel my balls bouncing off her ass. 
She crosses her arms under her big titties, squeezing them together. In a sexy voice she says, "you like these big titties", "you want them", "look how they move between my arms". All I could do is moan, "YES" and start working my hips quicker. She quickly wraps her legs around me and holds my shoulders as she moaning, telling me she is going to cum. I feel her pussy grip my cock tight as she starts cumming, filling the room with her heavy breathing and moaning. I keep up my steady strokes, taking her thru her orgasm. 
Her legs release their grip around my body as she relaxes coming down from her orgasm. I slowly pull out as I straddle one legs and roll her on her side. Reaching between her legs she hold my cock at the base, guiding my cock back in her pussy. With one slow push, I slide my cock in. Before I could get all the way in my lady moan out "YES" as I feel the head of my cock rub up on her spot. She is moaning, "You're hitting my g-spot", "quicker" "harder". 
I start pumping my hips quickly, making her moan and groan uncontrollable. Before I know it she is cumming again. Her pussy is gripping my cock tight as she cums but this time her pussy grips down so hard, forcing my cock out.
Quickly and before I could say or do anything. She pushes her other legs between my legs and rolls in her stomach. I lean over her and f***e my cock between her legs. She quickly slides a hand between her body and the bed, guiding my cock back into her pussy. I roll my hips up, forcing my cock in and start pumping my hips. I can feel her fingers rubbing her clit. I'm pumping my hips slowly but with f***eful thrust. Quickly I feel her pussy pulsing, her fingers teasing her clit, she moans out, "I'm going to cum". Keeping up my steady pumps, she reaches out and holds the headboard as she has a small orgasm.
She grabs the headboard and slides her knees up till she is now doggie before me.. I get in close ready to slide back in, when she looks over her shoulder and tells me. "I want to feel that cock in my ass".
I slide in close, rubbing the head of my cock all over her wet pussy getting the head wet. Place the head on her ass and holding the base of my cock. Pushing forward I watch the head of my cock slowly disappear in her ass. Just as the head slips in, she let out a loud gasp and moans. I hold still, to let her get use to my cock in her ass but she holds the headboard and pushed back forcing my cock in. Slowly I watch as my cock slips deeper in her. When she stops pushing back I hold her hip and slowly pull back till just the head is in her ass and work my cock back in. She is moaning loudly and groans everytime I push my cock back in. After a few strokes, she tell me to hold still. Gripping the sheet, she pushes back and I watch as she takes just about all of my cock in her ass. We hold still while she gets used to my cock in her ass. Breathing heavy and moaning she starts rubbing her clit and tells me to start fucking her ass. I hold her hips and pull back them forward. Slowly I start working my cock in and out. Her ass has a tight grip on my cock. Before I know it she is moaning louder and asking for it harder. 
I reach down and grab a hand full of hair and pull her head back. Both of us are moaning and breathing heavy as my hips starts pumping harder. She is rubbing her clit faster and harder. 
All I can hear is my lady saying, " pump that cock", "fill my ass with cum", "get it babe, CUM". I moan out burying my cock deep, telling my lady, "I'm cumming". She replies, "I can feel your cock pulsing". I pump a few more times but she tells me to hold still as she rubs her clit cumming with me. 
Both of hold still as my cock relaxes and slide out of her ass. Dropping down on the bed. I lay next to my lady. She gets up behind me, spooning me, holding me tight, I can feel those big titties in my back and her hard nipples poking me.
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