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I like my porn and I tend to have my favorites, mature women, MILF's, asses, BBW, big tits, tgirls, bi male 3somes, amateurs at adult theaters and/or gloryholes. Recently my favorite porn site, someone had up loaded lots of gloryhole pictures and videos. Well I had to view it all. I put on my favorite cockring and sit back stroking my cock thumbing thru the porn. 
Well a few weeks later, my lady and I were sitting around when she makes a comment about my resent history our computer. She noticed I have been looking at a lot of gloryhole porn. She started asking me questions about it. But as I started telling her about it, she stops me saying, "instead of telling me about it, let's go to one and you show me tonight". 
Being a Saturday, the adult store would be busy. As we were getting ready, my cock was rock hard and my lady noticed. She sits on the edge of the tub and calls me over. Standing before her nude she quickly starts stroking my cock asking me what should she expect tonight. As she starts licking and sucking the head, I tell her,  "I want to watch you suck a few cocks". She ask, "like this", taking my cock and quickly bobs her head sucking my cock. About a minute in, she stops sucking and stroke my cock asking, "what else"? I tell her, "if possible, back her ass up to the hole and let him fuck you". Again she sucks my cock. Again stopping, she says, "I want share a cock with you and watch you suck one". Taking my cock again in her mouth she bobs her head quickly and jerks my cock at the same time. She gets me to the edge of cumming quickly, before I cum I pulls out, telling her, "cradle your big tits with an arm and jerk my cock". When she does, she aims my cock at her cleavage and I tell her, "that how I want to see the guys cum, all over your big tits". Next thing I start pumping cum all her big titties. 
She stands, saying, "let get ready to go before I **** you". 
We get ready and I could tell she was ready to get dirty. She was wearing a bra and shirt that shows off her deep cleavage and a skirt with no panties. 
And ofcourse I have my favorites cockring on. 
Driving to the adult store my lady was squirming in her seat. I ask her, "feeling horny"? She replies, "OMG yes". Before I could say anything, she lift up her skirt and rubs her clit and quickly moans out, "I'm gonna cum" "it's a small orgasm". Shuddering quickly she cums and settles back in her seat saying, "I need that"
Pulling into the adult store parking lot, she straighten up and we go inside. Walking around we look at the toys before heading to the video booth area, I get a box of cherry flavored condoms and exchange $10 for tokens. Walking in the video booth area, we could hear adult porn going, heading to the back, we look into one booth. It had a long bench seat, so we step in, closing the door, the room was dark except for the TV screen and I could see the glowing light from a glory hole. I stack our tokens on the TV and slips a couple in. Sitting next to my lady she is looking thru the gloryhole and whispers, "there is a guy jerking off". I pull out my cock, watching the video and my lady slowly stroke my cock. My lady is just watching the guy, she sit up, gathers her skirt around her waist and her hand rubbing her clit. I tell her to tap her fingers in the hole. Before she does, she ask why. I tell her,  "let's the guy know you want him to slip his cock thru the hole". 
I could tell she was nervous but quickly she runs her fingers around the hole. Pulling her hand back quickly, she whispers, "the guy is standing and heading this way". Just as she finished saying that, the guys cock pokes thru the hole. Average size and cut, this guys cock is throbbing. I can see my lady was unsure what to do, so I reach out and stroke the guys cock. It seem to get thicker as I stroked it but then my lady takes over stroking it. I hand her a condom and she quickly unrolls It down the guys cock. Holding the cock she opens her mouth and quickly takes him, sucking and stroking it. I just sit there watching her suck this complete stranger off and loving it. She has most of his cocking in her mouth working his cock good, before we know it, we can here the guy moaning and telling us he is cumming. 
My lady has her mouth right up on the hole taking his cock as he came. She sits back and I can see the condom full of sperm as his cock slips back thru the hole. My lady tells me she knew I wanted to see the guy cum on her tits but his cock and head got so swollen that it turned her on feeling it throb as he came. 
Before I could say anything she stands,  sitting back and slip my cock right in her pussy. Slowly rocking her hips and grind down on me she is flipping thru the channels till she finds one with tgirls. Fucking me slowly we noticed that someone entering the booth next to us. She is leaned over looking thru the hole, whispers,"the guy already has his cock out and stroking it". Still grinding down on me, she runs her finger around the hole and jerks back because the guy quickly slips his cock thru the hole. All of a sudden, my lady says, "damn that's a thick cock". I look over her shoulder and damn this cock was thick and had a huge mushroom head on it. I hand her a condom and she has a hard time slipping the condom over the fat head. He pulls his cock back but reappears with a condom on. She leans in and starts working that fat cock in her mouth. Pulling off his cock, stroking it she leans back on me, still rocking slowly, tells me I want to see you take this fat cock. Slipping off to one side of me, I kneel infront of the hole and work this fat cock in my mouth. I can hear my lady's hand making loud wet sounds as she rubs her clit. "Take it" "take that fat cock" is all I can hear my lady saying as I suck this cock. Pulling off his cock, my lady and I lick up and down his cock. He slips his cock out of the hole and we see his fingers dancing around the hole. I put a condom on and slip my cock thru the hole. 
I quickly feel the guy take my cock in his mouth. He's sucking me well and I look over at my lady, seeing her legs spread wide. One hand pumping two fingers in her pussy, the other hand is rubbing her clit fast. I reach down and pull open her shirt and pull her big titties out of her bra. Handling her big tits was turning me on quickly and I didn't want to cum in his mouth. Pulling from the gloryhole, I ripped off the condom and grab my lady shoulders pulling her close, telling her I want to cum tittie fucking her. She leans in as I cup her tits, wrapping them around my cock. Pumping my hips I watch as the guy slips his cock thru the hole. My lady grips it slowly stroking it as I tittie fuck her. I hold still, as cum pumps from my cock coating her cleavage. My lady squats before the hole and rest the guys cock between her tits, quickly my cum coats the guys cock and my lady cups her tits, bouncing them tittie fucking the guy. 
We hear the guy moan loudly, my lady slides her tits up, with the guys head buried in her cleavage, he starts cumming. She sits back, releasing her tits and there is so much cum in her cleavage it's dripping down her chest. 
Again quickly the guy pulls his cock back and leaves the booth. 
"Damn it!" my lady says. Standing up, bends over, resting on the wall with the TV screen, she hikes her skirt up, telling me, "I need cock, come here and give it to me". I get behind gripping her hips, she reached between her legs guiding my cock right into her pussy. It was so wet that my cock easily slipped in. I pull back and starts pumping my hips hard and fast. I'm pounding her hard, the booth was filled with her moaning, LOUD and our bodies slapping together. In no time she is telling me, "here I cum" "here it come". Then she starts groans deep and I feel her pussy grip down on me as my lady starts cumming. 
I keep pumping till I hear her breathing heavy and moaning, "oh yeah", "oh yeah, that was good". Sitting back we notices a new cock, just the head was poking thru and we could tell he was jerking the rest. My lady sits back, licking the palm of her hand and starts stroking the head. Before we know it, his cock is poking all the way thru and it was atleast 8 or 9 inches but average to on the thin side. Quickly my lady stands, slips a condom on and turns away from the cock but reaches between her legs, guiding the guys cock in her pussy. Balancing on the opposing wall, she pushes back and I watch her take this guys cock before her ass rest on the wall. She quickly starts moaning so I knew the guys was working his cock in and out of her.
Lifting a leg, she places a foot on the bench and now I could see between her legs and the guys cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Her big tits hanging look so hot that I starts roughly handling them. With my cock throbbing, I stand, moving infront of her and she takes my cock in her mouth. This guy was fucking her deep and with fast thrust because she was breathing heavily and her moans were being muffled with my cock down her throat. She pushes my hips away from her, pulling out my cock as she starts cumming, moaning and groaning. Once she came down from her orgasm, she pulls off the guys cock, spins around and takes the guys cock in her mouth. Bobbing her head fast and jerking off off his cock she suck this guy to the edge of cumming. Pull his cock out of her mouth and ripping off the condom, she spits all over the guys cock and wraps her big tits around his cock quickly bouncing her tits causing the guy to cum. And cum he did, shooting so much cum that my lady held his cock jerking his cock aim his cum all over her tits. Once he stopped he held his cock there as we watch it go limp. Pulling his cock back, we could hear him zip up quickly leave the booth. 
We both sit on the bench and she tells me, "he fucked me well, while stroking my cock and we kind of laugh at how much cum this guy shot. 
Grabbing tissue she cleans up and we start getting dress to leave when we hear an other guy enter the booth next to us. Curious we wait to see what happen before we could look in the hole, here comes this cock thru the hole. Oh man it was a nice one, nice and thick and I would guess 7 plus inches. The head on this cock was perfect not to thick but had a nice fat crown around the head. Both of us start stroking it she is working the shaft as I tease the head. She quickly slips a condom on it and I couldn't help it and take it in my mouth. Bobbing my head I take over half his cock and start working his cock over well. My lady is just watching me sucking this guys cock, next thing I feel is my lady beside me and I release this guys cock and we lick and kiss up and down this cock together. We can hear the guy moaning how he likes that a couple is sucking his cock. My lady slip the head in her mouth and starts taking his cock deep. I sit back on the bench and watch my lady sucking this stranger and as I jerking my cock off. I was hot watching my lady suck this cock like a porn star. Sucking his cock deep, stroking it and bobbing her head quickly. I'm jerking my cock hard and fast ready to cum when she pulls her head off the guys cock, ripping the condom open exposing the head as she jerks the guy off, looking at me and telling me, "my pussy is dripping wet", "I can't wait to get you home and fuck the hell out of me" and "I want to taste cum, so cum in my mouth". She is jerking the guy off to the same tempo as me when she leans opens her mouth sucking the head quickly she pulls back, resting my cock on her tongue as I start shooting cum into her mouth and I can see cum coating the inside of her mouth before she wraps her lips around my cock finishing me off in her mouth. 
She spits all over the guys cock, starts jerking him off hard and fast. My lady licks the head and when she does, we can hear the guy moaning, "here I cum" "I'm going to explode". He is pumping his hips but slams against the wall forcing all of his cock thru the hole as we watch load after load of cum shot across the room. 
By now I'm zipped up and dressed as was my lady, release the guys cock she stands and we head out the door leaving the guys cock hanging thru the gloryhole. Once we exited we could see a few guys milling about as if waiting to enter the booth with the gloryhole. 
Casually we walk out and head straight to our vehicle. Once we are in the car, she pulls me to her, kissing as our tongue dance violently together. She pulls my head and tells me, "start this car up and get us home" "that was one of the hottest things we have done" "now I need you to get us home quickly so I can fuck the shit out of you".
Needless to say we were home in record time ..............
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