Adult toys

I have always had a fascination with adult toys.  Everything from dildos, vibrators, cockrings and sex furniture. I love watching my partner use them and/or me using them on my partner. 
Cockrings, I love them, For those of you who don't know, there are different types. One that fit around the shaft and the other around the ball sack and cock. I love how hard my cock gets, swollen, sometime the veins pop out and how firm the head gets. Plus when I get real turned on the head swells up very firm, making the crown pops out and getting very sensitive. 
Sex furniture, I have used a sex swing during a 4some, that was fun. There are these wedges and blocks to help get into position, now those are fun. I played with a couple that had a block.
Dildo and vibrators. Vibrators are fun, I like watching a woman use one on her clit making her cum hard especially when my cock is in her. Now dildos I love them. I dont know why but I love watching and/or using one on my partner. I love when they have a pronounced head, veins, length not to important but thickness is. I first like going down on my partner licking and sucking her clit before sitting up and working a dildo in slow. First just popping the head in and out, then using the whole thing. There have been times that I've used the dildo for double penetration.  Either the dildo and my cock in my partners pussy or sliding one in her pussy and my cock in her ass or vise-versa. Strap-ons, are something I like for many reasons. I have always had a fantasy of watching my lady strapping on a dildo during a FFM and fucking a woman. I have seen my lady strap on a dildo and fuck a guy during a MMF, HOT!  One thing I do like and have done is my partner using the dildo on me. I'm bi and I like oral with guys but not  really into anal with guys. But the idea of my lady using one on me, turns me on. First, after a little oral play, my lady, starts off by sucking my cock, getting me started, then slowly working her way down, sucking my balls. Then go even lower, pushing my legs up and working her tongue down the crack of my ass. Pushing my legs up more, I hold them, as she tongue and reams my ass. I would be moaning and groaning from pleasure. Before making me cum, she stops, reaching towards the night stand, uncovering a 7" dildo, attached to a red leather strap-on thong looking harness. Stepping into the harness, she kneels on the bed, sliding close to me, telling me to tighten up the harness, then has me get on my hands and knees. First I feel her tongue again on my ass, ream the hole, all the time reaching under teasing my balls. Getting my ass wet, I first feel one finger sliding in my ass, then trying to slide a second one in. She pours some lube on my ass, then slowly pushing two fingers in my ass. In a short time she has worked those fingers in and out, finger fucking my ass. Pulling her fingers out, she slides in close and I can feel the head of the dildo on my ass, pushing forward she slide the head in my ass and starts with short pumps. It feels so good that I push back forcing more in my ass. Together we work getting more  in till i feel her hips slapping off my ass. Damn it would feel so good. Before long I would ask her to fuck me harder and harder with steady hard thrust. When I moan I'm close, she slaps my ass telling me I cant cum yet. Pulling out, she rolls me on my back and positions herself between my legs. I hold my legs as she places the head on my ass and with a steady push, she slides in about 5" and slowly pumps her hips working the rest in. Pumping her hips, she fucks my ass again. When I moan out again I close to cumming she takes a hold of my cock and stroke it as she fucks my ass. Stroking my cock, she tells me shoot cum all over the place. I beg her to fuck me harder, I grab a hold of my cock, stroking it hard and fast. She grabs a hold of my legs pulling me into her as she slam that dildo in my ass. She keeps moaning, "cum for me", "shot that cum on us" and "baby, take that dildo".  Holding my cock at the base, I aim my cock, cumming so f***efully, my first shot landed on one of her titties, while the rest just come out coating my cock and hand. Once I stop cumming, my lady reaches in the harness, starts rubbing her clit making herself cum real quick tell me how hot that was. She slides out and lays next to me, telling me how much she enjoyed that and wants to do than more often. 
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3 years ago
I've always love big dildos inmy ass there my best friendwhen i'm alone thanks