My ideal bi lady and I start off with placing a posting on a few adult site and C.L. casual encounters looking for a bi couple, atleast the guy being bi. I'm a very orally bi top guy, my lady says she isn't bi but she has played with a few women.
Well after emails and chatting with several couple we narrow it down to one. Just to make sure everyone is a match we have a little meet and greet, dinner and drinks. A few days later the couple email, wanting us to come over that following weekend. Jumping forward, there we all are, sitting on the back deck having drinks. The guy suggest we hop into the hot tub.  We didn't bring bathing suits but before we could say anything, the guy states "want a better way to get everyone nude". Before I knew it the women were nude getting in. The guy leaves to refreshing drinks. Getting into the tub the woman noticed me wearing a cockring and asked me to come over, standing before, she is handling my cock and balls examining how the ring fits and yes she had my cock rock hard. I sat back in as the guy walks up naked and his cock wasn't hard but not soft. Well after a while the chat turns to the woman letting her man know that I was wearing a cockring. He asked me to show him, so I stood with my cock now rock hard. I had a big metal ring going around my cock and balls. First his fingers trace the ring around before his hand cups my balls and takes the head of my cock in his mouth. Sucking for a moment he stops and guides me to the center. explains his wife likes to watch, then getting on his knees, he takes my cock again, first just sucking the head and flicking his tongue around, I hear his wife telling him to suck my thick cock. Looking over towards the ladies, I see them sitting next to each other and from where I was, it looked like they were rubbing each others pussy. The woman was cupping one tittie pinching, pulling her nipple, while my lady braced herself with the other, since the woman was teasing her good. The guy had his hands on my hips pushing then towards his mouth as he sucked my cock. He would get me close to cumming but stop and suck my balls. Over and over he kept this till I had to push off or was going to make me cum and I wasn't ready to yet. I look over to see the woman cupping her titties, pinching and rubbing her nipples. Now my lady is now facing her leaning in with her arm diving into the water obviously rubbing and fingering her pussy. I stand watching her, holding my cock, jerking off. She moans out she is cumming, I hear the guy behind me say "yeah". I turn and there he is, sitting on the edge of the tub, stroking his cock. Damn nice cock I thought, 7.5", thick and a rather large head. I kneel before him, gripping the base of his cock, slowly stroking it, till I see precum leaking. That head looks so big but I open my mouth wide taking it in and wrapping my lips down and around the crown of his cock. Pumping my head up and down, I flick my tongue all around the head, stroking his cock. I know he wants more, because his hand is laying on my head lightly pushing. I pull off, look over to see my lady now caressing her titties as the woman is working her pussy.  Hold his cock firmly now, I tell him, don't worry I'm gonna try and deep that big cock, then lower my mouth my down on his cock. I take in the head, inch by inch I slide down his cock till over half his cock is working in and out. That big head is making my mouth wet, saliva dripping down his cock but I use it a lube as I stroke the rest. Wanting more I slide my mouth down till I feel the head at the back of my throat. I hold still, lowering my mouth, forcing that big head down my throat. Only stopping when I gag, pulling off and start again. I can hear my lady moaning and the next time I gag, I look over and see my lady sitting on the edge of the tub with woman head buried between her legs. I take that cock again and work it deep. I can feel the head spreading my throat open as my gag reflex stop as the head slides in to the crown then popping back. I can hear my lady moaning, "make him cum", "deep throat that cock". The guys holds my shoulder as the head swells, first squirt of cum shots down my throat as the rest fills my mouth.  The guy is moaning and grunting as I hear my lady moaning, she too is cummin. Before I could swallow his cum the woman is pulling me around kissing me as I share his cum with her. 
Every sits back and all I could say was wow that was HOT! The couple excuse themselves, refreshing our drink and get smokes. That's when I ask my lady I thought she wasn't into the bi thing. All she says as the couple walks back is; "when in Rome".  
After a drink and a smoke, they suggest we move to the bedroom. Now I wanted to lick some pussy and so I ask the woman if I could taste her pussy. She says yes as long as we could 69. Laying back on the bed, she stand on the bed, straddles my head and lowers herself. Her clit is popping out from it's hood and she is dripping wet. I tongue her pussy, tasting it and getting the tip of my tongue in. She lowers her head down taking my cock, quickly she has well over half my cock in, bobbing up and down. She is grinding her clit on my tongue, I work first one finger in, then slides two in. I fish around with my fingers trying to find that "spot" as I suck and nibble on that clit. I feel her lean up grinding her clit on my tongue but someone is still sucking my cock. The guy was now sucking my cock. Just knowing that I get more turned on pushing me closer to cumming. Fingers deep in her pussy she starts cumming. Clit grinding hard on my tongue, small little squirt come out as she cums on my face. The guy is now sucking me deep, his tongue dancing around the head, before I knew it I'm about to explode, I hold the guys head still as I pump my hips filling his mouth up with cum. Again the woman want to taste as she grabs him and kisss him as they share my cum. 
The guy sits up asking if my lady could take care of his cock. All she does is get doggie before him, reaches between her legs and with two fingers spreads her lips apart and works a third in. He kneels behind her, holding his cock, he rubs the head around the opening of her pussy, coating the head with her juices.  Holding still he pushes forward as the big head spread my lady's pussy open. She is moaning and groans, "take it easy", "that head is so big", "work it slow". He hold still, as she grips the sheets and pushes backed forcing that big head in. All of a sudden, she moans out loud, as I see her lips wrap around the head of this cock and pops in. Now she starts bouncing back working that cock in before he grabs her hips steadies them, as he takes over working that cock. I can see him pull back then slam back in. My lady now has one hand on the headboard and the other on the bed, balancing herself, moaning out, telling the guy to fuck her harder. I'm sitting on a chair off to one side with the woman sitting in my lap, facing me, wrapping her legs around me, forcing my cock deep. She just rocks her hips making the head hit bottom repeatly. We lightly fuck as we watch the guy now holding my lady's shoulder pounding her. I can see his balls slapping her clit with every thrust. My lady is getting pounded, do hard the bed is dancing across the floor. I see her rubbing her clit now taking her over the edge. He keep pounding her hard, taking her hard thru her first orgasm, then two before grabbing her hips tight, his thrust shorten, just pumping deep moans he gonna cum. With one deep thrust I can see his ass tighten as he cum in my lady. My lady is moaning, saying she can feel the head swelling, rubbing her clit again she cums again. 
The woman now holds my shoulders, rocking her hips hard, her titties in my face and her long nipples begging me to suck them. She grabs my head, pushing her nipple in my mouth, I suck then hard and rough as she moans she is so close. Picking her up and laying her on the edge of the bed, I stand and start to fuck her as hard and fast as I can. Her legs are d****d over my shoulder, I'm reaching under her, holding her wrist and pounding her hard. Sweat is dripping off me as I fuck this woman hard. She tightens up, legs straight, her pussy grips my cock tight and moans out she is cumming. I pump a few more times before she flops back down and my cock pops out from her tight grip. I grab my cock at the base and start slap the head on her clit. I can see cum leaking from her pussy with each slap. She grabs my cock and starts rubbing the head across her clit, fast! I can barely take it when she let's go of my cock and a wave of cum squirts from her pussy. She grabs my cock again, rubbing her clit with the head again and again she let's go as she squirts one more time. I grab my cock and jerk it real fast and lay my cock on her pussy coating her clit with cum. 
Laying on the bed all four of us lay there before our host pops up asking if anyone needs a drink. 

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2 months ago
Hot story
8 months ago
great and hot story
3 years ago
great story!!
3 years ago
great story did this reallyhappen or was it just imagination great either way thanks
3 years ago
Lovely story, please add paragraphs to next posting it makes for easier reading...
3 years ago
My goodness man, you got me hornier than a fucking hamster now, I am busy masturbating and trying to keep focused on your story...