Ideal bi MMF

My ideal bi MMF 3some would be..................for starters, my lady and I would place a posting on adult sites and C.L. casual encourages. Looking for a bi male, single, not looking for the drama with cheating husbands but a couples forsure (but that's an other story). Build doesn't matter, what does is that he has a thick cock atleast 6.5 (my size) AND yes pictures are needed after a few emails. If I'm gonna suck a cock, I want a thick, clean shaven cock, 7 plus inches with a nice large head and clean shaven balls. Cockrings a big plus. *Side note I love cockrings. I love how that metal ring fits around the base of my cock & round my balls, making my very thick, rock hard and the head swells up firm*   Once we find our guy, do the meet & greet just to make sure, you never know. Then we get down to naughty time. Start with inviting the guy over, have a few drinks and ending with him sitting next the couch. Knowing my lady, she would point out if she noticed how stiff his cock was getting and ask him to pull it out. Once out she would want to watch him stroke it, as she slowly take mine out and matching his hand motion. Once she sees his cock full hard, she would stand, sit on the coffee table, telling us to take our pants off and have him join me on the couch. Once he sat down, that's when I would take over and give my lady a HOT guy/guy show. I would first take his cock in my hand and stroke it. I know myself in no time I would lean over and take his cock. First just sliding the head in my mouth, till my lips are wet, then slowly sliding down his cock till the head is hitting the back of my throat, where I would start bobbing my mouth up and down his cock. One hand has a firm grip around his shaft as I stroke his cock matching the up and down movement of my mouth. I pull off only to look over and watch my lady masturbate. I stroke that cock, teasing him by just licking the head, till she moans asking me to sucking that cock again.  That's when I slide the head in, tonguing it as I let my saliva pool in my mouth, sliding the head out of my mouth, I gripping the head, slowly slide my hand down, while I take his cock back in my mouth. I would work that cock till I sense he is getting close and stop. I'm ready not ready for him to cum and I want tease my lady more. Plus my cock is rock hard and throbbing. Leaning back on the couch, stroking him that's when I hope he leans over and taking me. He sucks me while I watch my lady masturbating, now naked. When he gets me close I stop him and suggest we head to the bedroom. 
As he lays on the bed I get in but in the 69 position. My lady pulls a chair up and sit for part two of the show. We take each others cock, take turns on each other, only stopping before the other cums. When I start getting close and know I can't hold it much longer I lay back, hold his head, trying to work more down his throat. I hold his head till he starts to gag where I would let go. We do that a few more times, before telling him to jerk my cock, he does and spits on my cock to keep his hand lube. I look over to my lady, she has both legs d****d over the arms, spreading her legs wide and now she is working her favorite dildo in and out of her pussy while the other hand has two fingers flat on her clit rubbing hard and fast. She is moaning loud and telling the guy to make my cock spray cum. This really make the guy get into it. He's stroking my cock, leaning down tongues the head and sucks my balls too. I  grip the bed and tighten up as the first wave of my orgasm comes. I grab his wrist, forcing his hand to the base of my cock as a load of cum sprays from my cock, shooting about a foot above my cock and landing all over the place. He leans down finishing me off with his mouth as I hear my lady cumming herself. As he lays back I would now focus on his cock. One thing I love about bi sex is sucking a cock. First I would get between his legs, sit up on my knees so when I lean down to suck his cock it makes it easier for me to work it down my throat. That when I would make a ring with my fingers at the base of his cock and slowly jerk his cock. I slide the head into my mouth till I feel the crown slip past my lips. Where I would dance my tongue around the head tasting his precum. Slowly I would bob my head up and down working more and more in my mouth. I work that cock, bobbing my head up and down, pausing only to have his cock deep in my mouth and forcing more till it causes me to gag, where I pull off to looking back at my wife seeing her pounding a dildo in and out of her pussy rubbing her clit. Again I work his cock over and over forcing more down my throat. Each time pulling off as I gag. Before I know it I'm sliding my head back till I feel the crown  of his cock touching my lips and sliding down back down till my lips hit bottom. I can hear my lady moaning and saying "deep throat that cock". I can feel his cock throbbing not only in my hand but the head in mouth. Now I hold his cock deep in my mouth, bob my head working the head in and out of my throat, he holds my head, as I feel the head pulse as the first load of cum fills my throat, I swallow that quickly before I work my mouth up and down on his cock filling my mouth with cum. Before I can swallow it I can feel my lady next to me pulling me up and kissing me so I share his cum with her, as she strokes my cock and I stroking the guy. By now my cock would be rock hard. I hold my lady's shoulders as I slide behind her, she leans down on her hands, I grab her hips and slowly slide my cock between her legs till I feel the head of my cock touching her wet lips. I feel my lady now guiding my cock into her pussy. Once the head slides in I feel her rubbing her clit so I just start pumping my hips working my cock deep. Quickly I'm working my cock in and out. Pulling back till just the head is in, then slamming back in. I keep a steady pace till I see the guy rock hard again. I sit back telling him to take over.  He flips her over, pulling her to the edge of the bed, he stands, grabbing her legs, pulling her hips up at the same time working his cock in her pussy. With one hard thrust his cock was buried, holding her hips up he starts working his cock hard and deep in her pussy. All you can hear in the room is my lady's moans and there bodies slapping together. Get close, I can see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She keeps moaning "harder, harder" till her body tighten up as her orgasm explodes. She is cumming so hard that her pussy grips down tight pushing his cock out. I lean in close, laying two fingers on her clit rubbing hard and fast extending her orgasm, making her squirt a bit. Chasing the guy to moaning out "fuck yeah" as he pound on his cock. I stand next to him and we are now stroking each other cocks. My lady slides down onto her knees and start sucking his cock then mine back and forth till he grabs his cock and strokes it hard and fast. My lady leans in close, pushing her titties together, making a deep cleavage, telling him to shot all over her tits. Sliding his hand to the base, gripping tight making the head swell, he lays the head in her cleavage, pumps his hips making his cock explode,coating her titties.  I grab my her shoulder, turning her towards me and she cups her titties, wrapping her titties around my cock she use the guys cum as lube and starts bouncing, tittie fucking my cock. I hold still as I pump my cum on her titties. 
But my lady isn't done, first strokes both cocks, then kissing one, tonguing the other, then back to sucking the other before long, sucking from one cock to the next. When both cocks are hard, she gets me to lay down, stands on the bed and sits back engulfing her pussy on my cock. She is grinding down and working my cock roughly, she leaning down and between moaning asking me if he could fuck her ass. I hold her hips, pushing my hips forcing my cock deep, telling her only if I stay in her pussy at the same time. She grinding back hard telling me "that's what she meant as she wants to be "DPed". Before I know it, I can feel the behind her. I can feel his hard cock resting on my cock and balls as he spits all over her ass and holds his cock at the base as she first pops the head in her ass. I could feel her pussy grip my cock TIGHT as her ass relaxes and the head of his cock enters her ass. He hold it still and feel the head of his cock pulsing against my cock thru the walls of her pussy. She relaxes and tells us to stay still as she slowly rocks working both our cocks deep in her. She is moaning how tight it feels. As she rocks back I first feel him pumping up to hit bottom before long he and I were matching each other pumps, forcing every inch of our cocks in. Before long she is trembling, breathing hard and moaning telling she going to cum real hard. Holding still her body is just shaking as I knew she was cumming hard so I pumped my hips telling the guy to do the same and my lady just start shaking as she screams and groaning as she cums hard so hard I can feel her juices dripping down and coating my balls. 
He slips off to one side and she between us as we drift out for about a half hour. I'm woken by the bed shaking from my lady riding his cock. 
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1 year ago
I had an unexpected Bi MMF in Tenerife a couple of years ago:- ended up getting drunk with a couple and he suggested coming back to their apartment to fuck his wife. Skipping the details, I end up on my back 69'ing her and I feel her Hub's tongue licking my balls and the base of my shaft before she let him take over completely.
I was shocked to begin with but was too far gone to care and really enjoyed it !
1 year ago
Sounds like wonderful fun! I want to be involved . . . .
2 years ago to join in!!
2 years ago
that would be fun
3 years ago
wow!! that sounds like alot of fun!!
3 years ago
I would sign on to take part in that scenario
3 years ago
I would love to fuck your wife while you suck on my balls and tongue my tight arse...