Wife's 1st BBC

I know most guys are afraid or intimidated of there lady being with a BIg Black Cock.
I have to admit when I was younger, I was but as I got older and started exploring the swinger life style it was never an issue. Then soon enough I started enjoying watching "wife first time with a BBC" porn and in the back of my mind I start having this fantasy about my lover being with a BBC.
Many years later my wife and I were started exploring adult clubs and the swing life style. Being bi myself, we mostly played with bi men and bi male/couples.

One night my wife and I were at the adult club, drinking, dancing, being voyeurs watching the naked people.
But once my lady got her buzzed on, she like to visit the private area. Mostly of the time we would exchange oral, fuck alittle but I would really enjoyed watching her go down on an other guy. In those private areas there was a lot of couples swapping for oral. I loved watching my wife suck on an other mans cock.
Well one night my lady and I were at an adult club and leaving the "private area", near the exit was a black guy standing with a nice big, thick cock. My wife stopped, reaches down and starts stroking his cock. The guys lady was on her knees sucking his balls. It was hot watching my wife stroking his cock, the guys was holding one of her titties. I was hoping my wife was gonna get down and sucked him but she didn't.
Since then I started building this little fantasy of watching my lady with a BBC. But it was that, a fantasy.
One night my wife approached me about my porn over indulgence which soon turned to a little "discussion". After a moment of silence. She asked; what's with the BBC stuff. Thats when remind her about that night at the adult club and she replies "and"?
And that I found it hot watching her do that and how I fantasizes about her being with a BBC while I just watch.
Interesting, is all she says as she walks away.
I catch up with her and asked what does that mean.
Thats when my wife admits that since we started swinging she has been curious about a BBC.
A few weeks go by when I tell her if your are serious about the BBC thing, that I am too.
We soon place an ad looking for a BBC. We soon got a lot of replies so we narrowed it down to guys our age. We exchanged emails and pictures with a few guys, then my wife took a liking to one.
He was recently divorced 48, chubby, GL and had a nice thick veiny 8.5 cock.
We first meet up for drinks, to see if everyone is a match.
A few days later and text messages we make plans to meet up with him.
We found a hotel, that had a nice lounge/bar and got a room.
That next weekend we are checking in, get ready, nervous and excited we had to have a quickie to chill out the nervous. We head down to the bar and wait for the guy. Once he arrived, the 3 of us slip into a round booth in a corner with my wife sitting in the middle.
After some chit-chat and a couple of drinks my lady slides out to the bathroom. But when she returns she slips in forcing the guy to sit between us.
After a few minutes I can see my wife rubbing the inside of his legs.
She leans over to me, placing her hand on his crotch and says, "I know how much you like sucking cock and you want to try sucking a big cock, so I convinced our new friend here into let you try sucking his cock.
My wife grabs my hand placing it on his crotch. I could feel his semi-hard cock as my lady's hand guiding mine down the whole shaft. At the end, I could feel the out line of a large head.
My wife leans over and the two start kissing, my cock jumps to attention seeing the two kiss.
Just then my lady pulls our hands off his cock, as she see our waitress heading our way.
Well needless to say I got our tab and head straight to the room.
I could tell my lady had her buzz on and was horny. Once inside my wife wasted no time, strips down to her thong, walks over to me, helps me out of my pants, sits next to me and strokes my cock.
Then she tells the guy to come stand in front of us. When he does she ask, could we see that big cock.
He steps out of his shoe, opened his pant, letting his pants drop to the floor and there hung his big black cock. My lady reaches out, takes a hold of his cock and starts stroking it, slowly as if admiring it. She places my hand on it and we both start playing with it as it gets hard.
I couldn't believe how big it was.
My wife stands up next to the guy stroking his cock and says; now I want to watch you suck this cock.
I get on my knees, take a hold of his cock, open my mouth and take that big head into my mouth. I my sucking the head in and out of my mouth as my tongue dances all over the head.
My wife starts caressing his balls as she watches me take his cock.
I work my mouth up and down, taking more and more. My lady starts pushing my head forcing more of his cock in my mouth.
Looking up, I see the guy is rubbing my wife pussy as my lady sucks on the guys nipples.
I'm working as much of his cock in my mouth, bobbing my head, gagging.
Suddenly, he moans out and pulls his cock out of my mouth. I get up and slip into a chair. My wife gets down on her knees, grips his cock, looks over at me and tells me, "sit back and enjoy the show".
She takes his cock in her mouth and works her mouth up and down. I could hear her moaning while sucking his cock. Every once in awhile she would pulls off his cock, talking dirty about how big his cock was and how much it's gonna fill her pussy up.
Then sucking it again taking in as much as possible. In no time his cock get real thick, ready to explode, my lady sits back, squeezing her big titties together and tells the guys to shot his load all over her. He strokes his cock a couple time and lays the head between her cleavage letting go his first load on her titties. She grabs his cock, quickly gets under it and strokes, unload the rest of his load all over her face. My lady starts moan because one hand is down rubbing her clit.
Not wasting anytime, he pulls her up, lays her on the bed, spreads her legs and start licking her pussy. She slide back on the bed and he reposition himself where he is on his knees and I could see that big cock hanging as he eats my lady's pussy. Moaning and groan, she starts begs for one finger then two, as she worms her body to where she could stroke his big cock. Only a few strokes in, she stops, moaning she is gonna cum, then exploding into an orgasm.
She quickly rolls him over on his back, straddles his chest and slides back till the head of his cock was resting against her lips. The head look so huge on her lips, she push back but it wouldnt slide in. Again she slid back, pushing back hard and letting out a loud moan as the head pops in her pussy. She rocks her body, working more of his cock in and in no time she is fucking over half his cock. I could see her lips stretched around his cock as her hips pump, fucking that big cock. He grabs hold of her hips, started pumping his hips fast, my lady bounces off his big cock moaning and saying how big it is. She let's out a loud moan, body tightens up as she starts cumming again, a few more pumps and the guy holds still as my lady rocks her hips finishing off her orgasm. He grabs her hips, telling her to turn around so they could 69 because he wants to taste her fresh fucked pussy. Quickly she spin around, he quickly begins licking her pussy,between moaning, he say how good her juice pussy taste. My lady is just focused on his big cock infront of her. She grips his cock, it's so thick her thumb and fingers don't even touch. Looking over at me, telling me she can't believe she took that "BIG cock". Then she turns and licks up the precum building on the head and says to me; now she is gonna suck and fuck this big black cock better than then the porns I like to watch.
She places the head on her lips and starts taking that cock in and out of her mouth. Slowly her lips slide down, everytime she pulls up her hand follows and twisting. The head of his cock slide out of her mouth as her hand slides around the head, spits on the head, lubing it up as her hand slide down with her mouth following. Every time that big cock hit the back of her throat, she bounces her head, forcing the head down her throat. When she starts gagging she would pull off his cock
She does this several time but suddenly she starts forcing that cock down her throat, jerk off what couldn't fit. She bobs her mouth up and down, forcing more down her throat, gagging.
Im sitting there jerking off to my second orgasm, watching my wife gagging and deep throating this big cock.
Just then the guy pulls her up, gets her on her knees, one hand on her hip and the other around the base of cock, as he rubs the head around the opening of her pussy.
I have the perfect side view, I can see his big thick black cock disappearing between her legs and see her big titties hanging. She has both hands on the headboard, bracing herself, as he starts pushing that big cock head in, when my lady let's out a loud moan I knew the head slipped in. Grabbing her hips he pushes forward then back and my lady is moaning loud and saying, "it so huge", "nice and slow".
He is fucking her slow steady, with every thrust forward he would f***e more in.
Soon he was easily fucking her with over 2/3 of his cock, I could tell by the ring of juices from my wife pussy.
As if using that as a gage he starts working his hips, sliding that cock back till just the head was in and then forward. Steady strokes he worked his cock in her. My lady looks so hot with this big cock fucking her doggie and those big titties swinging. My lady is moaning and breathing heavy, the guy has a tight grip on her hips as he picks up the pace till my lady has to brace herself on the headboard as that big cock start to fuck her harder and fast.
In no time she explodes into an other orgasm but he keeps going, again she cums. This just fuels the guys, he pulls out, stands at the foot of the bed, flips my lady onto her back, grabs her legs and drags her the edge of the bed. Hooking her heel on his shoulders, he reaches under her ass and lifts her hips till his cock is in direct line with her pussy and pushes forward till what seems like he bottoms her pussy out.
Pulling back, he starts fucking her to a quick, hard pace. Both are breathing heavy and my lady is moaning uncontrollable. He tells her to play with her titties, when she does he starts moaning, "yeah", "squeeze them
together". He pulls her hips into him and starts pumping his hips fucking her deep. She grabs the edge of the bed pulling forcing his cock deeper as she explodes into a huge orgasm, moaning telling him when he cum and cum all over her.
My wife is holding onto the edge of the bed as this guy is pounding her with his big cock.
When he pulls his cock out, my lady's pussy explodes, squirts all over his cock. He moans out loudly "yeah squirt all over this big cock". He grabs the base of his cock, the head swells and a huge load of cum shoots from his cock landing on her titties leaving a trail of cum down to the head. He jerks his cock a couple more times and again holds the base as an other huge load of cum shoots out but now coating her pussy.
My lady melts back into the bed as I watch the guy's cock pulse and slowly start to go soft. I'm sitting there naked, massaging my balls with three load of cums covering my torso. He heads to the bathroom where he washes up and casually walks over to his clothes, gets dressed telling us the was one wild time, we have his number and call him any time. Getting up, I heard the door closing as I lay with my lady on the bed.
We haven't called his again, yet!

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