Pilar's first gangbang.

I love watching Pilar with other men. Sometimes she has an unsationable appetite for cock. So I wanted to see how much she could really handle.
I started cruising a few different adult sites looking for a few men. I wasn't looking for monster cocks but a little more above average.
After a couple weeks I narrowed it down to 1 black guy and 2 latinos. The latino had the biggest cock 7.5-8" and the other two were about 7-7.5 but all thick. I found an old school hotel with adjoining rooms. I met up with all 3 guys a couple days before and gave them the low down for the night.
This whole time i was planting the seed in Pilar's head. I would talk with her about it and even used it as foreplay during sex.
When the day came to "meeting the guys". I tell Pilar that we are meeting up with a couple we swing with off and on. I let her know I had gotten us a room already.
We take full advantage of the weekend at the hotel, the pool and jacuzzi. While Pilar was at the pool I sneak off and get the second room. Before heading up to our room, I convince Pilar to head over the the lounge and have a few drinks. After our second round I notice one of the guys at the bar. Excusing myself I walk into the bathroom with the guys in tow. I give him the key and let him know we are heading up.
Getting back to the table Pilar is ready to go upstairs and getting ready.
Back at the room Pilar and I shower and start getting ready. While Pilar is picking out her outfit, I'm setting up the camera and Pilar starts asking questions? Why the camera?
I tell her to finish getting ready and ill explain.
Once she was ready, I sit her down and tell her what's going on;
Our friends aren't coming, tonight I have something else instore.
Pilar is sitting next to the table in our room, I set the camera up on the tripod, facing Pilar and tell her; ready?
With a puzzled look, she shakes her head yes.
I start rolling the camera and it fade from black to Pilar on screen. Im sitting off camera and start narrating as the host, saying;
Welcome all to amateur swingers. Today I have Pilar. Thats where she and I go thru a few question asking about her and general question about sex.
Then I start making comments about her outfit and body. Pilar starts talking to the camera and starts touching herself and talking about her body. Cupping her big titties and telling the camera what size her tits were (40DD's) pinching and pulling her nipples. Talking dirty to the camera while she tease her own nipples.
She pulls open her wrap around scarf revealing her clean shaven pussy, her pussy was already moist. She pulls open her lips exposing her clit before slipping two finger over it and rubs it quickly. But stops dips two fingers in her pussy, pulling them out, showing me how wet she is.
Sitting back in the chair, Pilar spreads her legs wide and rubs her clit, looking right at the camera. Again she stops, leans forward, rest her arms on her legs, her big tits hanging and says;
I cant take much more seeing that hard cock and motions me over.
I grab the camera, now the view is POV of me looking at Pilar.
I walk over to her and she is getting down on her knees.
Looking down with the camera, you can see Pilar on her knees, pulling down my shorts and exposing my hard throbbing cock.
Looking up at the camera, she says;
now that's what I want and takes my cock into her mouth. I do my best to hold the camera but Pilar was giving me one hell of a blow job, she was giving the camera a show.
But before I cum I pull out of her mouth.
Trying to get back into the filming
I make a comment to Pilar;
You don't waste time, don't ya.
Looking at the camera, Pilar say;
Coming her today to be filmed is making me feel so naughty.
I ask; does she masturbate often?
Pilar answers; at least once a day.
I ask do you want to give us a little show?
A show she gives, rubbing and pulling at her clit pistoning her fingers in and out of her pussy and cums hard.
Before she could say anything I grab the camera and stand up near Pilar. She grabs my cock and quickly starts sucking my cock till I can't take it and fill her mouth with cum.
Looking down POV, Pilar looks up at the camera , opens her mouth showing her mouth full of cum, closing her mouth, she licks her lips and saying;
I love the taste of cum.
Pulling back Pilar sit back, rubbing her clit telling me she is so horny, she needs more.

*While sucking my cock I could hear the guys tap the wall with the signal they were ready.

I set the camera back on the tripod and guide Pilar down on her knees. I hand Pilar a blindfold and tell her to put it on. When she does, I open the door to the adjoining room and the guys come in.
Pilar knows something is up, asking who was there.
I let her know; be patient.
Pilar down on her knees, I place the guys side by side infront of her. With the camera facing her, I come up behind her and take off the blind.
Her mouth drops open with all 3 cocks, hard and in her face. Pilar leans back and says; are these for me?
Slowly she leans forward taking one in her mouth and slowly strokes the other two.
She is going from one cock to the others.
One guy gets behind Pilar and starts fingering her pussy, the other two are taking turns fucking her mouth.
Pilar spits all over one cock and jerks it wildly, while she tries her best to deep throat the other. She has both of them moaning. Plus she is moaning herself but muffled by a cock in her mouth.
Suddenly Pilar stops, look around at all 3guys and say;
Just so you guys know, I LOVE bi men, so if you are bi or bi curious, I want to see it. I want to see a guy suck an other.
Suddenly the guy fingering Pilar walks over to Mr black and says;
I hope you don't mind but Ive always wanted to suck a black cock. He gets on his knees and starts sucking Mr black.
Pilar still in the doggie position tell the remain guy; come fill me up with that big cock.
He waste no time, kneels behind Pilar and pushes the head in and a few inches. She groans out; Easy babe, easy that a big cock. Work it in, loosen me up.
Pilar is caressing and kneeding Mr black balls as Mr bi suck his cock. Between his moans, Mr black reaches down, grabs a hand full of Pilar's hair and says; let's see how much of a slut you really are.
He pulls his cock out of Mr bi mouth and turns so his ass is right in Pilar's face. Still holding her by the hair, he pushes her face in his ass and says; tongue and eat my ass out.

*Little did he know that Pilar LOVES eat a guys ass out.

She takes a hold of his hips, partly for balance because Mr big behind her was starting to work the whole length of his cock in and out of her. She pulls Mr black ass in and a begins to work her tongue in his ass.
I stand up, grab the camera, so I could see Pilar's tongue dancing all his chocolate ass. Mr bi was now working his mouth up and down his cock.
I move the camera around to Mr big and you could see his thick cock working in and out Pilar's pussy.
He would pulling all the way out till just the head was between her lips, then with a steady thrust forward, he would slide in, balls deep. I was close with the camera, full frame of her pussy getting fucked.
That scene was so hot, I had to set the camera back down and stroke my cock as I watch this scene fold out.
Mr bi, sitting on the floor sucking mr black, Pilar's doggie, face deep in his chocolate ass, she is reaching between his legs jerking off Mr bi cock and now Mr big is fucking Pilar hard now.
This whole time Pilar is moan like a whore, every once in awhile pulling away from mr black ass moaning out: fuck me harder, fuck me like a whore.
The moment I hear Pilar say that, my cock was so hard and swollen ready to explode. I couldn't hold back and cum all over myself. I cleaning up quickly and grab the camera because mr black was moaning he was close to cumming.
I quickly swing around and capture Mr black holding the base of his cock, mr bi has his mouth open. Suddenly mr black starts pumping load after load of cum into his mouth. Mr black steps away, then falls back on the bed. Pilar quickly grabs Mr bi by the back of the head and starts kissing him, only breaking away telling him to share that cum.
As the two of them make out, Mr big say; I want head but from her.
Pilar quickly turns around and faces mr big cock. Looking over her shoulder she tells mr bi guy; come fuck this well lubed pussy.
He waste no time and take a hold of her hips, with one hard thrust forward he slams his cock balls deep.
Pilar moans out;
That's what I need!
I grab the camera, get in close and you can see the guy pulling his cock back till you could see Pilar's pussy stretched around this guys thick cock. He kept pulling back till you could see the outline of his thick head around her pussy.
Gripping her hips firmly, he pulls them into his, slamming his cock all the way in.
Looking at the other end, mr big cock has a hand full of Pilar's hair as he starts pumping his hip, pistoning his cock in and out of her mouth.
I set the camera back on the stand and pan back and forth between her giving head and getting slammed.
Mr black is sitting off to one side jerking off and watching Pilar getting FUCKed. That's when mr black suggest a different position.
Every pulls back, leaving Pilar panting and moaning as she lightly rubs her pussy. He pulls her onto the bed and has her lay back, saying: I want those big titties. Mr big grab her by the wrist and pulls her to where her head is hanging off the edge of the bed. Mr black quickly straddles Pilar's torso leaning down, licks her cleavage, spits between them and settles his cock between her tits. Pilar cups and squeeze her DD's around his cock. It look so hot seeing his black cock sliding between her soft white skin. Mr big steps in and starts working his cock in Pilar's eager mouth. Mr bi quickly pops between her legs and works his cock back in and picks up where he left off.
Pilar is moaning and groaning deep. I knew what was coming. I grab the camera, she pushed Mr big out of her mouth. Pilar moans out: oh god fuck me, I'm close to cumming.
Mr bi Is fucking her hard but you could tell he was close to cumming.
Damn it he's gonna cum, he pulls and cums all over her pussy and stomach. Mr black guy quickly slips back and gets between Pilar's legs. Once he gets his cock all the way in, he start pumping his cock hard and fast. You could hear his balls slamming off Pilar's ass. Mr big stands over Pilar's head and she grabs his hips and pulls her face into his ass and starts eating his ass out while he stares at her pussy stroking his cock. Pilar start moaning out loud, her legs starts shacking. She starts cumming but its muffled by Mr big ass.
Mr black keep fucks Pilar through her orgasm leaving her panting. Mr big stand off to one side stroking his cock as he watched mr black slows down to a stop and pulls out.
Pilar comes back to life and sits up on the bed and ask mr big to lay back.
Straddling mr big, Pilar takes a hold of his cock and guides it in her pussy. Sitting back, she slowly starts to rock back and forth, fuck his cock. Her big tits bouncing all over her chest.
I whisper in mr black ear; tease her ass and see if she will let you in.
I know Pilar likes anal but we have never tried DPing (we have with me and a dildo).
Mr black gets behind her and starts tongue her ass getting it wet. His tongue is soon replaced with a finger. Pilar moans out when his finger slipped in her ass.
Mr big hands are cupping her DD's squeezing them together sucking and nibbling her nipples. The quicker Mr black fingers Pilar's ass, the louder she moans for Mr big to suck her nipples harder as she pump that big cock. Pilar ass is opening up quickly, when Mr black slip a second finger in her ass, Pilar starts bucking wildly. She is rocking back hard fucking Mr Big and forcing Mr black fingers in her ass.
After several minutes Pilar stops rocking and tells Mr black; put that cock in my ass before I change my mind.
I grab the camera and zoom in on Pilars ass, Mr black straddles Mr bigs legs, holding the base of his cock, I hand him lube but he say he doesn't need any. Aiming his cock and he slips his cock in right next to Mr bigs cock in Pilar's pussy.
Pilar starts panting hard, moaning easy, easy.
Both guys ignore what she says and start pumping their cocks in her pussy. As one slip back the other slips in deeper.
I'm watching this all thru the camera view finder.
Suddenly Mr black pulls out and his cock is covered with Pilar's juices.
Hold the base of his cock, Mr black pushes the head in Pilar's ass. She is moaning and groaning. He pulls back a little but pushes forward again. Mr bigs cock is slowly pistoning in and out of Pilar's pussy.
Pilar holds still, stopping Mr big, looks back at Mr black and says; stop teasing me and fuck that ass.
Mr black and Mr big starts working their cocks in and out of Pilar. The room is fill with Pilar moaning, fuck me, fuck me like a whore. Both guys are pumping her, she is even pushing back fucking the guys back.
I have to set the camera back in the stand and jerk my cock off.
Mr bi comes back to life and stands up on the bed and takes a hold of Pilar's head and start fucking her mouth.
I could tell from the way Pilar was moaning and breathing she was close to cumming. Her body holds still and she pushes Mr bi back. Panting and groaning Pilar starts cumming but the guys don't even slow down and keep fucking her. Almost catching her breath Pilar starts cumming again. Screaming out she is cumming again. But still the guys don't stop. It was like the two were seeing whom could out last the other.
Suddenly Pilar grabs the head board forcing her hips back. She groans out throwing her head back and moans; OMG I gonna cum again and she moans uncontrollable as the two pound her holes.
Twitching Pilar's reaches back with both hands slowing the guys down to a stop and tells them; I can take anymore and slips off the guys.
Pilar looks around and all three guys are still rock hard. She gets up off the bed and sit on the floor and leans back on the bed, tells the guys; Stand in front of me, I want you all to jerk off or let me suck you but either way I want you all to cum all over my tits and face.
All three quickly stand in front of Pilar jerking off while she took turns sucking them.
First one to cum was Mr bi, he held the base of his cock as the first load lands partly on Pilar's face and the rest on her chest.
Mr big was next but he step in close and placed his cock between Pilar's DD's. she quickly wrapped her tits around his cock and started bouncing them, fucking his cock. He pumped his cock up and shoots cum all over her tits, cleavage and neck.
Mr black pushes Mr big aside and grabs a hand full of her hair tilting her head back and cums all over Pilar's face.
After each guy came they drifted back to the other room.
I close the door behind mr black, camera still running, cum still covering Pilar's face, I ask her what she thought about her surprise and all she could say was, I loved it but I won't be doing that any time soon.
I turn the camera off, hand Pilar a towel and help her back onto the bed. Laying back she says to me; will you eat my pussy now, slow and easy. I do as she ask and take her to one more orgasm.

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