Pilar's first woman

My lady, Pilar and I had a BBQ with some friends, coworkers and Pilar invited a few of her student from the local collage. It was a great party, lots of food, alcohol and a little weed.
Part way thru the party, Pilar comes to me and whisper in my ear.
"Remember when I told you about that student of mine, thats her."

Quick back story; I have been trying to get Pilar to try being with a woman. I've seen her make out with one and knew she has kiss many in the past. But she hasn't gone all the way and I was dying to see it happen.

Pilar points Racheal out to me. She is about 5'3", hispanic/anglo, long dark hair and brown eyes. My guest she was probably a C cup and had a runner's body

I teased Pilar telling her to go flirt with her. I know you want her, you talk about her often.
Pilar slaps my arm; I can't, she's my student.
Before Pilar walks away, I whisper in her ear; EX-student, remember the semester is over.
Pilar walks away saying; interesting thought, interesting thought?
During the BBQ Pilar was a social butterfly and I trying to be the gracious host. But I did notice, Pilar always gravitating towards Racheal and it looked like there was some mutual flirting going on.


As the evening turned to night, the BBQ settled down to a handful of people hanging out back and a few inside.
I cruise around and find Pilar inside, talking with a couple friends and Racheal.
I stood in the doorway and watch Pilar from across the room. Everytime our friends looked at our picture, I could see Racheal and Pilar, brush a hand across each other shoulder, back and neck.
Pilar excuses herself, walks over to me and pushes me into the kitchen. Press me up against a wall, we engage in a heavy passionate kiss.
Kissing my neck, Pilar whispers in my ear. My pussy is SO wet.
I tell her; I figured, I see how you and Racheal are touchy feely.
Pilar bites my neck and says; liquid courage is kicking in and I want her, BAD.
Kissing me again, she pulls back and says; please baby, can I have her?
Cupping my cock and balls, I know you want to watch.
Breaking away, she says; you need to find a way to get us alone.
I knew my two friends inside well. As Pilar and I walk back to the living room, I tell my friends, we are getting ready to burn a few, wanna join in? They were down and headed outside. As we walked away, I could see Pilar and Racheal getting close.
Outside, I get the ball rolling and light up a few joints. About 10 minutes later Pilar comes outside and pulls me away.
Once the backdoor closes, Pilar slams me against the kitchen counter and kiss me heavy. Pulling away, she saying; come with me. Guiding me to our bedroom, I see Racheal leaning in the doorway, her shirt was open, exposing her see-thru bra and i could see her half dollar size areola and eraser size nipples pushing against the material.
Letting go of my hands, Pilar walks over to Racheal, wraps her hands around her waist and they lightly kiss. Pausing, they turn towards me and Racheal says; you can watch, but you can't touch, even Pilar I want her to myself.
Racheal slowly pulls Pilar into the room and I follow. Closing the door behind me, I just stand there, as I watch Pilar and Racheal kissing turn to a passionate kiss.
Pilar sits on the bed and pulls Racheal down on top of her as the kiss and slide up and the bed, till they are side by side now fully making out and fondling each other. The room was filled with their moaning.
I just watch as they damn near rip each others cloths off. Both are in their bra and underwear. Racheal is on top of Pilar, grinding her pussy on Pilar's thigh. Both are cupping each others tits and teasing each other nipples.
Pilar holds Racheal hips, helping her grind down on her thigh.
Suddenly Racheal rolls off Pilar, pulling her on top. Racheal reaches around and opens Pilar bar, her big DD's spill out and into Racheal hands and mouth. She starts going to town on Pilar's tits and nipples. Sucking and pulling in her nipples. Pilar is now grinding down on Racheal thigh. Pilar removes Racheal bra and the two women smash their naked tits together, as their are all over each others body and making out, open mouth tonguing, kissing and biting each others neck.
I can't take it any more and have my cock out stroking it slow and easy.
Then slowly I see Pilar kissing her way down Racheal body, OMG, is she gonna eat her out?
Pilar gets close to her pussy and Racheal quickly pulls her underwear off exposing a clean shaven pussy, with some meaty lips and a large hood on top.
Racheal quickly spreads her lips apart and says; OMG I've masturbated so many times fantasizing about you going down on me.
Pilar buries her face in Racheal pussy. The room is filled with Racheal moans as Pilar goes down on her first woman. It seem like she knew what she was doing, at one point Pilar had spread Racheal lips wide exposing her clit. She was sucking, nibbling and pulling at Racheal clit. Then dragging her tongue down and tongue fuck her pussy. Then moving back up to her clit.
Pilar is up on her knees and when I looked down between her legs I could see a long thick drip of cum hanging from her lips.
Racheal grabs Pilar head, forcing her clit in her mouth. And moans out; finger fuck me, finger fuck me!
Pilar easily slips two fingers in and pushes down forcing her fingers knuckle deep and steadily her fingers piston in and out. Pilar's tongue is a blur dancing all over it. Every so often she would suck her clit into her mouth, making Rachel twist and groan out in pleasure.
I can't take it any more and moan out. Cum squirting from my cock landing about a foot away, the rest all over my hand. I quickly start stroking harder and faster using my cum as lube.
Pilar's tongue is dancing all over Racheal clit, her fingers as curling up looking for Racheal gspot.
Racheal pulling and pinching her own nipples.
Suddenly Racheal grips at the sheet forcing her hips up, moaning; OMG here I cum, I'm gonna cum hard!
I could see Pilar's fingers pistoning up deep in her pussy.
Racheal's clit is swollen and popping out from its hood.
Pilar is trying to hold her down as she takes Racheal though one of the biggest orgasm I have seen.
Racheals bucking slows down to her pumping her hips forward in Pilar's face.
Pilar slowly kisses her way back up and the two kiss very passionately when they meet. Laying side by side the ladies start fondling each other again while making out again.
I'm stand there, cock soft because I came a second time. I slowly zip up as I watching the ladies make out. I slip out the door to tend to our guest or least try to with cum all over the inside of my pants and underwear. All I could smell was sex in my nose.
I pop back outside and excuse myself and for Pilar, explain she had a little to much to drink.
About a half hour later Pilar comes back outside and whispers in my ear; Racheal has left and my pussy NEEDS that cock of yours.
That's when she announces to our hand full of friend left. She needs me back in bed to help her from spinning.

Where we really fucked our brains out.
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