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Occupation:Finding the best amateur interracial videos on xhamster and posting them in my favorites. I have over 2500 there.
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Live in a small town in Alabama. Since my divorce over 10 years ago, I have spent a lot of time hooking up my white girlfriends with a couple of black friends I have. So far, 11 middle aged, mostly married women have gone to the dark side. They grew up when it was taboo to have black friends and I help them live out their fantasies. Usually within a month or two of meeting these women, they are willing to give it a try. A couple have become obsessed with black men and it is fun to watch the transformation.

I especially love petite white women and I like to set them up with a black friend of mine who is 6 ft/2, around 300 pounds. The little white women disappear under him.

People asked me how I got started in this lifestyle. I saw an ad in a magazine called UnReal People years ago. A black guy named Philip Smith in Chicago sold tapes that featured him and several of his black friends having their way with lots of white women and you could often see the husband sitting in a chair in the background. I loved it and bought a lot of his tapes over the years. He probably had a hundred and each one had several different white wives. You can see an example here:

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9 days ago
Uploaded some new content!! Come and let me know what you think?
16 days ago
Thanks for having me in your favorite videos!
16 days ago
Thanks for the invite!
21 days ago
Check this out:


He seems to have stop posting but he posted 3761 videos with white sluts and black men.

I hope he starts posting again.
22 days ago
Nice profile
1 month ago
nice bro .. i say me you and 6 females will make a hell of a vid .. lol
1 month ago
WOW I remember UnReal People - that was a LONG time ago !!!
1 month ago
Very great pages..
1 month ago
1 month ago
keep up the good work
2 months ago
Good stuff man..
3 months ago
3 months ago
People email me all the time and think I am exagerating about white sluts doing anything black men tell them to do. Watch this video:

This white slut asked her black man to relax so she can get her tongue up his ass. I have seen the same thing in person. White sluts will do anything to please black men. You can fuck them, slap, choke, piss on them, etc. I have seen it all.
4 months ago
Stunning vids, thank you for sharing
5 months ago
I gladly accept your request, although I have already come to the dark side!!
5 months ago
hmmm i like what i see...
5 months ago
A great, simple, clear page.... BBC have more fun!
5 months ago
5 months ago
Thanks for the love. I also love your content.
5 months ago
Sounds like we have similar tastes. Yes, I used to get those lists from Philip. I bought almost everyone he produced. Some plain looking white wives but, also, some hot young white sluts with the boyfriend or husband sitting in a chair nearby watching Philip and his friends fuck the women on camera. Who knew we would have all that online. I see those videos all over the net now. Thanks for writing.
5 months ago
Great page. I bought a few of Philip Smith's videos years ago. It was so before the time that you used to write for a list of videos and he would send you a handwritten list that you would order from, yet the videos were grest, real women doing wild things with some very talented black studs. Ultimately i met a guy who like Philip was very good at getting a white woman forget about her boyfriend for a while. I should know. I was one of those boyfriends.
6 months ago
hot collection
6 months ago
Thanks for the many great shares.
6 months ago
awesome uploads
6 months ago
I see young interracial couples all the time at the park where I jog. This couple was not too lucky:

6 months ago
Leave comments and add our personal vids to Fav
7 months ago
I too like BBC and I also know of this Unreal People it was a great mag.
7 months ago
Great vids.
7 months ago
one of the best fav video collection
7 months ago
Thanks man, much appreciated. I'm glad you like my videos. You got some really good videos too. Love how you turn these women on to some black dick. Keep up the good work, i'll definitely be in touch.

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