Caught by the Neighbour

My story happened many years ago, when I was 16, I lived with
my mother and grandma as my dad left I was 7. My mother told
me that grandma and herself would be going away for a long
weekend on friday, great I thought, the whole house to myself
for4 days...
Friday came and it was a hot day, I raced home from school
in excitment of the 4 days i had ahead of me, as I got home mother
was just getting out of the shower, she is a good looking woman
aged 42, slim and 5'7 tall, grandma was in the kitchen all packed
and waiting to go. Grandma was 63 on the tubby side and 5'7
the same as mother.
After about half an hour mother and grandma said there
goodbyes giving me a kiss on the cheek and telling my to
behave myself and that Mrs wilson our nextdoor neighbour will
check in to make sure that im ok..... Yes mom I will, thinking yeah right of
course I will!!!
I waited for the car to drive up the road and I raced to the
bathroom and hit the laundry basket.
I had hit the jackpot!!! mother hadnt done the washing for
3 days, right on the top of the pile were my mothers panties
all screwed up, I picked them up and felt the dampness of the gusset
straight away, my cock started to harden the more I felt them,
I continued to rumage around and found a pair of my grandma's
panties that were also damp... I immediatley put these to my
nose and smelt them and boom my cock was solid.
I then went mothers bedroom to her special drawer, Her special
drawer contained vibrators and 2 dildos, I chose one that was
5 inches tall and about an inch and a half wide.
I took the panties and dildo to my bedroom, stripped naked and laid on
my bed, I had grandma's panties on my face sniffing at them
like mad, the sweet aroma of pussy and piss was too much for
me, I wrapped the gusset of my mothers panties around my
7 inch iron rodded cock, with her wet cum stained panties
sliding up and down my cock, I was in heaven, I left grandma's
panties on my head and was tickling my nipples and playing
with my asshole. I started to suck the tip of the dildo to get
it wet enough and proceed to probe my ass, pushing gently i
managed to get the entire length up me.
My god I thought to myself
I have another 3 days of this, Im gonna wear my cock out.
Id been wanking for about 15 - 20 minutes when i felt by balls
tighten, I went harder and faster on on cock until I erupted, I
hadnt had a wank in 3 days and I spurted all over my chest and
a few drops landed on my chin and lips, wow I thought as I
took a lick of my lips and ate my cum, I led there for a couple
of minutes when I heard a female voice saying 'well your a
horny little bugger arent you'!!! FUCK who was that?
I lifted grandma's panties from my nose and eyes to find
Mrs Wilson stood at the foot of my bed!!! I was gobsmacked
and very red with embaresment!!
Ive been watching you for the last 10 minutes young man!
I came around to see if you were hungry but I can see your busy.
and I liked how you worked your cock, she said winking at me.
Mrs Wilson was aged about 51, slimish with grey hair and married
Before I knew it she was by my side running her hand over my
chest saying your cock is still hard, I like that, smiling. she
then took 2 fingers and wiped some cum from my chest and
started to massage it onto my hard cock, do you like that she
asked?? all I could do was nod my head. she kept massaging
until more pre-cum leaked from my japseye, Mrs Wilson gently
lent forward and licked my helmet making my whole body
shiver with excitment.
My eyes nearly popped out of my head when she took more cum
from my chest with one hand and removed the dildo with the other
and started probing my anus with her cum laden fingers!!
It felt so good.
Mrs Wilson had 2 of hers sliding in and out of me!
she kept tell me to relax and enjoy, again all I could do was nod.
she then curled her fingers within me and started to masssage my prostate
I let out a big groan when she first done it, within minutes my
body started to tremble again as she expertly massaged my
cock and prostate, within 5 strokes of my cock I had exploded every
where again!! Mrs Wilson rubbed my cum into my chest, pinching my
nipples and said your a hot boy, then lifted her skirt and slid her panties
off, she picked them up and threw them at my face and said you made
me soak my panties!! Her pussy was glistening she had short grey
pubic hair which she was now rubbing, she told me to stay where I
was and stradled by face, I started licking her old clit like there was
no tomorrow, it wasnt long before she was wriggling on my face,
it tasted of sweat and piss, it wasnt long before my tongue found her
little puckered asshole, she groaned loudly as my tongue entered
her chocolate starfish, she lifted her right leg and began furiously
rubbing her clit and within 30 seconds she came on my face!
She actually started to squirt! I was in heaven.
We both lay there exhausted for a while before she said she had to
go to prepare Mr Wilsons dinner. She kissed me and slipped her tongue
deep into my mouth before leaving me. She got to the door turned
around with a glint in her eye and said 'same time tomorrow lover boy?'
Fuck yeah Mrs Wilson!!!
I must be the luckiest 16 year old around!!

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1 year ago
More please
1 year ago
Please post the rest.
1 year ago
horny story keep on writing
1 year ago
Great story love to read more
1 year ago
Please write some more. Very hot
1 year ago
Of course, I would love to read the rest of the story...One, because as a man you're somewhat similar in what concerns the fetishes and secondly, because you really had the chance to fulfill my own fantasy...
1 year ago
That is a hot story.
1 year ago
That is a hot story.