College Days

At college I was into everything, debates, sport, field trips, girls and of cause the female teachers, I remember one teacher I had a certain thing for, being about 20 years older than me and married, it didn’t really go anywhere at college, one day out with my mates I notice Tina (that’s the teacher) broke down at the side of the road, pulling over I got out and asked if there was anything I could do, she said it just stopped, and now the battery had gone flat, I fiddled around under the bonnet and found the problem, getting covered in crap, we jump started it and she set off, only to stall again straight away, jump starting it again I said I would drive with her as she didn’t live far, I got my mate to follow us, as we set off.

Driving slowly we got chatting, she smelt fucking gorgeous really good enough to eat, “you smell fantastic miss” “Tina please makes me sound old” “you old no way if you don’t mind me saying, your very sexy, most of the lads in school say it” Tina blushed and burst out laughing “you smooth talker are you trying to get a kiss” “well wouldn’t mind that but then I wouldn’t mind more as well” smiling at her “sorry you what did you say” Tina looked at me “you would like more than a kiss” “yer why not I find you hot and sexy” “why not because I’m your teacher that’s why not” turning into her drive we parked up.

“Tina I fancy you and what goes on out of school affect nothing in school why would it” “oh I dunno I have to admit you are attractive and do fancy you in a way but your 20 years younger than me and I am married, and love my husband. “Well I’m not going to make it awkward for you, but I find you sexy and would like some fun if you want, can I clean up”? “Sure you can” as we got out the car I told my mates to drop the car home and I would see them later. As they drove off Tina and I went inside “nice place” “thanks, if you go upstairs first door on the right is the bathroom, if you want to shower you can” “will you come wash my back” smiling I went into the bathroom.

Just getting undressed a knock on the door Tina asked if there was clean towels in there as she couldn’t remember”,” yes there is but you can come in I am decent” “are you sure you are”? “I still have my boxers on” Tina opened the door and gasped “oh wow your very fit” as her eyes went down to the bulge in my boxers gasping she licked her lips “well I suppose you want your back washed now” “as long as you join me I promise to be good” “I hope you are good I don’t want to have to complain after” walking up to me we kissed Tina run her hand over my increasing bulge.
I started to undress her pulling her top off and undoing her bra her firm nipples stuck out I bent down and sucked them slowly Tina groaned as she wrapped her fingers around my cock and started to rub it, “Mmmmmmmmm nice and hard and thick” I slipped her trousers down and slipped my hand into her panties, as smooth as silk I slipped 2 fingers into her pussy, “oh god this feels so good” as her panties fell around her ankles we stepped into the shower, Tina leaned against the wall as the hot water fell over our bodies, “fuck me I need to be fucked” as I slipped my cock into her pussy Tina groaned “oh god that is big” we adjusted ourselves and Tina wrapped her leg around my waist, as I pushed up deep into her pussy.

Tina moaned as I pushed my cock deep into her, kissing her passionately she said she was Cumming moaning a bit louder she clenched tightly and cried out her orgasm, begging for more my cock deep in her pussy it started to pulse, groaning like mad my balls tightened and I shot my load into her, my cock finally went limp and hung down, kissing and touching Tina said I should go as her husband would be home soon, I asked to see her again and she agreed, and would let me know when she could meet, not doing it before it would be difficult but she would do so, as soon as possible.
Getting dressed and leaving I felt rather pleased I had pleased an older woman and would want more, arriving home I phoned my mate and arranged to meet later, I wouldn’t tell him what had happened but just smiled at what had happened.

The following day at school Tina smiled and looked very happy, asking why she smiled so much, she said “well with what you had in me no wonder I am smiling, can’t wait to have more, would you like to meet tonight”?. “Yer sure where and when” “the pub down the road from here, about 7.30 go for a drink then who knows” smiling Tina went about her business. 7.30 arrived and Tina was bang on time, sipping her wine I couldn’t believe I was in the company of a real sexy lady, “so what time you got to be in bed miss” I laughed as I said it “well what time do you want me in bed I’ve booked a room here and told the old man, I’m staying at a mates, told her about you”, after telling me the room number and to come up in 10 minutes.

Having another drink I went to the room, knocking on the door I said “room service” unzipping my trousers and letting my cock hang out, the door opened and there stood Tina in just stockings, suspenders and a G string topless her tits looked bigger than the first time I saw them, hard nipples “oh good you brought supper” Tina looking at my limp cock, walking in and closing the door Tina grabbed my cock leading me to the bed, sitting on the bed she leaned over and started to suck me until I was hard, I watched her head move back and forth, her warm mouth felt good as my cock slipped down her throat.
Pulling my cock out of her mouth she wanked it hard, I groaned feeling my cock thicken I cum in her mouth, and down her throat “Mmmmmmmmmmm it tastes nice, never swallowed cum before” looking at my hung cock she smiled “this is so wrong but I love it” I laughed “well bad things in moderation are good” laughing like mad Tina pointed at my cock and said “that is not moderate” laying back on the bed I pulled the G string off and pushed her legs open gently, “what you going to do” Tina looked worried, “wait and see” as I knelt down and slowly kissed her pussy, Tina gasped as the pleasure hit her senses, “oh god that feels amazing” as I slowly run my tongue up and down her lips, her pussy opened slightly to show her clit the light pink flesh tasted amazing, sucking her clit Tina put her hands on my head.

“Oh god this is amazing, having a small orgasm Tina played with her tits pulling her nipples as pleasure flowed through her body, groaning louder and louder she said she was close to Cumming, “oh yes, yes, yes, yessssssssssssss” Tina arched her back with a huge orgasm. Laying next to her I smiled “Oh my god, that was amazing never had that done to me” I asked what her sex life was like, Tina said it was ok but nothing like this, her husband had a accident years ago and it had made him in-fertile, not realising until they had gone for tests, his cock was average but wouldn’t allow oral sex as he didn’t like it. Tina kissed me saying sex with me was exciting opening her eyes , to what she had been missing.

Getting into bed we kissed and felt each other, I slipped 2 fingers into her pussy giving her a fingering making her cum, she joked saying “well that’s doubled my orgasms for the year” I asked didn’t her husband make her cum, “sadly not always I fake it to make him feel better, but he cum’s rather quickly, but not always when I wank him off”, grabbing my cock she rubbed it slowly, it started to get hard, sliding down the bed Tina sucked me slowly, pulling the sheets back she rubbed her tits over the hard shaft, “Mmmmmmmmmm I love that cock, so glad you convinced me, I bet you never get a complaint”?, “Well up until now no but will see by the morning won’t we miss?.
Moving up the bed Tina got on top sliding my cock into her pussy, sitting up she moved up and down, as I played with her tits, all she was wearing was her suspender belt and stocking, it was really turning me on, “Mmmmmmmmm feels so good” Tina started to grind her hips making her moan, “will you still respect me after, I won’t regret this will I” looking at her I said “I’m not into using women, I have fancied you since I started to take your class, but knew you was married, just needed to go on a date with you I didn’t expect this. Tina smiled got off, laying beside me we held and kissed each other, getting in between her legs my cock slid in straight away, Tina moaned softly, her pussy soaking wet I started to fuck her slowly, “Mmmmmm oh yes fuck me harder make me cum.

Her arms wrapped around me I could feel her pussy muscles grip the base of my cock, she was tight but that made it more enjoyable, my hips started to fuck her harder as her tit’s moved up and down, I sucked her nipples making her moan, kissing her passionately her muffled groan was turning her on, pulling out and kissing her all the way down, Tina gasped and sighed with pleasure, “get on your knees” I asked her “I’ve never done doggy” as she got onto her knees, I got behind her wetting my fingers and slipping them, into her pussy, I could see her tits hanging down, not to big but deffo not small, I pushed my cock deep into her pussy.
Gripping her hips I started to fuck her slowly to start spanking her arse softly she yelped “ Oi I’m the teacher I’m supposed to punish you” giggling I started to fuck her harder and harder “oh yes fuck me baby, fuck my pussy” moaning softly I could see her tits swaying, her nipples hard like 2 bullets, “harder, fuck me harder” gripping her hips I started to slam my cock in and out of her wet hole, looking down I could see her perfect pink arse wetting my finger I slipped it into her hole, making her cum, moving it in and out, she couldn’t stop Cumming “oh god yes more, more fuck my pussy” spanking her soft arse cheek, she begged me to cum in her, I pushed my cock in and out hard and fast, gripping her hips I shot my load deep into her pussy, triggering a string of orgasms that ripped through her body, Tina moaned and groaned loudly.

I pulled my semi hard cock out of her lying on the bed she laid beside me, “amazing why is it you are showing a 38 yr old women how to fuck, it should be the other way round” we both laughed before we started to kiss and feel again, getting Tina all horny again she asked what I would like, “well what have you dreamt of doing” a few seconds past when she replied “want to be fucked by 2 guys with big cocks” ok well maybe next time I’ll get Tony, sliding down the bed Tina started to suck my balls, running her tongue around both it wasn’t too long before I was rock hard again, Tina was surprised at how quick I could recover standing up and bent over a chair, I got behind her and pushed my cock deep in.

Tina groaned as I pushed in and out slowly, my cock was pushing her lips wide, making her moan louder “fuck my arse I want to feel how good it is” wetting her hole I gently eased my cock in making her yell “it was huge”. Getting faster and faster Tina moaned and groaned as I felt my cock pulse and pump her arse full of cum, Tina groaned loudly as I rubbed her clit making her cum. “Oh god what did you do there, only rubbed your clit hard doing it again Tina shook with a huge orgasm, falling onto the bed we fell asl**p until the following morning, when I woke Tina had gone, leaving a note thanking me for a fantastic night and would call in a few days.
As I left I got a message from Tina saying her husband was going away at the weekend for a week, inviting me to stay at her place, I replied by saying I would be there and I’ll have a special surprise, signing off with xx. I phoned Tony asking if he would do a 3 way with a 38 year old teacher telling him her name he jumped at the chance, the following week at college Tina was eager to know what I was bringing as the surprise, all I told her was “it would be worth it”. I saw Tina on Wednesday evening ending up fucking her in the back of her car, giving me her panties as a reminder how good, her pussy smelt. The weekend arrived and I got the all clear text and she was waiting for me, I called for Tony and we set off, Tony was a great guy and very well liked by the girls at college, his cock was huge that’s the reason he was so liked, us lads called him the log for that reason. Arriving at Tina’s place we was welcomed with a surprised look on Tina’s face “here is your surprise, you wanted a 3 way”, we sat having a laugh and joke before Tony stated to flirt with Tina “do you know Tina I have a nick name”! “Oh and dare I ask what it is”? laughing as she said it, “Log” “hmmmmmm interesting nick name, I think I can guess why your called that as well” getting up Tony unzipped his trousers pulling out his cock “oh my word” Tina’s mouth dropped open at the site of his very long thick cut cock. I roared out laughing at her face, “Jesus Christ that is amazing come here and let me hold it”.

Tony stood in front of Tina as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the shaft, it wasn’t as thick as mine but a good 3 or 4” longer one girl Tony fucked said she measured it and said it was just over 12” long, and when he fucked her she passed out with the huge orgasms she had. Leaning over Tina started to suck Tony cock, pulling the skin back she slowly sucked the huge purple head, and rubbed it slowly, Tony groaned as her other hand played with his huge balls, and I mean huge he never wore boxers as he believed if they hung down it made the women stare, and they did and licked their lips, thinking of what had or would be in them, Tony had, had at least 60% of the girls in college and at least 80% had given him head.
Tony cock now was getting hard as Tina worked his cock in her mouth, as well as rubbing it, “Oh god miss not had head like this before” Tina pulled his cock ok of her mouth, “less of the miss now Tina is fine” slipping her mouth back onto his rod, she stared to undo her clothes taking her blouse and bra off Tony said “nice tits what’s your pussy like” Tina stopped sucking standing up she un did her skirt and pulled her panties down, bending over she looked back “well does the view look good” Tony grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it hard, before pushing it into her wet pussy, her lips stretched as his huge cock slid in “oh god mother of fuck, so big mmmmmmmmmm” as Tony full length disappeared into her pussy.

Moving back and forth her tits swayed Tina looked at me and smiled “come on I’ll suck your cock, my cunt is slightly full at the moment, I walked over getting naked I sat in front of Tina “Mmmmmmmm another big cock, ain’t I a lucky girl, as Tony started to fuck her harder, “urghhhhhhhh god fuck me with your big cock, I am such a cock whore, sliding my cock into her mouth I pushed my head back and closed my eyes, all I could feel was her warm mouth sliding up and down my cock, nibbling the head of my dick I reached out and played with her nipples, making her moan and beg for more, Tony said he was going to cum soon, rubbing her clit Tina moaned loud Tony pushed his cock deep and cum in her pussy, making Tina yell out a orgasm.

Rubbing my cock hard I could feel it start to pulse, Tina massaged my balls followed by a cock head massage and I shot my load onto her face and in her mouth, “wow nice load, as Tony slipped out, Tina run her finger across her pussy and sucked her finger “Mmmmmmmm double cream so yummy” Tina looked at Tony limp cock and then at mine, smiling she said “well I know who is gonna be a happy slut later, I’ll mark each out of 10” as she burst out laughing. Tony and I sat either side of her and started to kiss her all over, sucking her nipples and slipping our hand between her legs Tina sighed softly, as she grabbed both limp cocks she leant over and sucked each cock slowly “Mmmmmm soft cock my 3rd favourite meal”, as Tina bent over to suck Tony cock I run my hands over her perfect smooth backside, I watched as she sucked on Tony huge cock it was like a sl**ping python as Tina kissed Tony all over.

I slipped 2 fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her slowly “mmmmmm harder finger me harder” moving my fingers in and out I could feel how sticky they had become, “oh yes, I’m Cumming oh god arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, as Tina shook I could see Tony getting hard again, “shall we go upstairs” getting off the sofa we followed Tina upstairs, watching her naked arse following her into the bedroom, she sat on the bed and asked what we would like to do to her, I suggested Tony fuck her and then myself.

Tina smiled at the suggestion as she slipped into bed, and Tony to the side of her, I sat in the chair watching my mate devour Tina. Tony slid down the bed and started to lick her pussy, I could see Tony huge cock and balls hang down, and ready for action, Tina moaned and groaned as he teased her clit to the point of a orgasm, Tina begged to be fucked as it was driving her crazy, what Tony was doing to her. Slipping 2 fingers into her pussy, he finger fucked her hard and fast, making her grip the mattress and let out a huge scream, as the orgasm ripped through her body. Tony sat up as Tina got on her knees, grabbing the base of his cock Tony slipped his cock into her soaking wet slit, “ohhhh god so fucking good” as Tony started to slip in and out of her pussy.

Her tits hung down and swayed with every thrust her stiff nipples stood out as I started to rub my cock, I looked down as my thick cock stood stiff, putting my head back I closed my eyes listening to Tina and Tony fucking, Tina moaned loudly with every thrust Tony gave her, as he slammed his cock in and out Tina begged for more, Tony started to spank her arse making her yelp, Tina looked over at me wanking “come on join us that cock is going to waist, joining them on the bed, Tony pulled his cock out of her pussy, and slipped it into her arse.

As Tina straddled me, she fed my cock into her pussy, I could feel Tony cock in her arse, as we fucked her hard, I held Tina tight, pounding her pussy and arse hard Tina screamed loudly saying she loved it, and wanted more. Sucking her nipples Tina orgasmed again and again, I could feel her juices flowing her pussy as Tony cum, Tina yelled out as the hot cream filled her arse, Tina sat up and started to bounce up and down, Tony was still behind her he cupped her tits and played with her nipples.
As Tina leant back she sunk her pussy, deep onto my cock, I grabbed her thighs and exploded into her pussy, Tina moaned loudly unable to cum anymore, she slumped on my chest drenched in sweat breathing heavily and unable to speak, after a while Tina said “I have never been fucked so hard in my life, I loved the 3 way looking at Tony she smiled and lay in between the 2 of us. Falling asl**p until the following morning I woke to find Tina deep throating Tony, his huge hard cock disappearing down her throat, Tony hand on the back of her head he pushed her head until, her mouth touched his balls, Tony groaned and cum making her cough and gag, but she swallowed what she could.

Tony got up and got dressed as we said goodbye to him, Tina shut the door as I grabbed her and pushed her over the back of the sofa, ripping her panties clean off I pulled my cock out and slammed it into her pussy “right you dirty slut you can take my cock now and beg until I forgive you” “oh please fuck my pussy I need your thick cock”, pushing in deep Tina moaned “oh god so fucking deep” spanking her arse until her cheeks glowed a pinky red “fuck me baby, fuck my tight slit” I pulled out and told her to stay there, returning a few moments later with rope and blindfold, tying her hands together and putting the blindfold on her, I stood on the sofa and demanded she suck my cock.

“Mmmmmmmm” Tina loved to suck cock since I introduced her to pleasing me, pulling my cock out of her mouth I got behind her and pushed my cock into her again, gripping her hips I started to fuck her hard and fast, Tina moaned and groaned begging for more and more, her tits bounced with the f***e I fucked her with, wetting her arse I pulled out and pushed my cock in her hole, Tina lifted her head and yelped out loud begging for me to cum, rubbing her clit Tina shook and squirted like a fountain screaming out a orgasm, gripping her hips I cum deep in her, I seemed to keep Cumming as Tina shook out of control, I finally stopped Cumming and pulled my cock out of her arse, leaving her bent over the sofa I stood to one side and spanked her arse cheek hard, “Oh god spank me more” Tina shouted out.

Spanking her again and again Tina cried out another orgasm, collapsing on the floor, hands still tied and still blindfolded I grabbed her hands and made her crawl naked around the house, “oh please master make me beg for my freedom”, making her stand up I told her to stand still until I was ready to free her, Tina agreed and said “is there anything she could do for me” I untied her hands and took the blindfold off telling her to do the housework naked until I call for her, doing as she was told I watched as she hovered and washed the dishes. “Tina come here” “yes master what do you want” put a coat on and go to the shop and buy me some food” Tina did as she was told returning saying it made her horny and needed to cum.

Demanding she lay on the floor in front of me and finger her pussy, rubbing my cock I watched her fingers slip in and out of her smooth pussy, as she cum. “Oh thank you master I feel so much better now, what would you like now” thinking for a few moments I told her to go into the back garden and talk to the neighbour and let him see that she was topless, doing as she was told she spoke to the neighbour a youngish man as he could see her tits, his cock went hard I could see him pulling his cock out and wanking it hard, he cum in seconds, calling Tina in I told her he had wanked off whilst talking to her, I told her to go around and invite him in and then suck his cock, a few moments later she returned with him, and dropped to her knees sucking his cock.
After a while he left stunned as I told Tina to come suck me off before we go to bed to rest before I fuck her for the rest of the day, taking hold of my cock she slowly sucked my hard cock playing with my balls I didn’t last long, demanding she swallowed every drop and then go wait for me in bed, Tina did as she was told saying she loved to be dominated. I went upstairs after a while and told her she had to wash me, following me into the shower she did as any good slave would do getting me hard she sucked my cock and fingered her pussy, Tina cum again telling me her pussy was so sensitive and her clit was very swollen, begging for me not to fuck her until later that night.

I agreed to this on the condition she phoned a friend to come over and fuck me until she was able to, Tina told me she had no real close friends that would help her with that except her mum who was divorced and knew about us, I asked how old she was and what she looked like, I told Tina to phone her, she sounded as good as her daughter, coming off the phone she said she would be here in ½ hour, and was really horny not having cock for 2 years, “excellent and you can watch me as punishment” Tina agreed as we rested, the door bell went and Tina let her mum in, Jennifer was blonde blue eyes huge tits and didn’t look her 58 years of age more like late forty’s.
After a short chat Jennifer stood up and got undressed my cock went rock solid from what I saw shaved pussy, pierced nipples, and clit Jennifer stared at my hard cock “hell’s blazes you expect my pussy to have that in me your split my pussy in two, it’s huge never had one that big or as young either”. Walking over she slipped into bed looking at me she said “be gentle and show me what you can do with this old bird” laughing out loud I started to suck her nipples, Jennifer groaned as I flicked her nipples with my tongue. Getting in between her legs I pushed my cock in to her pussy, it was a bit tight to start but with a few orgasms she was soaking wet, “oh god it’s huge” Jennifer was some bit of stuff, wrapping her legs around my waist she drew me close, making sure my cock was deep.

Jennifer’s pussy muscles gripped the base of my cock, groaning she was Cumming as she started to grind her hips and squeeze her huge tits Jennifer bucked her hips triggering a string of orgasms, making me shoot my hot thick load deep into her pussy, “oh god that feels good, not had a good fuck in a few years and, never a young guy with a cock your size” I rolled over as Jennifer felt her cum filled pussy, and sucked her fingers” mmmmmmmmm well what shall I do with you young man” sitting up she took my cock and started to suck it, her tongue started to wrap itself around my cock head as her mouth devoured my limp log, I looked across to see Tina watching her mother suck a guy’s cock 40 years younger than her.

Jennifer sat up, “well my boy you sure do have a tasty cock, and know how to use it” getting up and going for a shower Tina joined me on the bed “did you like her master? Did I do well?” “Yes you did I will reward you soon” Jennifer came back into the bedroom getting dressed she said it was worth the journey and would want it again, giving her phone number saying “call me” she left. Tina came over and begged to please me, gently holding my cock she started to suck it slowly, she was as good as her mum but her tits slightly smaller and her pussy a bit tighter. I was now semi hard and Tina stood up, slipping 2 fingers into her pussy Tina moaned with pleasure “fuck me master fuck your slutty whore”.

Tina bent over to show me her perfect shaped pussy I told her to come sit on my cock, guiding her onto it, she started to bob up and down as I cupped her tits in each hand playing with her nipples I could feel her pussy juices soaking my cock, getting off and turning around, we now kissed, her tits felt great rubbing against my chest, I grabbed her arse working her pussy on my cock, it felt great, laying back, I could see how my cock was coated in her juices, Tina put her fingers onto her clit, rubbing it hard she started to groan, louder and louder, her head thrashing about as she shouted she was Cumming, I sat up as I sucked hard on her nipples, Tina groaned again before she couldn’t hold back and cum, her pussy muscles gripped my cock tighter than before, with a final thrust I pumped her pussy full of cum, Tina wrapped her arms around my neck tight to ride out her orgasms.

For the next week we had all the sex we could, as Andrew was coming back 2 days early, leaving just hours before he arrived home I got a call from Tina thanking me for a amazing time and couldn’t wait until it happened again. Later that day Tina called saying Andrew had moved out to live with his PR and would I like to move in as her lover. Not long after I did Tina had twin girls and now we are enjoying the best sex ever, including sex with Jennifer. As a special treat we blindfolded Jennifer and got Tony to fuck her, I swear who didn’t hear her Cumming must of been deaf, her orgasm was so fierce she collapsed and was unable to walk properly for hours or sit, as her pussy was to sore........

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