She loved it hard

Tanya was a 40 year old mother of 3 lovely c***dren 2 girls and a boy, Tanya was married to Andrew a business man in the city, and she didn’t have to work had a beautiful house a decent sex life and their c***dren all away at university studying. Andrew was Tanya’s school sweetheart and had known each other since they could talk, Andrew spent many days away on business but this worked well for Tanya as she would go out with her friends regular, she also had a eye for younger men, what you would call a cougar, Tanya was stunning, tall blonde, brown eyes, and a figure that women would kill for, she was the odd one out being married as most of her friends either had boyfriends or divorced.

One Friday Andrew phoned said he would be home Sunday instead of Saturday due to a contract he was working on was stalled with something the client wasn’t happy with, she said it was ok and said see him Sunday, Tanya phoned her mates asking if they where free and arranged to go clubbing getting ready Tanya got in the shower, as the water run over her body, she was getting horny feeling her nipples that stood out she groaned and closed her eyes, her hand slipped down her flat stomach and in between her legs, her finger slipped into her pussy massaging her clit, moaning she decided to shave her pussy, she had done it on a few occasions but, Andrew wasn’t keen so she left it, soaping her pubic hair she clean shaved it like a piece of silk, rubbing hard she orgasmed feeling a lot better after.

The evening was going well when Tanya copped a eye of this young guy, she said to her mates, he would be in her bed tonight fucking the life out of my pussy, Andrew wasn’t due back until 6pm so she would have plenty of sex when she got him home, walking up to him she asked if he wanted a drink, taking him to a table and got chatting. Brian was 24 and all muscles a real good looking lad, Tanya was getting on with him as she suggested they go outside for a bit of fun, going around the corner they leant against a wall, Tanya squatted and undone Brian’s trousers pulling out a huge uncut limp cock, Tanya had never seen one that big “Jesus Christ that is fucking huge” measuring it against her arm it must of been 12” long, as she wrapped her fingers around it she opened her mouth as wide as possible and sucked it.

The head only just went in her mouth, her fingers didn’t go around his shaft as it was too thick, sucking gently it thickened up, she felt his huge balls her small hands could take one ball each Brian groaned as Tanya sucked and licked his cock like a lollipop, she could feel her pussy getting very wet and desperately wanted that cock in her and making her scream, standing up she pulled her panties off and opened her legs, Brian grabbed his cock and with wetting his fingers rubbed Tanya’s pussy before gradually slipping his cock slowly in. “Oh Jesus it feels like I’m splitting in two” kissing Brian deeply, she wrapped her legs around him and pushed her pussy onto his cock, Tanya was soaking wet and really horny from excitement.

Pulling her top up and unclipping her bra her huge tits bounced up and down with every thrust “oh god I’m Cumming, yes, yes, yes” as Tanya cum she tightened her legs as Brian’s cock throbbed, pumping his load into her pussy unwrapping her legs from around Brian’s waist, his cock hung down dripping cum onto the ground, “holy hell that was fucking brilliant do you want o come back to my place and do me again, the old man aint home until tomorrow night, “Ok would be fun your body is well fit” going back inside Tanya went over to her mates, telling her all about outside and how big Brian was, a huge gasp came from them as they all looked at Brian .
Arriving back at Tanya’s Brian looked at how big the house was “wow some gaff babe and your old man lets you fuck other guys” “he aint got a clue I still ride him but let’s just say I have a like for younger men and you hunny are the main meal in my bed tonight, my pussy is hungry for that cock and I’m as horny as fuck”, walking up to him and kissed him gently on the mouth, Brian run his hands over her tits making her nipples go hard like bullets feeling her arse he could feel the outline of her panties, “I hope you have plenty of underwear and clothes” Tanya looked confused as she stood back, Brian walked up to her turning her round he put his hands up her skirt ripping her panties clean off, bending her over he pulled her skirt up to reveal her firm bum, Tanya was turned on as he pushed her top up and pulled her tits out the bra, she was now at his mercy, “I’m so fucking horny fuck me with that huge cock” hearing him unzip his trousers there was silence for a moment followed by a slap on the arse from his cock, Tanya yelped as his thick log spanked her arse “oh god yes cock spank me” as he did it again, “open your legs you dirty slut I’m going to fuck you until you can’t sit down” Tanya did as she was asked waiting for the pleasure of Brian’s cock pushing her pussy lips wide.

Gently pushing his cock in her pussy lips started to open, the head disappeared into her pussy, Brian pulled his cock out then slipped it in deeper, Tanya moaned “oh yer that’s it babe make me want it so much”, Brian slipped deeper in his balls hung down as his shaft pushed her lips wider Tanya was so wet, it slipped in an out with ease, his cock was coated in Tanya’s juices, Brian pulled out and nudged it on her arse, “oh god yes shove it deep in I love a good fucking in the arse, Brian spat on her hole making it very wet, before he pushed his cock slowly in getting the full length deep in her arse, making her groan loudly “oh god yes babe fuck my arse make me cum” pushing his cock in and out Tanya rubbed her pussy moaning and begging for more all of a sudden Brian gripped Tanya’s hips and cum deep in her arse, “oh hell sorry babe your arse is really tight and couldn’t help it” “don’t worry babe all will be fine” Brian pulled out as he put his cock away Tanya picked up her clothes and had a shower.

On her return Brian was laying on the bed totally naked “HOLY FUCK” Tanya shouted “What a body”, Brian was all muscle and I mean all muscle his six pack chest was all formed, her eyes looked at his body all over, it was a picture of a god his cock all limp slumped over his thigh “Jesus it soft but by hell what a size so thick and long” she slowly run her fingers over every inch of his body, “stand up” Tanya asked, Brian did as he was asked, Tanya got her phone and took a full length picture of him, his cock hung down the huge cock head like a bell end waiting to strike a bell, after a while Tanya knelt down and slowly sucked his limp cock, running her fingers over his balls.

She sent the picture to her mates saying “aint I a lucky whore” a reply came back saying “can I come and join in” then another asked the same question, Tanya was laughing as each message came back, she stopped sucking Brian cock looking up she said “how many women have you been to bed with at one time”? “2 Tanya why” you fancy having 4 horny women that wants to fuck you stupid” “ok I’m up for a night of hot sex” she replied to Sally, Brenda, and Vera saying come over Brian wants extra pussy and don’t bother with the panties”. Tanya gently rubbed Brian’s cock sucking it slowly, the door bell rang and Brenda and Sally came together undoing their coats both stood naked Brenda had huge tits and Sally did as well, both had fella’s but both total sluts always getting extra cock, Vera arrived shortly after, she loved sex but was a bit shy, taking of her coat she was fully dressed.

“Omg your all naked you dirty bitches” laughing out loud Brian walked in “HOLY FUCK” all looking at his huge log dropping to her knees Brenda took hold and sucked it deep down her throat, Sally watched rubbing her nipples, Vera just stared at Brenda deep throating Brian, pulling out his cock Brenda said “come on Vera hold it as she did she kissed Brian and held his cock, Brian slowly un did her clothes making her moan, Vera now was down to her silk French knickers, slipping his hand inside he rubbed her pussy gently, her pussy hair was soft and rather thick, gently easing her knickers off, they fell around her ankles, “oh look Vera needs her pussy shaven” Tanya shouted out, all going up stairs Brenda and Sally lay on the bed and started to kiss and play with each other.

Vera and Tanya were in the bathroom, Tanya had soaped Vera’s pussy and had began to shave it, Brian had now joined Brenda and Sally enjoying Sally’s pussy with his tongue pushing 3 fingers into her pussy, he found her G spot rubbing like mad Sally arched her back and screamed a huge orgasm, Brenda begged to be next, Brian loved to lick pussy Brenda tasted so sweet slowly licking up and down her pussy lips he pushed 3 fingers deep, finding her G spot he massaged it, Brenda moaned and shook as a huge orgasm ripped though her body making her squirt like mad, “holly crap never cum that hard before” Brenda said as Vera came out naked, she had slightly smaller tits than the other 3 and smaller nipples but a stunning figure that showed off a super smooth pussy.
Vera had a man in her life but had cheated on him when she was d***k, but had a few personal problems and had been with a few guys to feel wanted but it was more a quick fucking really, Vera sat on the bed and kissed Brian he run his hands over her tits, her nipples hard he slid his hand in between her legs, opening them slightly the other 3 watched Vera get her confidence back by rubbing Brian’s huge cock, he now had a finger in her, Vera wasn’t into all this fore play as her fella was into fucking Cumming and falling asl**p, laying down they both started to feel each other, Vera moaned as Brian pushed 2 fingers into her pussy making her cum, “fuck me Brian show me what it’s like to be made love too”.

“Go on Brian fuck her other 3 encouraged him, as Tanya and the other 2 sat and watched, Vera was nervous being watched and refused at first, Tanya got a video camera out and started to film them, Vera lay back her legs wide open and closed her eyes, Brian could see her clit slightly poking out slightly puffed up as he pulled her lips apart and started to slowly lick her and tease her clit, Vera wasn’t long before she was soaking wet and didn’t give a frig for the camera. “mmmmmm lick my pussy come on make me feel that tongue” as Brian slipped his tongue deep into her hole “oh god yes I feel it you bad boy lick my cunt and suck my juices” , the other 3 women looked in shock at what they wear hearing. This mild women had started to act like them in bed, rubbing her pussy Brian had Vera close to a huge climax, Vera pushing her hips up so Brian shoved his fingers and tongue deeper Vera moaned louder and louder saying she was Cumming, shaking like mad she screamed and orgasmed like mad.

After a rest she said “omg that was really needed not cum like that since I first fingered myself, sitting up Brian was laying on his back rubbing his cock slowly, “right let’s see what I can do with this” taking hold of it she rubbed it slowly and then opened her mouth and started to suck it, she couldn’t take it all in but was enjoying it “get on your back Vera” as she let go and lay down, Brian got in between her legs and fed his cock into her pussy “oh god so big” as he slowly pushed her pussy lips apart her pussy was soaking wet as Vera begged for his full length, slowly Brian slipped his cock fully in as Vera moaned out loudly, “oh god it feels so good”, as Brian moved in and out of Vera’s pussy.

Her tits moved with every thrust, leaning forward he cupped her tits and played with her nipples, Tanya was busy filming all whilst Brenda and Sally played with their pussy’s, Tanya turned the camera on both of them so she could get the full view, Sally got in between Brenda’s legs and started to lick her pussy, moaning like mad she could hear Vera begging for more as Brian drove his cock deep, Vera’s pussy was gaping open as his thick cock pushed her pussy lips wide, feeling in between her own legs her pussy was dripping with juices, putting the recorder on it stand she sat on the seat and called Brenda over to lick her pussy and Sally to suck her nipples, Vera was shouting out with every thrust, Cumming again and again before Brian moaned out and blew his huge load into Vera’s pussy, Vera screamed out as she felt the huge load filling her pussy.
Collapsing on the bed Vera lay face down on the bed, legs wide open Brian could see his spent load dripping from her crack, turning over she looked at Brian “oh god that was so good” looking at his limp cock she licked her lips and dragged her finger up the crack of her pussy, then sucked her finger clean “Mmmmmmmmmm tastes so good” sitting up she leant forward and took Brian’s cock and stuck it in her mouth and started to suck it clean, the other 3 women watched in amazement, as they had never seen Vera do anything like this before, but then they had never heard her beg for sex or fuck like this as well, finally pulling his long limp cock out of her mouth she said to the other 3 “free cum to lick out of my pussy” laying back and opened her legs wide, Tanya was first and lapped up, some sweet juices, Brenda and Sally did the same but Vera was so horny she cum time and time again, Brenda sucked on Vera’s nipples whilst Brian finger fucked Tanya and Brenda, making them cum.

They all had a great night Brian fucked all 3 and again falling asl**p in the early hours, later that morning Vera, Brenda and Sally left leaving Tanya to get a final seeing to that lasted nearly 2 hours; Brian slipped his cock into Tanya’s sweet supple pussy, fucking her like a engine gripping her hips he banged his cock in and out of her cunt making her scream, huge orgasms, her tits bounced everywhere, he sucked hard on her dark nipples flicking them with his tongue, lifting her up he carried her towards the bedroom wall slamming her hard against it “oh god fuck me harder, slam that cock into my pussy, oh yessssssssssssssssssssss” a orgasm ripped through her body as she squirted shaking like she had been plugged into a live socket, biting into Brian’s neck she rode out her strong orgasm, Brian was close pulling his cock out he rubbed it hard, Tanya knelt down and opened her mouth just as huge streams of cum poured from Brian’s cock, sucking up the last drops Tanya asked if she could see Brian regular, for fantastic sex, he agreed and left.

About 2 weeks went by Andrew was home and Tanya could do nothing but think of Brian’s huge cock, it usually ended with Tanya getting so frustrated and fingering her pussy 2 or 3 times to satisfy herself, she couldn’t wait for Andrew to go on a business trip, he came home one day announcing he had to go away for 2 weeks with the company, and having to take his pr with him, she knew Andrew was knocking her off regular, Tina was rather cute, tall, black hair and a decent figure, Andrew was always on about her and one evening late, going through his clothes for washing he found a pair of panties and empty pack of condoms in his trousers.

Not saying nothing Andrew made an excuse one evening and went out Tanya followed him, she found he went to Tina’s house and then drove to a secluded area where he fucked her in the back of the car; she spied on driving his average size cock into her young pussy, her firm tits bounced as she begged for more, Tanya stayed until Tina screamed a orgasm feeling a bit randy she sat in her car, pushing her hand down her panties she rubbed her clit until she cum. Driving off she felt a bit annoyed that Andrew was fucking a girl only 2 years older than their eldest daughter not because he was fucking another women Sandy who was 22 years old. Tanya was only 18 when Andrew got her pregnant.

Andrew left flying out to China and would be back in about 2 weeks but he would keep her informed as it goes, kissing her goodbye and watching as Andrew went out the gate, she phoned Brian who said he would be there at 6pm, she told him to bring enough clothes for 2 weeks as she was keeping him occupied for that long, as the time approached she got a call from Sandy saying she was coming home for a week, as she rang off Brian arrived at the door Tanya let him in and they sat chatting, she told him that her daughter was arriving home and would have to make a excuse as to why Brian was there, making the excuse that he was the son of her dearest friend and was over from Australia keeping to that story.

Tanya had that naughty look in her eye and started to unzip Brian pulling out his cock and started to suck it, Brian put his head back and closed his eyes whilst he felt, Tanya’s mouth slide up and down his long shaft, as she wrapped her tongue around the head she slowly undone her blouse, and unclipped her bra letting her tits fall onto his cock, slipping it into her cleavage and wrapping her tits around his shaft, she tit fucked him dipping his cock into her mouth, every so often.
Sitting up Tanya said she was horny, standing up she stripped and sat on the sofa parting her legs, Brian stood undoing his trousers as they fell to the floor he too, the rest of the clothes off, and got in between Tanya’s legs slipping his cock deep into her pussy, wrapping her legs around his waist, he slid in and out of her wet slit. Tanya moaned loudly demanding a harder fuck, Tanya loved rough sex the rougher the better, Brian sucked hard on her nipples, Tanya pushed his head hard onto her tits “suck them harder, and fuck me as hard as you can, I love it hard”, Brian drove his long thick cock deep, making Tanya yell like mad, groaning she cried out a string of orgasms before Brian emptied his load, into her pussy.

That night Tanya didn’t let Brian sl**p begging for a good fucking and making her cum until she passed out, as morning broke the phone rang it was Sandy saying she would be home in around 2 hours, Tanya told her about Brian and was staying for a week or so, Sally seemed to except it and said it would be nice to meet him and find out about her mums past, hanging up Tanya gave Brian a quick low down on her younger days, after a while Sandy turned up as she came in Brian copped a eyeful she was stunning tall, huge tits, long blonde hair and stunning blue eyes she said hi and chatted to her mum, Brian’s cock was getting hard just looking at her sexy body.

That night Brian lay in the spare bed wanking his huge cock thinking of Sandy, the following morning as Brian came from downstairs, Sandy said her mum had gone out and would be back late afternoon, they sat chatting, Brain sat looking at Sandy undressing her with his eyes dying to get her naked and fuck her like he does her mother, he could feel his cock getting thick readjusting himself they carried on chatting. “Are you ok Brian” “yer just find you really hot and I wouldn’t mind getting you in bed” “Oh and what about mum won’t she be unhappy that your fucking her and me” smiling she stood up “how did you know” Brian said “well I didn’t but had a fair idea how you to acted”, standing up she walked towards the stairs and turned “well come on I’m horny as hell not had sex in a good while”.

Going into her room Brian sat on the bed whilst Sandy took her clothes off, standing naked Sandy was stunning, her tits where firm and hard dark pink nipples, her pussy looked tight with a small strip of pubic hair on top, Brian lay back unzipping his trousers and pulled out his hard cock, “OH MY GOD THAT’S HUGE” bending over she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and sucked it slowly. Her head bobbed up and down as she moaned softly letting go and standing up she straddled Brian and grabbed the base of his cock and slipped it into her wet pussy “MMMMMMMMM feels good” grinding her hips Brian played with Sandy’s tits, Sandy’s pussy was soaking wet as she could feel Brian’s cock pushing her pussy wide open, she lowered her hand onto her clit rubbing it hard and fast “oh I’m Cumming oh yes, oh yes yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss”, Sandy she tensed her body as the orgasms flowed through her body.

“Mmmmmm that’s nice still riding his cock Brian flipped Sandy over so he was now in between her legs, and started to fuck her hard, Sandy was wild, wrapping her legs around his waist she dug her nails into his arse making sure he was as deep as could be, “come on fuck me with your big cock, I’m a dirty whore and need cock” as Brian slammed his cock in and out of her pussy, sucking hard on her nipples Sandy screamed out more orgasms, pulling out Brian told her to get on her knee’s “fuck me arse” as she knelt Brian wet her hole and slipped in slowly, “oh god so big” slowly fucking her he spanked her arse “have you been a bad girl” “oh yes daddy I’ve a real bad girl, fuck me harder with your huge cock I need your big cock”, his cock slipped deep in as he moved faster and faster, gripping her hips Brian fucked her hard groaning, Sandy felt his cock throb followed by a huge load pump into her, making her cum again.

“Holy fuck arghhhhhhhhhhhhh that was fantastic, not been fucked that good before, and never had such a big cock either, I bet mum loves it” laying on the bed smiling Brian lay by her side “well to be honest she does” “how long have you and mum being sl**ping together” Brian told her everything including sex with her mums mates, Sandy didn’t look surprised as she knew her dad was shafting his PR, Sandy reached down and rubbed Brian’s limp cock “Mmmmmm well I have to say I will need at least it again sometime, do you think mum would mind if I had it later tonight I want my pussy filled with cum” smiling she got up and walked about naked, Brian watched as the 22 yr old showed off her body, slipping on a gown she went downstairs Brian followed not long after, sitting at the table Tanya came home and asked what we had been up to. “Oh nothing really mum Brian fucked me like hell and I loved it” Tanya looked shocked “it ok mum I know you 2 have been at it just I need to be fucked again, as not had cock in ages, and nothing as big as that” Tanya smiled saying it was good and had never had a cock so big before, making fun of her sex life with Andrew.
That night Tanya lay in bed listening to Sandy moaning and Cumming the headboard banging the wall and the bed springs going, Tanya fell asl**p after a while but it was to the sound of her daughter, being driven into the bed by her mums young stud. Tanya was awoken by Rob getting into her bed, sliding down the bed Rob gently rubbed Tanya’s pussy and kissing her stomach, Rob got in between Tanya’s legs and tongued her pussy, Tanya groaned softly at what Rob’s tongue was doing to her clit, pushing 2 fingers into her wet hole Tanya groaned and sighed massaging her G spot Tanya arched her back raising her hips she groaned loudly and cum, “Mmmmmmmmm that was nice, is Sandy asl**p?” “yer and I thought you would be lonely” “ I know I’m horny after listening to you two most of the night” kissing and touching Tanya held Rob’s cock rubbing it slowly, she could feel the sticky juices of her daughters pussy, that had coated Rob’s log.

Playing with her nipples Rob sucked gently on them, making Tanya gasp she loved her nipples sucked, she found it a hug turn on, Andrew was like a wet fish really and she never really enjoyed it as Rob sucked on her nipples Tanya groaned, Rob now was getting hard, as he felt Tanya’s soaking wet pussy, she begged to be fucked hard, grabbing his cock he fed his semi had log into her, sliding in with ease, they kissed passionately. Rob now had a huge hard on and started to fuck Tanya like a savage b**st, wrapping her legs around his waist Rob started to thrust in and out, both moaning like mad, Tanya begged for more “fuck me harder, just love your big cock, I am such a dirty whore” “yes you are, my slutty whore”, as Rob banged his shaft in and out Tanya screamed out with pleasure, the door opened and Sandy walked in, “so your having fun without me” as the 2 carried on fucking.

Letting her gown drop Sandy got into the bed and joined in Tanya was moaning louder and louder Cumming and shaking, pulling out Rob lay in between them as they sucked his cock, wanking it Rob groaned and shot a huge wave of cum into the air, both women sucked in it swallowing it Sandy rubbed his cock over her tits and invited her mum to suck them clean, Tanya bent over and as she was sucking Sandy’s tits Rob got behind Tanya and buried his face in her pussy, licking like mad Tanya cum with a muffled groan, Sandy couldn’t help but scream out with a huge orgasm, as her mum sucked on her daughters nipples.

After falling asl**p for a good while Rob woke to find Tanya had got up, but Sandy still in the bed on her back and legs wide open, slipping his fingers into her pussy, he moved them slowly Sandy stirred with a soft groan, as Rob could feel her sticky juices coat his fingers “fuck me on my knees, Rob I need it again” Rob was as hard as a rock, his cock stood out like a horn, thick and full of veins, he slipped it into her beautiful pussy, steadying herself Rob gripped her hips and slipped in and out slowly, her tits hung like 2 ripe melons, her nipples so hard every time Rob touched them she gasped, “I’m so horny, never had sex so good” spanking her bum, Sandy asked for more, Rob spanked her again and again, Sandy moaned loudly as she grinded her hips, Rob wetted his finger and slipped it into her arse, “HOLY HELL” Sandy yelped as Rob pushed his finger deep in.

Sandy played with her tits as they swayed with Rob fucking her; Sandy started to moan louder and louder, shaking Sandy screamed a huge orgasm squirting like mad Rob shot his cum deep into her, both where soaking wet, the bed sheets drenched, as they got up, Rob’s cock slipped out, hanging down, Sandy looked and smiled going into the bathroom and having a shower, Rob joined her, as he soaped her body making her cum again and again, Sandy went weak with exhaustion getting dressed and going downstairs, Tanya asked if they had, had a good time Sandy left later that day leaving Tanya and Rob to fuck for the next week, Tanya’s 3 mates came round, Vera had changed into a real horny bitch, as soon as she saw Rob , she dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out sucking it and fingering her pussy, until he couldn’t hold back and poured it down her throat, Vera fingered her pussy so fast, when she cum she shook, as all stripped Tanya, Brenda and Sally all lay on the living room floor playing with each other, Vera lay on the sofa with Rob as he fingered her again, before long Rob was hard again, laying on the floor all 4 played with him each, taking their turn to get his cock inside them.

Rob left after 2 weeks of nothing but sex, getting the phone numbers of all of them including Sandy, whenever one of them needs a good fucking they phone pop over and satisfy’s them, Tanya is always horny and spends at least 4 out of 7 nights being nailed by Rob, Sandy pops down regular and has a three way, he fits Brenda, Sally and Vera in when he’s not in Tanya or Sandy...................................

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