Loving her step daddy

Tammy was a young girl of 18 yr old who lived with her widowed mum Carmel who was 40, she had lost her husband in a car crash about 10 years ago but had, had a few relationships in the last few years always ending in disaster, one night Tammy and Carmel where out for a drink sitting in a corner of the local a tall man came in, looked across and smiled got a drink and came across asking if it was ok to sit with us, Chris was really good looking beautiful smile well spoken and well dressed, he seemed very interested in mum chatting away into the evening, Chris asked if we wanted to go back to his place for a few more drinks.

Chris was about 34yrs old divorced self employed engineer, arriving at his house we went in, and looked around going upstairs and into a bedroom we noticed a huge bed all done in the best, going back downstairs after looking around, we sat drinking and having a laugh, mum was always into younger guys even my dad was 10yrs younger than mum when he got her pregnant, according to her younger men fuck better and know how to please a women.
Carmel started to flirt with Chris giving him the green light undoing her top to reveal a real sexy bra, Chris said it was his favourite colour Carmel said she had the matching panties, lifting her skirt and pulling them down throwing them at him, Tammy sat back laughing at her mum, Chris caught them putting them to his face sniffing them “Mmmmmmm sweet pussy smell” standing up he walked over and bent over kissing her, “well Tammy what you got on” Chris turned and stared. Tammy could see Chris was getting hard “well Chris I love pink” undoing her top revealing a little pink bra, taking both off her tits fell perfect nice round tits topped with cherry red nipples.

Carmel stood up going topless she had large tits and dark nipples, Tammy slipped off her short skirt, all she had on was a tiny thong that just covered her pussy slit, Chris took off his shirt, his body was toned, all muscles with a perfect six pack, both girls gasped with shock as he undone his trousers letting them drop to the floor revealing a huge bulge in his boxers, Carmel was now naked she had a lovely trimmed box, Chris pulled down his boxers to reveal a huge thick uncut cock, semi hard shaved with balls that hung like apples from a tree, Carmel stared at the monster dropping to her knees, she took hold and slipped the cock head into her mouth making a slurping sound.
Tammy took her thong off to reveal a smooth pussy with a little butterfly tattoo just on the lip, whoever did it was one lucky person, looking down Carmel had now made Chris rock hard and busy sucking and wanking his cock, Tammy came over and kissed Chris running her hands over his chest and firm ass, Chris run his hands over her tits and pussy slipping a finger onto her clit making her cum, Carmel was oblivious to what they were doing she was too busy sucking on this huge cock. All three going upstairs into the bedroom Tammy lay on the bed Chris got in between her legs and slipped his cock deep in her pussy making her groan, Carmel lay next to them kissing Chris and rubbed her pussy, Chris drove his cock in and out of Tammy as she begged for more and more, Carmel groaned as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body, Tammy screamed as Chris made her cum, pulling out he got in between Carmel’s legs and fucked her hard.

Tammy watched her mum being fucked as her huge tits moved Chris drive her mum crazy with every thrust, all of a sudden he pulled out and rubbed his cock hard, Tammy and Carmel sat up mouths wide open, as Chris shot his load into their mouths letting them suck it clean, after his cock went limp it hung down getting into bed they kissed and had fun, Chris fingered both at the same time to see who Cum first, both nearly cum at the same time but Tammy squirted like a fountain.
They stayed the night enjoying great sex, falling asl**p in the early hours, the following morning Carmel woke up, to find Tammy sucking on Chris’s cock joining her daughter they played with it for ages Chris’s balls hung as the 2 enjoyed his cock, Tammy straddled Chris and Carmel fed his cock into her daughters pussy, her wet hole made it easy for Chris to slip fully in making her groan, sitting up she moved back and forth grinding her hips to make sure she got the full length in, Chris played with Tammy’s tits the cherry red nipples stood proud, making Tammy gasp as Chris run his fingers over them, sliding his hands over her body they settled on her hips gripping them firmly, “Cum in me” Tammy whispered as Chris nodded, Carmel watched as her daughter was being devoured by a older man and his huge cock, Chris’s cock stretched Tammy’s young pussy making her moan with pleasure, it must of been at least 10” long and very thick; thicker than the average cock to say the least, the huge cock head glistened with Tammy’s juices, moving faster Tammy was close to Cumming and by the sound of it so was Chris.

Tammy got off her juices dripped from her pussy, she had never been so wet laying on the bed Chris got on his knees and slipped in giving Tammy a long lingering kiss, as his hands roamed over her body, Tammy begged for more and more as the noise got louder and louder, “fuck me with that huge cock you fucker, slam it deep into my pussy, oh yes I’m Cumming yes, yes, yes” as she shook with a body ripping orgasm and Chris pumped his load deep into a 18 yr old girl, Chris’s cock stretched Tammy’s pussy, as he slipped out a mixture of cum juices, cum and pussy cream seeped from Tammy’s slit and into the crack of her ass.
Lying to the side Chris breathed heavy gasping for air Tammy said “oh my god what a fuck” Chris smiled as Carmel got up and went to the shower; Chris followed Carmel as Tammy lay on the bed recovering. As Chris got in the shower behind Carmel he cupped her tits and played with her nipples, her hands roamed for his cock grapping the limp meat she played with it, and his balls as well, Chris now had his hands on her muff, probing the slit to slip his fingers onto her clit, there was no life in his cock yet but Carmel was hoping it would later, turning around she dropped to her knees and sucked his balls, flicking her tongue over them, Chris groaned with pleasure as he placed his hand on her head, Carmel sucked his cock and balls. Chris was getting the message that Carmel wanted him and Tammy was in the package, licking his cock like a lollipop she was desperate to have it hard again and didn’t care how long it took to get it that way.
Chris leaned back against the shower wall as he watched Carmel work on his cock, closing his eyes he let the hot water run over his body, he could feel his cock get life into it firming up, Carmel stood up bending over Chris, slipped 2 fingers into her wanting hole, rubbing softly he grabbed his cock with the other hand, working it into a pole, his balls where empty but he was getting really turned on by this hungry pussy that was taking 2 fingers and room for more. Slipping another 2 fingers deep he could feel Carmel’s pussy relax even more, he now had 4 fingers deep in her, Chris pushed his hand deep in as he started to fist her, making her scream with passion begging for cock he made her cum.

Breathing heavy Carmel begged for a good fucking saying she hadn’t been fucked, so good in years, grabbing Chris’s cock she begged again, lifting Carmel up he slipped into her gaping pussy leaning against the wall he drove hard and fast, Carmel moaned loudly as pleasure ripped through her body, gripping her arse tight his cock slammed in and out like mad, Carmel moaned and moaned saying how good it felt, Chris could feel his balls swing as Carmel buried her head into his chest and orgasmed, Chris could feel his cock thicken, with one final thrust he shot wave after wave of thick cum deep into Carmel. Getting washed all Chris and Carmel could do is kiss, going back into the bedroom Tammy was sitting in bed “I hope you ain’t warn him out mum” laughing like mad, looking down Chris’s cock just hung down, it was turning Tammy on making her wet, pushing her hand in between her legs she gently rubbed her pussy, whilst Chris and Carmel went down stairs naked.

Tammy lay back pushing the covers off her and opened her legs wide, her fingers slipped in between her pussy lips making her groan like hell, she wanted Chris to fuck her and she would get what she wanted no matter how. Rubbing her pussy she had a string of orgasms and then fell asl**p, a few hours had past and Tammy woke going down stairs to find her mum and Chris chatting. “Tammy do you want to stay here whilst I go do some stuff and get clothes, Chris has invited us to stay for a few days” “yer sure I don’t mind will be fun looking around maybe I’ll find a kinky room with chains” winking at Chris “well young lady you’re going to have too, look for it yourself as I have a few hours work to do.” Carmel left and Chris was pottering around the kitchen, Tammy watched Chris before she spoke “any chance of a bit of fun” Chris stopped looking round “what sort of fun” opening her legs Tammy showed Chris her shaved pussy “this type of fun” Chris licked his lips and stared at her pussy, he could feel his cock grow slightly “well as much as I like fun I should do some work” licking his lips again.

“I can see your tempted” as she pulled her lips apart and run her finger up her slit, Chris was now semi hard “I see big Chris would love to play with Tammy” biting her bottom lip and twiddling her hair like a little girl, she undone her top to show her tits pulling off her top Chris now was rock solid, his cock pushing his shorts out like a tent, “oh you’re a naughty girl maybe you should be punished” “mmmmmm well if I’m that naughty maybe daddy should spank me” giggling standing up she made her way upstairs beckoning Chris with her finger. Chris walked behind her rubbing his cock, going into his bedroom Tammy sat on the edge of the bed, and opened her legs she said afternoon tea is served” laying back Chris knelt in between her legs and started to lick Tammy’s sweet pussy.

Tammy whimpered like a puppy as Chris played with her clit and nibbled on her lips, arching her back he drove his tongue deep into her pussy tasting her sweet nectar, Tammy played with her tits pulling her nipples until they stood out. Chris popped his head up his mouth covered in pussy juice, moving up the bed his cock slipped in deep as she wrapped her legs around his waist, the base of his cock hit her pussy making her moan loudly, kissing her tits and sucking her nipples and flicking them with his tongue made her cum “fuck me daddy fuck your baby girl” she whispered in his ear, Chris started to thrust in and out as he watched Tammy’s firm tits move with every thrust.
Tammy groaned with pleasure as she begged for more and more “fuck me hard make me scream”, as they rolled around the bed Chris fucking Tammy harder and harder, spanking her arse she yelped and begged to be spanked hard, Chris’s strong hand cracked her arse again and again making it glow red, Tammy loved it and pleaded for more ramming his cock in and out of her pussy, this was nothing but passionate raw sex, sucking hungrily on her nipples Tammy screamed begging for him to bite her hard, doing as he was asked she yelled out loving it, Tammy loved noisy sex and rough sex as well, “hold my wrists and fuck me with that huge cock you pervert, you love fucking my young pussy don’t you, answer me don’t you, you kinky fucker” “yes you dirty little slut your cunt is mine all mine” ramming it in harder and harder Tammy screamed like hell and shook with body shattering orgasms triggering Chris into unloading the holy mother of loads, his cock pumped huge shots of cum deep into her pussy making her cum again and again before she fainted from a final head spinning orgasm.

Chris slipped out of her lifeless body sitting up he looked at her naked body, he could see her pussy gaping open and small amount of cum seeping out, he got up and went into the shower before returning to find Tammy stirring “Mmmmmmmmmm fucking lovely I can’t shut my legs my pussy is numb” Chris smiled sitting on the bed he kissed her gently “you know we can’t do this regular” “oh I know I don’t think my fella would think too much of it” laughing like mad “fella” “yer fella Tony he cute but lousy in bed I always have to fake it, and I didn’t have to with you” smiling Tammy got up and walked slowly into the bathroom, Chris got dressed and did some work, Tammy joined him after about ½ hour chatting to him as he worked, Carmel returned and chatted, Tammy said she was popping around to see Tony, leaving the 2 alone for a good few hours.
Carmel and Chris chatted for a while before things turned flirty as usual Carmel said her pussy was soaking with the thought of Chris’s hard cock slipping in and out of her and confessed, that when she got home she had to fuck her pussy with the dildo she kept for those particular times, “well did you bring it with you”? “yes I did and a few of my other little toys I use to keep my pussy happy” Carmel smiled and leant over kissing Chris deep on the mouth, Chris rubbed his hand over her tits making her nipples hard, “why don’t we go upstairs and I’ll show you my toys” winking Carmel stood up and went upstairs into the bedroom. Stripping off she undid her bag pulling out her toys, a huge black dildo, a rabbit, and a real fat vibrator.

“Right sit there and let the show begin, then I want that cock of yours to fuck me so hard I can’t stop Cumming” “ok” as Carmel lay on the bed legs wide open she wet her pussy and picked up her dildo, slipping it slowly into her hole, gently moving it in and out each time it went in, it went a little deeper moving it slowly in and out her pussy lips moved as it wrapped itself around her pussy, her pussy juices made the latex cock shine as I could see her cum cream seep from her pussy, playing with her nipples Carmel arched her back and groaned her orgasm, pulling the dildo out, she lay breathing heavy her pussy slightly open waiting for the next pleasure.
Reaching to the side she picked up her fat Vibrator turning it on, she rubbed her clit with the tip the vibrator hummed loudly as Carmel twirled it on her clit, turning it off she stuck it on her mouth and slowly pulled it out before turning it back on and sliding it deep into her pussy, I could still hear a muffled buzz but Carmel was in a world of her own as I watched this toy sliding in and out of her soaking wet relaxed slit, moaning softly Carmel started to push it in and out faster, building up to a huge orgasm that was close, pushing her bum into the air she pulled the vibrator out and rubbed her clit hard and fast squirting like mad, her body jerked with the f***e of the orgasm she had.

After a good recovery Carmel picked up her rabbit turning it on the head and shaft spun and the arm vibrated like a tuning fork, slipping it in the shaft massaged the lips and sides, the arm with a little fork on top placed on the clit making it vibrate, and the head spun inside her, Carmel gasped with pleasure as she asked me to come over and stick my hard cock in her mouth, unzipping the meat I placed it in her mouth and pushed it down her throat, whilst she sucked on it like a hungry whore. Pushing her hand off her vibrator I moved it in and out of her pussy making her moan but muffled, she took my cock out of her mouth and said “fuck me now I can’t think of anything else”.
Getting in between her legs I slammed my cock deep into her making her groan loudly, and started to fuck her like a piston, my hips ramming back and forth as I watched her tits bounce about, Carmel groaned and moaned like mad, begging for more out sweat covered bodies stuck together as I fucked her harder and harder before Carmel screamed out with another orgasm triggering a huge cum shot that made my cock pulse like mad groaning loudly I held Carmel firm against my cock riding out my orgasm, I looked at Carmel her face a picture of content, a pussy full of cum and orgasms that would keep any horny women happy.

Slipping out of her pussy I lay next to her falling asl**p for a while, waking up just before Tammy arrived back from Tony’s announcing she had spent all afternoon in bed, I looked amazed that she had wanted a fucking after what I gave her but, like she said she was totally horny all the while, like her mum was, we had dinner and a few drinks Carmel again getting very flirty coming over, kneeling in front of me and rubbing my trousers making me as hard as hell, daring me to fuck her there and then, slowly pulling the zip down then up again.
Tammy encouraged her mum to get it out and give me head until I shot my load, but Carmel was d***k and fell asl**p on the sofa, Tammy said she was horny again and would suck my cock if I wanted, laying back Tammy came over pulling my cock out and started to suck it deep into her mouth, playing with my balls Tammy wrapped her tongue around the head and then sucked each ball and played with them with her tongue, rubbing my cock harder and harder I moaned softly before I felt my cock pulse and shot my load up and all over my shaft, Tammy sucked my cock swallowing my cum, “was I a good girl daddy, was I really that good” “yes sweety you was a really good girl I think daddy wants your panties as a present” “Mmmmmmmm daddy why don’t I stand up and let you take them off then you can see my pussy” standing up Chris gently pulled Tammy’s panties off and put them in his pocket, then he lifted her skirt to feel her smooth pussy
Slipping 2 fingers into her wet slit he rubbed her G spot making her soaking wet, Tammy’s juices run down her leg as she groaned softly begging for harder until she held Chris tightly Cumming like mad with a muffled scream, she slumped onto his chest, Chris could feel her sticky pussy juices that had covered his fingers, “let me clean them for you” taking his hand Tammy gently sucked each finger clean, “by Christ you’re a dirty little whore aint you”? “Yes daddy and I can be whatever you want me to be when your horny and mums not here, undoing her blouse and bra she said “would you like to play with these?.
Reaching out they felt soft as her nipples went solid I gently played with them, “you know Chris, Tony has no clue how to please me really, ok he makes me cum sometimes but he sucks on my nipples like he trying to get bl**d out of a stone”. “Oh well maybe he not been shown the right way, you mean like this” bending down I slowly kissed her breast sucking gently on her nipple, making her gasp, “Omg that’s is keep doing it your have my Cumming very soon”, rubbing her nipples and kissing them I slipped my hand onto her pussy and massaged her clit, making her gasp and beg for me to make her cum, “omg suck them Chris make me cum I’m so fucking horny again, groaning and moaning it didn’t take long for Tammy to cum like mad.

Unzipping his trousers Chris reached in pulling out his cock and rubbed it slowly, Tammy bent over opening her legs, Chris could see her pink pussy slightly open “there you are do as me as you want”, walking up behind her Chris slipped his cock deep into her pussy spanking her arse as well, “Mmmmm nice and big, just as I like it” “ well then I’m liking it as well” sliding it in and out smoothly he played with her arse hole making her squeak, as Chris fucked from behind she could feel his finger pushing onto his cock, groaning like mad Chris started to thrust harder and harder, making Tammy groan “MMM yer fuck me hard make me scream, FUCK ME TO RANDY BASTERD you know I beg for your cock to fill my pussy, fuck you baby girl” feeling his cock throb he pushed in as deep as he could before he blew his load, deep “holy fuck arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” all his muscles clenched riding out his orgasm.

Standing up Tammy sat on the chair breathing heavily, “Mmmmmmmmm well now what are we going to do I can’t go without your cock, and mum won’t give you up, do you think she would share, laughing out loud we got dressed and carried on like normal, Carmel came home and asked what we had been up to, Tammy said “Chris took me upstairs and fucked me after making me so horny I couldn’t say no” a deathly silence fell and then Carmel said “well I have to say neither could I say no his cock is so good” smiling and kissed Tammy “well are you coming for a hug” as I joined then we hugged followed by Carmel feeling my cock followed by Tammy’s hand working on my cock trying to get hard, slipping my hand up both dresses I slipped my fingers into both pussies, rubbing them both hard they came at the same time.

Getting stripped we went upstairs as I watched Tammy lick her mums pussy whilst she rubbed her own pussy I was getting turned on by the girl on girl action, before long I was stroking my semi hard cock, as I watched both kiss each other all over her body, Tammy sucked her mums nipples like she was breast feeding making Camel groan and cum again, now fully hard Carmel was now licking Tammy’s pussy kneeling behind her I slipped in deep, Carmel moaned loudly as I started to fuck her pussy hard. My cock was sore from all the sex but the view I was getting made me have a raging thick hard on, as I fucked Carmel’s smooth pussy I could see Tammy with her eyes closed playing with her nipples, her tits moved up and down as she threw her head back and cried out a orgasm.
Carmel still licked her daughter’s sweet wet pussy, my balls swung with every thrust, before Carmel lifted her head and orgasmed like hell, I was nowhere near Cumming laying in between them they pleased me in only a women knows how, making me cum like a fountain, we all live in the same house sl**ping with Carmel and fucking Tammy when we get the opportunity and that is very regular......................................

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