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I would like to tell you about a true story that happened about 6 months ago when my s****r in law and niece visited the wife and I for a holiday, I hope you find it good I will try and keep all the details in without boring you. Frances (s****r in law) and Emma (niece) arrived unexpected one day, we was delighted to see them as usual, I had always fancied Frances and had coped a feel now and again without a refusal, I even got as close as to fucking her brains out but got disturbed by Emma and only just had time to put my cock away, well after a good chat they both refreshed themselves and went to the pub for tea and a night out.

After a few hours the drink was starting to loosen Frances up, Emma and the wife had gone home, Emma was tired and the wife said she wasn’t feeling well, Frances always flirted when she had been drinking and this time was no different “you know Chris you’re a great guy and if my s****r hadn’t of snapped you up I would of” I laughed “well who says you can’t share” winking she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, “we better get going Frances” as we worked down the road I looked at her perfect arse patting it softly, “Oh I like that” turning around Frances kissed me deep pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, I run my hands over her tits making her nipples hard I could feel my cock getting hard as Frances pushed against me.

Frances lowered her hand onto the growing bulge “Mmmmmmm that feels good not had cock in a good while and I’m as horny as hell, running my hand up her skirt I rubbed her pussy through her panties, they where soaking wet, gasping Frances begged to be fucked, finding a small secluded area we lay down Frances opened her legs as I pulled her panties off, to reveal a perfect blonde pussy, unzipping my trousers and pulling out my hard cock I slipped in and fucked her hard until we both cum, she was a wild cat begging for more as I rammed my cock hard and fast. After we had rested and got tidy we walked home Frances couldn’t find her panties in the dark but she didn’t give a frig she had just got a good fucking.
Arriving home she went to bed as though nothing had happened, the following day I took Emma shopping as she needed to get a few things, on the way back she asked if I enjoyed seeing them “of cause I do always great to see you and your mum” “can we go to the lake before we go back I fancy a swim” “but have you a costume” “no is that a problem” a dirty grin on her face we headed to the lake, arriving at the lake Emma stripped down to her panties, that left nothing to the imagination, she had smallish tits and real dark nipples that where very hard, it a very secluded lake and hardly anyone came to this part, getting out the car she run into the lake and swam around for a while, I imagined having her in the back of the car giving her a good fucking, but I didn’t realise what she had in mind.

Getting out the water she stood by the car and slipped her panties off, I noticed she was shaven and my cock jumped to attention, slipping into the car she told me to lay back and she undone my trousers, so she could pull my cock out and she slipped it into her mouth, sucking it gently, her head bobbed up and down as I closed my eyes feeling her warm mouth slide up and down my shaft, “mum was right you do have a big cock” I looked stunned at what Emma said “it ok mum told me you fucked her last night and cum in her, she loved it” and carried on sucking it “it ok I don’t wanna fuck you all I wanna do is suck it until you cum” I knew I wasn’t going to last long as my cock was very sensitive when it was sucked.

Emma rubbed my cock sucking my balls I reached her arse and slipped my fingers into her pussy from behind, rubbing her lips Emma groaned and cum, I felt her tits her nipples her tits felt great, groaning like mad I told her I was Cumming, sinking her mouth onto the full length I cum right down her throat, after I had spent my load Emma let my cock slip from her mouth and got dressed leaving her wet panties off, “you know I do fancy a good fucking sometime.
We drove home in silence and went inside, that afternoon we went for a long drive arriving home late after having a meal on the way home, relaxing that evening Emma sat opposite me opening her legs to show, the most perfect shaped smooth pussy I had ever seen, I could feel my cock getting hard and decided to take the dog for his nightly walk to, to get the image out of my head, Emma asked if she could come with me, it was a warm evening and was getting dark, walking into the fields, I let the dog of his lead and sat watching him, Emma lay back looking at the evening sky “you know Chris I’m not a virgin” “I guessed that when did you first have sex?” “14 was a guy at school over in a few minutes cum all over my dress” “well that’s not good have you had sex since?” only twice 1st lasted a while but he was small, and 2nd he was useless tried sticking it up my arse, but he got it in and pulled out before he cum, but I’m on the pill and would love to feel cum in me” grinning like mad I said “well how would you fancy me fucking you right now”? “Mmmmmmmm I was hoping you would” unzipping my trousers I pulled out my cock.

Emma took hold and rubbed it, opening her legs I slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy before getting in between her legs and slipped my cock deep in making her groan, “mmmmm now that’s what I wanted” her pussy was tight that made it feel awesome, moving in and out Emma moaned, thank god no one could see us, a 18 yr old girls legs wrapped around a 52 yr olds waist I pulled her top up and started to suck on her nipples making her cum, I could feel her juices soaking my cock, as she told me she was Cumming “harder fuck me harder” as I drove my cock deep in and out before Emma started to moan “oh god yes, yes, yes I’m Cummmmmmingggggg, shaking like mad she gripped tight riding out the orgasm. Still moving in and out I could feel my cock getting harder as I felt a spurt then my load shot deep into Emma’s pussy making her cum again, rolling off I lay breathing heavy Emma lay skirt around her waist and legs open “MMMMMMMM that felt good”.

We arrived home not long after and chilled for the evening, the following day was their last day as the next morning they were getting the plane home, I was in my office on going some work, the wife had taken Emma out shopping and Frances was having a laying, all was quiet when I got a knock on my door and in walked Frances, we got chatting and I noticed her gown was slightly open showing her very hard nipple, not letting on I could see it I asked if she had got used to being divorced, she looked said and started to cry, I told her all would be fine giving her a small kiss, she started to hold tight and she noticed I was getting aroused.
“Oh Mmmmmm I could do with a bit of that” pointing at the bulge in my trousers “well you better get it out we aint got that long, unzipping my trousers she reached in and pulled out my hard cock, wrapping her fingers around the shaft and started to rub it, Frances was good at hand jobs spitting on the head and wanking it nice and hard, opening her mouth the head disappeared into her warm mouth as her head moved back and forth, I put my hand onto her gown and untied it pulling it off her body, to find her totally naked underneath. Getting up we went into the bedroom where Frances laid on the bed and I got undressed, my cock stood proud as I looked at her buff body, looking in between her legs I noticed she had shaved her pussy, “oh nice and smooth my cock loves a smooth slit” Frances opened her legs pushing her lips back she said “well you better come and fill it I wanted a good fucking”.

Kneeling in between her legs I could smell the sweet pussy, bending down I slowly licked her pussy “Mmmmmm that’s it lick me good” as my tongue lapped on her sweet meat, arching her back I slipped 2 fingers in and finger fucked her until she cum, begging me to fuck her I told her soon licking her pussy more and poking a finger into her arse, gasping loudly, she clenched the bed sheets and orgasmed, I told her to get on her knees so I could take her good and hard, I got behind her and slowly slipped my cock into her tight little pussy, for a women that had had 4 k**s she was very fit. I could feel her lips been f***ed open, the thick shaft made Frances moan she said “she had never a cock that was so big her ex was total crap in bed and had never had a orgasm before, she only found out what they were when her mate bought her a vibrator as a joke on the day she got divorced.

Gripping her hips I slipped fully in and started to fuck her slowly, Frances loved being fucked if it was done right, spanking her arse she yelped softly her cheek started to glow a pinky red as I spanked the other as well, leaning on her forearms my cock slipped in and out easier, cupping her tits I played with her nipples “mmm yer play with my titties fuck my pussy come on fuck it good and hard” I started to pound her pussy harder and harder, wetting my finger I pushed my finger into her arse “OH MY GOD” she yelped Cumming loudly “Jesus what the hell happened there” “did you like that” “fuck yer do it again” pulling my cock out completely I wet her hole and slipped my cock in, making Frances moan and beg for deeper.

Pushing my cock in and out of her arse Frances started to rub her clit, making herself wetter and wetter, she started to moan loudly saying she was Cumming I was trying to hold on so, we cum at the same time, fucking her harder and harder I couldn’t hold on and pumped my load deep into her, Frances cried out as a orgasm ripped through her body followed by a string of smaller pleasures, I leant back as my cock slipped from her arse, a small amount of cum dripped into her pussy slit, she flipped over and lay on her back saying that it was just what she had imagined anal sex would be like with a big cock, I lay next to her as she say up and sucked my limp cock clean, we kissed and fondled each other for a good few hours, giving Frances multiple orgasms before I was hard enough for Frances to ride me again.

I held my cock at the base whilst Frances straddled me lowering her pussy straight into her relaxed pussy, bobbing up and down I played with her tits, Frances groaned saying it felt good, moaning and groaning she cum again and again I begged for her to suck me off, as she stood up and knelt down and started to suck my length deep into her mouth and down her throat, she turned round and placed her pussy on my face so I could lick her out, “oh god yes shove that tongue deep in my cunt, nibbling the head of my cock I could feel my load start to rise, telling her to get on her back I got in between her legs, and fucked her hard and fast her tits bounced about with the f***e, holding her sides I banged my cock in and out “oh god yes I’m Cumming oh yes, yes, yes Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh Frances shook and squirted soaking both of us with one final slam I held her tight and spewed a massive load of cum, my balls ached with the f***e I unloaded my cum, Frances’s nipples stood out like 2 light switches, as she screamed out one last time.

My cock went limp straight away, I got up looking at her sweat covered body, her pussy was puffed and red from the pounding she got, we had a shower kissing and feeling each other before getting dressed, a while later the wife and Emma arrived home, that evening we went for a final drink on the way back I had my hand down Emma’s panties rubbing her smooth pussy she was soaking wet and unable to moan or groan when she was Cumming I licked my fingers tasting her sweet juices, when we got back I took the dog out as usual, Emma came with me, we found a nice quiet area where I got some wicked head Cumming down her throat and she wiped my limp spent cock over her tits.
The following day I took Frances and Emma back to the airport the wife didn’t come with us, Frances said her and Emma had a little surprise for me and to find a quiet area in the car park, arriving at the airport I found a out of the way place and turned the engine off. “Come get in the back Chris” getting in between them both started to kiss me Emma unzipped me and sucked my cock and Frances undone her top making me groan Emma rubbed my balls and wrapped her tongue around the head of my cock I moaned as Emma bobbed her head up and down, rubbing my cock I shot my load into her mouth as she swallowed my load, both leaning back Emma said “see who you can make cum first, opening their legs both had no panties on, I slipped 3 fingers in each pussy and fingered both hard and fast Frances was dripping wet as Emma moaned loudly, both started to groan loudly as Emma arched her back Cumming loudly, followed by Frances Cumming as loud both getting straightened I felt my fingers where all sticky with their juices, they said they had something to share as they got their phones out transferring 2 pictures to me of their fantastic open wet pussy’s.

Leaving them in departures and long lingering kisses saying goodbye I left getting back to the car I looked at the pictures they sent, getting home I received another 2 pictures of their pussy’s up skirts on the plane and their tits as well, going hard I had to rub one out sending them both a video of me doing it, both come over at least 3 times a year always having some intense fun in the sack even a 3 way on one occasion.....................

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6 months ago
what a jolly old time you'll are having...
6 months ago
6 months ago
Love it!
6 months ago
i just came in them both!