Lord and Master

Bella was a young girl of 18 and starting work for a lord and lady Digsbry, she had been in service for about 3 weeks when his lordship sent for her, arriving at the study door she knocked and waited “come in” she opened the door to a huge study, she had never seen this part of the house before closing the door behind her she curtseyed “you sent for me your lordship” “ah Bella it’s you sit down my dear” lord Digsbry was in his late thirties and had taken over the estate when his parents had been killed in a aircraft 6 months earlier.

“So how are you liking work her” “very well sir I find the work enjoyable” Bella was a real attractive girl, Auburn hair, tall, hazel eyes and a fantastic figure she was well spoken, his lordship knew her f****y as her father was head grounds keeper for many years and he took her on as a favour to him. Sitting down his lordship knocked over his drink Bella got up and started to clean the spillage, his lordship looked down seeing Bella’s huge cleavage as she cleaned her tits moved side to side, “Mmmmm that is a fantastic view Bella” Bella looked up smiling “OH I apologise sir” covering her chest she could see the outline of his lordships huge cock that hung down, she had heard from the girls in the village that he was a randy sod and had, had nearly all the women in the village, at one time or another.

Sitting up she looked at his ever growing hard cock, Bella lifted her hand to his bulge rubbing it slowly, “Mmmmmmmmmmm that’s it Bella why don’t you take it out” slowly unzipping his trousers and reaching in she pulled out his huge cock “oh your lordship it is massive” opening her mouth she slowly sucked it licking the head, making him groan, cupping his balls in her hand she started to work his cock in and out of her mouth, she had given blow jobs to a few guys and had been fucked as well, but nothing as big as this. Pulling it out of her mouth she let go, it was solid getting up she removed her uniform letting it drop to the floor she stepped out and bent over, pulling her skimpy panties down to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy.

His lordship was slowly rubbing his cock as he stood watching Bella strip, she unclipped her bra letting her tits fall perfectly shaped and fairly big topped with cherry red hard nipples, bending over the chair his lordship got behind her and slipped his cock deep into her, Bella groaned at the feeling of his cock pushing her lips apart, cupping her tits he started to fuck her slowly, it felt perfect a huge cock in her little pussy and a man that knew how to fuck a women, Bella groaned and gasped as she felt a orgasm build inside her, grinding her hips and pushing back, she reached in between her legs and started to rub her clit hard. “Mmmmm oh god I’m Cumming oh yes, yes, yes arhgggggggg”, as Bella shook and cum, his lordship gripped Bella’s hips and pushed in deep pumping his load into her pussy.
Slipping out he noticed a small birthmark just above her pussy, her mother had the same one lord Digsbry had many pleasant sexual times with her mother and still did enjoy the odd encounter Bella dropped to her knees and sucked his long limp cock, before she got dressed and went back to her duties, his lordship was very hunky looking and very popular especially with the women. Before Bella left lord Digsbry asked if Bella would like a job in the main building, she spent most of the day in the lower building doing her work, she said it would be nice also he said he would like to experience more pleasures Bella had to offer, blushing she went about her duties.
That evening Bella was in her room thinking of what happened that day being fucked by his lordship sucking his cock and been given a job on the upper building, feeling in between her legs she started to rub her clit in a circular motion making her juices flow from her pussy, sucking her fingers she reached into her bed side locker pulling out her favourite toy, switching it on she slipped it deep into her soaking wet young slit, groaning softly she moved it in and out, closing her eyes she imagined it was Freddy her boy friend, she had been going with him for about 3 years and was working with her dad on the grounds. Bella started to play with her hard nipples arching her back she moaned softly before Cumming feeling better she fell asl**p.

The following morning she got in the shower with a huge smile on her face getting ready she got to work early to make sure, she got her duties, she had been assigned to her ladyship arriving at her office she knocked on her door and was asked to come in. “Morning your ladyship would you would you like me to clear this away for you” looking at her breakfast tray “yes please Bella I hear your going to look after me” smiling as she said it “yes maam leaving her office she came across his lordship, “hi Bella how are you today” “well sir I would be better if I had something” licking her lips and cheekily grinning. “oh I see you would, well I better make you happier then” taking Bella into his study she put the tray down, Bella felt his hands on her panties pulling them down letting them drop onto her ankles.
Bending her over he lifted her dress and started to rub her pussy slowly, Bella moaned as he slipped a finger into her wet hole, she heard him puling his zip of his trousers down and then felt his cock nudge her pussy opening gasping she felt her pussy lips being f***ed open by the huge cock head Bella groaned as the huge shaft slipped all the way in. Moving slowly his cock slipped in and out easily as Bella’s pussy was dripping wet with her juices, she was excited having such a huge cock in her tight little slit, gasping and moaning she looked back, his lordship had his eyes closed enjoying what he had his cock in, moving faster he grabbed her hips.
Spanking her little ass thrusting faster he groaned Bella could feel his balls slapping her pussy, Bella moaned and cum, making him cum as well, she could feel his warm cum fill her pussy slipping out she pulled her panties up and adjusted her dress “will that be all sir” looking at his limp spent cock lord Digsbry said “well for now Bella I may have to call you later when her ladyship goes out for the day” “yes sir I will wait for your call” leaving she went about her business. The afternoon dragged as most of the work was done in the morning, sitting down for a short brake the call from upstairs came, Mrs Greaves the head house keeper came in Bella his lordship wants you upstairs he has broken something in her ladyships bedroom and wants you to clear it up.

Bella got her cleaning equipment and went on her way, knocking on the door she went in to find his lordship in bed “you called my lord” ah yes Bella I’m glad you’re here” putting her stuff down she walked up to him, he pulled back the sheets to reveal his naked body showing his huge rigid cock “oh my god” Bella gasped “well my girl come and clean it kneeling on the bed she gently gripped it and sunk her lips over the huge head, slowly sucking it deep in her mouth, playing with his huge balls Bella wanked his cock slowly. Feeling very wet in between her legs she straddled him feeding his cock into her pussy, working her hips back and forth his lordship reached up and played with Bella’s tits making her cum, gripping her hips Bella started to move faster bending over she slightly nibbled his chest and teasing him with her tongue.
Bella was groaning louder and louder as she worked her hips before she cried out with a huge orgasm, falling off his rigid cock she lay on her back legs wide open, his lordship manoeuvred in between her legs feeding his east into her, Bella gasped and whispered for him to fuck her hard, moving his hips he thrust his cock in and out, Bella could feel her juices dribble from her pussy with every thrust gripping his ass she f***ed her hips up to every thrust and before long they were both moaning feeling his cock thicken he slowed down and groaned loudly as Bella could feel his cum pump into her pussy making her sigh with the good feeling it gave her.

Lord Digsbry lay to the side of Bella, he had a reputation of fucking young girls on a regular basis, Bella knew she was just one of many women but she enjoyed sex and he had a huge cock as well so it was a bonus, getting dressed she asked if there was anything else she could do, he said if she could prepare the guest room as their son was coming home for the university holidays, with that she left, she had not seen their son for a few years, she did think he was cute but not sure what he looked like now. That evening Bella went out with Freddy having a great evening, it was a beautiful summer’s evening as they walked back Bella was feeling very naughty and led Freddy into the woods turning round she kissed Freddy feeling his trouser front making him go hard, slowly unzipping his trousers his rod shot out, Bella took it in her hand and rubbed it gently.
Kneeling down Bella wrapped her tongue around Freddy’s cock sucking it slowly into her mouth, Freddy groaned as Bella took his full length down her throat working it, driving Freddy crazy slowly drawing his cock out she run her tongue up the underneath of his shaft and down again sucking each ball into her mouth, Freddy was and randy as hell lifting Bella up and bending her over a fallen log he pulled her leggings and panties down guiding his cock into her pussy and fucked her as hard as he could, Bella groaned she had never seen Freddy so rampant his cock slammed in and out, of her pussy like lightening Bella moaned “oh god I’m Cumming” as she screamed out a huge orgasm as Freddy let rip with his huge load. Freddy held tight until he had spent his load, pulling back his cock slipped from Bella’s pussy, he could see his load seeping from her pussy as he tucked himself away, Bella got of the log and got dressed, “well I take it you was needing that Freddy” Bella laughed, Freddy smiled as he kissed her feeling her tits.

Bella groaned at the feeling that run through her body, her nipples where solid as Freddy, run his fingers over them making her cum, after tidying themselves up they walked home, Freddy saw Bella to the door and then went home himself, that night Bella was still thinking of what Freddy had done in the forest, Bella was always horny slipping her fingers inside her panties she gently rubbed her aroused pussy until she climaxed. The following morning again she was work first going to her ladyship who was excited about having her son home, “Tom is due home in a few hours Bella, I am so excited” smiling “yes it would be nice to see him after a few years”, her ladyship got into her bath as Bella tided the room, a while later her ladyship appeared from the bathroom naked.

Bella looked at her ladyships body, she was amazingly sexy a stunning figure, nice shaped tits and a shaven pussy all but a strip of hair at the top, she could not understand why his lordship wanted to fuck other women but then her ladyship had a eye for the younger man and roomers had it she was Bi sexual, Bella was curious as to if this with her ladyship was true, Bella was what they called Bi sexual curious, watching her get ready Bella was imagining them both in bed having sex, her concentration was broken when a knock on the door and in walked Tom their son, Oh my god Bella thought Tom was a hunk as he walked up to his mum and kissed her. “you know who this is Tom don’t you” Tom looked smiled and said “no mum” smiling at Bella and said sorry “It’s Bella” Tom smiled “wow you have grown and so beautiful” Bella blushed “thanks Tom you’re not so bad yourself” both burst out laughing as Bella left.

Bella’s heart was racing with excitement at how Tom looked she felt flushed she could feel her nipples going rock hard and her pussy felt wet, well wetter than usual that is, she finished her shift only thinking of Tom going home and rushing upstairs she stripped laying on the bed and getting her toy out ramming it in and out of her soaking wet pussy, Bella groaned with pleasure as she fucked her pussy all of a sudden she screamed out and squirted like a fountain, switching of her toy she lay lifeless on the bed legs, wide open breathing heavily her pussy throbbing like no other time, unable to even move she could feel her nipples harder than any time before.
That evening her mind was still consumed with Tom Bella couldn’t wait for the following day it didn’t come quick enough.
Bella woke early getting ready for work and arriving early hoping to see Tom about the house, as she entered the estate she spotted Tom running she shouted and Tom jogged over “hey how’s you sorry about yesterday I didn’t even recognise you, you are stunning Bella” Bella blushed again stuttering her words “well you’re not ugly and have got well sexy since I saw you last” Bella wanted to pull Tom to the ground and fuck him, Tom leant over and kissed her “what was that for” Bella said “I dunno just wanted to” “well would you like to do anything else Tom” Bella grinned taking hold of Toms hand she led him into a small area and started to kiss him, Tom reacted by running his hands over her bum grabbing it tight, she could feel his cock getting hard as they pressed together. Pushing her hand onto his bulge Bella hummed at the feel, dropping to her knees she unzipped Tom and his hard cock shot out.

Wrapping her fingers around it she started to suck it gently working her hand up and down the shaft as Tom groaned placing his hand on her head Bella let his cock go and undone his trousers letting then drop round his ankles, she gasped at the sight of his balls they where massive one hand couldn’t hold them, Bella stopped and stood up, Tom now played with her tits undoing her uniform and undoing her bra letting her tits fall free, the cool morning breeze made her nipples go hard, as Bella felt Toms hand slip under her skirt and onto her panties, slipping his fingers under her leg of her panties and into her wet pussy making her gasp, gripping his cock Bella started to rub it hard.

Tom had now managed to get Bella’s panties over her bum and slowly slipping down her legs, Bella was so horny she wanted Tom to fuck her there and then, her panties now around her ankles stepped out of them and lay on the ground, opening her legs inviting Tom to fuck her, Tom didn’t need to be asked twice, kneeling down and slipping his cock in both groaned together, Tom’s cock was nowhere a big as his dad’s but his balls, well we will so no more. Moving in and out Tom sucked on Bella’s nipples as she begged for more and more, she wrapped her legs around his waist “fuck me, fuck me harder” Bella begged as Tom started to thrust in and out making Bella moan and beg.
Tom could feel his cock thicken as Bella moaned she was Cumming with a frenzy of thrust Bella shouted out and Tom shot his load deep into her pussy, jerking like mad he finally slipped out and lay on the ground “well that was a good way of starting the day” Bella said looking at Tom “well I have to agree” as they both burst out laughing. Bella got up getting dressed “I better get to work your mum will sack me”. “Don’t worry I’ll smooth it with mum I’ll tell her it was m fault” “aww your so sweet and thanks for the memories to be honest it was Mmmmmmm” kissing Tom she run off to work over a hour late.

She finally got to her ladyship knocking on the door she apologised for her lateness “that’s ok Bella Tom explained he kept you talking before work” Bella blushed and took the breakfast tray away returning to make her ladyships bed and lay out her clothes for the day, cleaning her room her ladyship appeared from her shower in just a towel drying herself she removed the towel, and sat on the bed. “Come sit Bella so we can chat” Bella put her duster down sitting next to her ladyship, Bella could smell the fantastic scent that came from her skin Bella couldn’t help but look at her naked body, she had skin like silk, tits so perfect topped with hard nipples, Bella could feel a warm feeling run through her body.

“So Bella what really happened this morning I know Tom and it wasn’t just talking” Bella smiled and started “well I was chatting and Tom kissed my cheek and when I asked why, he said because he wanted too, I asked if he wanted anything else” “oh I see and he took advantage did he” “well not really it was me that took full advantage” blushing madly “and was it worth it Bella” “oh yes Maam very much so” they both giggled and hugged, her ladyships skin was amazing to feel her hand brushed her nipple making her ladyship gasp “oh sorry I didn’t mean to do that” “it ok it was nice your very beautiful Bella” “thank you, you are as well, her ladyship leant over kissing Bella, Bella reacted by running her hand over her tit’s making her moan, her ladyship was turning Bella on opening her legs Bella run her hand up and down her ladyships pussy.
Her ladyship laid down as Bella run her hands over her body “lick my pussy Bella” as she got in between her legs never licking a pussy before, she gently run her tongue up and down her slit, it tasted amazing as Bella dipped her tongue between the lips making her moan getting up Bella took of her uniform and stood in front of her ladyship waiting to be taken, sitting up her ladyship slowly kissed Bella’s tits sucking her nipples in to her mouth, Bella gasped at the feeling her ladyship slipped 2 fingers in Bella’s pussy and rubbed her young clit they kissed and fell back on the bed Bella lay on her back legs wide open as her tutor licked and kissed Bella’s body all over.

Bella was in a dream world never before had she had her pussy licked by a women and the first time it is, it feels amazing “oh god it fucking amazing” Bella growled out her ladyship stopped and leant over to her bedside locker pulling out a strap on, it was massive even bigger and thicker than her husbands, a huge black dildo hung down as she belted it around her waist, “is it bigger than his lordships Bella”?, oh don’t worry I know he fucks other women” Bella nodded as she slipped it into Bella’s soaking wet pussy, “oh god fuck me hard” Bella demanded as her ladyship started to fuck Bella, Bella moaned loudly unable to keep quiet this was amazing she fucked better than the father and son, playing with her tits Bella gasped and moaned saying she was close to a huge orgasm.

Bella relaxed as the orgasm built up holding back as long as possible “oh yes I’m Cumming, Mmmmmm oh yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS as Bella shook and thrashed around gripping the sheets unable to stop shaking orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body, her juices poured from her pussy like a burst river bank, Bella finally calmed down as she lay breathless from a fucking that would end all fucking’s “Oh my fucking god, what the hell happened there, I have never cum so much”, her ladyship sat back un belting the strap on smiling “well Bella that was fantastic never had a girl come so much” laying to the side they both kissed pulling the covers up and enjoying feeling each other, until Bella ha to go do her other duties.
Bella was in service for lord and lady Digsbry for about 5 years being fucked by his lordship, Tom and of cause Freddy who she married Bella found out lord Digsbry fucked Bella’s mum walking in on them once, she also found out her father was fucking her ladyship every so often, Bella spent many wonderful hours sl**ping with her ladyship even fucking her making her cum like a wild river, hid lordship saw Tom fucking Bella in the hay loft but never said anything...............................................

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