My very helpful Aunty

Hi I’m chip but people call me chipper, chips, and chip my f****y are a great laugh and very active, we all go out at weekends doing stuff with all the f****y, I was a only c***d but my dad had 2 b*****rs Carl and Alan and my mum had a b*****r John and a s****r Carla she was great very modern, a good job never at home and no f****y, I would like to tell you what happened one holiday that we all went on.

It was late July and we had all decided to go to Cyprus hire a villa for 2 weeks there was around 10 of us dad, mum, b*****r’s s****r and cousins arriving at our villa we all went to our rooms 7 bedrooms 5 doubles and 2 singles Aunty Carla had one single I had the other next door to her, we got on very well and I had always fancied her like hell, I know she was my aunt but she had the figure of a 20 year old even though she was mid thirties, our rooms had adjoining doors I had a knock and in walked Carla in a real skimpy summer dress I could see right through it no bra on and a little thong, I went hard “oh chip are we all excited” looking down my cock stood out rigid like a tent pole at the site of Carla’s huge jugs. “Do you want a hand with that hunny” I blushed and shot into the bathroom, getting my cock out and wanking it like mad until I cum.

Coming out the bathroom Carla was sitting on the bed she smiled and said “Chip there is no need to be ashamed your 17 your still a virgin I take it” “yes I am” “well by the end of this holiday I can see you being a man” Carla winked, got up kissed Chip on the cheek felt his cock and walked off, closing the door behind her. That evening we all had dinner getting a bit d***k and having a great laugh followed but a dip in the pool, Carla was swimming about whilst I leant against the side, swimming slowly up to me she did a surface dive all of a sudden I felt her tug my trunks and reach in pulling my cock out and into her mouth, I gasped as I felt her mouth moving back and forth, I couldn’t hold on and cum in her mouth, Carla put my cock back in my trunks and surfaced, smiling she opened her mouth that was full of cum and swallowed, “Mmmmm nice” and swam off.

Omg I had just been blown by my aunt and I enjoyed it, swimming after her I finally caught up “why did you do that” “didn’t you enjoy it” “well yer sorry I didn’t last longer” “Chip it fine all in good time and you have rather a big cock believe me my jaws are aching” laughing we chatted all of a sudden Carla grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy and told me to rub it slowly, doing as I was told I could feel Carla’s pussy lips, slipping my hand under the leg of her costume a smooth pussy awaited my fingers slipped in as Carla moaned slowly “rub my clit” Carla whispered as I gently rubbed away “mmmmmm that’s it I’m so horny make me cum” as my fingers slipped in deeper I rubbed away all of a sudden Carla moaned and sighed “well my lad you have just made aunty cum” “it was quiet” “well believe me I am not that quiet when there is no one around” winking.
Later on we all went to bed all I could do is think of the blow job and what I did as well I could feel my cock go hard, as it stood like a tent poll under the sheets, grabbing it I pulled the sheet back and rubbed it slowly, I could feel my cock get thicker a knock on the door and in walked mum, I covered up fast as she asked if all was ok and told me that Carla had hired a car for a few days and wanted to know if I wanted to go sightseeing with her everyone else just wanted to chill and lay by the pool, I said I would just to keep her company.

The following morning we had breakfast I had a swim before Carla and I set off as we drove along the coast Carla said to look out for a secluded beach so we could do some sun bathing, pulling into a small cove we got out and laid on the beach, Carla slipped off her skirt and undone her top also undoing her bra letting her tits fall free “will you rub some suntan lotion on my back” as I rubbed the lotion into her soft skin I run my hands around her waist onto her tit’s “oh you naughty boy chip taking full advantage of me” “well you wouldn’t want those beautiful jugs to get burnt now would you” as I gently rubbed her nipples Carla groaned “Mmmmmmmm that’s right nice and slow”. Carla run her hands around and onto Chip’s front lowering her hands onto his huge lump “OMG what the hell have you there” turning round and looked down gasping “MMMMMMMM that looks juicy” getting on her knees and pulling Chip’s cock out “Oh my what have we here” as Carla rubbed his cock slowly, sucking it lightly.

Laying down on the towel and pulling off her bikini bottoms Carla opened her legs and Beckoned Chip to join her, grabbing his cock she guided his weapon into her wet slit, groaning as it slipped in bit by bit “Mmmmm so big feel’s fantastic”, Chip lowered his head and sucked her nipples and started to suck them slowly, flicking them with his tongue, Carla groaned as Chip started to thrust his hips harder and harder, wrapping her legs around his waist, Chip could feel his cum rising all of a sudden he groaned and emptied his cum into Carla’s pussy, going soft straight away Chip rolled off “well that was nice” Carla said running her finger up the crack of her pussy “but I didn’t cum” “oh sorry I couldn’t hold on any longer” “no worries wanna watch me play” Chip sat up as Carla started to rub her clit slowly and tweak her nipples, Chip watched in amazement as Carla started to rub her pussy harder and harder, Carla closed her eyes and started to groan louder and louder, arching her back she rubbed her clit hard followed by a loud cry and cum squirting as she did.

“Ah that’s better now let’s rest for a while I want a good fucking later” laying naked I feasted my eyes on Carla’s body, skin like silk nice huge firm tits with hard dark nipples, a real toned body a pierced belly button and a smooth pussy that was perfectly shaped, and legs so long it would take ages to kiss them. “You like the view Chip” “Oh god yes it a fantastic view” “well I don’t bite until you ask why don’t you get to know what makes me horny” Carla smiled and closed her eyes. I had read in a book that if you find the right spot you can drive a women into a sexual a****l, with this in mind I started to kiss and touch Carla’s soft body, slowly starting on her neck and onto her shoulders, Carla sighed softly, kissing her softly on her lips my tongue slipped into her mouth, my hand slipped down her body brushing her nipples Carla gasped.
“Omg keep doing that and your be a blubbering wreck after I’m finished with you” slowly moving down her body sucking her nipples into my mouth and flicked then with my tongue Carla groaned with pleasure, my hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her pussy softly, kissing her stomach my fingers slipped down her pussy and in between the crack of her bum Carla gasped louder her juices from her pussy had made the slit soaking wet, my finger rubbed her ring, Carla pushed down so my finger probed her ass, opening her legs I kissed her belly now close to her pussy I kissed, the top of her pussy, slipping my tongue into her slit, I felt her hand push my head, a bit further down, my finger now was working her ass making Carla beg for a good fucking, “fuck me, fuck me in the ass with your huge cock make me scream” as Carla got onto her knees I wet her hole and guided my now hard cock into her ass.

“Oh god that feels good take it slowly babe not had a good ass fucking in a while” as I slowly pushed my cock into her ass Carla groaned and encouraged him to push it all in, “rub my clit and your see what will happen” Carla whispered; curious at what Carla said chip slowly rubbed Carla’s clit, Carla groaned lightly as he carried on, he could feel his fingers getting sticky with her juices, “Oh god that feels good more oh god more” rubbing faster Carla started to moan louder and louder “pull out and lay down” Carla demanded as Chip done as he was told laying on the towel Carla straddled Chip and lowered herself onto his cock she started to work her magic, Chip was determined not to blow his load quickly.
“Oh god your fucking huge make me scream fuck me until I beg you to cum in my pussy” Chip thought that what he had read was true and what Carla had said on our first night here I was going to leave Greece a man, grabbing her hips I started to push up making her huge tits bounce those beauties where all real no plastic in them, Carla started to moan louder “FUCK ME FUCK MY PUSSY YOU FUCKER PUMP ME LIKE A WHORE” as I grabbed her tits massaging them it made Carla want more, “Oh god I need a good fucking” getting off Chip and laying down Carla demanded the fuck of all fuckings, as Chip got in between Carla’s legs and slipped deep into her very wet pussy, “Oh god deeper push your cock deeper make me scream” as Chip started to thrust Carla encouraged Chip to fuck her harder.

“RAM THAT COCK DEEP IN” as Chip thrust hard “OH GOD THAT FEELS FUCKING GOOD, chip encouraged by this thrust harder “OH GOD YES, YES, YES FILL MY PUSSY FULL WITH THAT COCK” “ grabbing her legs Chip thrust like a machine banging his cock in and out his balls slapped her ass as Carla screamed, “OH GOD I’M CUMMING OH YES, YES, YES ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Carla shook viontley as her orgasms ripped through her body, making Chip explode deep in her pussy triggering another, string of orgasms “OH GOD ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD YES” as Carla slumped on the hot sand, Chip’s cock slipped out from Carla’s cum filled pussy, “Oh god that was some orgasm” looking at Chip and smiled.

“Well” Carla said “I suppose that’s your first lesson complete” “oh I don’t think so do you I think you need a good licking out soon” “Jesus what the fuck you trying to do to me I need to drive home and walk properly and my pussy is saw now look” opening her legs Chip cold see her lips where puffed up, “well I think you need your pussy eaten later I need to practice that” winking Carla got up and went into the sea to cool down, Chip could see her tanned body her huge tits and very hard nipples from where he was sitting feeling rather pleased with himself he lay back and enjoyed the sun. For the rest of the day Carla and I fooled around we even ended up in the sea turning Carla on to the point of her begging for me to fuck her.
All the way back to the villa I was smirking that I had fucked a women twice my age and made her beg for more sex as well, that evening we had dinner and swam in the pool Carla and I having sex right under my parents noses having to bite my tongue when I cum in Carla. The following day I went to the beach with my 2 cousins Kerry and Paula identical twins I always had trouble telling each apart, I really give a toss as both had great figures and horny as fuck to be truthful. As we lay on the beach both Kerry and Paula went topless both had fantastic tits nice hard pink nipples and their tits had a nice shape to them. I went for a swim Paula joined me chatting away she reached down pulling her bottoms off “why don’t you go have a look” Paula said surface diving I looked at her pussy all nicely shaved, I run my fingers along her slit and then pushed 2 fingers in, coming up for air Paula was moaning.

Paula rubbed her hand on my cock, “oh my cock that is huge” reaching in and pulling it out she started to rub it pulling my shorts down Paula lifted up sucking her pussy onto my hard cock, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, bobbing up and down in the sea, we kissed not letting her s****r see anything, Paula groaned and said she was Cumming I supported her ass, as she cum moaning softly “oh god that was needed do you wanna fuck me again” “sure” swimming around we found a small bit of beach and lay on the sand I got in between Paula’s legs, slipping into her pussy, “Mmmmmmmm feels good” as I started to thrust my hips up and down making Paula moan louder than before, I sucked her nipples making her cum again and again before I pulled out and told her to get on her knees.

Doing this I slipped my cock back into Paula and gripped her hips, I started to fuck her slowly building up speed as I did “oh yes god that feels good, fuck me harder” Paula begged for more as I could feel her juices dripping off my cock, “Mmmmmm harder please fuck me harder” as I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy I groaned and pumped my cum deep in “ARHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” Paula screamed Cumming again “oh god that was a surprise” as my cock slipped out I could see a few drips of cum seep from her perfectly smooth pussy. “Mmmmmmmm we better get back before Kerry misses us”, swimming back we saw Kerry hadn’t moved still asl**p we walked up as though nothing had happened except cousins gone for a swim. We walked back to the villa and had dinner leaving the adults to do their own thing, Kerry, Paula and I went into the town for the evening, going back to find they had all gone to bed.
Paula suggested we all go for a swim getting down to our undies, Paula dived in, followed by Kerry and myself swimming about and having a good laugh Paula said she was wacked and was off to bed, Kerry started to muck about I noticed how hard her nipples where, I swam up to her pulling down her panties and started to play with her pussy, Kerry groaned and shoved her hand down my shorts grabbing my hard cock, “Oh my god Paula was right it is huge slowly rubbing it I grabbed her and lifted her onto my cock, Kerry slid all the way down gasping with pleasure, moving her to the edge she lay against the edge as I started to fuck her slowly, her tits seemed bigger than her s****rs, but she was a lot dirtier “stick your cock up my ass” Kerry demanded as I guided my cock in between her ass cheeks and into her hole, making her groan.

Cupping her tits from behind, I played with her nipples this made her cum Kerry slipped her hand in between her legs rubbing her pussy, whilst I fucked her, her hole was tight but it felt awesome, “oh god I’m Cumming Mmmmmmmmmm oh yes, yes, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” as Kerry groaned gripping her ass cheeks together clamping my cock deep in her. After Kerry had relaxed I pulled my cock out and got out the pool, laying on the side of the pool I rubbed my still hard cock, asking Kerry to suck my rod, kneeling to the side, Kerry took my cock and started to rub it, lowering her head she sucked my balls and them, slowly sucked the full length of my cock down her throat, and slowly pulling her mouth up then sinking her mouth back down. The feeling was unreal she knew how to give head, must of been true all the roomers’ that she had a deep throat, and knew how to wank a cock.

Taking a good grip, Kelly rubbed my cock like no women had before teasing the head I groaned sinking her mouth all the way down my cock twitched and blew a huge load, Kerry swallowed as I kept pumping, and she rubbed my cock slowly until the full load had gone. Sitting up and wiping the sides of her mouth she smiled “well now you have had both who is better” after thinking for a moment I replied “well if I had both in bed and fucked you both maybe I will tell you” with a smirk on my face Kelly said “well maybe tomorrow you can start with me and you won’t want Paula” laughing she stood up standing in front of me totally naked I could of fucked her tonight, her figure was fucking brilliant a bit sexier than her s****rs if I was truthful. The following morning everyone except Kelly and I went off to the beach, laying in bed Kelly walked into the room and dropped her gown, all I could see was a vision of a horny women, my cock shot to attention as I pulled back the sheet “JESUS FUCK THAT IS HUGE” “well it no bigger than last night” “well it looks huge now I’m gonna enjoy riding that”. Bending over Kelly sucked it slowly playing with my balls.

Getting in bed, Kelly slipped her hand onto my shaft as I sucked on her nipples “I’m so fucking horny I’ve been thinking of this all night, fuck me and make me scream Chip” as I got in between Kelly’s legs I fed my cock making her groan and her lips spread around my shaft slowly slipping in her wet pussy we kissed passionately her hips ground as I moved up and down making her tits move sucking her nipples Kelly begged for more saying my cock felt so good splitting her pussy wide, sliding out and getting in between her legs I slowly licked her smooth pussy, her juices tasted fantastic so sweet dipping my tongue into her honey pot like a bee Kelly gasped arching her back, she cum gripping her bed sheets, my cock was aching with how hard and big it was “fuck me Chip I need your cock in my pussy” as I lifted my head and went up her body sliding easily into her cunt “OH FUCK” gripping the sheets Kelly adjusted her hips as I thrust hard into her.
I started to fuck Kelly harder and harder as she begged for more moaning as well my balls started to slap her ass “OH GOD FUCK ME YOU BASTERED FUCK MY CUNT I’M A DIRTY SLUT THAT LOVES COCK FUCK ME AS HARD AS HELL, MAKE ME SCREAM” Kelly shouted out with every thrust banging her like mad Kelly screamed her tits bounced up and down “OH GOD YES, YES, OH FUCKING YES THATS IT, FUCK ME WITH THAT FUCKING HUGE COCK, OH, OH,OH I’M CUMMING OH GOD ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”
As Kelly shook like she was having a fit she screamed like mad begging for me to cum, drilling her like mad I spanked her ass until it glowed red, Kelly gripped my ass and pulled me deep, her pussy muscles gripped tight like a vice making me grimace, the sweat was dripping of our bodies as we rolled around the huge bed, Kelly’s legs flailed around before I drove deep my balls slapped her ass like a hand on her ass I exploded my full load into her pussy, making Kelly cum again “oh my fucking god arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” jerking like mad she squirted and soaked the bed.

Rolling off totally shattered Kelly breathed heavily gasping for breath “oh god where did you learn to fuck a woman like that”? gasping for more breath “I can’t even feel my pussy” putting her hand in between her legs she could feel her cum filled pussy, “I think I’ve been fucked better by you than any guy has” closing her eyes she fell asl**p I lay in bed for ages, before getting up for a while letting Kelly rest. Later that morning I returned to Kelly getting into bed I gently started to rub her clit making her moan, I could feel my fingers getting sticky as she opened her legs slightly, my finger slipped into her pussy making her sigh and raise her hips slowly, “oh god fuck me I’m still horny” my cock was hard getting in between her legs I slipped into her without a problem, Kelly lifted her legs as I supported myself and started to move up and down. I could feel the warm sun beating through the skylight window onto my naked body, lowering my head I sucked on Kelly’s nipples making her groan I felt her hand on the back of my head making sure I didn’t stop.
Kelly wrapped her leg around my waste as I thrust deep into her “more I need your cock deep in me” as her head went back making a long moan and started to gyrate her hips “Mmmmmm oh yes, mmmmm god I’m Cumming” so was I as I tried to hold out until she was Cumming all of a sudden arching her back her head flipped back and moaned loudly “Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Cumming I couldn’t hold back as I cum in her pussy I felt a spillage run from her pussy and down the crack of her ass, I collapsed on her we kissed passionately, falling asl**p for a while.

Kelly woke this disturbed me as well getting into the shower together we shared a shower Kelly knelt sucking my long limp cock and feeling my hung balls, later that afternoon the rest returned from their day at the beach, we had drinks and food before going to bed, the following day we left to go home, on the flight Kelly and I became members of the mile high club, how the hell they didn’t hear Kelly cum is still a mystery, a week later I went round to see Kelly but Paula was there alone, as we sat Paula said she was horny and went upstairs, following her up we went to her bedroom and watched as she stripped laying on the bed, my cock went stiff as I got naked getting in between her legs slipping into her soaking wet hole.
Paula moaned loudly as my cock pushed her pussy lips wide, I lowered my head sucking her tits and nipples I felt her pussy muscles grip my shaft as the feeling of me sucking her nipples made her moan with pleasure “fuck me Chip fuck me until I scream” as I started to thrust up and down Paula’s tits moved like poetry in motion I loved to see tits move when I was the one making them that is I had seem my mum’s tits on a few occasions when I was a few years younger I spied on her fingering her pussy, Paula gasped moaning louder as I started to fuck her harder and harder “FUCK ME YOU FUCKERPOUND MY PUSSY WITH THAT FAT COCK OF YOURS” as Paula was getting very vocal moaning louder and louder she got religious “oh god yes, fuck me, yes god I’m Cumming oh god yes yes, yes Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as Paula bucked and shook with a multiple string of orgasms that ripped through her body her whole body went stiff as she gushed like a fountain this made me blow my load completely as that set of another string of body shaking orgasms, I collapsed on top of Paula in a bundle as she hugged me saying that was needed and totally earth shattering, we got up and had a shower me making Paula cum again by rubbing her clit slowly, I have to say both s****rs where fantastic lays but unable to say what one was best, as both so different Kelly loved anal and very passionate in bed, whilst Paula loved doggy and would have multiple orgasms when having sex.

Carla and I had great sex on a regular basis and accompanied her on some business trips abroad to relieve her sexual tension as a good nephew would do that is, also on a few occasions I had Paula and Kerry in the same bed as well as each of them in my bed when my parents had gone away for a weekend personally I think dad wanted a bit of action and mum wouldn’t be able to be quiet.
Carla turned up one afternoon when my parents where away dragging me upstairs she stripped me and demanded I lay on the bed, getting naked she straddled me and lowered her wet pussy onto my cock, and rode me like a wild horse Cumming multiple times before I blew my load getting off she took hold of my limp rod and sucked it clean before laying down and finger fucked herself until she screamed a huge orgasm squirting like a fountain, later that day she sucked my cock until I cum in her mouth and then sat on my face so I could eat her pussy...............................................

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very nice :)
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Thats x hamster that does it
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why is it censored????
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Great story