Nailed the son's new girlfriend the wedding

As the afternoon went on Sandra was telling me how horny she was getting rubbing my leg she wasn’t the only one, I arranged to meet her in the grounds of the hotel, and do us both a favour, looking for Tommy and Lucy I came across a room hearing plenty of moaning and groaning, slowly opening the door and peeking in I could see Tommy fucking Lucy from behind and Lucy sucking off the best man, I closed the door and went in search of Sandra. Finding her near a opening to the forest, we went for a short walk, turning her round we started to kiss undoing her dress it fell to the ground bending her over a fallen tree, I got behind her and pulled out my cock, pulling her knockers to one side I slipped it deep into her wet pussy, banging her like mad, Sandra groaned loudly, I undone her bra and cupped her large tits.

I didn’t last long as I shot my load deep into her pussy whilst rubbing her clit hard making her cum as well, after a while we got dressed and walked back slowly towards the hotel, we could hear some muffled groaning and went to investigate, creeping closer we saw a man trousers round his ankles being sucked off by some women, we settled down and spied on them, we could see clearly from where we was but unable to see their faces, the women was giving this guy some serious deep throat going all the way up to his balls, she was near to naked, she stopped and laid down letting the bloke slip into her bald pussy, he had rather a large cock and thick too, the women groaned as he fucked her harder and harder, before they both cum, as the guy got up Sandra realised it was Carl, and the women was Mary.

We let them go back Mary couldn’t find her panties after she searched for them. Sandra and I returned a while later and carried on as normal not letting on we had spied on Mary and Carl. That evening after it was all over Mary and I went to our room, “so how was Carl’s cock” Mary looked shocked “how did you know” Sandra and I watched you was it a nice load “sure was don’t think he has cum for ages but he no way as big or as good as you” as Mary walked over kneeling down and unzipping my trousers, pulling it out she started to suck it “Mmmmmmm can taste Sandra’s pussy on this” sucking it deep into her mouth, I held the back of her head and fucked her mouth making her gag, pulling it out of her mouth “fuck my pussy baby laying on the floor legs wide open I could see her panties where wet, kneeling down I ripped them clean off and slammed my cock deep into her hole.

Mary groaned as I slammed my cock in and out of her pussy, my balls slapping her arse “ohhhhh god that is fantastic” Mary wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waste, pounding her pussy until she screamed Mary shook violently with a orgasm that ripped through her body, slipping out of Mary’s pussy I got up leaving Mary breathing heavily, that night was the same high torrid sex making Mary scream multiple orgasms and squirting soaking us both and the bed as well.
The following morning at breakfast we met Sandra and Carl discussing the wedding, returning to our rooms Mary suggested a foursome staying for another day, I was up for it getting my cock into Sandra that tight pussy was such a dream to fuck. Closing the door Mary dropped to her knees in front of Carl pulling out his cock and started to suck it I led Sandra over to the bed pushing her over lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down, I smacked her arse until her cheeks glowed, un zipping my trousers Carl saw my cock “JESUS CHRIST Billy, smiling I guided it into his wife’s dripping wet hole making her groan loudly.

Grabbing her hips I started to fuck her hard and fast grabbing her tits Sandra moaned “fuck me hard, fuck me up the arse slap me make me your bitch” Sandra begged slipping my cock out and up her ass Sandra screamed as I banged her pussy until she screamed a huge orgasm pulling my cock out I told her to kneel, rubbing my cock I shot my load into her mouth, I heard Carl moan as Mary, sucked his load down her throat. Sandra sucking my cock clean I stood watching Carl Sandra said “did you see the size of Billy’s cock Carl” “yes it a fucking monster” laughing we all sat around chatting and laughing before Sandra suggested a game with suck the cock, Mary agreed and told us 2 men to lay down so the women could suck our cocks. Sandra knelt down taking my cock she sucked it deep in pulling it out and wanking it, Mary did the same thing Carl’s cock was normal but he had a set of nuts that would give you a black eye if they hit you.

Sandra sucked me more and more with plenty of wanking in between I groaned as she stuck her tongue in my ass hole making me gasp sucking each ball in her mouth, she was driving me crazy with her tongue, with one final hard rub I shot my wad it splashed on Sandra’s face hand tits, Carl groaned filling Mary’s mouth full, Mary then turned to Sandra kissing her sharing Carls cum both feeling each other’s tits and pussy Carl and I sat up watching a bit of girl on girl. Sandra lay down on the floor opening her legs Mary started to lick her pussy, her tongue flicked Sandra’s clit making her sigh, “oh my god make me cum” Sandra begged Mary to finish what she had started, Mary buried her head deep into Sandra’s shaved pussy, making her scream and a string of orgasms.

Sandra finally calmed down as Mary laid back and started to run her fingers over her pussy massaging her lips, Sandra looked and licked her lips, pushing Mary back Sandra spread Marys legs and pushed 3 fingers deep into Mary’s pussy slipping them in and out Mary groaned all of a sudden Mary screamed and shuddered before squirting like a fucking fountain, not even I had made her cum like that, I looked and saw Carl rubbing his cock in excitement it slowly got harder and harder, in a different light Carl’s cock looked impressive, “here let me do that” knocking Carl’s hand away I gripped his cock and rubbed it for him, Carl was amazed he was being wanked by another guy my own cock now was starting to get hard, I was getting rather turned on by this I let go telling Carl to bend over.

Doing as he was asked I made his ass hole nice and wet before guiding my cock into his hole, Carl gasped saying it felt amazing, Sandra and Mary sat watching in amazement of what was before their eyes I gripped Carl’s hips and started to bang my cock in and out of Carls hole making him beg for more, leaning over I grabbed his cock and wanked it as hard as I could pulling my cock out of his ass I shoved 2 fingers in rubbing his prostrate all of a sudden Carl shot his huge load unable to stop Cumming as he shook and shouted out, I kept rubbing his prostrate milking his cock until it fell limp straight away.

“Oh my God Billy what the fuck happened” looking at the huge load he had shot Mary looked saying “well that was a rather enjoyable” “well it was for me” Carl said looking at Billy’s cock “what are you going to do with that as I have no energy to return the favour”. “Well I better do something about that” as Sandra stood up and led Billy by the cock to the bed, Sandra laid on the bed opening her legs, Billy got in between then and slipped his cock all the way in and started to fuck her slowly, Mary and Carl sat watching as the other 2 started to roll around the bed Billy pumping his cock in and out of Sandra’s pussy. Sandra moaned and groaned having a few orgasms before Billy told her to get on her knees.
Getting behind Sandra Billy fed his log into her pussy stretching the lips and made her groan, spanking her ass cheek making it glow a slight red in colour banging her pussy harder and harder her tits swung every time he slammed deep, sticking his finger into her ass hole, Sandra cried out for more “fuck me you bastered fuck my slutty cunt, slam it deep in me, fill it deep” begging for me to cum I was going to take my time, pulling my finger out I cupped her tits juggling them, my hands just wasn’t big enough to hold them both spilling out, I played with her nipples making her cum again and again, pulling her onto her side I lifted her leg giving both a great view of my cock slipping in and out of her pussy.

“Oh god fuck me harder and harder” Sandra was now begging out of frustration I hadn’t cum in her but I was holding on a while longer, I could feel Sandra was dripping wet as I rubbed her clit whilst fucking her hard, her pussy lips had flanged from all the fucking it had had, with one final flurry of hard fucking I filled her pussy full of cum making her shudder, screaming out loud before she fainted with the f***e of her orgasm. Slipping out my cum spilled from her pussy as Sandra laid there lifeless. “Oh my god Billy you fucked her u*********s” as I got up and went into the shower, when I came out Sandra had gained consciousness laying on the bed smiling “well that was the fuck from hell” “yep have to admit Billy you sure did satisfy my wife I’m gonna have to call you every time she wants a good fucking” “well I won’t disappoint her Carl”. The following day we left and on the way home Mary gave me some serious head and I nearly crashed the car. About 2 weeks had passed and Tommy and Lucy returned from their honeymoon and had arranged to stay with us until their new place had been sorted.

One evening we was all sitting in the living room when Carl and Sandra arrived after many drinks, “let’s play a game of spin the bottle” Lucy spouted out as we all sat in a circle “right each time the bottle points at you, you take a bit of clothing off” we all agreed and started to play, all seemed to be going well very evenly Lucy was down to bra and bottoms as the bottle stopped at Lucy, standing up she took her bra off her tits where totally tanned not a white bit in sight. After a few more drinks and more clothes off only 2 had clothes on Lucy and Mary the bottle spun and it landed at Lucy standing up she slowly pulled her panties down, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy with a pierced clit that made me even harder than I was already, one final spin and Mary was now naked all of us where totally pissed. “Well daddy in law I see you’re very excited” standing up walking over and kneeling down and grabbed my cock, and pushing me back she started to suck my cock.

Tommy got up sporting a Prince Albert walking over to Sandra and started to kiss her Carl got up and went to Mary, Tommy got Sandra onto her knee’s and slipped his cock deep in Sandra moaned loudly before Tommy moved back and forth grabbing his mother in laws big jugs. I watched as Lucy sucked my thick rod as I played with her tits Lucy stood up and straddled me guiding my cock into her wet pussy, I rubbed her pierced clit making her groan and cum, bouncing up and down I played with her tits I could hear Sandra and Mary groaning loudly before Tommy gripping Sandra’s hips and unloading his cum into her pussy.

Lucy was working my cock grinding her hips Tommy came over standing to the side of Lucy feeding his cock into her mouth so she could suck it nice and clean, Mary was getting rammed into the floor by Carl making her cry out and cum, he pulled out all nice and hard wanking it like mad as Mary and Sandra knelt in front of him so he could cum in their mouths, Lucy groaned as so did I before I shot my cum deep into Lucy making her have a string of orgasm’s, Tommy watched his father in law rub his dick and guide his cum into his mums mouth an Sandra’s as well.

After a while we all got tidy before Sandra and Carl left for home, Tommy and Lucy went to bed, hearing the bed springs going and Lucy moaning I don’t think they were sl**ping somehow. Mar said with all the noise Lucy was making it had made her horny, sitting on the sofa she lifted her dress and started to rub her pussy over her knickers, and rubbing her tits I watched as she slipped her fingers under her panty leg and into her wet pussy making her groan and arch her back, I sat watching this personal show I was getting, Mary was now undoing her dress and pulled her tits out of her bra lifting her tit to her mouth she sucked her nipple hard, then the other one. Sitting down she pulled her panties off opening her legs she started to rub her swollen clit hard.

Mary loved me to watch her finger herself as she said it turned her on big time, arching her back Mary groaned loudly before Cumming, she lay back down throwing me her knickers, “there you can have then they smell of my pussy juices”. As we went to bed we could hear Tommy and Lucy fucking like a pair of crazed rabbits, Lucy wasn’t quiet shouting for Tommy to fuck her harder. Laying in bed my cock now was getting hard from hearing Lucy moan and groan as Tommy rammed his cock into her sweet pussy, Mary saw me hard and started to rub and suck it I loved Mary sucking my cock as her deep throat was mind blowing, always taking the full length down her throat to my balls.
As Mary sucked deep and playing with my balls, we heard Lucy scream out a massive orgasm and then quiet, I felt my cock throb and then I cum, as usual Mary didn’t let a drop drip. The following morning when I had dressed Tommy and Mary where chatting at the table smiling I said “it sounded like you was trying to destroy her pussy son” “think I did dad she still asl**p” laughing like mad Tommy took Mary shopping, I left it about 10 minutes before going upstairs to see if Lucy was ok, walking into their bedroom Lucy was laying on the bed naked playing with her tits. “don’t stop Lucy I enjoy watching” “sod that you come and do it for me” as I sat on the bed softly playing with her jugs “Mmmmmmmmm that feels good finger my pussy daddy in law” laughing as she said it, slipping my hand down in between her legs and gently massaged her pussy lips.

“Oh god fuck me fuck me now I’m so fucking horny” I stood up and got naked getting in between her legs I slipped my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her softly “Mmmmm nice and big just as I love it” moving a bit faster Lucy moaned louder and louder “fuck me you dirty old fucker fuck this young cunt you can’t satisfy me your to fucking old” as I started to fuck her harder “Ahhhh that’s it bang it in me come on fuck my pussy and suck my nipples make me scream your name” “shut up you bitch you have never been fucked so good NOW BEG SLUT BEG FOR MY COCK”. “Oh yes Im your slut fuck me with your huge cock fill my pussy full of that special cream PLEASE FUCK ME I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY I’M YOUR GOOD SLUT AINT I”

Lucy groaned and I felt my cock thicken and then pour my load into her making her cum, I rolled off as Lucy lay breathless, getting up and getting dressed I told her I would see her in the kitchen. About ½ hour later Lucy came down as Tommy walked in the house, “you only just getting up babe” “oh no someone was up a while ago and I had to sort something out” Tommy looked confused he wasn’t the brightest bulb but Lucy had him under a spell by the looks of it. After a few more weeks Tommy and Lucy moved into their place I popped round every so often to have a bit of Lucy I even bought a mate a few times and he fucked Lucy, she had turned into a total cock hungry slut always begging for me to pop over for a quick fuck
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Dam Good Hope to read more
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incredibly hot
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Incredible story very hot!
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loved your story, hope there are more coming