Head teacher

As a dedicated teacher I always wanted to be a head master of my own school, the opportunity came up for deputy headmaster of a mixed 6th form college, after my interview I had a good look round showing great interest in all the projects, they did also noticed the amount of very sexy girls there, as I waited for a decision to be made I took great interest in the achievements in sport, being called in to the board of governors office I was given the job and showed to my office, I was told I would be shown my duties the following day and be introduced to my secretary.
The following morning I arrived at school and sat at my desk sorting everything out, a knock on the door and a beautiful young lady came in and introduced herself “Hi I’m Sally I’m your secretary” “hi I’m Brad” sitting down all I could do was look at her long legs and enormous tits I could feel my cock go hard, as I adjusted myself to stop myself from doing a injury. As Sally left all I could look at was her sexy ass, long legs and what she looked like bent over my desk and my cock slamming the hell out of her pussy, I was dam horny I got my cock out and gave it a good wank Cumming in second’s I cleared up and went on a walk about.

At lunch time I asked if Sally wanted to go to the pub nearby for a chat she gladly accepted and we left, sitting down we got to know about each other and found out she lived in the next road in a house herself and ex boyfriend owned and had just taken in a housemate to help with the bill’s, we went back to work and carried on chatting throughout the afternoon, about 3pm that day a knock on the office door and in walked Sally with 2 girl’s Kelly and Patsy that had been fighting I asked one to sit outside whilst I spoke to the other as we sat chatting I noticed Kelly sitting with her legs slightly open and could see her white panties, it looked very sexy Kelly had a nice pair of tits as well as I explained fighting was wrong and told her to report to me after school and we will discuss her punishment.

Patsy came in and sat down as we discussed her involvement “please sir I can’t get into trouble anymore my dad will kill me is there any other type of punishment I can have now and that will be it, I will do anything sir anything at all. I sat there for a few moments thinking “anything you say”? Yes sir anything you want as long as it goes no further”, “Hmmmmm ok lock that door and come here”, as Patsy locked the door and came over “what do you want me to do sir” “bend over that desk” as patsy did I lifted her skirt and felt her ass her cotton panties stretched over her nice shaped bum, running my fingers in between her legs Patsy groaned “hmmmm your very wet Patsy” yes sir I’m very horny.
Getting up I pulled her panties down and opened her legs slightly “Mmmm sir are you going to fuck me” “yes Patsy I feel this is the best punishment” “ok sir I think so too” as Patsy heard the zip being pulled down and then she felt a huge cock nudging her sweet lips “Oh god your cock is massive sir” as it slipped into her wet pussy groaning Brad lifted her blouse un doing her bra Patsy lifted up so she could take her top off and bra Brad slipped out so she could turn over. Brad feasted his eyes on Patsy’s young tits her nipples were hard a nice shade of pink her pussy shaven as she lay on his desk legs wide open asking for Brad’s cock.

As Brad fucked Patsy he could feel his cock thicken pulling it our he made Patsy kneel on the floor so he could cum in her mouth, Patsy loved to suck cock and loved to swallow, after it was all over Brad said “right let that be a lesson to you and I don’t want to see you in here again or the punishment will be more server” “Mmmmm sir I will keep that in mind” pulling on her panties Patsy left, a few seconds after Sally came in “that girl is always getting in trouble, I dread to think how many detentions she has had”. “Well I can’t see there being a lot more trouble from her I will have another word with her in a few days and see if there is any problems at home” the school bell rang and a few moments later Kelly was at the door “as you asked sir” “ah Kelly come in and sit down now my girl what are we going to do about this that happened this afternoon” “well sir to be honest it was Patsy that started it” “Oh right well she has been punished for this incident” “Oh ok well will I punished in the same way” “do you think you should be then” “yes sir I do” “well you better lock that door and come here then”. As Kelly did this she stood in front of Brad putting his hands up her skirt and pulling her panties down Brad undone Kelly’s blouse, “take your bra of my dear” as Kelly did this Brad unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, “oh sir your cock is massive my pussy is small.

As Brad pushed Kelly onto his desk he knelt down licking Kelly’s sweet pussy, Kelly was a natural blonde soft pubic hair Kelly moaned and had a orgasm, as she spread her legs, and stretching her lips she begged Brad to slip his cock into her. “Mmmmmmm sir that feels good fuck me harder please” as Brad started to fuck her young pussy faster and faster Kelly rubbed her clit Cumming 3 or 4 times before Brad pulled his cock out and demanded Kelly suck it until he cum, Kelly sucked eagerly on Brad’s huge rod feeling his balls until he groaned and poured his cum down her throat, a few drops fell onto her tits as Brad sat in his chair his cock limp from his load deposit.
“Oh sir I feel better for being punished like this the old deputy used to spank our bottoms”, “well I believe in punishment that is remembered so it don’t happen again” “well sir with a cock that size I won’t forget in a hurry” smiling she put her clothes back on and left happy. On the way home I got a phone call from Sally asking if I would like to go for a drink and a chat, I said I would be about 20 minutes and popped home got changed and went round, Sally was waiting outside she jumped in and we went to the pub, sitting down and chatting she asked how Kelly took the punishment, I told her I think she understands now, Sally was real sexy I started to flirt “do you know Sally if I was 10 years younger I would date you” Sally smiled and carried on drinking then said “I’m glad you’re not I like a older man”.

“Do you fancy grabbing a bite to eat with a bottle of wine and go back to my place” Sally smiled and agreed, “I have to be home fairly early for school” laughing “Hmmmm well you could stay the night I have a spare bed” “oh being brought to school by the deputy head master Mmmmmmm now that makes me very special” un crossing her legs slowly and re crossing them I could see her pink panties she wore, she could see I was looking “do you like the colour” “yes very nice indeed” as we left and went to the take away and off licence we arrived at my house, sitting and watching the TV eating and drinking, as we finished and chilled we settled back.

Sally leant across and started to kiss me as I reacted rubbing her huge tits making her groan, her hand slipped down onto my zip running her finger over the huge lump. Sally gasped “Omg what the hell have you in there” smiling I said “well if your good and ask nicely you can take it out and suck it” “I’ve never sucked a cock don’t like the taste of cum in my mouth, my ex always asked me to suck him but as soon as it was in my mouth. He shot his load”. “Oh well I can guarantee you will come before me” sally smiled and unzipped Brad’s trousers pulling out a huge hard cock “Mmmmmm that looks good enough to eat but, I will suck it instead” as Sally lowered her head and started to suck it slowly” as Brad lay back watching her suck on his cock.
Sally started to undress as she took her top off the sight of her huge tits made me gasp “wow nice pair of tits” as she undone her bra they stayed firm “yes and all real come and suck them I love my nipples sucked” as Brad slowly sucked on her soft nipples making then hard as Sally groaned. Sally laid back as Brad sucked softly on Sally’s huge tits, lowering his hand into her panties he slipped his finger onto her clit making her jump and gasp, Brad’s cock was huge and very thick having already cum 2 times today he was putting off fucking Sally, Sally was begging for cock as Brad put 2 fingers into her wet aching pussy, “oh god fuck me I’m gagging for that cock” “let’s go to bed can roll about on it” as Brad got up Sally grabbed his suck sucking it like a whore before getting up and going upstairs, she went into his room laid on the bed and begged for him “Oh god Brad please come and fuck me hard I’m so horny” as Brad got on the bed and in between Sally’s legs.
Brad guided his cock into Sally’s very wet gash as she wrapped her legs around his waist Brad started to fuck her hard, her tits bounced up and down as she groaned for more and more Brad drove his cock in and out of Sally’s pussy as she gripped her legs tight getting wilder and wilder her head thrashing about every time Brad drove harder and harder his balls slapping her ass, as her groan got louder and louder before she screamed and shook as a orgasm ripper through her body, Brad kept fucking her pussy as he unloaded what could only be described as a load that would drown a dog, pumping wave after wave of cum deep into Sally triggering orgasm after orgasm, before Brad rolled off his cock slipped out of her pussy dribbling the last of his spent load, Sally lay gasping for air unable to believe she had been fucked to a inch of her life.

“OMG I have never been fucked so much” looking at Brad and turning over and cuddling in to Brad falling asl**p. About 2 or 3 hours later Sally woke to feel Brad sucking on her nipples, Sally groaned with pleasure as she felt his cock hard against her leg lowering her hand wrapping her fingers around the thick shaft and started to rub it slowly. Brad groaned as he slipped his fingers onto Sally’s pussy making her jump he teased her lips open sliding 2 fingers deep searching for the G spot finding that he massaged it gently, Sally opened her legs making it easier for Brad to play.
Sally was dripping wet Brad’s fingers coated in her juices, as he dragged his middle finger down the crack of her ass and up again he could feel her juices had dripped out of her pussy, “Oh god brad I need to be fucked again you have turned me on” Sally whispered, as Brad moved Sally turned over her back now against Brad’s chest, reaching down in between her legs she fed his cock into her, Sally groaned as Brad pushed fully in grabbing her tits and rubbing her nipples he started to move his cock in and out slowly as Sally moaned begging for more.

Brad’s cock was so hard it was stretching Sally’s pussy he reached round and rubbed her clit hard making her cum again, Brad was very muscular and drove his cock in and out of Sally making her screech with pleasure, he lifted Sally up as brad lay on his back Sally placed her legs either side and her arms supported her as Brad fucked Sally like a machine, all of a sudden Brad groaned and Sally yelled as both cum at the same time, Sally squirted and Brad’s cum seeped out of Sally’s hole. Falling asl**p they woke up the following morning getting ready and went to work.
after Brad had got sorted and went through the mail, Sally knocked and came in “Kelly has been in trouble again do you want to see her now or let her stew”, “hmmmm well send her in and let me chat to her I don’t want to be disturbed Sally” “ok I will go and get her”. Closing the door Brad waited for Kelly and thought what she could do to her today, a knock on the door and in walked Kelly, “thanks Sally can you hold all my calls until I’m finished” smiling she shut the door as Kelly sat down. “Well I see that yesterday hasn’t made a bit of difference has it” “yes sir it has I want it again I want you to fuck me so hard I won’t be able to sit” Brad leaned back rubbing his chin, “well you better come here my girl” as Kelly got up standing in front of brad as he slowly undone her blouse revealing her nice tits in a little lace bra, running his hands over her milky skin, “I have matching panties sir” as Kelly lifted her skirt “Mmmmmm nice” as Brad run his hand over her pussy “oh sir I am so wet and horny I need punishing badly” bending over his desk, Brad pulled Kelly’s panties down and rubbed her pussy teasing her lips open to see the pink flesh and her clit.

Brad stood up pulling his trousers down and feeding his cock deep into Kelly, “Oh god so big fuck me” Kelly whispered as Brad slid in and out of Kelly’s pussy coating the huge length of Brad’s cock, her young pussy stretched with its immense thickness as Brad spanked Kelly’s sweet ass, Brad pulled out and nudged it against her ring gently feeding it in. “Oh god your splitting my asshole” as Brad nudged it in bit by bit, spanking her cheek again and again his hand track was being left on her cheek. Brad pulled out and demanded Kelly suck his cock as he sat in his chair, Kelly kneeling naked on the floor she hungrily sucked on the thick rod as Brad groaned. “Suck it you bad girl suck me until I cum” “Oh yes sir I have been bad will you want me to swallow” “yes you will have to” as Kelly sucked and wanked her deputy headmasters cock.
Kelly was in heaven sucking a huge cock and being told to swallow his load, Kelly loved to give blow jobs and did to a few of the boys, in school but nothing as good as this, playing with his balls she felt his cock thicken, wanking it hard Brad groaned as spurts of cum shot from his dick and down her throat, sucking hard she made sure she didn’t spill a drop. “Sir did I do good was I a good girl” “Yes Kelly you was a real good girl now sit on my desk and spread your legs, I have to repay you for doing as you was told”. As Brad knelt down he stared at her perfect sweet pussy slightly open from her hard fuck she had, teasing her pussy with his finger Kelly groaned, her juices soaked the desk, putting his head to her pussy, Brad started to lick Kelly, making her moan softly.

“Oh sir please lick me more push your tongue into my pussy” as Brad dipped his tongue deep moving it up and down as Kelly arched her back with a small orgasm. “Mmmmmm sir more please” as he put 2 fingers in searching for her G spot finding it he massaged it softly building up speed until Kelly was unable to hold back with a loud groan Brad pulled his fingers out as Kelly gushed like a tap shaken like mad Brad was soaked, Kelly lay on the desk totally exhausted, “Oh sir I have never cum like that” as she sat up and started to get dressed. After they cleaned up Kelly kissed Brad saying “how would you like to fuck me in a huge bed, I will make it a night to remember”. As Kelly went Brad said “well how does this sound next weekend I’m off up the country why don’t you come with me” ok it’s a deal, Brad was besotted with Kelly even though he knew it was wrong, he hoped that she would get into trouble every day.

Sally came in a while later shutting the door “I heard her cum and saw you fucking her” Brad looked shocked “and” “and I want the same now it has made me so horny” as Sally undone her top and her bra, her huge tits stood firm as Brad grabbed them sucking on her hard nipples, Sally pushed him back and dropped to her knees, getting his limp cock out she started to suck it, “I can taste her pussy this is not good” and started to suck it deep down her throat. As Sally slowly sucked Brad’s cock she started to play with his balls dragging her finger along his scrotum Brad groaned and arched his back grabbing the arms of his chair, Sally stopped sucking his cock and wanked it hard “cum over my tit’s I want to see it” as Brad nodded his head Sally rubbed it harder and harder, Brad gasped and spewed thick waves of cum over Sally’s melons “Mmmmmmmmm” as she rubbed his cock over her nipples coating them in cum.
As Sally sat back she gathered a tit and slowly licked his spent load sucking her nipple clean “Mmmmm you are a dirty bitch Sally” Sally nodded her head licking her lips, “so am I going to join you with Kelly lets have some serious fun” Brad nodded his head unable to refuse, as Sally got dressed and went back to her desk, that night Brad hammered Sally all night long making her scream and cum until she couldn’t cum anymore, the following day whilst Brad was doing his rounds, he past a store cupboard and could hear noises coming from it, going closer he could her moaning opening the door and looked in he saw Patsy naked one cock in her mouth another in her pussy, “Omg what the hell is going on” as the 2 boys stopped and Patsy standing up “get dressed now and go to my office”.

As he stood watching them get dressed he marched them straight in sitting down “what the hell did you think it was going to achieve” “Sir” Patsy interrupted “they asked me if I would fuck and suck for £50.00” Brad looked at the boys as their heads bowed “that’s disgusting lads why would you pay for sex” as silence fell in the office one boy spoke “it was a bet sir the lads in the class said we wouldn’t do it that’s all it was a bet” Brad looked at all 3 “well go back to your classes and report to me at home time I will then decide your punishment, showing them the door brad sat down thinking of what he should do. At home time all 3 turned up and stood in the office, “I have no other choice but suspend you for a month I will send letters to your parents and explain all, all 3 left the office.

Sally came in and asked what had happened, after Brad explained she wrote the letters and hand delivered them as instructed, that evening when Brad was home he had a knock on the door, on opening it there stood Patsy “sir I need to speak to you about today I can’t be suspended I need to be at school please sir is there anything I can do or say to make you re consider”. Brad brought Patsy in and sat her down “look Patsy fucking 2 guys is ok when your older but it just makes you look easy at your age” “but sir it was a bet and I was horny I’m horny now as well” “Patsy this is a no no we can’t fuck it is wrong” Patsy stood up and removed her coat and started to strip, Brad was in a trance as he watched her remove her top and bra, her nipples were hard, letting her skirt fall then her panties Brad looked and licked his lips, at tonight’s supper.
Brad pulled his hard cock out as Patsy bent over sucking it, her warm sweet mouth felt fantastic her tongue wrapped around Brad’s huge cock head, Patsy pushed her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy Brad could hear Patsy moaning as her head bobbed up and down on his cock, brad Groaned “fuck me” as Patsy stood up lowering her pussy onto Brad’s shaft, moving up and down Patsy played with her tits as Brad steadied Patsy,grapping her he flipped her onto her back and slammed his cock in and out like a piston, Patsy begged and screamed for more and more Cumming multiple times.

“Take me to bed sir fuck me all night long” patsy wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her and climbed the stairs, with every step Brad’s cock slipped all the way in making Patsy groan.
As Brad laid her on the bed his hips fucked Patsy hard his huge balls slapped against her ass as Patsy moaned digging her heals into his back, her hips moving with his the sweat was dripping from both bodies as they rolled around the bed Brad could feel his cock thicken as Patsy cum again, Brad groaned and exploded deep in Patsy’s pussy trigging off body shuddering orgasms, Brad rolled off as both lay breathing deeply. “Omg that was awesome” Patsy gasped as Brad smiled “well I hope you’re going to fuck me again Sir” “I think you can call me Brad out of school” “Ok sir will you want to punish me again for being such a dirty little school girl” Patsy giggled as she slid down the bed and started to suck Brad’s cock. Brad lay there unable to resist to her demands, feeling her warm young mouth suck hard on his limp cock her hands rubbing his huge empty balls, Brads balls were massive he was gifted and Patsy was the lucky girl, never having such a huge cock before, she wasn’t into black cock just white not being a racist it was just a personal preference and men that where older, she had dated boy’s her age but found they only wanted to get laid and didn’t last long enough.

Brad’s cock was getting harder as she sucked rubbing it as well his shaft was starting to firm up before long his cock was semi hard as patsy came back up the bed kissing as she went, Brad was now feeling patsy all over making her body tingle, patsy climbed on top as they kissed she grabbed his cock and fed it into her open pussy sliding down on it, Brad groaned as patsy sat up “you just lay there and enjoy Brad” as he smiled. Patsy started to grind her hips and play with her nipples whilst Brad spanked her bum, “Mmmmmmm please harder make me beg for forgiveness, as Brad spanked it again and again Patsy cried for more and more as her hips ground down hard.

“Please Brad spank me make me your bad baby”, as he smacked her ass leaving a hand track that glowed red “oh please forgive me please I promise to be a good girl now” as he grabbed her hips and them smacked her again and again “oh please, please make me a good girl” as she shouted out “oh god I’m Cumming oh yes,yes yes” as Patsy started to shake she cried out a ear shattering scream as she squirted like mad, Brad trying to hold on to her as he shot his cum deep into Patsy again making her squirt and shake like she was being electrocuted. Patsy collapsed lifeless on Brad’s chest gaining conscious moments later. They lay there for a while falling asl**p with Brad’s cock slowly slipping out of Patsy.

The following morning Patsy left after Brad had told her to report to her on the Monday at his office, He Phoned her parents and explained she apologised for doing what she did and had re assured him it would not happen again, Brad also told them he had given her a good lecture on everything, he parents seemed very happy it had been sorted. Later that day Sally turned up as they set off for the weekend with Kelly, she knew Sally was coming and was looking forward to lots of fun.

More to follow.............................................

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