Step Daughter

I would like to tell you about a story that happened a few months back and I hope it make you horny too, let me fill you in on a bit of back ground as well.
I am married to a wonderful sexy lady called Sally who has 2 daughters Patricia 17 and Karen 16 these are from a previous relationship years ago, we got married and moved to another county, I had a good job and Sally had her own online business selling cosmetics we wasn’t rich but comfortable as they say. We had a real active sex life and always grabbed the opportunity when the girls were out or at college.

This particular day I was working from home as the trip into work was long and for the time, I was going to be there it just wasn’t worth the hassle, Sally took Karen to college and Patricia had a home study day as her exams where coming up.
All was nice and peaceful I got my work done and sent it into the office, as I prepared Patricia’s 18th Birthday party that weekend, Sally came home and we got chatting and I saw the naughty look in her eye as it was always there, she got up and walked over kneeling down in front of me and started to rub the front of my trousers making me go hard, unzipping me and pulling out what was now a hard bit of meat and slowly sucking the head whilst she massaged my huge hung balls.

I could feel the warmth of her mouth on the hard shaft as she slowly rubbed teasing the head of my throbbing cock with her tongue, Sally loved sucking my cock as her head went back and forth, I heard Patricia moving about upstairs but no way was I going to let Sally stop I was close to exploding in her mouth, I groaned softly as Sally wanked my cock hard all of a sudden she took the full length in her mouth as I pumped a huge thick cream down her throat holding her head in place until I had finished.

Sally looked up and smiled licking her lips making sure she got the last drop; I tucked myself away as we heard Patricia coming down the stairs, and Sally stood up and carried on talking as though nothing had happened. We chatted about Patricia’s pending 18th party. As we finalized everything we looked forward to the celebration.
The weekend arrived and we sat down to breakfast, watching Patricia open her cards and presents, after breakfast the girls went upstairs as Sally and I cleared up getting ready for the evening and the party. As I walked upstairs to I could hear music coming from the girls bedrooms, as I past Patricia’s bedroom the door opened to see her standing near to naked with only a pair of white panties on, I stood and started at what was a stunning before me.

Her perfect tits with firm pink nipples stood out, I stuttered apologizing for looking as Patricia smiled and walked into the bathroom, my cock was now growling to get out, I rushed into the bedroom laying on the bed and wanked like a sex starved teenager spewing a huge load of cum all over the place. All day I couldn’t get Patricia’s image out of my mind but the evening came and got distracted, with everything that was going on.

As the evening carried on I decided to make myself scarce and go into the bedroom, as I walked up the stairs Patricia was coming down we stopped and chatted for a few minutes and she asked where I was going, I told her and she asked if she could come to and chat, I nodded my head as she followed me , closing the bedroom door behind her, I turned as she throw her arms around me kissing me hard on the lips, she smelt fantastic as I run my hands over her firm young body following the contours of what was some real sexy panties, my cock was bulging as Patricia felt what was going to split her pussy sooner or later.

I slowly undressed her kissing her soft virginal body making her whimper with pleasure, Patricia begged me not to stop, as I eased her panties off they fell around her ankles I felt a soaking wet shaved pussy that was ready to have a huge cock in it for the first time. Patricia whispered “take me to bed and make me a women” as I lifted her and carried her laying her on the bed, I got undressed starting at what was a magnificent body.
As I pulled off my boxers my cock sprung out Patricia gasped saying “omg that is huge I so want you to take me” I climbed on the bed and started to kiss her softly all over, my finger slipped into her young pussy as I moved them back and forth, Patricia groaned and sighed Cumming all of a sudden. Patricia said “lay on the bed I want to please you” I nodded my head as I watched her take my cock in her hand rubbing it slowly.

Patricia’s eyes where transfixed on my huge cock as she slowly rubbed it up and down, she leant forward opening her mouth slightly kissing my cock head I said “turn round so I can see your pussy” Patricia did as I asked as I massaged the sweet lips of her slit, I wet my finger and slowly pushed it fully in making Patricia sigh, my finger was coated in her pussy juices as she sucked on my cock I felt her warm lips sliding up and down my shaft, I moved my finger faster pushing 2 fingers in as I felt her muscles grip them like a vice, Patricia groaned gasping saying “ I’m Cumming please don’t stop Daddy” as her juices coated my fingers, a light fluid dribbled out of her pussy, and down her inner thigh sighing with pleasure.
Patricia moved up the bed and laid besides me feeling my hard cock, she straddled me and sitting on top feeding my cock into her young tight pussy, she groaned as the full length, slipped into her wet hole, Patricia looked at me smiling as I gripped her hips, moving slowly her eyes closed as I rubbed her nipples making her groan again, I slightly thrust up my full thick cock as Patricia begged for more.

I twisted over so I was in full control, thrusting harder, as Patricia begged me to fill her pussy, “FUCK ME DADDY FUCK YOUR BABY GIRL FILL MY PUSSY” as she cum again but this time a strong shudder ripped through her body as she cried out before my cock twitched and pumped huge waves of cum into her shaved pussy, we finally slumped side by side on the bed breathless before Patricia got up and got dressed looking at me smiled and said “thank you that was amazing” I replied saying “well next time we will take our time and make it more enjoyable” with that Patricia got dressed and returned to the party.

I returned to the party a few moments after seeking out Sally and carried on as though nothing had happened, after the party finished and everyone went home the conversation turned to Sally’s 40th birthday the following week. I said “what would you like to do for your special day” Sally looked and said “live out a fantasy” I looked shocked saying “oh right and what would that be” laughing as I said it, Sally looked and said “to be fucked by 3 guys making a porn film for us to watch anytime we want”.
The thought of my wife being fucked by 3 huge cocks was turning me on like hell making my cock throb, I grabbed Sally’s hand dragging her upstairs and throw her on the bed ripping her panties off and pulling what was now the mother of all hard on’s and slamming it into Sally’s very wet open shaved pussy banging it as she cried out multiple orgasms begging for more my balls tightened as I groaned as I pumped her pussy full of thick cream.

As I pulled out I could see the cream filling that I had just put in her; her pussy was still slightly open as Sally dragged her finger along the slit dragging some of the cum as well and then slowly slipping it into her mouth sucking it clean, she was one dirty cow and so dam slutty I made my mind up that her fantasy would come true.
The following weekend came and the party was in full swing so many d***k people it was surprising I wasn’t stepping over more bodies, I was looking for Sally but couldn’t find her, as I walked up the stairs I met Karen coming down I asked where her mother was but she had no idea, Karen was now 17 and getting a real horny looking ever so popular at school and a list of boyfriends only a PA could handle.

I carried on upstairs and saw the door slightly open of Patricia a low moaning was coming from the room I peeked in to see her laying naked on the bed with her boyfriend eating her pussy and her sucking his cock deep, this made me a bit hard as I left them to it, I carried on to our bedroom hearing some loud moaning and bed squeaking I opened the door slowly to see Sally being fucked by 2 blokes one up her arse and the other getting head on her tits swaying at the f***e of her being spit roasted.
My cock went ridged as I unzipped and started to wank at the site of my wife being totally fucked I heard a noise and turned with my cock in my hand to see Karen standing behind me, she said “what the hell are you doing” as she looked at my large rod standing straight out, I said “spying on your mum having fun” Karen smiled and reached out grabbing my cock leading me into her room and over to the bed.

The look in her eye was the same as her mums full of mischief as she started to rub my cock I was powerless to resist, she undone her top and took it off with her bra, her tits where big and nice dark nipples about the same size as her mums, she carried on wanking me until I couldn’t hold out longer as I cum over her tits Karen directed it until she had got the last drop, mopping up after Karen said “do we feel better now” and smiled I looked and said “of cause I do” Karen then said “well you can help me know I’m so horny and can’t be bothered to finger my pussy” getting up and pulling her panties down to reveal the sweetest little slit I have ever seen.
She lay down and opened her legs, I knelt down and started to tease her clit with my tongue, one thing I loved was licking pussy, Karen groaned as my tongue run up and down her pussy teasing her as I went, Karen begged for more as her back arched with pleasure, her hand lay gently on my head as I pushed my tongue in slowly, the sweetness of her juices made me lap it up so sweet like sugar, Karen shook slightly as she cum, but what she didn’t realise she was going to have a fierce orgasm she will want more in time.

After Karen had calmed down I started to rub her clit softly this made her groan as it was very sensitive, I slightly opened her pussy lips and rubbed the full length of her open crack she gasped slightly begging for more, I gently pushed 2 fingers in to her soaking wet pussy her juices coated my fingers as I felt her young pussy muscles tighten around my fingers, not letting them out my fingers now were like a small cock pleasing a young pussy as my thumb massaged her clit Karen arched her back moaning louder and louder, she softly praised god and said she was Cumming as she let out a groan that would wake the dead she shook again as she squirted a stream of fluid soaking me completely, Karen gripped the bed sheet with the f***e of the orgasm arching her back unable to stop shaking with the pleasure after a few minutes the pleasure subsided as she lay breathless on the bed.

I got up from in between her legs I sucked my fingers her juices tasted so sweet Karen gasped saying “OMG where the fuck did you learn to do that I’ve been fingered but never cum that hard my pussy is still throbbing and I’ve never squirted before”, begging me she said “please do it more to me I want to cum again fuck me with your big cock I want to feel you stretch me”. I smiled and said possibly another time, as I left the room I looked back to see Karen laying on the bed rubbing her pussy I closed the door and went down stairs.
I noticed Sally had returned to the party she was surrounded by about 4 guys I joined them kissing Sally and whispered “did you enjoy being fucked by 2 guys” and smiled she looked and nodded as I walked off to chat to some guests I noticed Sally paying attention to 3 of the guys in that group then I knew they were the 3 she wanted, I knew 2 of them they lived either side of us but the 3rd I didn’t recognise but Sally was paying particular attention to him a very good looking man tall and slightly tanned.
I carried on chatting to a few people and noticed Sally leading the 3 guys off and upstairs, Sally looked across the room and nodded to me I knew this was the signal to join them, as I entered the bedroom Sally was sitting on the bed chatting Matt, Andy and Carl (the one I didn’t know much about) all standing around her chatting I got the camera ready and started filming. Sally started to rub all three guys as they felt her body, kissing her and pushing their hand up and down her dress getting a good handful of tit and pussy.

Sally stood up and slid her dress off removing her panties and bra the men all felt her naked body, kneeling down she slowly took Carls cock out sucking it slowly it was rather thick, cut Sally loved a cut cock it was a good shape as well Carl groaned as Sally slowly sucked the full length, reaching out she unzipped Matt & Andy pulling their huge cocks out Matt’s just hung it must of been 12” at least no wonder Julie his wife was always smiling, Andy’s was slightly smaller about 10” as Sally wanked both cocks whilst sucking Carl.

I was getting really turned on my cock was bulging and needed to be released so I could wank it until I shot my load, Sally now stood up leading all 3 men to the bed she told Matt to lay down and the other 2 stood either side on the bed, Sally straddled Matt slowly letting his huge cock slide into her wet hole, she moved up and down slowly as she sucked the other guys one at a time all 3 grabbing her ample breast’s as Sally groaned Carl held her hips to regulate her movements, as I slowly watched my wife being fucked by three huge cocks, I was also rubbing mine as was horny as hell seeing her being used like this.

Sally stopped and turned round so her arse was now showing as Carl got behind her and slipped his dick in her hole Matt clamped her down so her back dipped Andy shoved his cock in her mouth like a plug, Sally now had 3 cocks in her and the camera was getting all the action I was now wanking for my life and was close to blowing a huge load these are the times you had a young pussy to fill as a wave of cum flew out of my cock thick and creamy I kept my eyes on Sally as I made sure every drop was squeezed out, Sally groaned as Matt cum followed by Carl and Andy. After a few moments all 3 guys got off their cocks hung down dripping their spent loads, Sally lay on the bed cum dripping from her arse and pussy, she sat up and got off the bed, kneeling in front of the guys she sucked their cocks clean the dirty whore wanted their last drops, she then got up and walked over to me knelt down and sucked me as well “you dirty greedy slut” I said Sally just nodded got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

All 4 of us guys just sat chatting as Sally appeared in just a towel; she dropped the towel and walked around naked as though no one was there, we watched as she slowly got dressed she was loving it being watched by 4 guys, after a few minutes she opened the bedroom door turned and said “thanks lads I really did get fucked” and smiled closing the door behind her.
After a few more hours the party had finished and all the guests went home, Sally and I sat down and chatted for a while and talking about her fantasy that finally come true. The following morning we cleared up Sally went off with the girls shopping as I decided to have a day to myself, I sat down and watched some television when the door bell rang, when I opened it; it was Julie Matt’s wife I asked her in Julie was gorgeous sexy with brown hair and the most sexiest eyes I have ever seen, I asked if she wanted a coffee and we sat chatting.

I was undressing her with my eyes as she spoke trying to imagine what she looked like in her underwear, I was getting hard at the thought I crossed my legs to hide the now growing bulge in my trousers, we carried on chatting and having a good laugh when Julie said “I’m wearing a black thong and a tiny matching bra for your information” and laughed I was shocked, I said “how did you know I was thinking that” Julie said “you have been stripping me with your eyes since I walked in and I’m as horny as hell now and Matt has gone away for a few days do you want to take care of it for me”.

Julie then said “when will Sally and the girls be home” I said in about a hour” Julie then said why don’t you come next door and we won’t be disturbed at all” opening the front door I followed her into her house and up the stairs into her bedroom where I saw a huge bed Julie led me to the bed and sat me down whilst she unzipped her dress letting it slip to the floor and yep she was wearing the skimpiest thong and a very small black bra as she had said, she slipped out of her thong and undone the bra standing naked in front of me.

I looked at her up and down I had imagined a sexy body but this was far more sexier than I had imagined her tits were shapely not as big as Sally’s and nice brown nipples that stood out, her body was well shaped my eyes closed in on her pussy a small patch of hair just on the slit and smooth all the way down, Julie had real sexy legs I had always admired her legs, I reached out pulling her towards me kissing her body I slowly sucked on her nipples flicking them with my tongue Julie groaned with pleasure as I fell back Julie fell on top I grabbed her bum that as well was a lovely shape as I felt Julie trying to unzip my trousers to release my cock.
Julie got up as I sat up getting undressed whilst Julie slipped into the bed I joined her as we kissed and fumbled around like a couple of horny teenagers, I slipped my hand in between her legs she was soaking wet 2 fingers slipped in as I fingered her until she cried out a little orgasm, Julie had hold of my cock as she slowly rubbed it sliding down the bed I felt her warm mouth suck on the head as I watched her head bob up and down every so often wanking it.

I pulled her back up and lay side by side as I rolled her onto her back getting in between her legs I slowly entered her; her back arched to make it easier for my length to go in, Julie groaned as I moved in and out kissing her softly and sucking her nipples slowly her leg wrapped around my back to draw me in tighter, as her pussy muscles tightened around my shaft she begged for more and harder as I stepped up the pace, Julie gripped her legs making it tight for me to move as she begged for me to cum in her; her nails dug into my arse as she cried she was Cumming my cock thickened and I cum triggering off multiple orgasms in Julie she shook and bucked with pleasure as I filled her cunt full.

After a while that seemed ages she finally let me go as I slipped out and lay next to her, breathless we lay quiet for a while until Julie said “ thanks I was so horny and have been for a couple of days and wanted to be fucked and that’s for you in return for Matt fucking Sally” she smiled got up and went into the bathroom to run a bath I lay there breathless Julie was one passionate women I heard her call me so I went into the bathroom as saw a huge bath with her in it wanting me to join her, I didn’t need asking twice as I stepped in sliding up next to her we started to kiss and feel each other, Julie went under the water and started to suck my cock I had never had this done before and I was getting hard again.

Julie kissed me passionately reaching beneath the water slowly rubbing my ever hardening cock I slowly stroked her tits making her nipples stand to attention, as Julie moved on top of me feeding my cock into her hungry hole she moved up and down slowly, the warm soapy water splashed with her movements, she whispered “I’m so fucking horny I need to be satisfied constantly” as we kissed more and more my hands clasped her arse cheeks as she moved faster and faster, Julie groaned loudly saying she was Cumming, and Cumming she was louder and louder as she cried out shaking slightly with the feeling she was getting.

She carried on moving as we slid down the bath and under the water I flipped her over and started to fuck her hard, her legs wrapped around my waste as I drove my cock in and out the water was going everywhere but I didn’t give a fiddlers fart, I was pleasing a real sexy horny women as my felt the cum rise the head of my cock started to pulse as I groaned filling Julie’s tight pussy full of cum, I had never fucked a women in a bath and loved it, we finally got out and dressed and sat having a coffee when my mobile went it was Sally saying she was home and asked where I was, I told her I was next door having a coffee and would be back in a moment.

Julie said “would you be up for more fun tomorrow and a few days away, I have to take a flight to Paris and could do with some company Matt won’t be back for 2 weeks.” I thought about it for a few moments and agreed I can always say I have to go away on business, Sally never asked much about my work so I was ok in that sense. I drank my coffee and kissed Julie leaving saying “I will be around sometime tomorrow so don’t wear panties” Julie replied “I won’t be wearing anything so you can fuck me as soon as you come through the door” smiling I left and returned home were Sally was preparing tea.
Part 2 to follow ..............................

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very good story I do look forward to reading more
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Great Story
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very good start & yes more
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Very hot rodma. Thanks ,
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Quite the life you have there Rodma. Great story.
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awesome story
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Very good story cant wait to read part 2
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