The wife the conclusion Alice and Jenny

Alice and I were getting on great and had moved in together as well as Jenny her daughter, Jenny and I had been fucking every so often and had even been able to fuck Jenny’s friend in the back of my car one night on the way home after she had given me some head on the way back to her house, I was gagging for it, Janet was making me beg for it and I’m glad I did never fucked such a tight snatch in my whole life but was so worth it. As time went on I proposed to Alice and she duly accepted and we decide to have a celebration to mark the occasion.

We arranged to hold the party at our new place and anyone that wanted to crash after was very welcome, we was having a summer house built as well as a Jacuzzi so waited for them to be finished, it took about a month to complete and we set a date also in the mean time Alice had fallen pregnant so we had more to celebrate, we told Jenny that her mum was pregnant and got the shock that Jenny was as well and (yes it was mine opps) mother and daughter up the spout and due about the same time, Alice went bonkers to find her daughter pregnant and Jenny saying she didn’t know who the father could be as she had, had a one night gangbang with 4 other fella’s (all lies as she hadn’t had sex other than with me).

All calmed down after much ranting and raving and we all chatted about what was gonna happen that night Alice and I chatted about Jenny and fell asl**p in the end, to be woken up later by Alice sucking my cock as she had felt horny and had rubbed her pussy a few times but wanted cock, she lay back and I got in between her legs fucking her until I shot my load, the night of the party arrived and we made all the announcements except Jenny being pregnant we was all getting d***k a little and decided that some of us was going to test the Jacuzzi out skinny dipping, myself, Alice jenny, and a few others all stripped naked getting in the water, Alice sat one side and Jenny sat the other I could see a few of the other women and the shaved pussy’s making me nice and hard, but with the water up to the neck no one could see the huge hard on I had.

I felt a hand on my cock slowly rubbing it, it was Alice the horny cow was trying to make me cum, thank god she couldn’t see where my hand was as it was on the daughters pussy my finger sliding up and down her clit all of a sudden another hand was on my cock as Jenny was teaming up with her mum and Alice didn’t seem to worry about it as my other hand played with Alice’s tit. I could see across from me a couple having sex and this was turning me on more, Alice had her eyes closed and groaning softly I felt someone’s head touch my hand some bastered was eating Alice’s pussy. I whispered to Jenny some bloke was tonguing her mum out as we both looked to see Alice, eyes closed both hands holding the guys head down, Alice groaning like mad, Jenny straddled my lap and slid her pussy onto my cock.

Jenny and I kissed as we heard Alice cum and a head popped up it was a woman, a close friend to Alice, they hugged and watched as Jenny and I fucked as I Cumming pretty hard. Alice looked at me as I said “how long have you wanted a women licking u out” Alice said she hadn’t until now and didn’t even know who it was until I she had started” she then said “did you enjoy as well” I had to say it was nice but it was a one off, the night went on until the following morning, the last of the guests crashing about 5am, that Sunday afternoon we said our goodbye’s to all the guests and set about clearing up, we finished rather late and sat on the sofa gathering our thoughts, Jenny said “well mum would you consider a great birthday party in a fortnight for my 21st” Alice said well I can’t see why not but what do you want as a present, Jenny giggled saying “a 3 way” with a serious face, Alice must of been on something because she agreed saying “who with as long as I agree why not your old enough and good to experiment I did and glad I did” I sat stunned at this conversation finding out that my future wife had, had a 3 way with 2 other blokes and agreeing to her daughter having a 3 way.

Jenny said well dad and Carl (jenny’s new bloke) Alice said well if Dad agrees then ok but as I don’t know Carl that well I will have to speak to him, now I know she was on something she had to be, she was giving me permission to fuck her daughter with her daughter’s boyfriend this was mad and totally insane, ok I’ve been drilling Jenny for a good 3 years and enjoy the awesome sex we have but being given permission was weird, I agreed and left it at that.
Jenny went up to her room and played music I said to Alice “are you totally out of your frigging mind you want me to fuck your daughter with her boyfriend” Alice said “yes and I know it sounds mad but would rather have someone I know than her getting fucked and made to be a dirty slut but only if you feel comfortable” I said “well I’ll think about it” the thought was seriously turning me on and it gave me a excuse to go see Jenny I said I was going to have a word with Jenny about it and see how she feels now. I went upstairs and knocked on her door Jenny shouted to go in, as I walked in she was laying on her bed reading, I closed the door and sat on the bed starting to chat I noticed her hard nipples under her T shirt no bra and tight hot pants on, I was hard and dam fucking horny, Jenny sat up taking her top off and taking my hand placing it on her nipple, I started to role it between my finger and thumb making Jenny groan I undone my trousers pulling the huge rod out the cock head glowed as Jenny eyed the one eyed monster.

Jenny lay back pushing up her hips pulling her hot pants off the sweet shaved pussy came into view I rubbed my dick slowly she was now naked and ready to get a good fucking, Jenny said “mum was stoned earlier I bet she is wasted now I’ll see” jumping off the bed whilst I stripped. She re emerged a minute later with Alice she was totally high as hell Jenny turned kissing her mum and feeling her tit’s whilst Alice slipped her hand in between Jenny’s legs, they both stumbled and onto the bed as we stripped Alice naked I fed my cock into Alice’s mouth as she greedily sucked on it as though she hadn’t sucked cock in ages, whilst I played with Jenny. Alice rubbed and sucked my cock like hell as she sat on Jenny’s face so she could lick her pussy.

Alice groaned as Jenny licked away I was close to shooting my load, Alice wanked me like mad as a huge stream of cum sprayed all over her face and in her mouth, Alice shook and cum grinding her pussy onto Jenny’s face, I slipped 2 fingers into Jenny’s soaking wet hole fingering her like mad, Alice got off jenny’s face as Jenny screamed out a massive orgasm, we lay on the bed as we gained our composer, we started kissing feeling each other as I rubbed mother and daughters clit’s at the same time brining them both to cum nearly at the same time, Jenny pulled a joint out of her side draw lighting it up passing it between each other getting higher as we did, Jenny slid down the bed and started to suck my cock as I kissed Alice feeling her firm nipples Jenny worked on my cock and before long it was as solid as a rock.
I told Alice to get on her knees and Jenny to lay on her back, Alice started to play with her daughters pussy rubbing the lips, I got behind Alice and pushed my cock into her pussy I heard Alice groan and Jenny sigh as I started to fuck Alice, spanking Alice’s ass cheek she cried out for more and buried her head into Jenny’s gash Jenny started to moan loudly saying she was Cumming I was learning new stuff about Alice and it was turning me on madly, Jenny screamed as she cum, I started to fuck Alice hard she lifted herself up on her arms pushing back making sure I fucked her deep I could feel my cock getting bigger and it was going to be a huge load, I gripped her hips as I shot my thick cream into Alice she shook and shouted as the warm juice poured into her pumping like mad unable to stop I could feel my cum on my shaft, I finally pulled out my cock it was coated in Alice’s juices and my cum, that was it totally wasted as we all fell asl**p.

The following morning we woke with mega headaches, Alice and Jenny could hardly walk both walking round near naked this wasn’t good as it was making me hard and nowhere to shove my cock, I went for a drive to get the image of the 2 near naked out of my head but the more I tried to stop thinking the more I imaged it, I spotted Jenny’s mate Janet at the bus stop and pulled in asking if she wanted a lift home she excepted asking how we all was and apologising for not being able to be there at the weekend, I said it was ok and told her what had happened and how it had ended, Janet looked in amazement saying “dam I’m feeling so horny now I missed a fucking orgy my pussy is so wet it needs cock do you wanna fuck” now that was a offer I couldn’t refuse and was desperate to cum thinking of Alice and Jenny in bed with me, Janet said well take me home no one is in and you can fuck me rigid.

I got back to her house in double quick time getting through the front door I shoved my hand up Janet’s skirt ripping her thong off and sniffing it, it smelt of soaking wet pussy that needed a good fucking and cum pumped into it. Janet was feeling hot and grabbed my trouser front that had a huge lump in it pulling the zip down and pulling out the hard rod she rubbed it furiously before getting real slutty with it, this was one hot women that only wanted sex, I pulled her up and moved her to a chair pushing her over it, she was now at my mercy lifting her skirt up her arse and pussy was now in full view and she had no idea what I was going to do. I grabbed my shaft and aimed it at her 2 holes teasing her as I rested my cock against her ass cheeks running it up and down her crack as she begged for cock, her language was course and very blue as she demanded the length.

I wetted my cock head and slowly pushed it in to arse hole she groaned saying, “shove it in you bastered shove it all in” as it slipped all the way, it was tight as I spanked her bum cheek it glowed red as I carried on spanking it harder and harder, until she was crying with pleasure I reached down rubbing Janet’s swollen pussy lips she cum screaming out her sticky juices dripped from her cunt, I pulled my cock out and straight into her wet hole ramming it so deep I felt my ball bag swing towards her stomach Janet moaned again as I grabbed her hips fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, all I could hear is Janet moaning and screaming she wanted more and was Cumming, our skin slapped together as I made 1 final lunge exploding into her pussy, triggering Janet to shake as though she was having a fit as orgasms ripped through her body and losing all control of her fluids soaking the floor where we stood.

I pulled my cock out of her as it flopped down dripping a small amount of my spent load, standing up Janet pushed herself up from over the chair I had pushed her over, and her skirt fell down turning round saying “that was one hell of a fuck I so needed that” dropping to her knee’s and sucked my cock rubbing my ball bag that hung down empty. We got dressed after a while and sat talking as though nothing had happened; Gloria, Janet’s mum arrived home from work and was surprised to see me god knows where Janet got her looks from because she was a bit of a moose, ok she was ok for a one night fuck but no way a looker, Mark; Janet’s dad was ok as a person but nothing to look at real tall weedy looking so Janet was either the postman’s or milkman’s Lol or a cast back for her looks she had a fantastic figure, cute arse, a pussy any bloke would wanna eat, or lesbian come to think about it tit’s that where firm and a nice handful, I made my excuses and left Janet showed me to the door and thanked me for what she had wanted, asking if there was a chance of it happening again, I slipped her my mobile number and said to give me a ring when it was safe to chat and make arrangements. I drove home only thinking of the terrific sex I had had that afternoon, I pulled into the drive and met Alice and Jenny coming out, saying they were off to the cinema and would I like to come to I said no saying I was worn out and was gonna chill in the bath and have a early night.

I sat having a cup of coffee and decided to run a hot bath, I had just settled down when my mobile rang it was Janet, I lay back as she spoke saying she was laying on her bed naked running her fingers over her pussy and pulling her hard nipples groaning as she did, my cock rose from underneath the water like a periscope I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly rubbed it up and down, Janet then told me she had her finger in her pussy dreaming it was my tongue on her clit, she groaned louder telling me she was Cumming and moaned I rubbed my cock hard and shot a small stream of cum, my cock went limp straight away, Janet asked when she could have more cock, saying she was free all weekend before back to college on Monday, I made arrangements for a fun fuck on the Saturday and stay over until the Sunday in a hotel nearby and have a good time, before I had finished Janet had agreed and said her goodbye’s.

The weekend arrived and I made my excuses saying I would see Alice on Sunday evening I picked Janet up and we arrived at the hotel booked in and going to our room, as soon as the door was closed Janet stripped laid on the bed and opened her legs shoving 2 fingers into her pussy and finger fucked herself I was rock hard and dropped my trousers my cock sprung up like a board I got in between her legs pushed her hand away and replaced it with my cock grabbing both legs and fucked her as hard as possible Janet screamed with pleasure as we cum together falling to the side of her my cock dribbling cum but the load was in Janet’s pussy, we got up and dressed going out for a meal before going for a drink meeting up with another young couple who had arrived at the hotel at the same time.

The man’s wife was called Penny and Rob was the husband, Penny was real nice looking great figure, nice tits and smelt frigging good enough to eat, Janet was coming on to Rob big time and was ready to fuck him if she could of there and then, Penny just looked and carried on chatting making it obvious she was horny asking if I wanted a drink, and got up going to the bar she looked across and beckon me over, I helped her with the drinks breaking up Janet and Rob, Janet got up making her excuses to go to our room, as Rob, Penny and Myself carried on chatting. About 15 minutes later rob said he wasn’t feeling great and was having a early night, Penny said she would stay down and chat Rob said his goodnights and left, Penny said “I know where he going” I asked where she said “off to fuck Janet in your bed” I looked asking how she knew, she said “he said to me he was and had made arrangements” I looked and sat back, Penny said “well do you fancy it as well with me” and winked smiling.
I asked wasn’t she worried about Rob, she said “well Rob was always fucking any women he could when he was younger his cock is huge and he is good in bed, I caught him a few years ago with my s****r and he confessed he was addicted to sex, and I thought well instead of losing him I would allow him to fuck who he wanted, as long as if I fancied it with someone he was ok with it also as long as he didn’t get them pregnant and I got it regular all would be ok” and smiled I had to confess the thought of Janet being speared by a huge cock was a bit of a turn on and Penny was a gorgeous women that I wouldn’t mind sl**ping with.

I agreed with Penny as nsa sex was a huge turn on, we finished our drinks and made our way to her room, we passed my room and we stopped to listen, all we could hear was moaning and the bed going like mad, my cock was getting hard so we carried on to Penny’s room and went in. Penny started to kiss me as I felt her tits her nipples were hard as I slowly undone her top and her bra her tits fell out they were beautiful and nice brown tinted nipples I lowered my head slowly sucking them and flicking them with my tongue Penny begged to be fucked I could felt Penny rubbing the front of my trousers and pulling on the zip she reached in and slowly pulled my cock out, gasping as she felt it.

Penny stood back and admired the huge cock, now pointing upwards she slipped out her clothes and sat on the bed as I stripped and joined her, we carried on kissing as I slipped my fingers in between her legs feeling her pussy that was as smooth as anything and soaking wet she told me to lay back and enjoy. She lowered her head slowly sucking the head of my cock slurping as it left her mouth, she said it tasted fucking beautiful, teasing the head with her tongue, she sat up and straddled my legs feeding my cock into her pussy, lowering herself onto it fully, moaning softly she moved her hips slowly playing with her hard nipples, I could feel her pussy muscles gripping the shaft of my cock and I wasn’t going to be able to hold back Penny started to move faster as she said she was Cumming I held her hips as she moved she cried out as a orgasm ripped though her triggering me to pump my load, the warm fluid spurt from my cock as Penny collapsed onto my chest and kissed me deeply.

Penny finally fell off me laying to one side saying I had a big dick it had to be as big as Rob’s if not slightly bigger, we pushed up the bed and climbed into bed, as we recovered we kissed and touched making Penny cum a few times, before long I was hard again and I got in between Penny’s legs sliding my meat into her and started to thrust hard, she wrapped her legs around my waste making sure I didn’t pull out her tits moved with every thrust as I played with her and rammed my cock in and out, I pulled out pulling Penny up and turned her round pushing my cock into her arse.

Penny sighed as my cock went in slowly, it was tight but lovely I finally started to fuck her slowly as we moved around the bed Penny was a fantastic lay and enjoyed every inch of my dick, she was now leaning over the end of the bed and I moved her into position guiding my cock back into her pussy for a power driver holding onto her legs I pushed down my cock sliding with ease into her open slit Penny screamed and shook with a massive orgasm, I stopped and pulled her up pushing her over the edge of the bed and fucked her as hard as I could doggy I held her tits as I rammed in and out making her cum again and again before I felt my cock thicken, I pulled out and told her to kneel in front of me I rubbed my cock and guided my cum into her open mouth, thick streams shot into her mouth and over her face, she was rubbing my balls to encourage more out.

That night we fucked each other’s brains out as the following morning I left her room and went down for breakfast, Rob and Janet where already down I joined them and carried on as though nothing had happened. Janet asked were had I spent the night I told her that as Rob was busy fucking her brains out I was busy fucking Penny into a jabbering wreck leaving her in such a state she was unable to close her legs because her pussy was totally fucked. Rob looked at me and said “no one can fuck her better than me” I said “well sorry but I did and she still in bed at the moment with a pussy so tender I blew on her clit this morning and she squirted with a huge orgasm” I smiled and told Janet we had to go leaving Rob stunned. On the way home Janet and I stopped for a good fuck in an open field thank god no one was about or they would have heard her screaming huge orgasms, we arrived home later that evening dropping Janet of first and then arriving at home.

I walked in to be greeted by Alice and Jenny we sat chatting for a good while before I went upstairs for a shower and rest, as I lay on the bed Jenny knocked on the door and came in sitting on the bed she asked if all was ok and had Janet enjoyed her good seeing to smiling looking at me, I said “how the hell do you know” Jenny said “Janet had spoke on the phone to her just now and told her all”, getting up and walking out turning back to say “I’ll see you later my pussy needs a good feeding” then walked out closing the door. I got dressed and went down stairs to see Alice bent over cleaning the floor I noticed her shaven pussy and puffed slightly open lips it looked like she had been playing, I walked up to her and slipped my hand onto her pussy, it was soaking wet I slipped 2 fingers in and slowly rubbed her clit, Alice moaned softly before Cumming she looked at me saying that was the 8th orgasm she had, had today and needed more rubbing my cock until it was throbbing and hard in my pants.

The moment was broken when Jenny appeared noticing the lump in my trousers she looked saying Mmm Daddy you getting excited I think you need some extra help don’t you think so Mum, as I looked at Alice she smiled and agreed both kneeling down and getting my cock out I leant back against the work top as both rubbed my shaft Alice sucking the head and Jenny sucking my hung balls, I was so dam horny as Alice wanked my cock until I couldn’t hold back anymore and cum over both faces, the time went by and both Alice and Jenny had their babies Alice a girl and Jenny a boy, we arranged to get married the following summer having a garden wedding, we decided that the wedding would have a theme and put a list down sending it out to all the guest’s asking them to pick one theme and whatever theme was chosen more that would be theme, as Christmas and the new year came and went we had got the theme chosen and wrote to all the guest’s telling them, it was decided on a naturist theme and all guests had to be totally shaven, we got sorted and waited for the day, there was 20 females and 15 males we got the guests a little thank you gift and gave them to them as they arrived.

As the women unwrapped their gifts to reveal vibrators and the men vibrating pussy’s this was going to be a wild orgy as well afterwards, all day the weather was hot and we lay on the grass having a lovely day Alice was busy sucking some guy’s cocks and being fucked and licked out, I was being blown by some beautiful young girl I didn’t even know and also the neighbour who was frigging beautiful as the night went on we all was getting totally wasted on drinks and using the vibrators on the women if orgasms where energy there would be enough to power the house for a month, with some rather intense and powerful orgasms, that night Alice was fucked by a few men she had in her bed and I was shared by a few women. What a wedding it was and still today we have a few orgy’s a year and the odd occasion Jenny joins Alice and I in a 3 way, Janet calls every so often wanting a fuck but she has a man herself and don’t get that many calls now.

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