Aunties Handjob pt 2

As I followed Sally in I could see Joyce and Mag’s chatting Aunty Joyce smiled, Sally said that herself and I was going in her bedroom for a while and listen to some music Mag’s nodded her head as Joyce said you 2 behave in there and laughed, Yer right I sure wasn’t going to be a gentleman, as sally shut the door she told me to sit in the chair and smiled saying now no playing with yourself, I laughed and said of cause I won’t you can do that after and winked.
I sat opposite her as she removed her top and bra, she had a nice pair of tits just right size and a dark pinkish nipple’s that was slightly hard, Sally asked if I liked the view I nodded my head as she pulled down her shorts to reveal a little pink pair of panties, she stepped out of her shorts and walked over to me and stood there as I run my fingers over her firm stomach and up onto her tits, she groaned as I tweaked her nipples making them stand out, I run my hands down her back onto her bum as I slowly pulled her panties down to reveal a smooth pussy that was good enough to eat.

I run my finger over her crack as I felt the dampness then sliding my finger into her slit as she groaned, my cock now was growling to get out but Sally wouldn’t even think about it yet, as I rubbed my finger in and out of her pussy Sally bent down kissing me on the lips I rubbed her tits as the slightly hung down, she sighed and whimpered a small orgasm, she whispered she was so horny and wanted more than a good pussy rub and pulled me up from the chair rubbing what was now a huge lump in my trousers.
Sally rubbed her hand over the bulge moaning lowly as she slowly unzipped me and reaching in to pull out my cock, she gasped as her fingers wrapped around it saying it felt nice and thick looking down to see what was in her hand, she agreed and said yes it sure is nice and thick kneeling down and slowly sliding her mouth around it. I throw my head back at the feeling of her warm mouth sliding up and down my cock, I rested my hand on her head as Sally started to rub her pussy whilst still sucking on my cock, I could feel my cock throbbing and knew if she carried on I was going to explode down her throat.

Sally was good at blow jobs but Aunty Joyce was a expert and knew what to do and when to do it, to keep me on the edge for as long as she wanted.
Sally pulled her mouth of my cock and stood up walking to the bed and sitting on the edge, rubbing my cock then saying you can cum on my tits if you want to start, I nodded as she started to wank me harder every so often sucking the head I was so close I wasn’t going to last much longer, Sally had my cock in her mouth and I couldn’t hold on and a spurt shot out and down her throat, as she pulled my cock out I exploded all over her face and neck as the cum dripped on to her tit’s, she looked saying well that was unexpected.
I looked as she sucked her fingers and wiped my spent load of her fantastic tits she lay back on the bed and closed her eyes lowering her hand onto her pussy I then realised the show was to begin. Sally run her finger over her slit only slightly dipping it into her crack this was not good enough and fell to my knees and pushed her hand away I said leave this to me and buried my head in between her legs and started to lick her sweet lips, her juices tasted like nectar as my tongue lapped them up like a bee in a flower, Sally’s hips bucked as her hand pushed my head down I heard her say eat me eat my pussy you bad bastard, as I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go as Sally moaned loudly, I thought any minute now her mum and Aunty Joyce would burst in to see me eating Sally’s clit, but they didn’t as I had trouble holding Sally down she shuddered and cum as her thighs clamped my head all I could hear was muffled moans. Sally finally released my head and said she had never before been eaten so good as she kissed me tasting her juices I was as hard as a rock now and ready to sample the goodies I was looking at, I pushed Sally back and slowly slid my cock into her wet hole, she moaned softly saying fuck me as I started to move in and out I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my cock, we kissed eagerly as we explored each other’s naked bodies Sally grabbed my ass driving me deeper as I thrust in and out she begged me not to stop saying she was Cumming so was I, I had to hold out and cum together she begged and begged then she shook like someone had plugged her in to a socket and I exploded in her pumping a huge load she screamed out “OMG” as I erupted a second load this triggered a string of orgasms in Sally.

We finally subsided and fell apart on the bed breathless I could feel my cock pulsing as I looked at Sally she smiled saying well that was unexpected as we burst out laughing, I sat up as Sally slightly opened her legs I could see my spent loud slowly seeping out of her crack, Sally swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up saying well no way can i put panties on my pussy is to tender, I smiled and confessed I had always wanted to fuck her and glad now I had, Sally walked around the side of the bed naked and hugged me she smelt fantastic and such soft skin, we kissed as I stroked her nipples.

We got dressed and I went home, Aunty Joyce was there with Mag’s as well as Chaz Aunty Joyce said did you listen to some good sounds and winked as I went into my room and Chaz followed, he asked what she meant and I told him how I had just fucked Sally as we chatted what it was like. Joyce knocked on the bedroom door and popped her head around the door asking if us lads where hungry as tea was ready, we joined Joyce and Mag’s in the living room and chatted. Mag’s turned and said so you liked my daughters pussy then and smiled saying Joyce and her had heard us and peeked in the key hole watching us fuck, Mag’s said I had a nice size cock and leant across rubbing my trouser front.
She slowly unzipped my trousers as I laid back Mag’s reached in and pulled my cock out and started to suck it, Chaz unzipped his trousers and started to wank his cock as Joyce said let me do that, and walked over kneeling down and started to suck his cock, Mag’s started to undo her top and removed it with her bra, she had big tit’s and hard dark nipples as she started to massage my balls I could see Joyce wanking Chaz of his eyes closed and trying not to cum but Joyce knew just what to do and Chaz groaned and a huge stream of cum shot out and in her mouth, as she sucked him dry he lay there motionless his limp cock slumped over his thigh.

Joyce stood up and started to strip as Mag’s did the same thing I carried on wanking my cock, as Mag’s got naked she pulled her panties down to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy and a pierced clit, she told me to hold my cock at the base and she would do the rest, she wanted to see if my Aunty was right about how good I was at fucking, I looked at Joyce and she smiled as she bent over and kissed me and played with Mag’s ample tits, Mag’s turned and straddled me lowering her pussy onto my cock, I felt the warmth of her pussy sliding down my shaft as I reached round and fondled her tits I could feel her hard nipples, as she started to ride up and down my cock moaning saying it felt so good, I looked across at Chaz who was pounding his cock into Joyce’s pussy she had her eyes closed her tits where moving with the f***e Chaz was banging her pussy.

Mag’s started to move faster as I thrust to meet her pussy Mag’s started to beg for more as I grabbed her hips and thrust faster Mag’s jerked and yelled out as I felt, her warm juices dribble onto my cock as I erupted a huge load into her pussy triggering a row of orgasms as I had trouble holding her down on my cock whilst I emptied into her cunt. I finally calmed down as Mag’s got off my limp rod and turned round I noticed a small dribble of cum down her inner leg, she smiled saying Joyce wasn’t lying and picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom, as I looked across as Chaz shot his load deep into Joyce as I watched him slump on the sofa next to Joyce his spent cock hung in between his legs, Joyce lay there legs open gasping for air. All of a sudden the door opened and in walked Sally saying can anyone join in walking over to me and kissing me reaching down to feel my sensitive limp dick.

Her warm tongue prised my mouth open so it could slip my hands moved onto her tits to find no bra and then onto her bum to find no panties, I could feel my limp cock starting to firm up a Sally rubbed it slowly I looked to see Chaz coping a eyeful of Sally’s bare arse and knew what he was gonna do, Chaz started to rub his cock to try and make it hard, I undone Sally’s top and removed it feeling her tit’s I could feel how hard her nipples where getting I was now nearly rock solid, Sally lowered her head and slowly sucked my cock as I closed my eyes I heard Sally groan, when I opened my eyes I saw Chaz behind her fucking her pussy, her tits started to move with the thrust of Chaz banging Sally’s sweet pussy I knew he wouldn’t last long as he groaned and shot his load Sally moaned with a small orgasm, she stood up and looked at Chaz saying just watch how I should be fucked.

Sally lowered herself onto my hard rod, as she moved up and down to Sally’s control, I grabbed Sally’s hips thrusting up and down Sally bobbed moaning and groaning begging for more cock and to be fucked harder, Chaz looked on in amazement as Sally begged, all of a sudden Joyce and Mag’s appeared watching my fuck, we seemed to be the main entertainment as I told Sally to stop and lay on her back, as she did she opened her legs and I slid my cock in her soaking wet pussy, I started to fuck her hard my hips thrust harder, as our loins met the flesh slapping, Sally wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me deeper in her hands locked around my neck so I couldn’t escape, she was oblivious to the onlookers as she begged for my load.

I was trying to hold out as I was so turned on Sally had huge orgasms ear piercing screams as she repeatedly cum her juices where pouring out of her hole as it lubricated my cock making it easier to slam in and out of her pussy, her heels where now digging into the base of my back as I was having trouble holding out, I was close to the point of no return as my cock throbbed I groaned and shot a huge load of the golden juice into her sweet honey pot her pussy muscles, contracted to milk the goodness out of me, her nails dug into my back as a massive orgasm ripped through her entire body she shook as though she was having a fit, Sally lost all control as streams of combination of cum and juices fluid poured from her plugged pussy, we finally slumped onto the sofa breathless to a round of applause as I watched Mag’s rubbing what was now Chaz’s hard cock she knelt down and deep throated him he didn’t last long as it shot down her throat looking very disappointed Mag’s looked in envy at her daughter who had just had the most amazing earth shattering orgasm.

We all rested for a good while and that night Joyce and Mag’s went to bed and had some fun whilst us lads went out with the arrangement that when we came back they wanted a good fucking all night long, we agreed and went off out, we sneaked back in a bit later to find the 2 of them having a some serious fun Joyce was licking Mag’s pussy whilst Mag’s was pulling her nipples begging for more I looked round to see Chaz with his cock in his hand wanking for all his might I had never really looked before but he had a nice cock not really big but a nice size I knocked his hand off it and replaced it with mine Chaz smiled and said do it for me then I looked and said no I wanna fuck you he pulled his trousers down as I got my cock out he bent over as I eased my cock into her arse, it was tight but felt good he groaned saying fuck me please as I thrust hard watching Joyce and Mag’s having fun Chaz’s arse ring was tight I made it wet so I could get in easier as I rammed in and out Chaz groaned I was close and shot a hot load into him I could not believe I had fucked a guy as Chaz turned round kneeling sucking my cock dry, all of a sudden a ear piercing cry came from Joyce’s room as Mag’s came at the same time as Joyce, Chaz got of his knees and we walked into Joyce’s room stark naked Chaz with a raging hard on me with a limp cock, Mag’s said the main entertainment is here and both giggled.

Our eyes viewed the 2 naked women on the bed both with their legs slightly open for us boy’s to feast our eyes on what we are about to have, Mag’s grabbed Chaz’s cock slowly rubbing it as she lowered her head sucking his bulbs one eyed snake, I licked my lips as Joyce lay back opening her legs so I can feast on her soaking wet slit, I kneeled in between her legs and started to lick her pussy her juices tasted so sweet as I lapped on it like a cat with milk, Joyce groaned as she arched her body her hand on my head saying “that’s it lick me out you dirty fucker” I shoved my tongue deep in as she gasped, I reached over to where Mag’s was laying feeling her tits and running my hand down to meet Chaz’s arse I moved my hand onto Mag’s pussy and rubbed her clit as fast as I could, Mag’s groaned and cum in seconds, Joyce arched her body Cumming huge.

I had now recovered and had a throbbing hard on as Joyce got a glimpse as I sat up, her eyes opened wide and licked her lips spreading her legs as wide as possible as I moved in between them feeding my cock deep inside her, we kissed hungrily as I massaged her tits pulling on her hard nipples Joyce begged me to fuck her and fuck her so hard, I didn’t need telling twice as I started to slide in and out Joyce wrapped her left leg around my back digging her heel into the base. I sucked on Joyce’s nipples flicking them with my tongue as she repeatedly cum, I could hardly believe a women could cum so much, I looked across and saw Chaz fucking Mag’s hard, Mag’s cried out in passion as Chaz plunged his rod in and out of Mag’s pussy, I was so turned on it was making my cock get thicker and Joyce seemed to appreciate the feel of it growing my cock now was coated in Joyce’s pussy juices as my balls slammed against her arse I was going to cum and didn’t give a bother if I couldn’t hold back, my cock twitched and exploded I could feel my cock head pulse as I emptied my cream into a soaking wet pussy Joyce shook again as a huge orgasm ripped through her body I went limp in a instance, Joyce said that was a hell of a load as I looked down to see a stream of cum flowing out of her slit, I got off the bed and watched Chaz still fucking Mag’s as she had him in a lock so he was not going to be able to escape.

Chaz went rigid as he groaned and shot his load into Mag’s and then rolled off totally breathless, as quick as a flash Joyce dived in between Mag’s legs licking her pussy and stealing the goodness Chaz had shot into Mag’s, Chaz and I watched as Mag’s lapped up all the spent load and then watched a lesbian show with dildo’s and vibrators and got a few hand jobs from both women and shot our loads over their tits. That summer was amazing and never regretted a single moment.

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Wow, you guys get busy don't you?
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nice more grease to the writers elbows