Aunties Handjob

I had always been staying at my aunts Joyce's from a young age near the seaside, she was pretty cool very modern and well fit, always hanging round with me and my mates and getting us fags when we asked her, really we liked her hanging round because she wore short skirts and low tops, she had a fair size pair of tits, and a bra that only held the mounds in by chance, she knew this and played on it, most of the time it gave us a hard on that we had to get rid of, except one particular day it was different.

It was a warm summers day and us lads had been at the beach since early morning, and about lunchtime auntie Joyce arrived with a huge packed lunch for all of us, we sat around and was laughing about, when Joyce said it was hot and took her blouse off, to reveal a bikini top that only really covered her nipples, a cool breeze came and her nipples went rock hard, we all looked in amazement as these nipples where huge like thumbs, she asked who was gonna rub sun tan lotion on her and we all clambered to get there first.

She said don't rush boys we have all afternoon and stood up, she slowly slipped her skirt off, and she was wearing bikini bottoms, she asked if they suited and we all agreed that they did, Joyce noticed we all had huge hadrons’, and commented saying she was glad she had that affect on young lads and smiled getting on her knees and demanding we all stood in a circle.
She looked around and said who shall I have first looking at me, she said well you are f****y so you should be the first, reaching round her back and unclipped her top letting her huge tits fall free. We smiled as she rubbed her tits pulling her nipples to make them harder; Joyce reached into my shorts pulling my cock out saying well we are excited rubbing my cock slowly, I groaned saying it felt good, I reached down feeling her tits they where warm with the sun and soft, she started to rub my cock harder I was unable to hold back and shot a stream of cum onto her face and tits.

I went soft straight away, my cock hung down as Joyce licked her fingers looking to see who was ready, and we all got wanked off her tits and face was covered in our cum saying it felt good laying back and pushing her hand down her bikini bottoms into her pussy and rubbed it slowly.
Joyce moaned asking if she should take her bottoms off we all nodded our heads, she slipped them down to reveal a smooth pussy her finger slipped into her pussy and rubbed her clit slowly, My mate chaz got his cock out and stood over her wanking his cock Joyce said well come on lads join in and laughed, as Joyce’s fingers rubbed her clit she opened her legs wider so we could all see her pussy flesh, she groaned and shouted as she cum her back arched and hips bucked as us lads nearly all shot our loads over her body I aimed my cock onto her pussy as she rubbed her finger into my load then into her pussy, Joyce said if she had time at the weekend she would join us lads at the beach for some serious fun in a little area no one comes too.

When I got back to the house later that day Auntie Joyce was cooking dinner as I said hi and went to my bedroom, I had just got stripped to my boxers when the door opened and in she walked, I tried to cover up but she said why you have a nice sized cock and walked up to me pulling my hands away she could see it was getting stiff, and started to rub it within seconds it was rigid. She knelt down and pulled my rod out and started to suck it softly, I groaned as she wrapped her tongue around the head, my dick started to pulse as it spewed a stream of cum down her throat, she looked up and said that was nice, but not long enough, I admitted I had not had sex and had only wanked off, Joyce said well we will have to correct that, got off her knees and carried on with the dinner. After we had dinner I said i was going to my room to listen to some tunes she smiled and said not to loud. I lay on my bed thinking of what had happened today and my cock started to get hard, I reached into my shorts and started to rub then removing my clothes I lay naked my balls hanging down I closed my eyes and wanked away, I could feel my shaft getting thicker, all of a sudden a knock on the door and Joyce walked in asking if I wanted a coffee, I looked in horror and her face looking at my cock as she licked her lips.

She closed the door and walked over to me I moved my hands away as it stood up all hard and proud, Joyce said nice supper is served, sitting on the bed and started to rub it lowering her head and sucking it softly, after a few minutes she stood up and stripped naked her huge tits wobbled as her hard nipples stood out, she slowly slipped her finger into her pussy saying she was so wet and horny and needed a nice young cock to cum in her, getting on the bed and straddling me guiding my cock into her wet hole, I felt the warmth of her pussy slide over my meat, I felt her tits playing with her nipples she whispered tonight you’re a boy in the morning your be a man.
She kissed me deeply as she moved her hips up and down groaning that for a virgin I was good not Cumming straight away unlike her other lover did, her tongue wrapped around my tongue I held her sexy arse helping move up and down, I could feel her juices on my cock as Joyce moved faster I knew I was going to explode. Joyce was a expert slowing down just at the point of no return it’s as though she was reading my mind, she pushed up and started to grind her hips on my dick I held her hips as I was not holding back anymore I needed to unload my cum and a huge load it was going to be as well.

I made one huge thrust and pumped a huge wave into her pussy, she screamed out as she orgasm repeatedly her hips shook it took all my strength to hold her not letting my cock out, I finally finished feeling my cock slowly soften she looked and said well how was it, I smiled and nodded my head, I said it was amazing as she slid to the side of me Joyce said well you have much to learn but we will sl**p for a while and learn more soon, I closed my eyes with a huge grin on my face falling asl**p. About 2 hours later I woke to a great feeling Joyce was giving me a bj and fingering her pussy at the same time, I groaned and lay there placing my hand on her head I was so dam horny I was not long in Cumming as I poured another load down her throat, she sat up saying well time for you to eat my pussy laying on the bed opening her legs she told me to get in between her legs, as I did I lowered my head slowly licking her slit.

Joyce groaned as I tasted her pussy juices my tongue slowly running up and down her slit, I had watched porn films so I had some idea I searched out her clit and sucked it deep into my mouth Nibbleling it gently. Joyce gasped and groaned softly begging me to eat her pussy, I didn’t need telling twice as I shoved 3 fingers into her soaking wet hole making her jump, I had fingered a few girls so I had a rough idea what was the target as I pushed my fingers right in looking for the G spot massaging it slowly I heard her groan a bit louder and louder as I massaged it harder, all of a sudden Joyce said she was close and to do it harder as I did she cried out a orgasm soaking my fingers with her juices, I carried on fingering and licking her pussy tasting her juices I was getting hard again and was ready to fuck her hard.

I moved up her body as my cock slipped into her pussy sliding right in her legs wrapped round my waist as her heels dug into me making sure I was in deep, Joyce said take your time and enjoy the pleasure as I started to thrust in and out her tits moved with the f***e it made me harder than I had ever been I could feel my cock grow as Joyce groaned and started to moan louder begging for more i was now getting the confidence as I started to drive my cock in and out of her pussy she said she was Cumming so I slowed down and carried on doing that for a while until she begged me to fill her pussy I could feel myself Cumming Joyce groaned as she started to moan louder, all of a sudden she screamed out she was Cumming and shook I could feel a warmness on my dick and I shot my cum into her as it pulsed I cried out the feeling was unreal.

I collapsed on her huge tits and slowly sucked on her nipples Joyce moaned it felt good flicking her nipples with my tongue I could feel my spent load seeping out of her pussy I rolled off and lay by her side breathless, Joyce said it was amazing I had lasted so long and felt she had been given a real good seeing too, with that she sat up and lowered her head onto my limp cock sucking the final drops that had dribbled down my shaft. As we slept until the following morning I woke to find Joyce still asl**p, I slipped my fingers into her pussy slowly rubbing her clit; Joyce sighed and opened her legs slightly so my fingers could go deeper.
I massaged her clit; as she kept sighing as her back arched and she orgasm again, Joyce got up and bent over to pick up her clothes revealing her pussy and the arse ring what a sight it was too and I had made up my mind that is what I wanted and was going to get it at all costs.

I got dressed my head spinning with the advents that had happened the night in my bed, I didn’t know if I could say anything but had to tell someone so I told Chaz. As I told him I could see Chaz getting hard he said he was rock solid being told that and got his dick out and furiously wanked it shooting a stream of cum out I said Joyce would of said that was a waste and laughed. I then suggested maybe aunty Joyce would do it for him Chaz looked and said do you really think so as he tucked his cock away, Chaz had a fairly big cock and I knew Joyce would enjoy it in her pussy if she agreed.
That afternoon I was hanging around the house and crept up behind Joyce who was at the sink I slipped my hands onto her tits slowly undoing the buttons before unclipping her bra her tits fell as I tweaked her nipples making her groan, I then slid my hand up her short skirt feeling her pussy to notice no panties on my fingers slipped into her pussy she was soaking as I rubbed her clit Joyce gasped saying make me cum I said on one condition she said anything I need to cum I’m so fucking horny you randy bugger, as I rubbed her pussy keeping her on the edge I said she had to fuck Chaz whilst I watched and also have a 3 way, Joyce refused saying it made her sound like a whore, I rubbed her pussy hard as it made her close before slowing down, she begged me to finger fuck her but I said as soon as she agreed I would.

She kept begging saying she was so horny and needed cock as well now and agreed to my demand, I pushed my finger right in and rubbed hard giving her a earth shattering orgasm that made her go weak as I dragged her off to the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed, her body was at my mercy I pulled my cock out and drove it into her banging her pussy like mad my balls slapping her arse as Joyce shouted out she was Cumming and wanted me to fuck her harder, I could not refuse as I drove in and out before I exploded into her, I stood up as Joyce lay on the bed legs wide open I could see my spent load in her.

I looked and smiled smugly saying I will tell Chaz it was ok to fuck you and then a 3 way Joyce said well why don’t he spend the night and we could have some fun with a friend as well it was Mag’s the next door neighbour, now I wouldn’t for a first choice but her daughter I would; sally a 18 yr old blonde that I would all night long. That late afternoon I was out the back doing a few bit’s Aunty Joyce had gone next door to arrange the night as Sally walked out and started to chat, she leant on the wall watching me as she whistled saying cute bum and laughed, I stood up and went for a chat as we did I could see right down her low top and no bra, she had fantastic tits she saw me looking and commented saying I suppose you like the view, I had to agree it was a hell of a view and said yes and it would be better if you was naked laying on a bed playing with your pussy and chuckled, when Sally heard this she said well I was going for a little pussy rub would you like to watch, I jumped the wall and walked behind her watching her sexy arse wiggle.

Final part to follow....................

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I enjoyed your story. Ahh the recovering cock of youth.
I look forward to more of your work. Well done
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