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Fictional fantasy........

The wife and I could never have c***dren something to do with something with the wife's pussy but enough about that, we had always had a real healthy sex life and when I mean healthy 2 or 3 times a night every night but all of a sudden it went to 2 or 3 times every 2 or 3 months and the rest I had to really jack off, we decided to try couple swapping to spice things up but it did for me and some of the women were so dam horny real nymph's but the wife just went with it to please me and she had some guys with huge cocks that would split a virgin in too.

I decided that I would go and get a bit extra and scoured the sites where women would just want nsa that would suit us both. I signed up and got a text asking if I was up to meet someone in my area I replied and made an excuse to get out the house. The profile was of a young wife that wanted extra sex had to have a huge cock and be totally shaved and loved all the usual stuff, oral, anal, and enough positions to keep her interested. I gave a destination and set off. I arrived at the pub that was fairly local but far enough away without the risk of being seen. I only knew her name was Carol and was 25yr old average height and natural blonde, I entered the pub and scoured the room I could not see anyone that had that description, I went to the bar and got a drink and sat down.

I was there about 15mins and no one had turned up and decided to leave when a gorgeous young girl came in that matched the description she looked around and our eyes met, she smiled and walked over, she asked me my name and I nodded my head introducing herself, I asked if she needed a drink and she nervously said I need a few as had never done this before, I said neither had I and got her a drink. As we spoke I found out she had been married about 10 months but her husband was away allot and she needed more sex than she was getting but didn't want to have one night stands so decided to try this.

We chatted for a while and all I could think of is her naked my cock was fairly hard as we decided to leave, Carole asked if I would like to come back to her place I said yes and we left, we got in my car and drove the short distance back and Carole suggested we stop in a small country lane for a bit of fun, she had relaxed and the drink was taking hold, we pulled in and I switched the engine off, we started to kiss as I felt Carole's hand rub the front of my trousers, my cock went hard at the touch as she acknowledged the size of it with a low sigh, I lightly touched her tits making her nipples hard she had no bra on, she said she wanted to suck my cock as that was her favourite thing, I lay back in my seat as she undone my trousers pulling out my thick cock, lowering her head I felt her warm mouth, slowly suck my cock head, I groaned as it felt amazing.

Carole slowly rubbed the long hard shaft lowering her head further down giving fantastic deep throat, I felt my cock twitch then explode in her mouth, Carole drank the load not spilling a single drop, she lifted her head saying my cum tasted sweet saying more at her place to come. We arrived at Carole's house a huge country house, we drove up to the front door and went in as soon as we shut the door, she was all over me like a rash taking my clothes off as she told me to strip her as well, I took her dress off I was right no bra and fantastic tits all she wore was a tiny G string that covered the slit of her pussy with one tug it was off in my hand, Carole dropped to her knee's sucking my now hard cock rubbing the shaft to make sure she had it the hardest she could make it.

She got off her knee's and led me to the living room and lay on the sofa with her legs wide open her clit was pierced with a small jewel on it I kneeled down and started to lick her clit making her groan commanding me to suck her clit, and make her cum she pushed her hips to my mouth to make sure I made good contact I shoved 3 fingers into her soaking wet hole as she squealed with pleasure, she shouted finger fuck me you bastered and make sure I enjoy it, furiously fingering her sweet young pussy she was a horny bitch, as she squealed out a huge orgasm coating my fingers in her cum juices, her hips bucking as I had trouble holding her down.

She finally calmed down saying she hadn't had sex for a week and fingering her pussy 3 times a night didn't satisfy her as much as a huge orgasm, I started to suck her young nipples and rub her swollen clit that made her groan saying she was horny as fuck and needed a cock to satisfy her, I slowly fed my cock into her young pussy pushing the lips apart sliding in inch by inch, she opened her legs slightly wider so I slipped in further, she gasped this is just what I wanted a nice huge cock fucking my pussy, her legs now clamped me in as she begged daddy to fuck her and fuck his daughter good. I was a few years older than Carole and could easily be her daddy.

I was so turned on by this and I could feel my cock grow in width as it slid effortlessly into Carole's young twat, I could feel her pussy muscles contracting around my cock as she started to moan louder and louder as she groaned she was Cumming her body went rigid and she gasped out a huge orgasm making me pump a huge load into her sweet hole, I couldn't seem to stop as my balls tightened squeezing the final drops of goodness out of me, I fell back on my legs as I could see that I had deposited a good load of thick cum into her pussy, Carole slowly dipped her finger into her hole coating her finger in my cum and slowly sucking her finger dry with a low humming sound then saying that is so sweet dipping her finger in again for more.

We decided that we would rest for a while and Carole asked if I wanted to stay over but this wouldn't be a regular thing just that she liked the size of my cock and wanted a bit more, I phoned the wife saying I was staying out wife said it was ok don't think she really cared and said speak tomorrow. As we sat on the sofa Carole started to rub my limp dick taking it softly in her hand and rubbing it slowly, she lowered her head and sucked it as I felt her arse and finger slipped into her pussy from behind, the phone rang and she stopped and answered it, it was her hubby asking if all was ok as Carole chatted she carried on wanking me with a devilish grin I pushed her back and started to lick her pussy, she gasped as I plunged my tongue into her slit as she spoke to her husband her voice started to tremble it was turning me on like fuck and my cock now was throbbing like mad all hard and thick.

I stopped and pulled her up whilst she spoke on the phone I bent her over and slid my cock into her wet hole ramming it hard in Carole groaned loudly I can only guess her husband knew she was being fucked as he didn't even ask why she was groaning I grabbed her hips and slammed my rod in and out, Carole said her goodbyes and put the phone down as she begged for more and more, as she orgasm again and again begging for a good fucking this was fantastic sex as it cast my mind back to what it was like with the wife, all of a sudden I shot a load into her pussy as I gripped her hips driving my cock in as far as it would go, I could feel it pumping into her young slit, as she cum again, my cock slipped out as she collapsed on the sofa, I stood in front of her my cock hanging down like a limp rag, as she looked up smiling she asked if I wanted to go to bed, I put out my hand as she led me to the bedroom.

As we lay in bed she said she was so turned on when I was fucking her whilst she chatted to her husband, and then chatted that she loved her hubby and had a nice size cock but always wanted a bigger cock and had often thought about having 2 black cocks in her at once but had never had the guts to do it, she said she had a wide selection of porn DVD's of men with big cocks and had a fantasy about being circled by 5 or 6 men wanking and Cumming all over her or in her mouth one after another, I said I knew of a place that she could carry out one of her fantasies of guys wanking of and Cumming over her and maybe 2 guys in her at once. Carole agreed she would love that and slid down the bed and sucked my cock again I had never before had my cock sucked so much I loved it, she slid my cock in between her ample tits tit fucking me as I watched my cock move up and down in between her boobs.

My cock head was so sensitive it twitched and poured cum out of the head and in between her tits as she spread it over her tits. Carole lay beside me and started to play with her clit as she pushed her hips up in the air, rubbing her clit furiously as she gasped she was Cumming as she groaned out a huge orgasm and fluid shot like a fountain from her pussy, as her hips lowered her legs still wide open I got in between her legs and started to lick her slit, her juices tasted fine, as I lapped up her sweet juices, her hand pushing my head into her pussy, my tongue going deep into her cunt. She encouraged me to lick her good and eat her slit. That night we had fantastic sex and the following day I left making arrangements to pick her up later and take her to a place myself and wife went to have some good fun.

The following night I picked up Carole and went off to the place that was miles away when we arrived we met some of the people and then went off to do our thing Carole knelt down and the 5 guys who she had picked stood round her rubbing their cocks slowly Carole looked around to see what was on offer and decided on this guy his cock was huge as it hung down she started to suck it and rub the cock next to it, I watched to make her feel secure as she let one cock out of her mouth and replacing it with another and moving her hands to 2 cocks now wanking them slowly A guy got behind her and shoved his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her hard as the other spare guys started to play with her tits, she was having fantastic fun I heard her orgasm so I sloped off for a bit of action myself.

I met Sally who was a regular at this place her husband was a director of some huge company and impotent so only wanted cock, I sat chatting to her then we went off to a room where she dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock as she cupped my balls she started to rub her sweet pussy, she then got off her knees and bent over so I could shove my cock up her arse, this was a normal thing with sally only allowing a few cocks in her pussy one being mine but in general always up the arse. I was wondering how Carole was getting on as I fucked Sally and shot my load after a while, after I left I went in search of Carole to find her still on her knees sucking a cock and being fucked as I watched she was wanking this guy so hard he shot his load all over her tits this made the other men cover her in cum as the guy inside her cum over her arse. She was soaked in spunk and loved it, she got off her knees and went for a shower as I spoke to 2 coloured guys and asked if they would go and fuck my daughter in the shower I explained she was adopted and had always fantasised about 2 black cocks, they went in the bathroom and I followed a few seconds later, as I watched Carole was in the shower with the 2 guys rubbing their huge meat's she bent over and started to suck one whilst the other got behind and fed his dick into her tight white hole.

They were both fucking her as she was enjoying it so much she stood up got out the shower and told one to lay down, as he did she straddled him lowering onto his cock I watched as her pussy stretch to take it whilst the other stood next to her so she could suck it, she bounced up and down Cumming every few minutes as the guy turned her round and slammed his dick in and out and the other guy pushed his dick in her arse she was now full of black cock as both fucked her as they wanted I had never before seen a women take 2 cocks at once but Carole loved it as she screamed a huge orgasm that could be heard throughout the house as a few people came in and watched, we all stood in amazement how easy she was taking both at once as both shot their loads simultaneously filling her full of their juices.

They both slipped out to a thunderous applause as we all stood watching Carole got up, and smiled at me saying thanks for arranging it and then confessed her pussy was totally numb still thinking she had a huge cock in it, I laughed saying she looked as though she was enjoying it not even taking notice that a crowd had formed when she had that huge orgasm, she kissed me on the lips as we felt each other, Carole slowly rubbing my cock making me hard, Carole took me to one side and said she was going to thank me in only one way for her treat and sucked my cock giving me deep throat as I felt it slide down her throat I shot my load straight away unable to hold back with that feeling.
We left and went back to her place and I stayed the night having all night sex, the following morning Carole suggested she had a mate come round for a 3 way as she had told her about me unable to keep it a secret and last night was fantastic with the 2 black guys, her mate was curiously Bi whatever that was personally that just being greedy wanting cock and pussy, Carole called her mate and made arrangements for her to come over that afternoon. I phoned the wife and told her I was going to be away all day but then again I don't think she really noticed I wasn't there any case and then called my works explaining I would be away for a few days, one of the perks of being the boss. That afternoon Josie turned up she was stunning tall, dark hair and hazel eyes, and fantastic figure, we sat chatting as Carole told Josie about last night and the 2 black cocks and how big my cock is, Josie said well let's see if she's right as I stood up and unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock all limp Josie gasped saying that's massive never seen one that big and laughed licking her lips no way is hubby that big my little pussy will be killed when that slides in me.

Josie stood up and walked across bending down and softly gripping my now semi hard cock, I felt her tit's they felt fucking awesome Josie was now rubbing my cock slowly making it totally hard I could feel Josie's nipples going stiff I flipped the buttons open her top revealing a real hot sex black bra that was full of lace and showed off her nipples and stiff areola all dark, I undid her bra from the back and her tits fell free, I softly sucked them making her groan, Josie stood up and pulled her panties down and unzipping her skirt to reveal a pussy that had a tuft of pubic hair her clit was also pierced like Carole's as I slipped my fingers into her pussy, Josie groaned her pussy soaking wet as she cum in seconds.

I grabbed the base of my cock and got Josie to straddle me and lower her pussy onto my rod, she gingerly lowered her tight slit onto my thick rod her pussy lips, started to part as she slid further down my rod Cumming again I sucked her nipples and looked at Carole who was fingering her pussy through her panties, Josie was now fully impaled on my cock as she gasped it felt fantastic grinding her hips on my cock, as she moved up and down as I could feel my cock thicken knowing I would cum in her very soon. Josie started to moan louder as she said she was Cumming her head started to lash about as I held her hips and exploded a huge load into her making her scream and shudder like she was going to have a fit, I could feel my load pour into her pussy as Carole cum as well, Josie's body was covered in sweat her hair stuck to her face unable to breath properly she managed to say she had never been fucked like that and wanted to be fucked like that again when hubby was away.

We all went up to the bedroom and lay on the bed Carole and Josie where kissing and playing with each other as Josie slowly sucked on Carole's nipples making her groan like mad I was getting so turned on watching the girl on girl action as Carole fingered Josie's pussy making Josie moan loudly before they both cum simultaneously I was now recovered enough to make my cock firm as I massaged it I got behind Carole and got her to lick Josie's pussy Carole flicked Josie's pierced clit with her tongue, I fed my cock into Carole's pussy pushing her lips apart I heard Carole gasp as she firmly pushed her lips against Josie's pussy I started to thrust my cock in and out grabbing Carole's hips as she hungrily ate Josie's pussy I could see Carole's tits swaying both women where moaning with me fucking Carole and Carole eating Josie's pussy, with one final thrust I emptied my load into Carole filling her pussy to overload, my cock throbbing as it slipped out of Carole's cum filled cunt. She slumped on the bed as I started to lick Josie's pussy she tasted so dam sweet never had I tasted pussy juices like it as she grabbed my head pushing it deep into her pussy I started to eat her as she screamed a huge orgasm, I left not long after that saying I would be around in a few days and we should meet at the pub Carole and I had first met. We did and went to Josie's as her hubby was gone away for 2 weeks and had the most fantastic 3 ways every night and went home the following day.

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