step daughter to be part 2

Well the weekend arrived and I drove Angela home from work, Linda had already arrived and had cooked dinner, as we sat chatting I could see Linda flirting with me licking her lips as though she was ready to suck my cock. Angela said she had to take Cameron into town in the morning and would I be ok just mucking about the house until midday, I said it was ok as Linda would be home and can keep me company, Linda smiled and said yes mum I'll look after him.

That night we had quiet sex as Linda’s room was next door, and Angela went off to town the following morning, as the 2 walked out the door I could hear Linda moving about, all of a sudden the door opened and in walked Linda in a sexy little gown and a pair of skimpy panties that where lacy and see through I could see her beautiful tits that where topped off by nice hard nipples, my cock shot to attention making a tent in the bed, my eye's went down her body to her panties that where skimpy I could see she was shaved, I pulled back the covers to reveal my huge hard on that Linda shrieked as her eyes focused on my length.

She undone her top and let it slip from her body I started to slowly rub my cock as she removed her panties, Linda got into bed and cuddled up to my taking over from me rubbing my cock, she slid down the bed and slowly sucked my cock making me groan, her tongue wrapped around the head as she sucked me deep into her mouth, She begged for me to fuck her hard as I got in between her legs and slipped into her soaking wet hole, she gasped as it pushed in her pussy lips widened to accommodate my cock.

As I pushed in the full length I heard Linda cry out as she shook with an orgasm making me groan as her pussy muscles clamped around the base of my cock. I started to thrust in and out as she begged me to fuck her and fuck her good, her legs wrapped round the base of my back as we kissed passionately I fed on her your tits as though I was a hungry baby sucking her nipples and flicking them with my tongue she said she was Cumming as I drove my cock in and out of her sweet slit as she cried out and orgasm again and again her hips bucking as the feeling subsided from the pleasure my cock was given, she whispered fuck me harder as I drove my thick rod into her sweet pussy, as I slowed down to stop myself Cumming, I made sure I was in full control.

I pulled out my cock soaked in Linda’s juices I slid down the bed burying my head in her shaved honey pot, she tasted so sweet as her fanny lips slightly opened showing the pink sweet flesh inside, I slowly licked the flesh as her hips pushed up, Linda groaned saying it felt awesome and wanted more I was not going to miss this opportunity as the first time I saw her I had a hard on just looking at her arse. I lifted my head and said get on your knees as I got behind her I looked at her sweet arse so round and perfect I fed my cock into her from behind sliding all my cock into her pussy filling her full.

I grabbed her hips and started to thrust in and out as she pushed back making sure she was full of cock, her sweet tits moved back and forth with the f***e I was fucking her with, I started to groan knowing I wasn’t going to last long , I could feel my shaft throb and my balls tighten making a final thrust and pumping a huge stream of cum into her making her scream with a string of orgasms that made her hips grind milking my cock of cum, my balls hurt pushing the my seed into her as I felt my cock soften I pulled out and Linda collapsed breathless as I laid down next to her wrapping my arm around her naked body we lay in silence that seemed like ages. Linda broke the silence saying “it was amazing and had never been fucked by such a thick cock before as her hand searched for my meat slowly wrapping her fingers around it rubbing it against her arse, my hand rubbed her tits making her nipples hard as she sighed with a small orgasm, she suggested I lay on my back and enjoy what was going to happen to me.

I lay back and watched as Linda slowly sucked my cock making it hard again her sweet little tongue teasing the eye of my cock head making it swell her mouth slowly sucked my cock she was a master of it as she confessed she sucked a few guys cocks in university for some tuition on subjects she wasn’t good at but she did admit she loved sucking cock only letting a few fuck her if the cock was a nice size, her head bobbed up and down as her hand rubbed my cock she looked up smiling and jumped of the bed running into her bedroom, I lay there confused wondering what she was doing, she returned with a tape measure saying she wanted to see how big I really was.

She rubbed my cock hard making it the stiffest it could get and measure the length she gasped when she read the tape 11 ½ “ and 5” thick she said it was so big and carried on sucking it deep into her mouth, she stood up on the bed and lowered herself down crouching over my cock feeding it slowly into her pussy, I watched as her pussy engulfed my cock her pussy juices making it slide in, she moved up and down as she grabbed the base of my cock to stop it falling out, as she gasped it felt good, she leant back and supported herself on her hands like a crab, as I watched her move her slender hips up and down my cock, she groaned and orgasm again as she stopped and turned round and rode me cow girl.

Linda bent forward as I could see her hole I was mesmerised watching this fit women fucking me and fucking me good, I groaned and pumped her pussy full of my cum again I had never cum so hard twice. My cock slipped out of her slit as I could see it full of my seed Linda turned round sucking me dry she looked up, smiled and said there is more of that to come picking up her clothes and walking out the room, I lay on the bed naked pondering over what had happened I knew it was going to be a really hot weekend as Angela had said she wanted my cock and now Linda as well. I got up and dressed and went down stairs to find Linda sitting at the breakfast table she smiled and carried on eating her breakfast.

I sat at the table drinking a cup of coffee as Linda stood up and walked over to me pushing me back in my chair and straddling me and sitting on my lap, she kissed me deeply as I felt her tits I could tell she had no bra on as I slipped my hand up her jumper, my cock went hard Linda started to grind her pelvis against my bulge she whispered she had no panties on as I run my hand up her skirt to feel a totally naked arse I fumbled with my zip pulling it down and pulling out my hard cock that slipped straight into her soaking wet hole Linda moaned loudly as it slid in. Linda moved up and down as I helped her move we kissed passionately I was not going to last long as Linda orgasm that triggered me to shoot my load as I groaned loudly unable to keep quiet, Linda squeezed every last drop from my cock as she kissed me and got of my lap and went upstairs, I tucked myself away as Angela would be home shortly.

Angela arrived home and asked Linda to take Cameron out to the cinema as she had promised him for being good in town, Linda agreed and took Cameron out Angela took me by the hand after they went and led me upstairs and sat me on the bed, she stood in front of me and told me to undress her, I slowly undone her blouse to reveal a very low cut bra that only just contained her beautiful tits, I unclasped the bra to allow her tits to fall free her nipples where hard as I slowly sucked on them they wasn’t as big as Linda’s but were more sensitive as she sigh with a orgasm, I fed on her tits felling her arse that was very firm and spanked it softly, my cock was growling to get out and feed on her pussy, I undone the zip on her skirt letting it slip from her waist to reveal a pair of silk black French knickers that showed a damp patch I rubbed the front to find them soaking wet, I slipped 2 fingers under the hem and slowly rubbed her pussy lips Angela pulled her knickers down as she was as horny as a whore.

I pushed 2 fingers in to her slit as she gasped with pleasure and moved them in and out as she opened her legs slightly to give me ease of access, my fingers where sticky with her juices as the slid in all the way to the knuckle, she groaned and orgasm again . Angela pushed me back and unzipped my trousers my cock sprung out all hard and big, she gasped again saying “that boy needs feeding and my pussy is the main course” I said “well you’re the full 3 courses with cream for your dessert” pulling her down on the bed we kissed and I spanked her arse again she squeaked saying “spank me head master spank this naughty school girl I’ve been sucking boys cocks and letting them cum on my titties”. I told her to stand up whilst I get ready to punish her I stood up and removed my clothes my cock stood out like a shelf.

I asked Angela to bend over the bed whilst I stood behind her, I could see her pussy the lips slightly open with the excitement of her going to be punished, I fed my cock into her tight snatch having to push in to make sure I got the full length in, Angela opened her legs wider saying “o god that feels fucking brilliant” as I spanked her arse again this time harder leaving a hand track on her, I grabbed her hips thrusting in and out Angela begging to have it harder and to spank her again and make it hurt, as I slammed my rod in my hand came down on her backside making clean contact as a crisp crack of my hand made her shout out fuck me harder spank me sir spank me good and hard.

I couldn’t help but adhere to her wishes as I banged my cock in and out of her pussy our flesh slapping together I spanked Angela as hard as I would like her buttocks glowed red with a prominent track of my hand on her arse, she shook viontley as she screamed a ear piercing orgasm making me erupt into her pussy pumping huge waves of cum in her triggering multi orgasms that Angela couldn’t control and flooded the bed clothes, we collapsed on the bed breathless, Angela said she had never cum like that in her entire life. As we lay on the bed regaining our breath Angela asked if Linda had tried it on with me as she had a tendency to try it on with her boy friend’s I told her all we done was chat and get to know each other better with that Angela said well that’s good but wouldn’t of been surprised if I had fucked her or she had seduced me as I was a terrific man.

I asked what she would of done if I had been with Linda she answered by saying “well I would of wanted to share you and hopefully Linda would get bored as she does and leave me to her”. I said well if she was happy with that then if it happened then I would tell her and see what happened, Angela turned over and kissed me feeling my cock to make it hard again, moving up the bed and slipped inside her wet pussy and started to fuck her slowly her pussy lips where sensitive from the last fucking as she orgasm again unable not to stop, she begged for more asking to use her at my desire, I said had she ever had anal she nodded her head but never a cock that size we stopped and got on our knees I slowly pushed my cock into her tight arse taking it very easy I got all the way in and made her cum again her fingers now where rubbing her clit as I slid in and out, her arse was so tight it didn’t take me long as I shot another load in her, we spent the afternoon on bed only coming down about 5 mins before Linda and Cameron came in, Linda shot upstairs and 5 mins later I made a excuse to go to the bathroom, I knocked on Linda’s door and she said come in all she was wearing was a thong and t shirt, it made me go hard at the sight of her.

I told her what her mum said and Linda said leave it with her and then asked if I had ever had a three way I told her once but years ago but wouldn’t mind another thinking she had a mate that was up for it, I spanked Linda’s bum and went into the toilet for a quick wank that didn’t take long as all I thought of was Linda naked.

More to follow...........................

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