s****rs have to share.

A true story from years ago.

I had been seperated from my wife about a year, and decided it was time to go dating. I met a lovely girl from work I asked her out and she duly excepted. As i dropped her off I kissed her softly and stroked her smal tit her nipple reacted as she gasped with excitement, she asked me in for a coffee, I refused but said next time as I had to be at work early and said night.

On the way home my cock was throbbing i got into the house and went to bed I rubbed my cock until I cum and fell asl**p with a huge smile. The following day I made arrangements with Yvonne to go ut for a meal, she said could I pick her up from her s****rs as she was meeting her 2 s****rs in town and then going back to one s****rs house I agreed as I knew it was a case of approval from them.

I arrived and was greated at the door by yvonne, she introduced me to Michelle who was younger and Frances who was older, we chatted for a while, Michelle was looking and flirting she slighty opened her legs so I could look up her skirt, I noticed a pair of pink panties, I asked where the bathroom was and Michelle offered to show me. She pointed to a door at the top of the stairs and said if I wanted to see behind the panties here was her number.

Yvonne and I went out for our meal and went back to her flat I said i'll have that coffee now, and went in yvonne said well would that be with your breakfast as she led me into the bedroom. As I rubbed her tits i felt her hand on my trouser front gently skweezing my now firm cock. I removed her top and bra her tits where small but thick hard nipples I sucked as she cum, I felt her panties as they where damp from her jucies, I slipped my finger under her panty elastic slipping my finger into her wet snatch.

She unzipped my trousers pulling my cock out saying she wanted fucking, as we lay on the bed kissing I rubbed her clit until she cum again before I slipped my cock into her wet pussy fucking her hard, she jerked, and bucked cumming as I shot my load into her pussy.

The following day I called Michelle saying is that offer still open, she said yer and if your a good boy my legs will be as well, I knocked on her door as I walked in she kissed me and felt my cock. It sprung to attention she sttod back and undone her gown she was naked her huge tits bounced her dark nipples stood out, as her shaved pussy was fantastic, I unzipped my trousers to produce a hard rod, she gassped saying it was bigger than her husbands and would love it fucking her pussy, she didnt need asking twice.

She took me to her bedroom and i pushed her legs apart sticking my cock in her slit sliding in all the way, she sighed as I sucked her nipples, she wrapped her legs around me saying she just neededfucking with a hue cock nothing else I agreed it was also best as I drove my rod into her again and again until we both cum at the same time.

I left and said if she wanted more here was my mobile number. About a week my phone rang not knowing the number I answrered it, it was Frances Yvonnes elder s****r, she sai michelle had told her what we had done and wanted the same, I said ok I would be round tonight, I knocked on her door that evening she asked me in and sat chatting. Her husband had left her a few years previous and just needed a bit of company, as we chatted she sat closer before kissing me I felt her firm tits and slowl moved my hand onto her inner thigh.

I felt her panties a nice silk pair moving my hand onto her pussy it was wet, she said take them off and lick me, I removed them a nice tiny black pair and blonde pubic hair, as I slowly licked her lips, she groaned saying it was fantastic, as I licked her clit her back arched and cum, she pushed me back and started to suck my cock, her warm mouth wrapped around the head sucking it like a lollipop.

She stopped and got naked my cock grew as I looked at this tunning women my cock twitching she straddled me and lowered her sweet pussy onto my thick cock, she moaned as she said it was good to have a good cock in her pussy, she shook and cum again as she moved up and down, my cock thickened as I shot a stream of white fluid into her pussy, she slummped on my chest breathless saying it was a few years since she cum and wanted the same as Michelle I said well it was a arrangement of when she wanted it she was to ring me Frances agreed and said ok.

About a month past before I hard from either s****r Yvonne and I was getting on great nothing out of the ordinary just good sex. I was sitting at home the phone went it was Frances saying could I pop round as she was feeling horny thinking of my cock, I arrived and say Micelle there as well she admitted she had arranged it and did I mind fucking both of them, we got into bed and Frances sucked my cock whilst I played with Micelles tits, she then sat on my face as I licked her out whilst Frances moved up and down on my cock.

I felt Micelles jucies dribble down my chin as I felt her tits tweeking her nipples until she cum, Frances pussy muscles gripped as I groaned and pumped a load into her, she fell off and Michelle got inbetween frances legs licking her cum filled pussy I probed my finger into Michelles ass ring waiting for my cock to stiffen so I could fuck Michelle. It wasnt long as I watched her eat her s****rs pussy I guided my now firm didck into Michelle as I heard her take a sharp intake of breath, I heard her say fuck me you bastered fuck me like a dirty whore I am, as I banged away her crying out saying it was good.

Frances cried out she was cumming as Michelle was licking her clit, Michelle said she was close as I rammed in further I stuck my finger in her ass she screamed out unexpeted shaking as tho she was having a fit her hips bucking as she orgasmed again and again until she collapsed, I pulled out rubbing my cock until I cum over their faces. I married yvonne and moved away to another country and have never had the s****rs since in the same bed, at the asme time, the last time I saw Frances was when she came to visit and I fingered her pussy one night when she was with me in the kitchen nearly being caght by Yvonne.
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