parent strict upbringing final part

As time went on and the intence trainning I got from my aunt having sex I had got to the stage where she was dragging me into the bedroom to get a good fucking, I had learnt how to make a women squirt and even quick recovery time for another good fucking, also oral sex was mastered.

I decided that my aunt was right and she put me intouch with a guy that produced porn movies, I made a arrangement to visit. The day arrived and I set off I was nervouis as hell, I arrived at the studio and sat down he went through what he would like to see and introduced me to his wife that was gonna help me

He asked me to strip so he could see all I had, as I took my top off he could see I worked out I dropped my trousers and my boxers as his wife gasped as my cock was revealed it hung down, it was thick I shaved so all was smooth also 2 huge balls hung like 2 apples, he joked saying what is it fed on I quickly replied producer wives pussy's that gasp when they see it turning to his wife with a cheeky grin.

I said to her wanna rub it I had gained aload of confidence she nodded and got up and walked over, she touched it saying it was nice I said suck it,it tastes nice as well only had pussy on it to keep it healthy. She knelt down and slowly sucked it, it stiffened as she drew it into her mouth, her husband got his cam corder out and started to film, she started to remove her clothes revealing a huge pair of tits that had been enlagred.

I helped her up and removed her clothes she lay on the sofa an opened her legs, I slowly fed my cock into her as I started to fuck her slowly, she moaned loudly as I pushed in not knowing if it was faulse or real, I started to fuck her hard as she begged for more I pulled out and rubbed my cock shooting a load over her naked body.

The producer said I was a natural and if I wanted to make some serious money, he could use me, I agreed and the wife said can she have it again, I used the one trick my aunt showed me and was hard in moments I told her to get on her knees as she did, I pushed it in her ass. She moaned as I pushed the full length in moving back and forth her tits not moving, her ass was tight as I cum the warm fluid filling her ass, my spent cock slipped out as it dripped.

I made my way home rather pleased I was being pleased for something I liked doing, I got home and said to my aunt I had got the job, I grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs throw her on the bed ripped her panties off and ate her pussy like a starved man, making her beg for more until she screamed out a huge orgasm. I set of a week later for my first job, I arrived at the studio and got my instructions, I met the film crew and peole involved, and set about things.

It was set in a class room, I was a teacher in a class of girls, the filming started I was a bit nervious but soon got into it. it got to the scene where the girl was sitting on on my desk ready to seduce me as she had bad grades, I heard cut lets break for lunch. I got chatting to the girl I found out it was her film as well and was very nervious but needed to get money to go to college, she asked how big my cock was as she had never had big ones before, I asked what she classed as big she shyly said over 8".

I took her by the hand and led her to a little area that was away from anyone, I unzipped my trousers and got out my cock, her eyes widend saying it was huge, I said touch it it dont bite. She stroked it as it stiffened in her hand, I groaned at her touch I reached inbetween her legs she was soaken wet I rubbed her pussy as she moaned with pleasure, I bent her over a table and lifted her skirt and pulled her little g string to one side, sliding my cock into her slowly as she said it was huge.

I was now all in and moving slowly as her pussy jucies run over my cock, as I moved she moanedsaying she was cumming I jerked sharply making her cum, I pulled out and nudged my cock in her ass I pushed in but was tight, all of a sudden our names was called to return to the set, we sorted ourselves out and returned. We got set and filming started, as she seduced me she grabbed my cock and rubbed it slowly I removed her clothes as I started to suck her nipples fingering her pussy, before she begged to be fucked this was not in the script.

I layed her on the desk and slowlt pushed into her, she cum as I moved in and out her begging for more this is for real, as she winked I slammed into her pussy banging in again and again until she said she was cumming I exploded into her as my cum pumped wave after wave into her, I pulled out as she knelt down sucking my now limp cock, all of a sudden we heard cut thats a wrap, the director said fantastic no need to do a retake.

As we chatted she admitted that was for real no imagination required I said I knew and enjoyed it, that night we went back to her flat and had sexall night long, the following day we got to the set and fillmed this time it was with 5 girls in total, I now do 6 films a year and get great money.
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