Parents strict upbringing

Fictional story with a touch of reality.

I always had a strict upbringing that served me later in life for the better,as a c***d my father was the one that delt out the punishment to me and my s****rs, i didnt realise that my s****rs punishment wasnt as server as mine until I walked in on him one day, I had been out with friends, but my youngest s****r Sally had been grounded for fighting with her s****r Sue, mum had sent Sally to her room until father got home.

I was in my room when I heard father came home he came upstairs and went into Sallys room, he spoke in a loud voice as Sue and I both listened then it went quiet, we lef it for a few minuets and I went to investigate, I peeked through the key hole to see Sally on her knees sucking fathers large cock he pulled it out of her mouth rubbing hard as a stream of cum splashed on her face.

I rushed back to my room and told Sue, she said she didnt understand what I ment so I told her to get on her knees and I would show her I got my cock out that was semi hard as I placed it in Sue's mouth it felt warm as herhead moved back and forth, I pulled out and cum on her face, she licked her fingers and said it tasted salty but ok, my s****r had given me a bj and I loved it.

As we grew up mum realised what was happening with father and my s****rs and divorced him, he was arrested for c***d abuse and jailed for 5 years. We moved away as the scandle was unreal. We moved in with mums s****r and got sorted in a new school for the girls I left school and got a job being the only guy I wanted to provide the money. I turned 18 and my mum,aunt and s****rs gave me a party to surprise me.

They invited a few of my friends from my old area and had the party. The party went well, I went to my room for a few minuets as I heard Sue groaning like mad I rushed into her room to see her on her bed rubbing her pussy as she cum she realised I was looking my cock strainning to get out. I appoligised for looking and she said well it makes up for the times she had spied on me wanking. I went back to my room and started to rub my cock I laid on the bed rubbing it slowly thinking of my s****rs pussy when the door opened and my aunty was standing in the door.

She said what the hell was I doing that for and walked in, she looked and said well your alot biggerthan your father and sat on the bed, she said well carry on ill watch you, I said how did she know I was bigger than dad she confesed she had sucked his cock a few times and mum had known, but was to scared to say anything. She reached out and said would I like a birthday wank I nodded my head as she rubbed slowly licking the thick bulbs head as it shone with every suck she gave it.

I reached down and felt her tits they where soft and afair size I undone her top as her tits fell out incased in a silk bra that showed her dark nipples. She took the top of and bra, she said well your 18 now would you like to fuck I admitted I was a virgin she smiled as she removed her skirt and panties, I noticed her pussy was shaved unlike my s****rs, I felt my cock twitch as it thickened with the flow of bl**d rushing ito my cock.

She ordered me to lay down and enjoy she would take care of all. She got ontop and fed my cock into her wet slit, she groaned as it slid in it felt warm as she moved back and forth I had lost my cherry to my Aunty. I gained confidence as I held her soft tits she told me to suck her nipples, she moaned and orgasmed I had made a women cum, all of a sudden I cum in her pussy my balls ached as I pumped my spunl into her She got off saying it was pleasent to have a young man cum in her and got dressed.

I asked if she would show me how to fuck a women and totlay satisfy her to the point she would want more. she agreed but said she would have to be carefull so my mum didnt find out, I agreed that night I was in bed when my Baby s****r Sally came in crying, she hadnt cried like that since she was 11 and was now 16, I asked what was wrong and she said, she had, had a a bad nightmare about what father had done years ealier, I cuddled her as we layed on my bed, her body felt good her bum snuggled against my cock as she wiggled I was getting hard, she moved my hand onto her small but sof breast as her nipple hardened under my touch.

She turned over as she kissed me her sweet tounge probed into my mouth as she reached down, grabbing my now hard cock, she asked if i would like it sucked I said it wasnt right she should do it, she said but she wanted too and it was a lot bigger than fathers, she slowly sucked my cock drawing it into her mouth, i groaned as it felt good, i felt her tits as she cum with a sweet sigh. She rubbed my cock until I cum, she smiled and left my room thanking me for all.

About a week later mt aunt came to me as mum and s****rs had gone out for the day, as we kissed she told me to lick her pussy as she lay on the bed she groaned as my tounge run along her slit she told me to finger fuck her as I pushed 3 fingers into her pussy she cum I pulled my fingers out coated in her white jucies I tasted them, they tasted sweet I pushed my finger into her ass ring as she cried out in pleasure, asking where I learnt that, I said I watched a porn film and seen it, she got up and walked out returning a few mins later with a dvd I asked what it was she told me to watch.

as i watched I noticed it was her in a porn film a big black cock going into her ass and cumming down her throat, she said she done it for extra money a few times and said she had got copies of all her films on dvd, she said well now my boy get that cock in me and fuck me like mad, she lay on the bed as I pushed my cock in moving faster and faster as she begged for more, she screamed out multiple orgasms until I exploded in her pumping huge streams of cum into her, she commented I could do porn movies with the size of my cock.

More to follow.
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