Signed delivery service.

I had just started my new job and after trainning it seemed a dodle, I got my delivery list and set off. I was just about halfway round when I came across a huge house with entrance security gates, I got out and pressed the buzzer and waited, I pressed the buzzer again and a young girl asked who it was, I told her I had a parcel for her she pressed the buzzer and let me in.

I drove along a huge drive to a huge house, I knocked on the door and a young girl in a bathrobe answerered, she appoligised for keeping me waiting but was in the shower, she asked me to come in whilst she checked the parcel, I stepped into the hallway it was massive I made small chat saying how nice it looked she said it ok was only home, she turned round to give me my signed sheet and her gown opened to reveal a body that made me stare her tits where perfect and a totaly shaved pussy, my cock went rock hard.

She tried to cover up but i said why bother now i've seen all she appoligised, as I walked up to her and helped her out of her gown as I kissed her she rubbed my lump in my shorts as I said get it out she slowly unzipped me and pulled my cock out rubbing it slowly, I licked her nipples as she rubbed my cock, I led her into the living room and laid her on the sofa and slid my cock right into her wet slit, I moved slowly as she begged to be fucked grabbing my firm ass, as I drove my cock into her she groaned as I fucked her hard and fast, she shook and cum as I emptied my load.

I got up and got dressed as she said well that was a special delivery and i said my goodbyes, as I drove off i went about my day as I got back to the depot the boss called me in to the office, he said I deivered a parcel to a house i reconised the address according to the women I had left something at her gaff and wanted me to pick it up, the only thing I remeber leaving was a load in her pussy, the boss said he was pleased with the report as it made the company look good, i was given her number and told to make arrangements to pick up what ever i had left.

I clocked off and left for home on the way, I called her and asked what it was I left she said a pussy that needed a good cock in her again and asked me to go and see her I said i would pop by tomorrow sometime she said ok and hung up. the following day I made my route so I passed by I called in to the house, a lady answered the intercom but it wasnt the same voice I explained i had delivered there yesterday and was asked to call again today, she opened the gate and I drove in.

As I reached the door a slender older lady was waiting it had to be her mother, she asked me to come in and shut the door. as i stood in the doorway she said so you fucked my little girl yesterday I looked in amazement that she had told her mum, i appoligised for doing it but couldnt help it as i found her gorgous, she said well you need to fuck me to see if your as good as she says and undone her dress.

She stood there naked a perfect shaped body nice tits and a pussy that begged to be fucked, she led me into the living-room and sat facing me, she unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and started to suck it, she said I hope your good I'm hard to satisfy, I pushed her back and knelt down licking her pussy drawing her clit into my mouth flicking it with my tounge, she groaned as she held my head in that postition as i feasted on a pussy that tasted as sweet as sugar.

I pushed 2 fingers in and quickly pushed them in and out making her cum, she begged me to fuck her I told her all in good time and I would totaly satisfy her pussy, I slowly worked my fingers in and out as I licked her clit every so often rubbing her clit fast bringing her close then stop. I told her to get on her knees she was now in my control, as I pushed my cock into her ass teasing her ring driving her totaly crazy as she begged me to fuck her.

I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy and drawing it out and sliding it back in this was making her crazy and soaking wet as cum again and again, I stopped and then rammed my cock in like a rocket banging her pussy as she screamed me to fuck her harder, she shook as she cum her jucies hitting my cock as I rammed in exploding in her pussy like mad.

She collapsed over the sofa gasping for breath my cock slipped out as i noticed a creampie filled pussy with a bit of filling seeping out. she said she had a few lovers but never one like that and said I had past the test to date her daughter, I demmanded she suck my cock to clean it like a good whore and pay me for my service, she was totaly at my command as she drew my cock into her mouth sucking it dry, I told her I would call soon for good fuck from both of them when I needed it she agreed and I drove off.

That evening the boss called me in again with a huge smile on his face he told me a Mrs blith-smith thomas her husband owned a printing company and she said her husband wanted to sign a contract so we would deliver their stuff as she was very pleased with the service she had got from me as well as her daughter, I thanked the boss and went home.

About 2 weeks later I phoned Mrs blith-smith thomas and told her to arrange it so I could fucked them both in the same bed that weekend and to make sure her husband wasnt around as I wanted it all weekend. That weekend arrived and as soon as I walked in the door, I demanded the daughter to suck my cock whilst the mother watched I then demanded that she played with her pussy until she cum, I then went to the bedroom and was totaly pleased.
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2 years ago
your best yet, but tell about the weekend
2 years ago
Go on fucking Thema...
2 years ago
that was greatb more please
2 years ago
AWESOME would love to read about the weekend adventure