step in the shower young man

A few years back I had a amazing experience and want to share it with you.

I woke one summers morning with the usual morning wood as I rubbed my cock I heard my step mum going into the bathroom for her morning shower, I had seen her tits before but never her pussy, her tits where ample and all naturel,her nipples where pink but imagend sucking on them many times, she had a 18yr old daughter from a relationship she had and got pregnant at 15 and gave up all to raise her.

Sandra was sexy and the killer figure that I could stare at for hours jacking off whilst I looked she had her mothers tits that I had seen on many occasions and always wore the skimpiest of underwear. I wanted to see my mum totaly naked and deliberetly by mistake (as you do) walked into the bathroom to cop a eye full. As I walked in and closed the door I looked at her she was stunning my cock sprung up like a pole as she turned round trying to cover her nakedness, she demanded I get out as I was transfixed on her shaved pussy, I was rooted to the spot.

I shook my head and said you better make me, she got out the shower and strutted over grabbing my arm,I pushed her against the wall and passionetly kissed her as she reacted I grabbed her ample melon her nipple was solid as she grabbed my now throbbing cock,she whisperd she wanted a good fucking and we slid to the floor I pulled my cock out and rammed it into her wanting pussy,she cried out with pleasure as I thrust into her, this was raw sex and I loved it.

I didnt last long and pumped my cum into her pussy as she screamed out her orgasm. She gassped as she said that cock is huge I had been gifted with a big dick as well as thick. She demanded me into the shower to wash her now and we kissed and explored whilst we was in there. When we had finished I went back to my room and got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast,Sandra was at the table eating hers,she smiled and said she had heard us fucking in the bathroom and asked why I hadnt tried with her, I said I didnt know why as I found her sexy,she said well come to my room in a hour and we can chat as she found me very sexy looking, I smiled and said ok.

The hour past and I went to her room she was sitting at her desk reading a book, I walked in and sat on the bed,as we spoke I eyed her up and down,she was stunning blonde hair blue eyes, her jumper was stretched over her huge mounds and a short skirt,she slightly opened her legs and I saw her shaved pussy,she knew I was looking as the bulge in my trousers grew.

She smiled and got up walked over and kissed me full on the lips her tounge probing in my mouth she grabbed my hand and shoved it up her jumper she said do you like the feel I nodded and rubbed her nipple,she slid her hand onto my bulge and sighed with pleasure. I slowly undressed her revealing her naked body,my eyes went up and down as she helped me out of my clothes,my cock stood out you could of put a towel on it.

We fell onto the bed kissing and touching her pussy was soaking wet as my fingers slid into her pussy,she cum soaking my fingers she begged me to fuck her and slid inbetween her legs my cock slid into her as she moaned saying it felt good her pussy lips stretching as the thick shaft went in, I sucked her nipples like a hungry baby making her cum again and again. She asked me to stop so she can suck it her warm mouth slid down my shaft as I groaned knowing I wouldnt last long I reached round and started to probe her ass she sucked harder and I cum in her mouth,she orgasmed again as she collapsed on the bed.

She confessed she had seen me wank on a few occasions and always wanted it in her I said I had seen her naked and had wanked off to her image. As we rested I felt her mounds of flesh sucking on her nipples as she arched her back with pleasure,after a while I went hard again and suggested we fuck again she said her pussy was sore with how big I was and suggested anal she nodded her head and got on her knees and I pushed my cock in and rubbed her clit softly,.

she cum another 5 or 6 times as her pussy was sencetive as I cum in her again I pulled out and watched as the cum trickled out of her hole she said it was the best sex she had had and suggested we do it more often as she couldnt get enough I crept to her room that night as many nights after and made love to her until the early morning when I returned to my room so no one suspectednd out one night as she walked in on us and smiled and went out again,I have since had my step mum a few times when I couldnt have Sandra,and stil do to this day.
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very good
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Great story. Lucky you dude
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OMG this was awesome