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It was the start of a new school year and I took up my new post as head of senior level at a 18-22 yr old girls boarding college, I had been in teaching for about 18 yrs and had moved my way up through the years to get this job now. I was incharge of the 20-22 yr old.

As I settled in on the first day my secertary knocked on the door her name was Sally a 29 yr old blonde with a great figure and a sexy smile. As we chatted and got to know each other she told me she had been a boarder at the college and told me some rather cock hardening things about what went on.

As it was close to lunch I asked if she wanted to go to the pub for a swift half and some lunch and get to know each other better and she could tell me the ins and outs of the the goings on's at the college. Sally was tall near on 6ft with legs that seemed to go on for ever, she was single and living close to the college.

After lunch we headed back to the college and got down to some work she brought in a girl that had been caught smoking she left us to chat and the girl say down,her name was julie and I asked what I should do as her punishment, she smiled and got up walked across and knelt down infront of me and proceeded to unzip my trousers, she reached in and pulled my semi hard cock out and startedto suck it, her warm mouth felt good as her head bobbed up and down on it,

I guided her head as my cock got ever closer to exploding and it errupted down her throat as she drank every drop, she got up and i zipped myself away I said let that be a lession and she said yer sir and went. As she left Sally came in and said was everything ok I said yes and asked if Sally would like to go to dinner she said why didnt she cook something for us as a welcome to the college.

After college had finished we went back to her place and I asked to freshen up she showed me the bathroom and left me too it, I started to think of the afternoon and my cock went hard I started to wank myself as the door opened and Sally looked and said omg that is massive and reached out and grabbed it and said I have the right place for that. As she led me to her bedroom we starte to kiss and strip.

Sally had the perfect figure a shaven pussy and big tits with big hard nipples I lay her on the bed and started to kiss her body making my way down onto her pussy and started to lick it slowly she moaned with pleasure and started to push my head down onto her pussy more.

She orgasmed 2 or 3 times and begged me to fuck her I said I had no protection she said i dont care I need ur cock now I slid into her as she cried out with pleasure as we started to make love her tits where soft as I sucked her nipples and she moaned begging for more as I fucked her harder her legs wrapped round my waste as I drove my cock into her sweet young pussy we rolled around the bed fucking like 2 sex starved people.

I pulled out and told her to get on her knees I got behind and put my cock in her again as I fucked her she cum again and again until I shot my load in her pussy,her muscles gripped my saft milking it like a machine until it went limp and slipped out.She got up and slipped on a little gown and made something to eat as I joinned her I kissed her and said that was amazing as she reached down and rubbed my limp cock.

That night I stayed and had more amazing sex, the following morning I had to deal with a 21 yr old girl for fighting when she came to my office I told her she was bad and had to be punished told her to bend over I pulled her panties down and fucked her hard making her cum and i shot my load over her ass, the other girl was next so I told her she had no right to cause a fight and to take her panties off and sit on the chair spread legged, as she did her shaven young pussy was soaken wet, she said she had heard the other girl cum and was horny.

I knelt down and licked her pussy until she was crying with pleasure I stuck 2 fingers in her and finger fucked her as she squirted her jucies I undone her blouse and lifted her bra her smooth tits and pink nipples fell just right as I sucked then until she cum again I told her she wasbad for fighten and hope she didnt do it again. I returned to Sally's that night and did for the rest of the week fucking her every night and punishing a few girls during the day but it seemed to be the same girls every time.
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