Wait till your father gets home

As I came in the kitchen after a hard days work my wife looked stressed, I asked her what was wrong and it turned out that her 19 yr old daughter had been suspended from college for smoking dope in the toilet, she asked if I would have a chat to her and try to point out that it was wrong. We had been married 2 yrs and I excepted her daughter as my own.

As i walked up the stairs to her bedroom I heard loud music I knocked on the door but got no reply so I banged on it she asked who it was and then said come in. As I walked in Jenny was laying on the bed in nothing but a little pair of panties and a t-shirt she had her hand down her panties rubbing her pussy.

I looked away and she said dont you like looking I had to admit she was stunning and had seen her in the shower once and went hard in seconds. I asked her to stop and cover up to wich she did. As we spoke I could see her young breasts and huge hard nipples she saw me looking at her and said why dont you touch them.

I was shocked she had said and said she was like a daughter to me and would never think of betraying her mother, she took of her t shirt and said go on you know you want to, I know I shouldnt of but did they where soft and supple I was getting very aroused and she slid her hand onto the uge buldge in my trousers.

As we kissed she unzipped my trousers and pulled my massive cock out and started to rub it slowly, she said she had always wondered why her mum moaned loud and now she knew, and bent over and started to suck it slowly. As I felt her warm tounge licking my cock head I helped her out of her panties and pushed her back and spread her legs,and started to lick her smooth wet pussy.

As I started to strip she begged me to fuck her hard as she wanted my huge cock in her I didnt need telling twice as I slowly pushed in her, it was tight but soaking wet as I started to push harder she wrapped her legs around my waist and said she had been a bad girl and needed punishment. As I started to fuck her harder she started to moan loud and said she wanted to be fucked up the bottom.

We stopped and she got on her knees and I gently pushed my cock in I had never done anal before and surprising enough it felt good I knew this was wrong but I couldnt help myself I wasnt going to last much longer and felt it was gonna be huge all of a sudden I errupted in her this brought her to a huge orgasm we collapsed on the bed and she turned round to suck my dripping cock dry.

Se said she had been well and truely punished and would be a good girl from now on we got dressed and went down stairs as tho nothing happened, she said sorry to her mum and we all ate dinner, that evening I went to her room and got the most amazing blowjob she took the full lot down her throat as I fingered her wet pussy she gives me the odd show with her vibrator and wanks me off when her mum aint about
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