christmastime misltoe and wine

The christmas season was here once more and myself and wife had moved into a rather nice area all the neighbours seemed nice so to welcome them we decided to have a christmas party/house warming.

As we got ourselves ready that evening my wife had, had a few wines to lossen up I was ok as it was a buzz to see my wife looser than what her lady like manner is during the day I joked about how d***k she was getting and said if she dont watch it ill take full advantage of her. I was shocked and said why dont u take care of this bent over to reveal her shaven p@@@y I could not believe my luck she had never done this before. I did not waist anytime and unzipped my trousers to reveal a huge rod i went over and was in as quick as lightenein as i went in the full length she orgasmed this turned me on and started to go like a piston, I could not believe she just kept cu>>>ng again and again.

I was not gonna hold on much longer she asked me to stop and straightend up walked over to the bed side locker and pulled out the biggest dildo I had ever seen. she beckond me over and crouched down and lowered herslf onto this huge thing then slowlt put her lips round my c@@k I was so turned on as she hated that sort of thing and within minutes I was shooting down her throat. she orgasmed at the same time flooding the floor when we got out breath she said mmmm that was nice we better go welcome our visitors.

As the evening went and the drinks flowed I could not spot my wife I asked a friend she said she had gone out of the room and up the stairs I thought she was not well so went looking. As I came to out bedroom I could her moans from it so proceeded to walk in to see my wife totaly inpailed both ends by too black guys with huge c@@k's geting spit roasted they where so engroused with her I smiled and let her to enjoy as I culd see she was. as I walked down stairs I met a neighbours 18yr old daughter we got talking and could see nearly all she had I commented on her look and joked about how she was turning me on all of a sudden she reached down and felt my crouch she said o my what do yo feed that monster on, I said 18 yr old virgins she said well im 18 lost my cherry when i was 14 but would love to be split by that I thought why not the wife is enjoying it. As we got in the spare bedroom I turned round to lock the door and as I turned back she had dropped her dress and was wearing a tiny g string that left nothing to the imagination. I was rock hard and it showed she looked and said will u feed me that slowly Idone no more but pulleed her g string down and lifted her up and slowly lowered her onto my c>>k she moaned with pleasure saying her boyfriend was small and did nothing for her she shuddered with multi orgams untill she was totaly inpailed on me she was tight but worth it as we made love for what was ages I could hear people outside chatting andthen all of a sudden she screamed and I c::e like never before.

As we got dressed we just chatted like nothing had happened and went down stairs I saw this girl chatting to her mum and carried on drinking mywife apperead with a huge smie on her face and i said was it nice what she had,had she denied it and I revealed I had seen her with 2 black c<<<s in her she revield it was a fantasy of hers and she loved it.

I said well as long as it was nice I was happy, as the night was ending the girls mother came up to me and said she wanted just what her daughter got, I said well lets show you what she got. As we got into the bedroom we passionatly kissed and she revealed the most gorgous shaped breasts ever much better than her daughters she said well let him out of his cage as I did she sqweeled with excitment,and said she wanted her garden well and truely ploughed. I have to admit it was 1000% better than the daughter we had it twice before we went out seperaate ways. That night I had great sex with the wife and enjoyed christmas even more.
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nice party