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[Story] College Days

At college I was into everything, debates, sport, field trips, girls and of cause the female teachers, I remember one teacher I had a certain thing for, being about 20 years older than me and married, it didn’t really go anywhere at college, one day out with my mates I notice Tina (that’s the teacher) broke down at the side of the road, pulling over I got out and asked if there was anything I could do, she said it just stopped, and now the battery had gone flat, I fiddled around under the bonnet and found the problem, getting covered in crap, we jump started it and she set off, only to stall a... Continue»
Posted by rodma 6 months ago

[Story] She loved it hard

Tanya was a 40 year old mother of 3 lovely c***dren 2 girls and a boy, Tanya was married to Andrew a business man in the city, and she didn’t have to work had a beautiful house a decent sex life and their c***dren all away at university studying. Andrew was Tanya’s school sweetheart and had known each other since they could talk, Andrew spent many days away on business but this worked well for Tanya as she would go out with her friends regular, she also had a eye for younger men, what you would call a cougar, Tanya was stunning, tall blonde, brown eyes, and a figure that women would kill for, ... Continue»
Posted by rodma 6 months ago

[Story] Loving her step daddy

Tammy was a young girl of 18 yr old who lived with her widowed mum Carmel who was 40, she had lost her husband in a car crash about 10 years ago but had, had a few relationships in the last few years always ending in disaster, one night Tammy and Carmel where out for a drink sitting in a corner of the local a tall man came in, looked across and smiled got a drink and came across asking if it was ok to sit with us, Chris was really good looking beautiful smile well spoken and well dressed, he seemed very interested in mum chatting away into the evening, Chris asked if we wanted to go back to hi... Continue»
Posted by rodma 7 months ago

[Story] keep the ladies happy

I would like to tell you about a true story that happened about 6 months ago when my s****r in law and niece visited the wife and I for a holiday, I hope you find it good I will try and keep all the details in without boring you. Frances (s****r in law) and Emma (niece) arrived unexpected one day, we was delighted to see them as usual, I had always fancied Frances and had coped a feel now and again without a refusal, I even got as close as to fucking her brains out but got disturbed by Emma and only just had time to put my cock away, well after a good chat they both refreshed themselves and we... Continue»
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[Story] Lord and Master

Bella was a young girl of 18 and starting work for a lord and lady Digsbry, she had been in service for about 3 weeks when his lordship sent for her, arriving at the study door she knocked and waited “come in” she opened the door to a huge study, she had never seen this part of the house before closing the door behind her she curtseyed “you sent for me your lordship” “ah Bella it’s you sit down my dear” lord Digsbry was in his late thirties and had taken over the estate when his parents had been killed in a aircraft 6 months earlier.

“So how are you liking work her” “very well sir I find t... Continue»
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[Story] My very helpful Aunty

Hi I’m chip but people call me chipper, chips, and chip my f****y are a great laugh and very active, we all go out at weekends doing stuff with all the f****y, I was a only c***d but my dad had 2 b*****rs Carl and Alan and my mum had a b*****r John and a s****r Carla she was great very modern, a good job never at home and no f****y, I would like to tell you what happened one holiday that we all went on.

It was late July and we had all decided to go to Cyprus hire a villa for 2 weeks there was around 10 of us dad, mum, b*****r’s s****r and cousins arriving at our villa we all went to our roo... Continue»
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[Story] The wife and her best mate

A few years ago the wife (Mandy) had a friend come to stay (Matilda, Tilley for short) they had been to school together but had lost touch when Tilley moved to America with the company she was working for, Mandy searched for many years to find her and eventually came across her on a social media site, getting in touch and chatting for hours on end Mandy asked if she wanted to come on holiday to us to which she agreed all arraignments where and the date was set. One evening whilst the k**s were out Mandy got chatting about Tilley showing me a picture of her, I feasted my eyes on this stunning w... Continue»
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[Story] step daddy's girl

Hi let me fill you in on few things, my mum Katy had me at a young age I’m Sophie I’m now 18 and my step- dad George joined us and got married but sadly my parents split when I was 10 mum wanted to have fun and dad caught her having it so to speak, dad moved out but I got to see him every day as he used to pick me up for school and up from school and take me back to his place, for tea had me all week end every 2 weeks and a Saturday or Sunday my choice.

Mum got a new fella Paddy I didn’t like him always looking at me funny when I was 15 I moved in with my dad, mum was ok and I was happy as... Continue»
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[Story] Nailed the son's new girlfriend the wedding

As the afternoon went on Sandra was telling me how horny she was getting rubbing my leg she wasn’t the only one, I arranged to meet her in the grounds of the hotel, and do us both a favour, looking for Tommy and Lucy I came across a room hearing plenty of moaning and groaning, slowly opening the door and peeking in I could see Tommy fucking Lucy from behind and Lucy sucking off the best man, I closed the door and went in search of Sandra. Finding her near a opening to the forest, we went for a short walk, turning her round we started to kiss undoing her dress it fell to the ground bending her ... Continue»
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[Story] Nailed the son's new girlfriend

One evening as my wife and I sat at home our son arrived home with his new girl friend Lucy, as we all sat chatting I couldn’t help notice Lucy’s legs slightly open showing me a pair of white lace panties, her long slender legs set of her curvy figure, I could feel myself getting hard and made my excuses going upstairs and beating a quick one off in the bedroom. As I left the bedroom our son was coming up the stairs, “well what you think of her dad” “stunning son totally stunning” as I returned to the living room sitting opposite Lucy again getting a good eyeful of her sexy body.
We all sat d... Continue»
Posted by rodma 8 months ago


A man is out shopping and discovers a new brand: 'Olympic Condoms.' Impressed, he buys a pack.

Upon arriving home he announces to his wife the purchase he just made.

'Olympic condoms?' she blurts. 'What makes them so special?

''They're in three colours,' he replies, 'gold, silver, and bronze.

''What colour are you planning on wearing tonight?' she asks cheekily.

'Why, gold, of course,' says the man proudly.

'Really?' she responds. 'Why don't you wear the silver tonight? It'd be nice if you came second for a change.'
Posted by rodma 9 months ago

[Story] Head teacher final part (three is company)

As they picked up Kelly and set off Sally and Kelly had some fun in the back, Kelly was busy sucking Sally’s huge tits and fingering her pussy whilst Sally lay back enjoying the attention, arriving at the hotel and booking in once in the room Sally and Kelly paid attention to Brad, Kelly dropped to her knee’s and pulled his cock out sucking in deep into her mouth whilst Sally breast fed Brad while he rubbed her pussy over her thong. Stopping for a moment Kelly said “let’s get stripped and get on the bed”, in a flash Sally was naked and Brad as well both watching Kelly get naked, as Kelly strip... Continue»
Posted by rodma 9 months ago

[Story] Head teacher

As a dedicated teacher I always wanted to be a head master of my own school, the opportunity came up for deputy headmaster of a mixed 6th form college, after my interview I had a good look round showing great interest in all the projects, they did also noticed the amount of very sexy girls there, as I waited for a decision to be made I took great interest in the achievements in sport, being called in to the board of governors office I was given the job and showed to my office, I was told I would be shown my duties the following day and be introduced to my secretary.
The following morning I ar... Continue»
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[Story] Sistes

As a teenager I was into the usual things footy, music and hanging out with the crew, there was 6 of us and all went to the same school Mark and Allen James (AJ) they where b*****rs and next door neighbours, Tony Myself Craig and Karen & Sally Identical twins who lived 3 doors down, we always hung out together but nothing serious. As time went by we all sort of done our own thing we hung out together but not as much as we did, I started to fancy Karen and found out she fancied me, one day I got up the courage to ask her out to the pictures, knee’s knocking and sweating like hell I asked if she... Continue»
Posted by rodma 9 months ago

[Story] Michelle school days

Michelle was a sweet little 16 year old being brought up by her step dad after her mother left them 10 years previously, her education was very strict going to an all girl catholic school, there were 2 male teachers at the school, Matt and Chaz. Chaz was head of history and Matt was head of sport and fitness. Matt was well fit and very good looking he was dating the Maths teacher Tracey a very nice person and well liked by all the girls, Matt was drool factor 10, all muscles and a real tight ass that all the girls wanted to handle, also he wore track suit bottoms that left nothing to the imagi... Continue»
Posted by rodma 10 months ago

[Story] Step son

Hi I’m Marcus and want to tell you about a thing that happened a few years ago.
Many years ago my mum died due to illness I was 5 at the time and dad worked to keep things fairly normal in the house, I could talk to him about anything, if I had a problem he was always there, I was now 16 now and dad met a lady called Mag’s, I didn’t like her that much very slutty in her ways, always on her mobile but dad was happy so that’s all that counted.

Mag’s was around 10 years younger than dad but as I say if your happy age is but a number, she started to stay over most nights as I could hear them h... Continue»
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[Story] I.T and bording

Fictional story
Hi my name is Tim and I would love to tell you a story of a horny weekend I had I will fill you in on a few details first, I live with my girlfriend Debbie 23 who works in the city, she is beautiful, sexy, always horny, and very kinky, I work all over the place being self employed I have to stay away sometimes and Debbie knows I fuck other birds and she is cool with that. Well here is what happened.

I had just had the best weekend sex in my life with Debbie in all areas of the flat being blown and plenty of licking her sweet smooth pussy, I had to set off early on the Mond... Continue»
Posted by rodma 11 months ago

[Story] Holiday Pleasure

Michelle was looking forward to her holiday after having such a bad year; she had always wanted to go around Ireland see if she could find her f****y ancestry, she had worked out her route and set off she landed in Dublin and got to her hotel, she relaxed and then went to eat, as she sat at her table a young waiter approached “good evening madam and what would you like to drink” Michelle went weak at the Irish accent she loved it and could feel the wetness of her pussy, she gave her order and re adjusted herself.

She ate her dinner and went for a walk, it was a warm pleasant evening and Mic... Continue»
Posted by rodma 11 months ago

[Story] The boss

Michelle had just left college and had been lucky to be working in a typing pool for a large insurance company, it was her first day and was real nervous as she entered the building she looked around it was huge and very busy, she felt real small, she spotted a security reception and went over to the desk “excuse me it’s my first day and need to go to section 331 and report to a miss Ellison”, the young lad on reception smiled as he directed her to the lift and told her where to go.
As Michelle arrived on the 20th floor there stood a well dressed women speaking to a man in a suit “excuse me c... Continue»
Posted by rodma 11 months ago

[Story] young boy taught by older women

As a young lad I always fantasized about having sex with a older women and one day I had the opportunity to live out my fantasy, it was a real warm day and my parents had gone out, I was on study leave as my A levels where starting in 2 weeks, I had done about 3 or 4 hours study and decided to take a break, being a hot day I decided to sit in the back garden and enjoy the sun.
As I sat in the garden I could hear next door neighbor moving about Greta and Jezz (aka Jerry) where a middle aged couple no k**s and always on the go working, Jezz worked in the city in finance and Greta run her own bu... Continue»
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