Gang Bang in the Hamptons part 3

continued from part 2

Just then, someone knocked on the bedroom door, and said the cops were outside. Eddie said he would be right out, pulled his pants back up and told me to "COME".
I was not accustomed to being treated like a dog, and just stood there not moving.
He opened the door and looked at me, and saw me just standing there. The look in his eyes said it all, he didn't say a word, and I ran to his side. He walked out thru the living room past a dozen or so guys and told someone to turn the music down, and went out on the front porch to the street where the the police car was. I followed along, right behind him like a puppy, still naked, well not naked, I did have his cum all over my face. The cop said that some of the cars were blocking the road and needed to be moved. Eddie said he would get right on it. The cop turned his flashlight on me, traveling from my face to my tits, down to my pussy, (where he lingered a little too long) and slowly back up and said "you're naked young lady, where are your clothes" ? I smiled at him, he was only a few years older than me and kinda cute,(something about a man in uniform) and I told him teasingly that someone took them. He asked me in a joking kinda way if I wanted to file a police report. I said I was sure they would turn up. Just then Eddie returned, and told him that all the cars were being moved, and invited the cop back for a drink when his shift was over. He said he might just do that, it would give him a chance to follow up on the missing clothes, laughed and drove off. There were a couple of dozen guys standing around in the front yard and on the porch, drinking. Eddie worked his way around the crowd, saying hello to everybody, introducing me to his friends, and me still following him like a puppy. It was dark outside, but I felt eyes from all the guys all over me. I was the ONLY girl. Then we went back inside in the bright light, and I was totally exposed. He walked around making introductions and small talk with everyone. The guys were openly staring at me, making comments that I could not hear over the music. Eddie told me to get a couple of drinks for us and walked away, leaving me all alone, NAKED in a sea of men..... HOLY CRAP.... my heart was racing, I thought it would explode. I made the drinks and found Eddie sitting in an easy chair opposite the couch. I sat on the floor between his legs (like a good dog) resting my face against his lap.

Just as I finished my drink, Eddie pulled me up and said "lets dance", it was a slow song, and he pulled me tight against him, and put one leg between mine rubbing his thigh against my pussy. I molded myself to him, grinding my wet pussy against him the way he liked. He was cupping my ass with both hands, and rubbing his chest against my nipples. We were putting on a show. As soon as the song ended, several guys tried to cut in, it almost started a riot. Eddie pulled me away and went back to HIS chair. He lifted me onto the coffee table in the middle of the room and told me to dance. I was sooo embarrassed, he just smiled at me and said to dance like I do with him at the clubs. I looked into his eyes and blocked everyone else out and danced. I must have been good, when the song ended, my trance was broken by clapping, shouts and whistles, I looked around, there were wall to wall guys. Eddie took my hand and led my off the coffee table back to my "spot" on the floor between his legs. I rested my face against his lap, and his now rock hard cock. I rested my hand on him and squeezed. He put his hand on my head, and ever so slowly ground his cock against my face. I don't know how, but the next thing I know, Eddies had his cock out of his pants, and was pushing it toward my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth, and started sucking on him. Sucking him in front of all those guys really turned me on, my pussy was dripping. He reached down and started playing with my nipples, after a couple of minutes, he stood up and pulled me to my feet, and told my to kneel on the chair, with one knee on each of the arms. I was spread wide open like that, for everyone to see, and then he grabbed my hips and shoved his cock into me. It was so intense, there were guys standing all around us, I think everyone including me stopped breathing. It was so erotic, Eddie didn't last near as long as usual, I felt his cock growing in my pussy, and when he started spasming in me I came at the same time he did. He collapsed on me and reached around and grabbed my breasts, squeezed them hard and pulled on them letting them slowly slide out of his hands till he only had my nipples between his thumb and finger. And he pinched them hard, causing me to arch my back and pull my head up next to his. He told me to stay spread like that, and treat his friends like I would treat HIM. He then pulled out of me, zipped his pants up and offered me up to ALL of his friends. In a matter of seconds another cock was shoved into my pussy and someone grabbed my head and shoved a cock in my mouth. After a while my legs cramped up, and I collapsed in the chair. They put me on my back, across the chair, with my head hanging off one arm rest, and my ass on the other. Pulled my legs up and hardly missed a beat. Guys were facefucking me and jerking off all over me. My face and tits were covered with cum. Cum was running out of my pussy in rivers (no one used condoms back then). They fucked me all night long. Eddie broke it up, just as the sun was coming up, and helped me into the shower.My eyes were glued shut from all the cum. I was so sore and exhausted. Eddie had to help me into the shower. I was too tired to dry off and just crawled on the bed and passed out. I woke up sometime later, when Eddie picked me up and carried me naked to the limo. Jeff and Eddie helped me get dressed on the way back and took me to my apartment. I remember Jeff told Eddie that he had counted 43 guys, and that most of them came in my pussy AND my mouth. The driver took my bag to the door, and Eddie........
Well Eddie kissed me off, said we couldn't be boyfriend/girlfriend anymore, since I fucked all his friends.

I was devastated, I only did what he wanted me to.....well FUCK HIM. He tried calling me a few days later, I didn't answer. I didn't answer for the next 3 months. Then one day he came walking into my store. My heart jumped. God... he was good looking. He begged me to have diner with him, and said he was really sorry, missed me and wanted to make it up to me. If I would only give him one more chance......
I was strong, but my pussy was weak. If I wasn't wearing underwear, I would have dripped on the floor. He had a big cock and knew how to use it. FUCK ME, I said ok.
Well that opened the door for a lot more crazy shit. None as crazy as that weekend, but he loved showing me off, having sex with me in public and and sharing me with just about everybody. He even whored me out to prospective clients. But thats a story for another time.

Now it's confession time...... this story is true, as best as I can remember. I tried blocking it out for years. We continued dating for about a year, then all hell broke loose on Wall Street, and Eddie and his coworkers had to leave town or go to jail for stock fraud. I moved to Florida for a fresh start. I met a guy and have been dating him for several years. He's pretty kinky too, he was the first one to ever fuck me in my ass. He even made me suck his cock afterwards. He has pissed all over me, and made me drink it. He even let this BIG black guy that use to detail his cars fuck me. Now in most of the stories I read, all the guys are 10 inches or bigger and as big around as a coke can. Well I only wish THAT was true, but in my experience, very few guys are even 6 inches. But this guy was huge. I could barely get my lips around him, and he bottomed out in my pussy and could have given me more. I came so hard, I thought he broke me. Then without warning he stuck his cock in my ass and pushed it all the way in. I tried to get away from him as hard as I could, but he just held my hips until I stopped struggling, then slowly at first, he pulled almost all the way out and slowly back down to his balls. It started feeling really good, and I told him to fuck my ass hard. I came so hard I almost passed out, and just kept cuming until he exploded in my ass. He came so much, I had cum running out of my ass the rest of the day. Then he shoved his cock in my mouth and make me lick him clean. His cock kept leaking cum for several minutes and I swallowed every drop. I can't tell you how many times I have cum masterbating thinking about him. My boyfriend has shared me with a few of his other friends and even a few total strangers. I told him bits and pieces of what happened with Eddie over the years, but never had the courage to tell him what a total slut I really was. He wants to take me into an adult theater in Tampa, and let all the men fuck my mouth, ass and pussy and jerk off on me. And when they are done he wants to let them all piss on me. He wants to "out do" Eddie. He has no idea what a tall order that is. On the inside I think I would love it, but I love this guy, and I'm afraid once he sees what a slut I am, he will dump me too.
He has asked me for years to sit down and write this story. We have had GREAT sex while talking about it, but he has no idea, what really happen, or how many guys I fucked.... Up until now..... As soon as I post this, I will call him and tell him to look for it on I'll go crazy sitting by the phone waiting for his call. If all goes well, maybe I'll write another story about my Tampa gangbang. If not, I guess I'll be looking for a "MASTER" to use this submissive slut. Wish me luck......
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Absolutely fantastic thank u for sharing with us