Gang bang in the Hamptons part 2

....continued from part 1

I was awaken in the middle of the night feeling Eddie sucking and biting my nipples and playing with my pussy. I was so horny, I opened my legs to give him full access, my pussy was wet, the room was dark, and as I was waking up, I was remembering the night before. Wow.... what a dream....... ? Eddie was biting my nipple hard, hurting me. Then I realised....... hey wait a minute..... how many hands did Eddie have. I reached over and turned on the light. There were 3 strangers standing over me, touching me. I screamed for Eddie, he woke up and looked at me. He looked at the 3 guys and said he was trying to sl**p and if they wanted to fool around with me they should take me out to the living room.
WHAT ????? I didn't even know these guys. One of the guys grabbed my hand and tried pulling me out of bed. I wasn't going anywhere. Who are these guys ? How did they get in our bedroom ? And why wasn't Eddie protecting me ???? One of the men picked my up, threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and started walking out to the living room. Again I screamed Eddies name...... he looked up at me and said just go with them, they are my friends, and went back to sl**p.

Then I realized..... it wasn't a dream..... Eddie and his friends had used me like..... like some kind of cheap slut. And now.... they were going to use me again. Wow.... is this what Eddie wanted ? I was HIS girlfriend for Christ sake. Before I had a chance to process this, I was thrown on the couch, and the 3 of them started playing with me. I was pushing them away, and trying to cover up as best I could, when one of them said to grab my hands. My hands were pulled up over my head, I was lying on the couch, and one of the guys straddled me and sat on my stomach, holding me down, and started mauling my tits. I was still struggling, and he grabbed my nipples and pinched them really hard. I froze, damn, my nipples started tingling. Noooo... my body was betraying me. I was getting turned on. I had never been treated like this. And apparently I liked it. CRAP what kind of slut was I ??? I felt a mouth at my pussy, blowing hot air on my clit, and then he flicked my clit with his hot, wet tongue. I felt like an electric shock had hit my pussy, and opened my legs in total surrender. My body shuddered, and I heard a long moan coming from.... me ???

The guy sitting on me said "look she likes it" and told the guy to let go of my arms. I didn't move, the guy eating me told them that I was really wet, and stuck his tongue in my pussy. O M G I came hard, moaning loudly. The guy straddling me slid up, grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. And said that I was going to wake up the whole house. He was fucking my mouth and my pussy was being licked and sucked on REALLY good. Note to self, get THAT guys number.
I felt the cock in my mouth growing and getting really hard, and knew he was going to cum. I love cum, and couldn't wait to taste him. But just as he started cumming, he pulled out and shot it all over my face and hair. Well that was ok too. What was going on with me. All thru high school I dated the same guy. And I was a virgin until senior prom. In college I dated a few guys, but i vowed not to be a slut and get a reputation like my s****r had.

Now here I was naked with 3 guys, that I didn't even know, cum all over my face and was begging for someone to fuck me. WHAT.... did I just say that out loud ???? The guy sitting on me got up and told me to kneel on the couch. I reached out and put his cock in my mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum from him and was savoring his taste, when a dick was shoved into my pussy. The other guy pushed his friend out of the way and stuck his cock in my mouth. They must have d**gged me, only a whore would act this way. But... here I was begging to be fucked and used any way they wanted. I was LOVING it. I was hoping they would last a long time, and then I heard voices...... My first instinct was ...oh crap, then ..... YESSSSS. What was happening to me, I couldn't get enough.
Must be the d**gs. Yeh thats it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it lol.
I don't know how many guys fucked me or came in me mouth, or all over me, but just like that, they were gone. I fell asl**p on the couch.

The next morning Eddie was the first to wake up and find me. Cum still running out of my pussy, and my face and hair were covered with dried cum. I think he was a little disgusted with me. He told me to go take a shower and get cleaned up. He didn't want to touch me, I went in to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and could see why. I was a mess and had bite marks all over my tits. I took a long hot shower and reflected on last nights events. I could hardly believe it was me.......something was awakened in me...... I really liked being used... a cumdump... wow... I WAS a cumdump. And ...I liked it. NO..... I LOVED it. That 3some had awakened something inside me. I had a deep hidden repressed submissive cum slut side that came out.

I dried my hair and came out to the kitchen with a towel wrapped around me and walked up to Eddie, everyone else was still asl**p. I reached out to hug him, he looked at me and seemed cold. I averted my eyes in shame. He reached for me, and my heart jumped. But he just ripped the towel from my body, and said "I told you... NAKED"
I shrunk back and mumbled "yes sir".
It was going to take time to adjust. He had only seen a conservative young business woman, and sure we had sex before, but nothing like this. Hell I had never seen this side of me.
I poured a cup of coffee and tried to make small talk. He said he was going to take a walk up the beach and check out the restaurant/bar a 100 yards up the beach. I asked if I could go with him.... he looked at me for a moment, and said they didn't allow naked people. He told me to get a blanket and go lie on the beach and work on my tan and walked out.
I found a blanket in the closet and went out the back to the beach. The ocean was only 100 feet away but it was a public beach, and there were houses on both sides. I found a spot between the houses, and spread out the blanket. The other house was still boarded up so I guess it was safe. The sun felt really good on my naked body, I had never laid out naked before, it felt great. What the hell was wrong with me, the hot sun on my nipples and pussy was turning me on ??

I guess I fell asl**p. Eddies voice woke me up, and I jumped up to greet him. This time he did hug me and kissed me on the forehead. I hugged him and told him i was sorry for embarrassing him in front of his friends. He said everything was fine, and that he had set the whole thing up. He wasn't sure how I would react, but said he was a little surprised how well I "adjusted". He told me that once he saw how much I liked it he called a few more co-workers and friends and invited them out for a party later tonight. He said he also talked to a few people at the bar and invited them too. WOW.... I mean...... WOW. I had just fuck him and a dozen or so of his friends, some of them several times, and now he was inviting more ???? How many more I asked. He said he really didn't know how many would show, but "a few more". And what about the guys at the bar ? He said maybe couple more..... he said the bartender was a friend of the pizza delivery guy, and he already heard all about it, so he was invited too. He told me to go back inside for a minute. I grabbed his hand, and was looking forward to making love to him. He took me into the bedroom and then into the bathroom...... I'm wondering.... where is this going ???? He handed me a razor and told me to shave..... WHAT ????? shave what ???? YOUR PUSSY ! I had never shaved my pussy before, trim it a little yes, but shave it all ???? People didn't do that.... did they ?

30 minutes later I came out of the bathroom. I had just kinda got use to the idea of walking around naked, I mean what the hell... all his friends had seen me...... a lot more than just "seen", but NOW I was NAKED !!!! I kept my hands in front of me covering up. Thank God no one else was up yet. He told me to keep my hands at my sides, or behind me. He bent down to inspect me, told me to spread my legs. I was sooo embarrassed, but I opened my legs. He pushed my legs open further and ran his hand over my naked pussy. The feeling was amazing, my pussy was dripping wet, I couldn't wait for him to fuck me. But he just told me to go get some sun, my pussy was neon white. I walked to the back porch and looked around to see if anyone was around and put my hands and arms over my pussy and tits to walk outside. Eddie had been watching me and called me back inside, I thought oh yea, he IS going to fuck me. WRONG.... where did I tell you to keep your hands ? He told me to bend over the back of the couch. Why I asked as I complied ?.... SMACK I felt my ass stinging and stood up and faced him. Without a word, he grabbed my hair and pulled me back over the couch. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, he spanked me hard about 6 or 8 times. My ass was on fire. He told me not to move and let go of my hair. He ran his hand over my ass and slipped his fingers between my legs. When he felt how wet I was he shoved 2 fingers into my pussy and I exploded all over his hand. Note to self. I apparently like being spanked. Another first.

Now "GO get some sun " I walked back outside hoping no one would see me, I didn't dare try to cover up. I laid down on the blanket on my back, keeping my legs closed. Anyone walking on the beach could see me. The sun felt good, really good on my tits and pussy. Relaxing my legs just a little letting the sun warm up places never exposed before. Ummm it felt good. Just then Eddie came out of the house toward me. He had a bottle of tanning oil in his hand and knelt next to me. He squirted some on my chest and stomach. Then he started rubbing it around all over my tits, my nipples got hard instantly. He worked it in turning me on and then he poured more all over my pussy and pulled my legs apart. He teased me for several minutes running his hands up and down and in between my legs, almost touching my pussy, only to skip over it and rub my stomach and hips. Again almost touching my pussy. I arched my pussy up to meet his hand, whimpering in disappointment when he move around it. My entire body glistened in the sun. My legs were spread wide open, my shaved pussy was on display, for anyone walking by to see, and I didn't care anymore. He told me not to move, to stay just like that until he came back. And he walked up the beach and was gone. The sun felt like it was licking my pussy, burning between my legs, starting a fire I had never felt before. I was wondering if it could make me come, it felt so good. My nipples were burning too. They had never been exposed to the sun before. My mexican heritage always turned my skin a golden brown, I never burned. I hope that was true for my tits and pussy too. I was snapped back to reality when I heard men's voices approaching. I wonder if they could see me. I kept my eyes closed, and my legs open as instructed. The voices were getting closer, and I heard someone say "look at that", and then silence. Well at least I didn't have to wonder if they saw me any more. I pretended to be asl**p, I could hear them getting closer, whispering to each other. They were just a few feet away, judging from their voices standing almost between my legs, making comments about my body, well mostly about my shaved pussy and tits. I wanted to jump up and run inside, but I remembered Eddie told me not to move. Then one of them said I was the prettiest woman he had ever seen, I had to fight the smile coming over my face. I started getting really horny thinking about these men seeing me so spread open naked and wanted to touch myself. Note to self, I must be an exhibitionst too. I was wondering what they would say if I started playing with myself, when they walked off, saying something about wishing he had brought a camera, cause no one would believe him when he told his friends.

A little while later I heard voices again, and recognised Eddie's. But he wasn't alone. He brought back 2 men from the bar. They started talking about me like I wasn't even there. They had heard about the slut from last night and wanted to see for themselves. They stood over me commenting about my tits and pussy. Eddie told me it was time to turn over. Without saying a word, I turned over on my stomach. One of the guys noticed that my back needed to be oiled too. Eddie told me to hand him the oil, and he gave it to one of the guys. He told them to oil me up good and left. They both rubbed oil all over my back and then my legs, starting by my feet and working up, more like a massage. They were both rubbing my legs, sliding their hands closer and closer to my ass and running their hands between my legs it felt so good. Involuntarily I spread my legs open further, giving them access to my pussy. I started arching my back, pushing my ass toward their fingers. When one of them touched my pussy lips, a moan escaped my mouth, and I pushed up to let him slide his fingers inside of me. Instantly the other guy pushed his fingers in me too. I pushed my ass back to let them put their fingers deep inside me. I felt my orgasm building, pushing my ass up to get more penetration from their fingers and came.

One of the men knelt between my legs, grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my knees and slid his cock into me. the other man knelt in front of me and pulled his cock out. I opened my mouth and started sucking him. I could hear people walking on the beach behind me, I didn't even care anymore. I saw other guys standing around me and heard them talking. It was the guys from last night, they were just getting up and apparently Eddie told them I was outside. The guy in my mouth came, and pulled out and wiped his cock on my hair. He was replaced instantly, and two more guys knelt next to me and put my hands on their cocks. The guy fucking me came inside me and another guy started fucking me. I heard strangers asking what was going on, and someone said I was there for anyone that wanted me. They wondered if the cops would arrest us for being in public, and some said that I had already blown one of the cops, and they weren't going to bother us. I was kept on my hands and knees for at least an hour. Non stop fucking and sucking the whole time. I felt cum raining down on my back, head and ass too. I was exhausted and and tired, and finally they stopped. I just collapsed, on the blanket, lying in a puddle of cum that was still running out of my pussy. I fell asl**p for a little while until someone rolled me over on my back, and fucked me. I didn't even open my eyes, no words were exchanged, he just fucked me, came and left. For the rest of the afternoon, I woke up several times feeling someone fucking me or sticking their cock in my mouth and leaving.

Late in the afternoon Eddie woke me up, and told me to go get cleaned up, and get ready for the party tonight. As soon as I stood up, I felt cum running down my legs. I tried to straighten my hair a little. It was matted and stuck to my face, neck and back. I was a mess, I walked into the house past guys on my way to the bathroom. talk about " THE WALK OF SHAME". The shower felt great, I had to wash my hair 3 times to get all the cum off. When I looked in the mirror I could see my entire body was golden tan, including my pussy and tits, although they looked a little burned.
Eddie was lying on the bed, when I came out of the bathroom, He looked up at me and said I looked really nice all tan. I asked him if I could get my bag to pick out something to wear for the party, and he said I was already dressed appropriately. I said at least let me put on some make up. He reached up and pulled me down on the bed, pulled his shorts off and straddled me, and stuck his cock in my mouth. Just as he started to cum, he pulled his cock out and came all over my face. Then with his cock, he rubbed the cum all over my face, and said your makeup is fine.

........ to be continued......

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2 years ago
a great fuck the innocent slut story
2 years ago
That was really fucking hot! Can't wait for the next part