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So. A bit about me. I'm 5'4", 139 lbs, long brown hair and deep brown eyes. 5.5 cock, cute 'bubblebutt'. I had been looking for a job for a long while with no luck, and REALLY needed the money bad. I finally got a call from the female owner of a coffee shop I had applied to. I had actually filled out one of the old fashioned applications. As in paper, not online. I had handed it to this owner and she just smiled and said nothing. I felt kind of weird about that smile then, but said nothing and just smiled back.

The owner was a VERY cute voluptuous redhead at coffee shop who was to 'show me the ropes'. i find it odd that im arriving as the store closes at night. she tells me with stern serious face to wait at the table til she gets me. the minute the last customer leaves and she locks the door, she turns around slowly and a smile creeps upon her lips. jobs have been VERY scarce and i was so glad i had found one, but something about this situation made me feel uneasy. she approaches me, eyeballing me like a piece of meat, which is honestly making me partially excited, except for that nagging feeling something's not right. she grabs into her jean shorts and pulls out a pack of Marlboro Reds as she lights one, and exhales. "So, what do you think I hired you for, dummy?"

I reply "Dummy? I'm not sure if you have some problem with me, but I'm just here to do whatever is needed of me and you can rest assured that I am a hard worker."

She gets up real close to me, cigarette dangling from her lips, then grabs it and exhales, eye to eye, and only mere inches from my face. I cough a little bit. She laughs and says "You willing to do anything for a few bucks, then, sugarbutt?"

"Sure" I naively reply.

"You know you are fucking ridiculously cute. How long has it been since you had any action, hon?"

"It's been a while honestly, hon, but if that's what you're getting at, let's get right to it".

I try to get up out my chair for a sec and she just lightly pushes me back. "Hold your horses Romeo, I'M the boss here. UNDERSTOOD?!"

Her face got angry all of a sudden. I sheepishly replied "Y-yes, maam."

Her face then softened back into a smile as she dragged on her Marlboro again. then she ordered me to sit on the floor on my knees as she ties my hands behind my back and my feet to each other and I inquire "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Rule number one, shut the fuck up, unless I ask you something, OK, dummy?"

*gulp* "Will I be Ok...."

I didn't even finish the question before she interrupted angrily to spit on my face "I SAID shut....the...fuck.....up! You'll live. Trust me."

Once fully tied up, she gets back in front of me and removes her top hastily as if not wanting to waste any time. her massive breasts are almost begging to be released from her bra as the fleshy orbs are almost overflowing, and I am rock hard as they pop out. "You like these honey? Good. You're not getting that."

She then removes her pants to reveal a sports cup, which has me confused. Only for a split second as she whips out a monstrously large cock that must be at least a 10 incher. "Please, look. I'm not into this...." I told her

"You need the job, don't you? Shut up dummy. I'm gon stick this in your pretty little mouth and you suck like you wanna earn that money. Otherwise, get the fuck out. I know you're almost to the point of starving. I'm willing to pay you AND feed you, sugarbutt. You like protein shakes?" she laughs

She then gets very close as she grabs my head like a ragdoll and f***es her throbbing erection into my face. "Open your mouth, faggot!" She growls as She keeps pushing til it enters my scared mouth. She looks down at me as she slowly pumps her monster into my face. I start trying to suck, though I'm half in shock. She then grabs the back of my skull, as she slowly pushed more and more of her cock into my mouth, til I gag, almost hurling. "Aw yeah. That's what momma likes to hear"

Another minute or two and she yanks me up by the hair to my feet and throws me almost back down to bend over a chair telling me to stay like that. I hear her squirting something as if from a bottle, and next thing I know, her long nails are carressing my buttocks, as she rubs some oil over the crack, using some toy or beads to seep the oil into my crack. It's as if she's preparing me for something and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what for. "P-please" I sob "Don't..."

"Once again, whore, SHUT....UP! Damn, you're a hardheaded little faggot. That's OK. Your tears are turning me on so much. I'm gonna truly enjoy ramming you up the asshole. OK, you're ready now, bitch."

He is still bent doggstyle over the chair as she yanks his hair hard, and bends over parallel to him with her cockhead resting at his well lubed anal cavity, to kiss him on the neck and whisper "This is gonna hurt, baby".

She slides just the head in "Ooo, look. Your first tip. Here's the bonus..."

She slowly and steadily shoves the length into my rear end, until her balls are resting against my soft aching ass. she starts pumping slowly and steadily as I cry. After about a minute, she stops to mockingly put lipstick on me and take a cellphone picture. She shows it to me, as she continues plowing my now broken in rear end.

We hear a knock at the door in the distance. She stops pumping for a sec, pulling back but not out and places her hand over my mouth. Then she whispers for me to stay silent til they go away. She humorously rams me again and gets a muffled sound from me, as she licks the tears from my face. after a minute, the customer figures out noone's here and leaves. She picks back up thrusting but harder and faster since her stamina had BARELY survived the wait and she's looking to release soon. After about half a minute of me screaming and her clawing and squeezing my ass, she came hard as I felt it in my bowels and she pulled out now soft. She lit another Red and untied me.

"You done well, slut. You can speak now. Let's hear some constructive feedback about your first day". She's eyeballing me, dragging on her cig and grinning sarcastically.

I can think of nothing to say to her for like a whole minute, but tears are still coming from my eyes like a fountain as I hold my sore butt. I then notice her getting hard all over again.

"You know, a lot of guys would have objected to being abused like this. Not you, though, huh? You are such a stupid little faggot. You do got one thing goin for ya, though. You're a cute little faggot with a nice ass. And young dumb and full of cum.........mine anyway" She laughed.

"Shit, hun, you really oughtn't cry like that. AND playing with ur ass? You're just lettin me know how bad momma's fat cock hurt ya, doll. That shit's like fuckin foreplay to me......." she licks her lips as smoke curls out her mouth. "Have it your way, then, dummy. round two! spread your legs...NOW!" she doesn't even bother putting the cig out this time as she quickly straddles up to me, missionary style with it dangling out of her mouth. Instead of going the slow and steady route, this time she rams the full length into me as soon as she's positioned and folds me back like an accordion, going at it fast and frantic like a b**st who just moved in for the kill on an unsuspecting prey. Slamslamslam went her lustful rhythm as I could barely accommodate her fat excited erection, and she just shoved that much harder. Truthfully, a part of me very deep down was starting to enjoy this, though it would take a while for me to admit to it. She blew smoke into my face as her right hand smeared the lipstick she had applied to me all over my face.

"You like it when momma FUCKS you, bitch?!" she asks with heavy breathe as her gorgeous eyes with full lashes, stared into mine, in an attempt to intimidate.

"Shit I'm bout to cum.......fuck....yeah......." She pulls out and aims it at my face as i am blasted by a thick gooey cumshot that could have filled a shotglass.

She orders me to lick the corners of my mouth and swallow what i catch with my tongue. I do as I gulp obediently and she pushed the rest of her cum that landed on my face into my mouth with her finger. I instinctively swallowed that too. She then shoves it back into my mouth, soft and says for me to keep sucking til she's done with her cigarette. She wraps her legs around my head like some female wrestler and flips me over so she's sitting indian style on the floor with my head in her lap giving her a BJ, and held in place by her legs so I cannot come up off of her til she lets go. "Good job, cumbucket. Maybe I'll share you with some of my friends next time." The wet loud slobbering noises fill the room as I suck, but she is no longer capable of achieving full erection, at the moment. She sort of half cums once again, even though she's soft now. She takes her last drag on her cig and then lets me up as she throws a rolled up wad of bills at my head and tells me I 'earned' it. She only says to be back tomorrow before getting up and dressed to leave. Very casual like nothing happened. Over the coming year which I continued to meet her, she never even asked my name. Didn't care to. Which I found oddly arousing. This first meeting was to be one of my most memorable 'work' experiences ever. I was ****d for pay. Over time, though, I realized that I could have stopped at any given point and walked away. I wasn't THAT desperate for money. But truth be told, a small part of me didn't WANT to. I just was not fully aware of this at that time. This part of me would grow over the years, and 'come out' in full bloom, as I became conscious of my inner desires, but that's a long story. Suffice it to say that this was the true beginning of my descent into udder perversion.
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1 year ago
how lucky was that guy. looking for work in Rochester mn
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story,would love to find a job like that
3 years ago
That was so hot had to jackoff my little cocklet all over my panties thanks
3 years ago
you canpay forthat asnd much oreaction tnanks