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some of my various fantasies

i used to occasionally write erotic short stories. ranging from straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, fetish, transexual, science fiction, etc. These are some of the fantasies I've had floating around my head that inspired me when writing or ones I've been thinking about writing. If you don't have strong dom or sub tendencies, you may be offended at the following. keep in mind with some of these fantasies like the following that I am not in any way, shape and/or form condoning actual ****. the fantasy is completely different and consensual on both sides. you cannot '****' the willing. :

*A gal is running naked and scared from a "sex slave camp". She sees me and not knowing who I am, or if I am an enemy, starts running away from me. I grab her and calm her down, telling her it's OK. She hugs me, as i gain her trust, her sobbing. I then gain a rock hard erection and thrust it into her, catching her offguard, as I pick her up and start ramming her little scared cunt missionary style hardcore.

* sucking off a shirtless well built, well hung guy in the gym while he bench presses, all sweaty. then getting fucked hardcore

* fuck a gal while she smokes a cigarette. I'm a high school security guard and catch a cute young gal skipping class, smoking. A gal I know is probably like one violation away from suspension. I tell her I'll let it go if I can have my way with her. She's OK with it, cuz she kind of 'gets around' anyway. I tag all 3 holes hard and tell her to keep the cig lit during, as she drags occasionally. objectification, rough sex, trashtalking, choking, spitting on, slapping, etc.

*gender reversal fantasy/bisexual gangbang. female dom, always draggin on a Marlboro, VERY cute early 20s gal. She now 'owns' me. she dresses me up as a little schoolgirl, pigtails and all, and trains me how to walk, talk and act like a woman. and give head. then she and me both are on our knees surrounded by HUNG black tops. muscular types. after both being used, abused and covered in sperm, we lick each other clean and fuck each other

*bisexual orgy, with lots of hot guys, girls and 'shemales'. even some crossdressers

* fuck a girl missionary in one of those swinging sex chairs. both of us have anal beads we play with during this. we try to pull each others beads out at the right time for simultaneous orgasm

*I'm not into i****t, but I have often imagined Vin Diesel as my father and Pam Anderson as my mother. Another crossdressing one. "Mom" tells me to "put on this dress for daddy". He fucks me in the ass while I eat "mommy" out. Both are trailer trash like. Pam drags on a Marlboro for much of the encounter, and both talk shit

*VERY sexy and very wealthy woman invites me over to her place for a 'business meeting'. I get there to see her on her knees in front of her couch with a built/hung male 'servant' fucking her ass. she stops him, and knowing I'm into guys, offers me to sit beside her in the same position. She snaps her fingers' for another of her hired 'boytoys' to fuck me. we both sit there getting our assholes slammed full of fat cock. when one guy finishes cumming in one of our asses, she has another take his place. she actually tries to conduct business WHILE we are both being fucked. as if this is her idea of a casual business date or like it's just a massage

* having my girlfriend/wife bring home a young gal to seduce for her first lesbian experience.i sit back and watch....i join later, pounding her little cunt hard and degrading her. we both use her like a little bitch. my gal dresses up in male drag for round 2 as we both destroy the little whore

* I'm hitchhiking when some hot older blonde woman in a little red Corvette picks me up. I'm excited as she picks me up and says for me to pay with sex. Excited until she places my hands on her crotch as she's driving. I feel a HUGE thick cock. I freak out. She pulls a gun, and calmly tells me that she is a martial arts expert and would just as soon break my neck if I try taking her gun. She yanks the car in some secluded spot, ****s me and leaves me naked.

*vore fetish fantasy. this is sort of a scifi fantasy. plenty of people are into it, but it's controversial. sort of the same attraction as f***ed sex fantasies, being rooted in dom-sub objectification. it revolves around being swallowed whole by sexy 'predators' like giant women, mermaids, snake women, etc. Often, they are women with beautiful figures, but a round pregnant like belly. or sometimes the woman being the 'prey' to snakes or giant toads, etc. some people are offended by this fetish/community, or see it as "getting off on death", but much like those Japanese animes with girls being ****d by tentacles, it's simply a harmless science fiction fetish. one of my top 'vore' fantasies:

scared nude boy used as bargaining chip for captive hungry sexy alien girl to divulge info. she eyes him up and down, talking shit, lickin her lips. "you're right to be scared, cutey. you look delicious. they give you to me, you're goin straight to my belly to kick and squirm a little for momma. You're gon be crap by this time tomorrow morning, sugarbutt."

* horny gal enters male bathroom in public bar. gets on her knees, smoking a cig as she waits for the first guy to enter. like a human toilet. ends up swallowing so much cum, she almost has to have her stomach pumped

*wrestle and am butt****d by Kurt Angle

* i walk right into a high school class as the bell is ringing for the k**s release. my hired 'thugs' walking alongside me, as I am a VERY powerful and feared figure in town, even by local law enf***ement. I walk straight up to the cutest little girl in class. Innocent, virginal. I grab her by the hair and f***e her unto her knees as I shove my fat cock into her mouth, as she cries and begs me to stop. I f***e everyone to stay and watch. After some f***ed sucking a minute, and m*****ing her naked round breasts, I shove her backwars to the ground and straddle her missionary, taking her virginity fast and hard. After only a minute of thrusting, I hear her boyfriend yell something. He's very angry looking, but cute and shorter type guy. everyone is afraid to challenge me as I grab him by the hair and bend him over the desk, cuffing him there. still forcing everyone to stay and watch. I lube his asshole up and start slamming it in front of everyone, winking at his gf, as he is begging me to stop, and crying. i cum in his ass hard and leave.

Once again, if you don't have a tendency for rough sex, or dom/sub style fantasies, you might find some of these sick. To me, it's simply fantasy and harmless.
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3 years ago
Like your stories keep on writing