My father fucked my glory hole

I can't help feeling the way I do about my friend. Although I am married, is it so wrong to think about him in this way? I decided to go to confession to find out......

(Stacey enters the confession box)

Priest: Hello my ch**d, what can I do to you? I mean for you?

Stacey: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been a month since my last confession.

(The priest peaks through the hatch and sees a beautiful woman with ginger hair, take me to bed eyes. She was wearing a dress which exposes some of her tits)

Priest: What is troubling you my ch**d. Don't be afraid to speak.

Stacey: I have been having impure thoughts about a man; a younger man.

Priest: There is nothing wrong with this my ch**d, this is normal.

Stacey: The problem is father, I am a married woman.

Priest: So what!

Stacey: Sorry father?

Priest: So what is the problem with your marriage that would cause you to have growing feelings towards your friend?

Stacey: My husband is not the man that I married. We were in love once upon a time and I thought we were made for each other. Over the years, particularly more recent, he has become withdrawn and distant. He hasn't touched me in over two years now. We use to hump like rabbits and do things to each other in public places without a care in the world. I even tried to dress up in sexy underwear, but he didn't even know what to do with me.

Priest: Do you masturbate?

(Stacey hesitates and ponders the question before speaking)

Stacey: Erm, yes.

Priest: Tell me about your most fondest experience.

Stacey: I was heading home from a dinner event with my friend Joshua and I offered to take him home. His home in Shoreditch was about a hours drive from the Country Pad in Kent. I am not sure how, but the topic of the conversation ended up being about sex.

Priest: Do you enjoy sex?

Stacey: God yes! I mean, yes father.

Priest: Do continue.

Stacey: Joshua asked me to describe in explicit detail all the things I used to do with my husband. Whilst I was reminiscing, I felt a really strong urge to want to bang one out! I was so overcome, I felt really moist down below father. I thought about how my husband use to make me feel and the strong sexual feeling came flooding back. I sooo wanted to be ravaged there and then. If my husband was in the car, I would have slid my panties down to my ankles and guided his hands between my legs and inserted his fingers in me. My friend whispered that he could smell my pre cum. God I felt turned on. Sadly father I did not act on this, but I so wanted to. After I dropped him off, I drove to a secluded area, slipped my hand down my panties, slipped off my shoes and stimulated my clitoris whilst thinking about my friend and then I came.

(by now, through listening, the priest had his penis out and was rubbing it. He was staring at her tits as he was doing it).

Priest: Shut your eyes and try to imagine you are in the room with your husband.

(Stacey shuts her eyes).

Priest: You are watching TV with your husband and you are both watching a film. The next sequence in the film is a sex scene. Both you and your husband are relaxed and content. However, the scene where the basketball player takes a cheerleader in the changing room, tears her knickers and pushes his face into her lady area, making her back arch and her feet point forward, has made you frisky.

(The priest pulls down his trousers, frees his penis and pushes it through a hole in the confession box).

Can you feel yourself getting frisky?

Stacey: Mmmmm. yes father.

Priest: Now have a feel around and take hold of what you feel could be your husband.

(Stacey, with her eyes closed, uses her hand to feel and suddenly captures what felt like a penis. she then had all kinds of emotions and thoughts running through her head: should she; who would ever know; its a couple more inches more than her husbands. Stacey was scared but a bit excited. She ran her fingers along the head. It twitched, then she ran her fingers along the length of it. It twitched again and seemed to get a little harder. She just had to, so she wrapped her hand around it and gave it another squeeze).

Priest: Now you have your husband in your hand, what would you like to do with it?

(Stacey was too far gone to turn back. Sex starved; this was her moment to get a good feeding).

Stacey: Suck it.

(without further hesitation, Stacey took the penis into her mouth and started sucking. The priest moaned and groaned. She was hoping that no one could hear the slurping noises. She sucked and slurped, and at the same time, gliding one of her hands between her legs, her finger found her clit and started rubbing).

Priest: Ok, Stop!!

(Stacey did as she was told. She slid his penis out of her mouth).

Priest: Now put your ass to the hole.

(Stacey stood slowly and backed against the wall. The Priests hand came through the hole and he proceeded to stroke Stacey's clit, then he put a finger inside and started fingering her. Stacey bent over a bit more as she loved the feeling. The priest removed his finger).

Priest: Don't move.

(Stacey didn't move. She stood still, then felt something against her clitoris. Stacey gasped).

Stacey: What am I doing?

(Before another negative thought went into Stacey's mind, the Priest pushed his penis into Stacey's vagina. Her face was contorted, confused, but pleasurable as the priest started grinding her. She had to brace herself against the other wall. Her eyes closed, she felt this strange penis screwing her hard, getting faster. Stacey bit her lip as a monster of an orgasm consumed her; her first in two years. Her knees went weak as her vagina clenched his penis. The Priest kept sliding his penis in and out of Stacey. She was in a daze. She then heard him grunt. He pushed hard and started to cum, filling her with his juices. He slowly slid out as his cum fell to the floor. She sat back down, still confused).

Priest: You can open your eyes now.

Stacey: I am not sure what happened here father.

(There was a very long silence. Stacey then heard the door of the confession box slam. after about a minute, Stacey gathered her things, fixed herself up, then exited the confession box. As she left the church the Priest pulled up in his car.

Priest: I'm every so sorry i'm late Stacey, I got stuck in traffic. I still have time to hear your confession.

(The Priests comments took Stacey's breath away).

Priest: Is everything alright Stacey? Stacey?

Stacey: erm yes, I've got to get home, or else my daddy will wonder why I am late.

Priest: Well if you hurry, you could pick up your daddy, as I just saw him exiting out of the church gate!
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4 months ago
Very sexy twist at the end. She loved it and so did I.
7 months ago
Dam it was very ht loved it!!
7 months ago
Great story so fucking hot!