a nice visit pt.2

about thirty minutes had passed before mom came back to the bedroom. when she came back to the room i noticed that she was holding a drink in one hand and a bag in the other. "whats in the bag mom?" i asked. "oh this....its just something for later baby." setting her drink and the bag on the dresser. she walked over and crawled back into bed. with out warning i saw my mom open her mouth and take my semi hard cock in her mouth. "mmmmmm i love sucking your cock baby. do you like seeing your mom suck your cock?" she asked. "oh mom i love it. i have dreamed about this so many times." with my cock growing hard in my mothers mouth i positioned myself where i could rub her pussy while she sucked my cock. "mmmmm yes baby, play with mommys pussy. slide your fingers inside me." she commanded. while fingering my moms pussy
i noticed the bag on the dresser. "mom whats in the bag?" i asked. "ooooo i thought you would never ask." she replied jumping off the bed. she grabbed the bag and laid back in the position we were in. " here baby, heres something to play with." she said. looking in the bag i saw two dildos and some nipple clamps. "wow mom, your right this is going to be fun." with my mom sucking my cock again i took one of the dildos out and began to rub it across her pussy. "mmmm baby, put those clamps on mommys nipples first." "ok mom." pinching her nipples i began to put the first clamp on, then the second. when the second one was on i thought she was going to go crazy. taking my cock back into her mouth she feverishly sucked my cock. taking the whole thing in her mouth. i grabed the back of her head and started to thrust my cock. "i cant believe i am face fucking my mom!" i said. "oh believe it baby, cause this is going to get alot better. i want you to put one of those dildos in my pussy. do it now!" she said. so as a good boy does. i shoved the dildo right into my moms pussy. "oh yes baby, fuck me with it while i suck your cock. if you do it good i have a surprise for you" she said. working the dildo in her pussy i could feel the back of my moms throat with my cock. "mmmm yes baby, now take the other one and stick it in my ass. make me feel like a dirty whore." "oh god yes mom." i said as i slid the other one in her ass. that had to be the greatest sight. seeing my mom deepthroat my cock with nipple clamps and a dildo in her pussy and ass. before i knew it my mom was cumming. "OH YES BABY THATS IT. MOMMYS GOING TO CUM!" she cried as she sucked my cock. grabbing her head i shoved my cock in her throat and with the other hand i pounded those dildos deep into my mom. "suck my cock mom, take the whole thing. be your sons whore." and with that i watched my moms pussy explode. he squirted so much that it hit the mirror on the dresser. "yes baby thats it. make mommy your whore. are you ready for something new?" she asked. "oh yes ma'am. im ready for anything you want to show me." releasing my cock from her grasp she bent over on the bed with her ass in the air. reaching back spreading her ass. " here son, i want you to lick my asshole. lick mommys asshole to get me ready." she said. with out question i shoved my tounge deep into her ass. licking and sucking her asshole i thought she was going to cum again. "oh yes baby, lick my ass. stick one of those dildos in my pussy while you do it." sticking one in she bucked and jumped when i started licking again. "oh yes baby that feels so good. are you ready now?" she asked. " yes mom, anything you want." "good boy, now get up and stick that cock of yours in mommys ass." getting up on my knees i spit on the head of my cock and slowly started to slide into her ass. "OH GOD YES SON, THATS IT FUCK MOMMYS ASS. I WANT YOU TO POUND IT!" she cried. with my cock all the way in her ass i started to thrust with all my strength. in and out of her ass i could feel my balls slap her wet pussy. "do you like this mom? do you like your son fucking your asshole?" i asked. "GOD YES BABY! FUCK IT HARD. YOUR FATHER NEVER EVEN GOT TO DO THIS. I WANT YOU TO HAVE EVERY PART OF ME. FUCK MOMMYS FAT ASS." she commanded. pounding her asshole i reached around grabbing her tits with one hand and wr****g my hand around her neck with the other. "do you like that you fucking whore? your son is fucking your asshole and your about to cum. i cant believe this is happening." i said. "YES BABY, FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!" and with that a few more thrusts and she was cumming..HARD. screaming so loud i grabed the back of her head and shoved it into the pillow. hearing her muffled cried drove me over the edge. "oh god mom im going to cum again!" i cried. at that moment my mom jumped forward jerking my cock out of her ass. turned around and took it right into her mouth. "oh god yes jimmy cum in my mouth again. im yours, your mommy is your dirty whore." she said. with only a few thrusts in her mouth i began to cum. taking about half the load in her mouth she pulled my cock out and i sprayed the rest of my load all over her huge tits. "oh yes baby thats it, cum on mommys tits." she cooed. rubbing my cock all over her tits i just kept cumming. after that i fell over on the bed. trying to catch my breath i looked at her. she was sitting there just rubbing my cum all over her tits. "did you like that baby? did mommys ass feel good?" "oh yes mom. you were amazing. ive never cum so hard in my life!" "im glad you had a good time baby. now i want you to go home, get cleaned up and get some rest. your going to need your strength tomorrow." she said. "ok mom but what is tomorrow?" i asked. "tomorrow? oh tomorrow is the day that you get to cum in my pussy. and if your a good boy we might just do something else new."
with that i got up, got my clothes back on and left. i went home that night and i was so excited about the promice of the next day that i had to jerk off before i went to sl**p.
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Pretty sexy! Thx.
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