Young preggo whore

Love the fucken bio! I've calmed down over the past two years, tough finding new meat holes to fuck and spit on and cover in piss. My last was a pregnant bleached blonde who was cashier at walmart. I saw her and although her line was long bc it was late at night, I waited just to strike up convo. As she's ringing me out, I said congrats on baby, when u due etc.. First few words I could tell she was shy and prob dumb. I said stinks having to work this late, huh? Was around 9pm and she said I'm almost done, so not so bad. I was like that's good, it's freaking cold out tonight and just started raining be careful going to your car it may be icy. She said oh my boss is driving me I don't have a car. She looked over at him and he was this fat greasy looking lives w his mother type dude. I said u trust him driving u? He looks like a creeper! She laughed and said yea I know but I live near Phillipsburg and it's on his way, nobody lives that way on this shift. (P-burg was about 45 min from there) she's like so I give him gas $. I said and he takes it from u?? She's like yea, so I said pburg is on my way if u want I can give u a ride. And I pass by here every night around this time if u ever need a ride and I wouldn't take gas $ that's ridiculous! It's on my way! So she smiles and says no it's ok, thanks. I said do u have a pen? She gives me one and I wrote my cell number on a piece of my receipt and handed it to her. I said if u need a ride ever, let me know if I'm in the area headed home I can pick u up. So no sooner do I get my truck loaded and there's a call on my cell from a number I don't know. She's like it's Kelsie the girl in walmart? Uh how far away are u? Her boss had to stay a little later and she didn't want to wait. I swear right there I popped an erection. So I swung around the front and waited. She came out and I honked. She looks over with this big smile. I had the heat blasting so when she got in it was nice and warm. She was thanking and apologizing and I was like dude it's ok, I live right near p-burg it's not a problem. I said and I'm not a creeper so don't worry! U are probably safer than with ur boss! She's like yea well thank god I'm pregnant bc hed prob be hitting on me if I wasn't! So I said why would that make a difference? You're very pretty pregnant or not and I'm not trying to creep u out! She was like awwww thanks etc, that's so nice! I got on the highway and she starts telling me her life story and that she's 20, her ex bf got her preggo and they broke up but she decided to keep the baby and she lives w her mom who is a nurse who works nights blah blah. Again I'm semi hard just thinking about how I potentially struck gold here. So I figured I had a good 45 min to try and ease her into trusting me, and told her well I'm 33, old enuf to be your older b*****r, not quite your dad but what's ur dad think of this? She said I haven't seen my real dad since I was little. She said she had a stepdad who her mom divorced so her father figure is her uncle. Wow again! I started precumming just thinkng about taking advantage of this little slut. Tells me she was on pill but didn't work bc she was on antibiotics for flu and pill didn't work and she got preggers, and it's a girl and she's gonna raise her w or wo a dad but they've already met in court and once she's born he has to pay support. Turns out the guy is 28! I said are u hungry? Wanna stop at the diner? My treat promise I won't ask for $! I'm starving! She's like omg me too! So we went to a diner on the way and got some looks and congrats from ppl, thinking we were a couple. I made jokes about me being 33 and what would a girl like her want w a guy like me are these ppl crazy to think she'd be w me? So she's like omg that's ridiculous ur good looking! Better than my ex! So we eat and get back in truck she thanks me up and down. Now this girl was not very attractive but had that naive sort of depraved desperate look, the kind u just want to slap around and skull fuck until u shoot deep in her throat and make her gag on ur load, then fuck her like a piece of shit and then piss all over her. Oh by the way I don't live anywhere near Phillipsburg I just said that to see if she'd take me up on the offer to drive her home some night never expecting that same night! So I came right out and said I gotta tell u ur ex is crazy! Ur a great girl from just the little bit I know u, (which was a lie, she was a total daddy issue head case who prob got herself preggo by not taking pill and framed her bf into her trap, he was smart for leaving) she soaked it all up and was thanking me and welling up in her eyes. I said oh I'm sorry didn't mean to make u feel bad he's just a dick for leaving u! So I lean close to her and said u don't need him u are smart and strong he will realize what he lost soon enuf! Lie she was dumb as a box of nails, and emotionally a wreck. Started driving once the windshield was defrosted bc it was sleeting rain. I helped her with her seatbelt I told her it should be up higher when ur pregnant not under the belly, and as I leaned over I looked at her and said god I just want to kiss you! She giggled and said really? I was like shit I'm sorry! She was like no I just mean really me? A pregnant whale? She wasn't she had a tight skinny little body great ass and a baby belly) she's like u can, but I just don't think I look good at all. so I kissed her. My cock fuckin almost busted out of my pants. I kissed her and then apologized, but she's like it's ok! I started driving and the highway was slick so it took extra long bc speed was slow. I said it's been a while since I've been w a girl since I work so much, but would u want to be with me for the night? At this point I figured if she flips shit, I drop her off and go, if she doesn't I have a chance. So she is like what? Again I apologized and she's like I'm pregnant! I said so? Ur a hottie! Pregnant or not! If u don't think so ur crazy! She then says my uncle lives right across the street he'll see your truck! I said i had a roommate so if she wanted I could get a hotel room. She just thought and thought and was like this is crazy! But I could tell she was a horny lil slut and was looking to screw after letting me kiss her. She's like we just met!!! I was ultra apologetic and said ur right I'll just take u home. And that was it, as she tells me how to get to her house off 78, we pull onto her street and she says hold on, so I stopped and she says so u just want to fuck me and then leave me? I said no I'm sorry I even suggested it. I like u and wanted to show u I'm into u. (All lies, just wanted to fuck a preggo chick especially one this young and tight, last preggo was 34 and I was 24, she was horny and willing and her husband was in Dallas for business. But preg chix turn me on, especially young ones. Younger would be my preference but 20 was cool) so she's like just go down to the stop sign and turn right. I'm like I thought u said ur on this street? She says yea but I'll go to a hotel w u as long as it's not dirty! I said we passed a holiday inn express we could go there? So we did and I got a room w a jacuzzi. She's like I need to take a shower. I'm like me too but u go first I'm going to open this mini bar and get a drink I'm kinda nervous. U want anything? She grabs a coke and chugs it and let's out a huge burp. Walks to the bathroom and turns on the shower. This chick was less nervous than me and she wasn't the first girl I ever got a room with. But first preggo and prob youngest since college. (At the time. I was 33 when this happened, I'm 44 now and been w a bunch of barely legals since) so I rip into a Smirnoff and down the tiny bottle, then a clearly Canadian orange (who's bottle came into play later in the night) which I mixed another vodka into. She came out of the shower after like a half hour wrapped in a towel and one on her head. She was playing with the jacuzzi saying how cool it was so I said jump in while I take a shower! Thank god she did bc the jets made so much noise that she didn't hear the massive shit I took blowing up the toilet. Shower was great, washed really good and after the great shit I took, and the nice buzz I had on, I was ready to destroy that little pregnant fucktard in the next room. I came out and there she was, sitting naked in the jacuzzi, I could tell she had a dark bush thru the jetting water, sitting and drinking a small bottle of red wine from the bar fridge. Since it wasn't my k** in her belly, I was like wow look at u! U know alcohol isn't really that bad when ur this far along. She was like oh good bc I was wrecked last weekend! I had a few glasses of wine after work all alone! So I said shit u wanna try white next? She downed the rest and called me over. We started kissing and I couldn't help it but my cock was throbbing hard. I got into the tub and she got on top. I wanted to fuck her right then but said how bout more wine? She took it and swigged about 1/2 the bottle. I really wanted to just defile her for being such a dumb slut but I took my time and worked slow, waiting for the alcohol to kick and then just go nuts. Didn't have to wait long. There I was, standing in the jacuzzi w one leg up on the side, her sitting in it and I was basically throating her and watching in the full mirror on the wall. Her bleached haired little slut head just slobbering all down my balls as I was palming her head and slamming the tip against the back of her throat. She put her hands against my hips to slow me down and I said oh no u don't! She looked up at me like omg he's not as nice as I thought. I let her pull out, leaned down and kissed her and said I'm just playing u ok? She was like almost off in space, I suggested more wine and she finished the rest of the 12 oz bottle. By this point, she had about 24 oz of wine in her and was really feeling it. I said u want to suck me more? She looks up and says if that's what u want, with a depraved sad distant look that told me whatever I wanted to do to her tonight was ok, her mind was gone. She nibbled on the tip for a bit and then I said suck on my balls. She did it as I stroked my cock, looking up at me like a baby doe with her big brown eyes and fake blonde hair. Her eyebrows gave away that her bush was darker but when she got up, I realized it was nice and thick and she had a treasure trail from her belly button down to her nice pussy vee, and all down her taint, nice and thick around her asshole. I said bend over I want to see your ass! She was embarrassed about being so hairy and she wanted to shave and blah blah blah, I was like no fuckin way I love it! We pounded some ice water and I laid her on the bed, her belly sticking up as I spread her open and dove into her wet pregnant cunt. My face was buried in her soft muff and she tasted great. Within seconds she was cumming and squirming and I just went freakin nuts taking in the fact that a few years ago this whore was u******e and here she is pregnant, d***k and about to get the fuck pounded outta her. I turned her over and dug into her asshole with my tongue. She went fuckin wild while I ate her shithole and fingered her cunt. I tasted her ass juices and that put me over the edge. With the taste of her anal juices in my mouth, I kissed her and made her taste it. I said u want me to fuck your ass or pussy? I said I know you do anal, and she told me yes go ahead! So in it went, doggy style watching in the mirror her big belly hanging down and her round little tits with rock hard dark nipples I fucked her and looked down at that tiny ass swallowing my fat cock. I pulled out and said suck this u little whore! I just threw it out there wondering how she'd react didn't want to scare her but also wanted to let her know this wasn't the start of a relationship just pure whore abuse. So w/o a word, she takes it down to my balls and looks up smiling. With a little mess from her juices making a ring around her lips, I said let me wipe that mouth clean and she gets up and runs to the bathroom and slams the door. Thought she was puking but turns out dilating her shitter made her let loose. So while she was emptying her bowels, I was taking the opportunity to sniff her dirty panties and socks. (A fetish of mine) she comes out and I throw her down on the bed and go right down on her cunt, lapping her clit and making her cum to get her back in the mood. Didnt take long, 20, pregnant and d***k, she was horny as hell. She tells me to fuck her so I shove it right into her tiny cunt while she's on her back so I can watch her little pregnant body as I fuck it. I reach my hands up around her throat and start to gently squeeze her throat as I start pumping her cunt harder. She's like yea fuck me and choke me! So I start pounding harder and choking as she's convulsing and having orgasm after orgasm. I slapped her face and she was having another orgasm and she seemed to like it. So I started taking the gloves off and talked dirty to the bitch. I called her a pregnant whore as I fucked her cunt over and over. I said I want to see u bounce on this dick so turned her around and held her arms behind her back and bounced her up and down on my cock while I told her she was a dumb little slut and that I was going to beat the shit out of her pussy. Do u want me to beat the shit out of your pussy whore? She said why don't u beat the shit out of me? So I slapped her ass nice and red and wanted so bad to really go fucking nuts and abuse her but being she was pregnant, I held back from going really rough but didn't stop me from spitting in her face and slapping her. I shoved my hand down her throat as I pounded her cunt and made the little bitch teary eyed. I said ok get on your hands and knees I'm gonna finish you off good. I grabbed her and pushed her down on the bed and shoved my cock into her cunt. She squealed and I pounded. I looked at her face and said you messed with the wrong fuckin guy tonight you dumb whore! The look of terror in her eyes was priceless as I spit in her face and pounded her cunt while I got harder and harder as I degraded her telling her she was a useless dumb pregnant whore. She wanted to cry but instead twisted around and slapped my face and I said try that again and she did. I fucked her even harder and squeezed my hands around her throat as I jackhammered her pregnant cunt. I slowed down so I wouldn't cum and comforted her and said I'm sorry I'm just role playing. She said I'm tough I'm not a litte baby I can take it as she held back breaking down. Earlier in the night I praised her and now I have done nothing but degrade and abuse her. She was completely mindfucked but my next trick was a great finisher. I reached over to the chair and grabbed my pants. I took the belt off the pants, stood there with a rock hard dick and said how much money would it take to let me whip you with this belt? I have over $100 in my pocket and u can have it all if u let me whip u then fuck and cum in your mouth. Still pretty d***k, she said ok, but don't whip my face or my belly I don't want you to hurt my baby. I agreed and wound my arm back and then forward like a lion tamer with a whip. The crack hit her thigh and she squealed and turned. I cracked her ass hard on the second one, my cock getting harder each time. Third one landed exactly where I wanted on her middle back and she let out a little scream. I told her to shut up and pulled her over to fuck her pussy. I continued to whip her ass cherry red and felt a huge nut load building in my balls. I whipped the bitch faster and faster on her back and ass. She started to cum and so was I. I looped the belt in the buckle and lassoed it around her neck. I wrapped my hand up in the end and yanked her head back all the way so her face was looking to the ceiling I pulled as tight as I could and watched her neck veins bulge and her head turn purple as I pounded her nice and hard. I leaned over and looked in her face and said make me cum before I choke u to death cunt! I said reach down and rub my balls! She did, and I said omg you're such a fuckpig you worthless whore! I pulled out shoved it in her ass and shot a huge load inside her rectum. I let the belt loosen and collapsed next to her. She fell asl**p and I got dressed and left her there.
50% (5/5)
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loved it use and abuse all sluts