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"Rockingirl's Fantasic Fuck", PART IV, -- Hearing the doorbell ring, your eyes immediately light-up with a renewed fire. -- "At last! - Tyrones's here!", you shout. -- "Now I'll REALLY get fucked!" - "Hey! - What are WE?...chopped liver?" -- we ask, to which you respond, "Oh, were great, but Tyrone is unbelievable...his cock is so big and so hard, that I cum as soon as he shoves it in me!" -- Marc & I look at each other, and start whispering a plan while you greet your giant black lover at the front door. -- You re-enter the room with Tyrone and the first thing we notice is that Tyrone appears to be even bigger and more muscular than you told us he was! -- Tyrone asks me to get him a drink, but his tone is not one of friendliness, but one of supieriority...even though he phrases is as a question, it almost sounded like a command. -- You are already unzipping his pants and we plainly see his bulge. -- You don't really think anything of it at first, but somewhere deep in your mind, it occurs to you that Tyrone does seem different somehow. -- You are so consumed with lust for his amazing body and gigantic cock, however, that you just overlook the thought as you pull his immense black hose out of his expensive leather pants. -- His cock looks almost completely hard already and seems bigger than you remember, as you begin sucking the head and licking his balls. -- Marc & I are content to watch as we are both somewhat intimidated by the sheer size of this man. -- We knew he was tall and an accomplished athlete...but he looks like a fuckin' superhero or something! -- He carries himself with a kind of smug, almost arrogant self-confidence which, if he wasn't so damn hot, would just piss you (and us) off! -- He is sipping his cold beer as you go crazy on his cock, and we are starting to realize we've got a ring-side seat to one helluva show. -- Just then, Tyrone stops you and sits down on the couch and orders you to pull off his shoes and pants and tells you that you should just worship his cock for awhile before you touch it. -- You have a puzzled look on your face and you look over at us for a second, to confirm the strangeness of his statement. - We look equally confused. -- He says "Yeah, you were doing a fine job worshipping me, but I want you to start by telling me how much you love my dick and how bad you want it." -- You pause for a second, gazing at his beautiful body and giant, steel-hard notice for the first time that his body is even more muscular than before. -- You just attribute this to his work-out regimen and think he must be training for an event. -- You think his cock looks even bigger than before but you certainly don't object to this, and don't give it a second thought. -- He has you kneel before his gigantic black cock and orders you to worship it. -- You start without hesitation. -- Me & Marc are watching and stroking our dicks furiously. -- We realize we have a ringside seat! -- You are rubbing your sopping wet pussy, fingering yourself, and telling him how he has the best dick in the world and how lucky you are that he is allowing you to worship him and have him fuck your brains out! -- Finally, after about ten minutes of you just saying nice things about him and his awesome cock, he lets you start licking his balls again. -- His cock is standing straight up in the air...a full fifteen inches and at least nine inches around, while your pretty face is buried in his balls, licking, licking...licking!! -- He looks at us and says "You two white boys like watching her worship me, don't ya?" -- to which all we can manage is to nod our heads 'yes' and keep ourselves from cumming already. -- He stands up suddenly and grabs your head f***efully, plunging your open mouth onto his impossibly huge cock. -- He shoves as much of it into your mouth as possible, which is only slightly more than the head...and that is so wide, it feels like it's almost tearing your mouth at the edges...he fucks your face hard for a minute before we realize that you are looking at us and things may not be quite 'right'...there are tears in your eyes as they plead with us to rescue you...but we are so turned-on we can't stop jerking-off! -- He grabs your hair and f***es your face in his ass and orders you to lick his ass while he jerks-off...then he flips your whole body around in front of him and onto my couch so your ass is facing him...he shoves his erect rod into your pussy and goes to town, pounding away for an keep cumming so hard, so often you lose consiousness twice. -- At this point, you no longer care about how brutal he has just want more! -- He sits on my couch and slips your cunt onto his giant dick and with his large hands holding your hips, beging lifting your entire weight up & down on his dong. -- You are whipping your head around wildly, screaming about how he's the best fuck in the world...he orders me & Marc to come over and service your asshole and tits while he slams you like a toy on his dick. -- I have my tongue way up your hot ass twirling it around inside you because I know that's what you like, while Marc sucks your hard nipples as hard as he can! -- Finally, after another hour or so of hardcore pounding, Tyrone announces he is going to cum and he lifts you off him but not before filling you up with his hot spunk...his enormous cock is still twitching and cumming after he picks you up though, and you throw yourself into the path of his is flying even gets on me & Marc, there is so much of try your best to catch it all in your mouth or on your face, but it is such an uncontrollable gusher, there's no way to predict where it's gonna go or when it's going to stop. -- He ends up putting Peter North to shame. -- You are a cum-covered mess, and me & Marc have quite a bit on us, but we are so impressed by his sexual performance, we don't mind. -- I go get us all another round of cold beers from the kitchen while you three start discussing the next act!
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3 years ago
15 inches, that's no man! He's a horse!