from my friend Martuni

I slowly crept up behind Susan(Rockingirl)OReilly she was busy trying to put batteries in her nasty little toy.she had no idea I was there,until I slipped my arms around her and held her tight to her chair.I tied her arms down so she couldn`t move.I started gently kissing her soft, sweet smelling neck.She still had no idea who I was,part of her was frightened but part of her was getting turned on.I worked my way slowly around her neck kissing&licking as I slid my hands up to her beautiful,firm breasts her nipples were rock hard and begging for attention but they would have to wait,I took her mouse and turned on a very erotic movie.she is so horny but she can`t move,her hot little pussy is so wet but theres nothing she can do.sweat is starting to form on her forehead and drip from her auburn locks,her breathing is getting heavier by the second,she begs me to touch her hot little pussy or her supple breasts but thats not happening.she must pay for what she has done.the only way I will free her is she must post more photos of her very sexy body on Xhamster for all to enjoy.
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3 years ago
Making me horny just reading it! ;-)
4 years ago
good but short there is more to this story